Thursday, 9 January 2014

A return to child labour in Tameside?

Over 100 years ago it was not unusual for children to work in the mills for half a day and to (try to) learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic for the other half in school. It would appear that in the 21st century the kids can do both in the classroom.

New Charter's web site features a promotional video for the company "Cavendish Property Developments". This video also appears on Youtube. In it a number of young children in the classroom appear while being interviewed by an unseen interviewer. The school uniform clearly carries the logo / badge of Silver Springs Primary Academy.

New Charter sponsor the Silver Springs Primary Academy. Cavendish Property Developments is part of  the New Charter group.

Strange how many people who film children on the streets are stopped and questioned by the police and other officials while these children are filmed in the classroom. May we be told who gave permission for the use of these pupils in a commercial enterprise?

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Anonymous said...

Please, please, please more articles like this.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but as soon as I forwarded it, the subject matter was changed re: immigrants.

Andrew Gwynne (Shadow Minister (Health); Denton and Reddish, Labour)
My hon. Friend is right. London is a global city. It has people coming in from all over the world, not just from elsewhere in the United Kingdom. It is a diverse city. It is an exciting, vibrant city—I am probably over-egging it for a Mancunian, but it is a great place. Those complexities are what makes London fantastic, but they are also what makes delivering health services a real challenge.

So London streets are fantastic according to this bloody opportunist numbskull.
Its full of non working Europeans etc con merchants,robbers,
pilferers,pimps,locked up prostitutes,pickpockets.created gangs,and intent on bullying methods.
We already have our share in Manchester so according to this lacking in brains MP Manchester is also a fantastic city.
Now you see the Labourite ideology
plain and simple "come on in" you criminals,organised gangs,street beggars,we love you all entering and raiding our facilities and filling our prisons and detention centres.
Vote Labour and get the MP`s and Councillors YOU DESERVE who think in reality you are crap and not worth considering.

09/01/2014 12:16

"Real dangers to the whole." said...

A few inferior, self-interested groups and individuals have controlled the borough for many years.
The result is the stagnant rot and decay in terms of education, health, social decline and the degradation of the average individual's standard of behaviour and intelligence.

Dianne Abott strikes again. It is worth clicking the DM link to read the comments said...

was wondering what Miliband's Bete Noire would have to say about it:

Labour MP Diane Abbott was today forced to defend her decision to publicly question the outcome of the Mark Duggan inquest. The former frontbencher said she was ‘baffled’ and ‘startled’ by the jury’s ruling that Mr Duggan’s killing was lawful. But she faced criticism for appearing to second guess the jury, which spent months examining the evidence of what happened in the moments before the police shot Mr Duggan dead in August 2011.

Anonymous said...

Duggan was a gangster end of. Good riddance, pity more of his kind don't end up like that.

What they don't like to see said...

Yes it makes you wonder why these politicians are always so keen to have their picture take next to children.

Anonymous said...

There's an extraordinary thing taking place with new charter housing at the moment.
Even with the words "significant breach of freedom of speech" still ringing in their collective ears.
Everything said about them as to be put before a court.
Even matters that clearly don't concern them.

Anonymous said...

New Charter Housing want to control the minds of our young children.
What do they say "new charter not just a landlord"
As new charter housing continue to grow so will our rights to voice an opinion.

Drennan member of the conspiracy circle said...

This video goes well with this article.
Labour councillor Leigh Drennan is a member of the Conspiracy circle.
You clearly hear Drennan say "your not allowed to film when there's kids about"
You hear Drennan also say filming kids.

Anonymous said...

When you've listened to Drennan
Then listen to this and tell me there's no conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Subversive Brainwashing

Its staring you in the face didnt you know ????

UK sees rise in Muslim children population said...

In England and Wales, almost one in every ten children under the age of five is a Muslim, a recent analysis of census figures shows.

According to a recent breakdown of the 2011 census provided by the Office for National Statistics, out of 3.5 million children aged 0-4 in Wales and England, about 320,000 were Muslim.

The figures reveal that nine percent of children under the age of five in the UK are Muslim. This is while the total number of Muslims in the UK amounts to nearly five percent.

Oxford University demographics professor David Coleman said the figures were “startling.”

“We have had substantial immigration of Muslims for a long time,” he said.

“Continuing immigration from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India has been added to by new immigration from African countries and from the Middle East.”

The British Department for Education has listed 136 Muslim schools, with about 125 of them in the private sector.

Despite a rise in the population of Muslim children in the UK, figures show that one in every 200 people over 85s are Muslim.

The 2011 census in the UK showed a 13-percent drop in the Christian population of England and Wales. The figures showed there were 1.5 million children aged 0-4 in Christian families.

Taxi driver avoids jail after sex attack on passenger said...

