Thursday, 5 December 2013

Vote UKIP - Get Labour

That is the message on the latest Conservative leaflet currently being distributed throughout the Stalybridge South ward. The leaflet is a very well produced A3 sized full glossy. To view the content click on either image to enlarge.

The Conservatives are rightly concerned about the phenomenal growth of Ukip as it is highly likely that Ukip will mop up disillusioned Conservative voters just as the BNP once did with disillusioned Labour voters.

The real dilemma for many people who oppose the E.U. will become more evident as the 2015 general election nears. It is almost a foregone conclusion that Ukip, barring a catastrophic scandal, will easily emerge from the 2014 European elections as the winning party. With that winning momentum they will be very confident about making impressive gains in the 2015 general election, and this is where the dilemma appears as the Conservatives are likely to offer and be the only party capable of delivering an in/out referendum on Britain's E.U. membership. There is a real chance that enough Conservative voters will switch to Ukip leading to a Labour government in 2015 and our once in a generation opportunity to vote ourselves out of the E.U. will then be gone, possibly for ever.

Given that choice, how would you vote? Ukip because that's what your heart tells you or Conservative because that's what your head tells you?


SerpentSlayer said...

I won't be voting, if the pro-Israel populist BNP was the reaction of the working class to tyranny and the pro-Israel capitalist UKIP was the reaction of the middle class to the same, then how can any knowing person continue to support the lie of democracy?
What we need is a Fascist dictatorship formed for the good of the people, from the best of the people.

Anonymous said...

Based on the 25 years of Tory inept and silent opposition to the Labour Mafia,its time they were totally dumped in Tameside.
Cosy Tory`s happy to linger around under Labour have managed to pocket thousands in Councillor expenditures for what ??
They provide glossy leaflets but prefer not to knock on doors,(never after 40 years on mine)their abysmal attempts to rattle the Labour caged animals is one big joke,and I have no doubt they have joined the easy ride passenger gravy train for years and years.
They know ALL the Labour corrupt secrets and could prove it, but their silence has been deafening at the expenses of decent people looking for honesty,integrity,and accountability.
Dump all Labour and Tory easy riders in Tameside in anyway you can because they should experience being dumped like the good Tameside folk have been for many years.
If you want success for Tameside
and dump corruption and nepotism
its time to crap big time on these
sleaze ridden imbeciles and the
fork tongued lives they live.

Anonymous said...

I've said a few times a dictator would be better. They are at least easier to overthrow. Waste of time voting one party out to get another one in they all have the same agenda give a or take a few pointless differences. Its like every party with any chance has been infiltrated by the same corrupt politics.

tonydj said...

Until ill health struck I was a regular attender at council meetings and a regular council candidate.

The inability of the Tories to stand up to the Labour Party (With one or two honourable exceptions, The late Colin Grantham springs to mind) was very noticeable. The ignorant jeering, braying and refusal to enter into debates was never challenged by the Tory members who floundered in a sea of innocence as the labour sharks picked them to pieces. It was only the guerrilla politics of the likes of Liam Billington and, I must say, this Blog which offered a credible opposition to the Labour hegemony .

The local Tories are too polite, too well mannered and lacking in the killer instinct. The Labour Party in Tameside are scum. They do not appreciate good manners.

As a German veteran of the French Foreign Legion said of the Viet Minh "They behaved like a pack of rabid rats and we treated them accordingly".

Tameside Citizen said...

It's funny you mention about the local Tories being too well mannered when dealing with the opportunistic cockroaches in red. I watched and recorded the full council meeting the other night and the Tories were polite and dignified as the council leader gave his speech. When the leader of the opposition Cllr Bell stood up to speak the opposite was true from the Labour mob.

I will upload the incident in question in near future but I think it is fair to say that most Labour councillors act as pack animals rather than civilized human beings.

2 sides of the same coin said...

It's because the Tories are too hung up on the concept of British moral rectitude. Politeness and respectability is what conservatives crave, whereas the left respect nothing because they treat any and all opposition as religious heresy. The mistake the BNP made in that regard is disagreeing just a little too much.

