Sunday, 1 December 2013

Saddened Over Mosque Refusal

The proposed and rejected Stalybridge mosque has had more than its fair share of coverage on this site and I wasn't going to feature it again, but after reading this classic letter in the Advertiser I just had to so it is saved for the sake posterity.

Firstly I asked myself, who was this letter by, I initially thought it must either be a wind-up or possibly from the group who proposed to convert the former Pineapple pub into a mosque, but then as I read on I wasn't too sure.

Assuming the letter is genuine and from a Stalybridge local unconnected with the mosque proposal, the individual responsible deserves pity. If they really believe that going to a mosque is on par with going to church or a temple they really want to probe a little deeper.

As for loving "how multicultural the UK is", now that probably is genuine. Stalybridge is still overwhelmingly populated by indigenous Britons and if this person thinks multiculturalism means exchanging pleasantries with an immigrant shopkeeper or going for chicken tikka massala on a Saturday night, they would be bitterly disappointed when they discovered the true reality of multiculturalism. 

It is a curious fact that many of the loudest proponents of multiculturalism such as say Billy Bragg who can be found living in hideously white Dorset or Lilly Allen in the far from multicultural Cotswolds have one thing in common and that is they believe multiculturalism is wonderful, but just not not for them. I suppose their principled stand could be compared to that of a supporter of nuclear energy who waxes lyrical about this wonderful source of clean and reliable energy, as long as the plants which produces nuclear energy are as far away from them as them as conceivably possible.

What I would suggest to "name and address supplied" in relation to their letter regarding the mosque and their vision of a multicultural utopia is why not up-sticks and move to Glodwick, Longsight, Rusholme, Moss Side (which has some lovely period properties) or even Cheetham Hill and live the dream, but here's a word of advice from someone who knows; the reality is often greatly different than the utopian dream.


Lord Lefty said...

If 'diversity' is a good thing, then a lack thereof must (by default) be a bad thing in the minds of such people. Strangely, it didn't turn them off going homogeneous when choosing where to live.

It's called putting your money where your politically correct mouth is. Those who habitually preach the gospel of diversity ought to lead by example.

In fairness, I dare say the likes of Bragg and Allen would probably welcome a hefty dose of enrichment in their locales. England just isn't quite England for them without a picturesque mosque and west Indian style street carnival.

Nevertheless, until any such place is enriched, they really shouldn't partake in anything which might look like white flight. Problem being of course, principle with such people invariably doesn't quite extend that far.

Anonymous said...

ia1tuda131You have not lost your Country to the Islamist s and whilst you have been keeping your eye on their antics your biggest threat has been
infiltrating the leading organisations in the UK.
If you do not want to become even more a leading satellite of Israel and totally under their influence where they will drag you into their worldwide objectives which is already occurring,then just keep an eye on the Israeli Zionists advancements.
This is not a condemnation of the Jewish faith but a condemnation of what Israel stands for and tells the world what they must obey.

Anonymous said...

No criticism of Islam in the letter = No knowledge of what Islam is REALLY about.

Many people who advocate 'tolerance' really mean 'I don't want the boat rocking because; a) I'm completely yellow and don't give a s**t about the future of my country and
b) I've got a nice, well funded, high up comfy seat on the boat so the plebs who have to live in the unwanted multiculti pigsty will drown long before I do.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 16.07 sums up the reality,
however I would add "sheer cowardice
and self interest" has already destroyed the UK with at least 95%
now with that characteristic.
My considered prophesy is that this planet has no more than 30 years left with such characteristics now across the world with martial law implemented within 20 years.
We have yet to reckon with the present children who do not know decency,and who will become our increasing enemies.

Standards said...

Many of the young's minds and basic standards of decency and civilised values, plus their intellects have been destroyed by: The destruction of the traditional family.
The brainwashing and corrupting tactics of the PC education system.

Anyone but said...

A very large proportion of Labour Shadow Ministers are a leftover of Blair's totally self-serving, planned overpromotion of: no-talents; the over ambitious/ultra loyalists(who were also anti-Gordon Brown, Blair's arch enemy); and quota fillers - i.e. females or ethnics.
Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Caroline Flint, Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Angela Eagle, Maria Eagle etc. Why WOULD any thinking person with Britain's best interests at heart vote for people like these who nearly wrecked our nation and economy.
The 'up and comers' certainly don't appear to be the results of meritocracy either: Chuka Umunna (three years an MP), Rachel Reeves (promoted to Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury after 16 months as an MP, can't be bad), Gloria De Piero(three years an MP) etc are what Britain will have to rely on if the electorate are traitorous, stupid or deluded enough to vote Labour.

Reimer said...

Yep, Labour has hardly renewed itself in opposition.

Judging by the continuing remarkably high levels of support it receives though, the high-flying mediocrity of this gallery of shop-soiled, toxic, treacherous gangster-grotesques is a good reflection of the values of much of the country.

Anyone but said...

Agreed, it is a devastating indictment of the quality of the electorate that there is even the remotest possibility of such unprincipled inadequates, self-seekers and incompetents getting into government again.