A married taxi driver narrowly avoided jail after abducting a passenger and sexually assaulting her.

Father-of-one Danish Masood locked the terrified woman in the car and groped her as they travelled along Bute Drive and Dunkeld Road in Perth.

The 33-year-old was found guilty following a trial at the city’s Sheriff Court last year and appeared for sentencing on Wednesday.

Details of a victim impact statement revealed the woman was still shaken by the incident, which took place on November 2 2012, and is finding it difficult to cope.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher told Masood, of Crieff Road, that he had considered a custodial sentence.

He said: “This offence is a serious one. It is particularly serious because of the fact it was committed by you acting as a taxi driver.

“Members of the public are encouraged to take taxis rather than walk because it is thought to be safer, but to find an offence like this being committed will make the public particularly concerned.

“A custodial sentence is a sentence which is appropriate as far as this matter is concerned.”

Instead, he ordered Masood to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work as a direct alternative, after a social work report deemed the accused to be at low risk of re-offending.

(Good job he didn't commit a heinous crime such as saying the word 'neighbour' on a YouTube video or he would have gone straight to jail)

Alf Garnett said...

Thanks for all the kind messages of support ? LOL ? Well heres an update on the doings of the shit hole they call tameside hospital ? My dad has now got one leg ? Hes had two strokes ? had a heart attack ? he cant talk ? eat ? the list gos on and on and today iv learned his other leg is now damaged coz of being stuck in the side of the bed so the surgeons have now been down to look at that one ? The police are now involved coz not givein insulin to some one that is dependant on it cant happen along with 4 over drugs that are listed that cant not be given and tameside say that this is the first time that this as happened ? mean while the staff have told us we should be grateful to get even this much back of him ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that about your dad Alf and thanks for the update.

Συνέντευξη Τύπου - Η προσφυγή της Χρυσής Α... said...

Griffin speaks at a Golden Dawn press conference.

tonydj said...

Alf Garnett @ 18:36.

My sympathies also. I was in Tameside Hospital before Christmas with a heart attack and other illnesses. I was given a diuretic which should not be given to those with Parkinson's Disease. I promptly went ga-ga, with hallucinations and the belief I was being kidnapped and held hostage.

Some visit!

Anonymous said...

Griffin is finished he won't get elected again.

Kick in the ball(ot)s said...

UKIP need to increase their MEPs in May's European elections from 13 to at least 35 (hearly half of the total 73) to instil the necessary hysteria in the establishment parties.

The Conservatives are obviously most likely to be adversely affected and extreme internal party pressure and external voter pressure would be placed on Cameron.
If UKIP DO get a sufficiently good result in four months, then the mainstream parties' current ongoing panic reaction to increasing public hostility to EU/immigration issues would be significantly magnified.
Then who knows.

Anonymous said...

Considering what ukip did in Swinton the other day, they want be sweeping the bard next May

Anonymous said...

SALFORD Swinton South by election result 07/01/14

BLOWER Neil (Labour) 661 (45.1%)
BROOMHEAD Anne (Conservative) 298 (20.3%)
WAKEFIELD Robert (UKIP) 215 (14.7%)
O'NEILL Joe (Green) 196 (13.4%)
WHITELEGG Paul A (English Democrats) 54 (3.7%)
CULLEN Steve (TUSC) 43 (2.9%)

Anonymous said...

What Drennan is saying in that video would make anyone angry, it's amazing that an elected official could say those things in public.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Hosp is a death camp full of imported medical staff who should not be given a free hand.
A high class top english Consultant at £750.000. per year per who is not afraid of serious bollocking anyone who mistakes and dispensed with.
A cartel of you scratch my back and I will cover yours individuals has been tolerated long enough,and their cosy relationships should be
split whether in management or medical staff.
Its a fast track to created death.
Always remember your brain dead Council imposters are wrapped up with this Hospital.
The only spot on honest medic there Dr.Penna was shunned by his colleagues for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

If there's this great mood to elect ukip, then why did they not do something in the Swinton election?

Mandelson Say The British People Should Not Have An EU Referendum - Let The Politicians Decide On Our Behalf said...

Peter Mandelson said: “I think that membership of the EU is absolutely fundamental to British interests and therefore we should be very wary of putting our membership in the hands of a lottery in which you have no idea what factors, completely unrelated to Europe, will affect the outcome of that lottery and therefore affect the fundamental interests for Britain.”

EDL Freedom To Protest In England said...

Lots of people were filming that day, why did Drennan pick out one person?

Anonymous said...

It's weird how so many Brits celebrate their cultural and ethnic destruction as if it were something worth celebrating. I tried explaining to a woman the other day about how massive third world immigration and multiculturalism were destructive influences foisted on us by a hostile cultural elite. She just laughed it off and said she felt sorry for me because of all the "die-versity" I was missing out on.