Vote UKIP get Labour is the typical flaccid principle that liberal democracy breeds. An auction house (or whorehouse) where each candidate peddles his wares which pander to the short term selfish concerns of the masses. The more far sighted in our society with genuine concern for the long term direction of our people and nation will always be found wanting in any such contest.

Anonymous said...

Surely anyone thinking of getting into the political warfare knows the score,so I cannot excuse the Tameside Tories on that basis.
They all took on the Labour shite as soon as they applied to be a Tory Councillor and they knew full well the types they were up against so why think for 1 minute you could benefit the Tameside Electorate if you haven`t got the guts to get stuck in to this crowd of shysters.
I cannot agree that its because they are polite hence they don`t succeed that`s utter tosh.
They have had years of practice at politics and failed miserably in Tameside so they have blown their chances for years.
You need to get Labour into a corner and knock shit into them with facts and evidence and then watch the so called mafia mob destroy themselves with foul mouthed crap and no brain.
Anyone group can brake mob rule if they are prepared to expose the corruption.

Labour = Inferior. said...

Trying going to a DA, Labour councillors practically have apoplexy at even the mildest criticism, you can see them bristling. It's caused by their assumed right to power being challenged. Their long term domination is caused by mass apathy and coralling a braindead 1200 or so (many of whom will be paid back in kind) into turning out to vote. Plus they're up against a pathetic, lazy and complacent Tory group.
Unprincipled mediocrities like the Labour mafia believe in nothing. Power, money and status are their gods.

BBSee what they want to see said...

The BBC News channel is henceforth to be known as Channel Mandela. The amount and type of fawning, uncritical (Mandela's got more skeletons in his closet than Russell Grant's had hot dinners) saturation dross being broadcast about this convicted African communist terrorist and failed President is beyond belief.
The totally unprofessional, biased and worshipful tone adopted by many TV news journalists is appalling and a devastating indictment of the mass brainwashing endemic in western society when the issue of supposed black nobility in the face of evil White oppression (yawn) is raised.

Halifax Explosion said...

What a tragedy.

Read more here said...

'Muslim Patrol' jailed for harassing couple holding hands and men drinking in a bid to enforce Sharia law in East London.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to an area near you!

Grate Britain said...

More of the same.

"Nice Black Man Dies" said...

The BBC have really surpassed themselves this time. They even interrupted a half hour BBC1 programme which had only !!FIVE!! minutes left to run which has prompted a storm of complaints.

Somehow I'm whisked back several years or so when Black England football players were subject to verbal abuse by Spanish fans. A small minor news story that was treated as such in Spain. In contrast our media were apoplectic, no.1 headline story with an on-going series of commentaries and analyses conducted in an atmosphere of mounting hysteria.

Political correctness is one thing, but grade A lunacy now seems almost omnipresent amongst vast swathes of our populace, especially those pouring out of our so-called 'educational establishments'.

Would you rather have this of the shite we now have? said...

Would you? be honest now!

Anonymous said...

So that`s the Islamic UK Police Force the UK Zionists robust Police Force the UK New Charter ex Police Force and of course the UK TMBC/GMP Police Force,not forgetting all Councils facility to check all your background and GCHQ reading all your E.Mails and monitoring Telephone Calls
So long all you seriously abused Military young blokes a women "get out to Afghanistan,Iraq,Kuwait,
Northern Ireland etc etc and fight
for the safety of the UK according to the corrupt UK Politicians.
We only suffer after the Politicians have PUT US INTO THE SHIT EVERYWHERE.
How dare these bastards pile out of their sanctuaries on remembrance day and profess their
interest in those continually placed in body bags past and present.
Don`t forget "you" do not have a right to safeguard your homes and families when the local shit start performing.
All those who have died for "their country" lost it years ago and my heart continually bleeds for them,whereas if I was a Dalek I would destroy all Politicians for their inbred evil.

Anonymous said...

We'll keep the Red Flag flying high in Tameside!