A steadily growing population of third world immigrants is never a good thing.

Alf Garnett said...

Thanks tonydj i hope your ok now ? Whats gone on with the place ? it use to be one of the best

God Bless The Anzacs said...

Ministers have been accused of “social engineering” over their plans to mark the centenary of the First World War, by downplaying the role of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in favour of the contribution from New Commonwealth nations.

Critics claim the government is focusing on black and Asian servicemen from other parts of the British Empire, such as India, as well as Caribbean and West African nations, at the expense of the Anzac forces, along with those from Canada and South Africa.

They have accused British ministers of “political correctness” and a “whitewashing” of history.

It is the latest First World War row to embroil the government ahead of the centenary of the outbreak this summer.

The latest row follows a briefing to Australian journalists by Whitehall officials that no events were being planned to mark their country’s contribution and that internal discussions on the plans do not mention Australia or New Zealand. The briefing disclosed, instead, that officials were concentrating on promoting the role played by so-called New Commonwealth countries, those which achieved independence since 1945.

The countries singled out for promotion were India, Bangladesh and Nigeria, along with other west African nations. The reports state that this is to promote “community cohesion” in the UK.

The government source said: “There has been no mention of old Commonwealth Allies like Australia or New Zealand but more interest in celebrating the role from New Commonwealth countries. I think it’s fair to say Commonwealth ties are being frayed a little on this one.”

It has led to accusations in Australia of “blatant politicisation” of the anniversary, with the UK government accused of attempting to win “political and economic favour in multicultural Britain”.

Col Richard Kemp, a former officer in the British army and commentator, said: “This seems to be an attempt by the Government to use the centenary as a means of trying to appease large numbers of immigrants. But it shouldn’t be an exercise in political correctness or social engineering.

“Countries such as India and those in West Africa did make a significant contribution and we should certainly remember that. But we should not do so in the place of Australia and New Zealand.

“The contribution of those two countries, along with Canada and South Africa, towards the Allied victory was huge and they fought incredibly bravely, and made very, very immense sacrifices. “There should be a proper reflection that we owe our liberty, to a large extent, to them.”

Murray Rowlands, an British writer on the war, who was raised in New Zealand, said the contribution from the two Australasian nations “needs recognition”.

“There is nothing in David Cameron’s program of commemoration that mentions these countries. I have seen nothin on Canada or South Africa either. The old empire is being overlooked.” he said.

A total of 62,000 Australians and 18,000 New Zealanders died in the First World War. Canada and Newfoundland - which was then separate - lost around 67,000 men, and South Africa, around 12,000 killed. British India, meanwhile, lost 74,000 men. Deaths from other British colonies have been put at 35,000.

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) fought, most notably, during the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign, in 1915, when an assault was launched on the Ottoman Empire, in what is now Turkey. Despite its failure, the campaign is seen as an important step in the development of a national consciousness in Australia.

There was also notable contributions from the countries on the Western Front, and in other theatres, for instance, the Gaza campaign.

The Department For Culture, Media and Sport, which is coordinating the centenary plans, confirmed there were no plans to have any specific events recognising Australia’s contribution

Anonymous said...

I would like the opinion of a professional historian such as Tony DJ. Tony, was the Anzac contribution to the British war effort in WW1 greater than that of the West African nations and India? Bangladesh was not even a country during the first world war so why are they being commemorated when the heroic Anzac effort is being ignored? It is an insult to the war dead.

Anonymous said...

God bless the persecuted, God bless the betrayed, God bless the murdered.

R West said...

My partner goes to Tameside hospital on Monday for tests.

The Sun will never set on my English heart said...

Remember they can never kill Greatness, English and proud to the death.

Anonymous said...

The battles of the Fathers are righteous, what seems a lost cause springs in to life at the mere mention of their very names.
We are the people of the Saxon kindred.
We are the Celts, Vikings, the children of Richard the Lion heart.
We are these things because it has been handed down to us.

Anonymous said...

why are people on this forum always griping about immigration etc? You know, that you can nothing about but still keep incessantly chattering about.

That's the problem with the average Englishman, instead of just getting on with life while it lasts he grumbled his way to the grave.

If there's one word I've heard enough of to last me a lifetime it's immigration, immigration, immigration, immig....

I'll have that damned word still ringing in my ears on my deathbed.

Anonymous said...

Sons of the Greeks, arise!
The glorious hour's gone forth,
And, worthy of such ties,
Display who gave us birth.

Sons of Greeks! let us go
In arms against the foe,
Till their hated blood shall flow
In a river past our feet.

Then manfully despising
The Turkish tyrant's yoke,
Let your country see you rising,
And all her chains are broke.
Brave shades of chiefs and sages,
Behold the coming strife!
Hellenes of past ages,
Oh, start again to life!
At the sound of my trumpet, breaking
Your sleep, oh, loin with me!
And the seven-hill'd city seeking,
Fight, conquer, till we're free.

Sons of Greeks, &c.

Sparta, Sparta, why in slumbers
Lethargic dolt thou lie?
Awake, and join thy numbers
With Athens, old ally!
Leonidas recalling,
That chief of ancient song,
Who saved ye once from falling,
The terrible! the strong!
Who made that bold diversion
In old Thermopylae
And warring with the Persian
To keep his country free;
With his three hundred waging
The battle, long he stood,
And like a lion raging,
Expired in seas of blood.
Sons of Greek

Alf Garnett said...

Roy cout her finger and toes when she gets home ? And good luck ? just been told tameside staff cant see to him any more ? they brought a teme in from another hozzie to look after him but dont know that much about this yet

Anonymous said...

@10/01/2014 22:21 not just Englismen Greeks as well

Anonymous said...

You can never break the chains of persecution, but you can show the Battle Scars.

Good Night!

tonydj said...

Anonymous at 21:24
I am more an amateur or semi-professional than a professional historian. But here goes.
Number of casualties/ percentage of population:-
Uk 886k 2.19%
Australia 62k 1.38%
NZ 18k 1.64%
Canada 65k 0.92%
Newfoundland 1.5k 0.65%
South Africa 12.5k
India 74k 0.02%
East Africa 35,7k
Nigeria 5K

But the comparison of casualties is a flawed method of determining courage, dedication and loyalty. Due to the nature of tactics and weapons the Western front was more deadly than East Africa.

We should not be seeking to make cheap points. WW1 was a tragic Brothers War where white Europeans slaughtered each other...for what?

Respect their bravery, loyalty and honour. But please do not try to score cheap points at the expense of the memory of brave men....irrespective of the uniform they wore.

R West said...

Yes thanks for that advise it makes me feel a lot better.
Gone out of my mind with worry about it since told she had to go in.
Sorry about your ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Re the Swinton South ward by-election. The turnout was 1467 or 16.24% of the 9058 electorate.
The Labour deadheads (vote for the party of proven economy wrecking/creating out of control immigration capability), all 661 of them, voted 'as usual'.
That means 7.29% of the electorate did, and 94.71% DIDN'T vote for the winners, a devastating indictment of the state of modern democracy in Britain. When you bear in mind the local political Labour network, their families, friends, public sector contacts and all the usual suspects who would have been urged to vote, the reality is that probably a couple of hundred 'non-connected' i.e. independent voters out of nine thousand electors actually bothered to turn out and vote Labour.
The truth is a vast proportion of the electorate (even more so in certain types of catchment areas) are either so fed up of the main parties, so uninterested, so lazy, so apathetic or just so plain thick and ignorant they couldn't be bothered to take part.
If the turnout is less than 60% the result should be declared null and void because this type of event is democracy in name only.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous, 22:21, 'Getting on with life', in a country that will on its current course be a totally unrecognisable, uncivilised, violent, squalor filled pigsty in a few years.
As for 'you know that you can do nothing about' it, there is plenty that can be done and the next opportunity comes in May when democratic force, and a chance to send a massive message to the establishment, comes into play.
Let's hope enough of the British people haven't given up like you and vote to try and save their country.

The Butcher of Beirut said...

Ariel Sharon, a statesman described by President Bush as a man of peace has died. Today the oppressed people of Palestine will be celebrating and the fires of hell will be burning especially bright.

Anonymous said...

In a just society, Drennan coulsd never get away with making allegations like that.
Yet he makes them right in front of the police. He may have uses a mega phone the police would have done nothing.

Blunkett's Bobbies said...

PCSO charged with rape and blackmail

A police community support officer has been charged with rape, blackmail and misconduct in a public office.

The Metropolitan Police said Kabeer Yousaf, 30, will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court later.

Anonymous said...

It is remarkable how many of these types of cases involve non-indigenous Brits, to a massively disproportionate degree. Yet the powers that be carry on regardless.

Anonymous said...


Finally we’re getting somewhere. Yesterday the government announced plans to water down key parts of their gagging law. [1] It’s not enough, but it is progress. If we keep the pressure up now, there’s a real chance we can get further big changes.

Lords gather for one of their last debates to vote on the gagging law on Wednesday. Lord Harries – one of the key Lords trying to stop this threat to democracy – is tabling amendments which would help protect freedom of speech. [2] We need to help him win those votes.

A big petition will help Lord Harries win. He will carry it into the debating chamber - and announce the total signatures - right before the debate starts. Our signatures will prove to wavering peers that the public is against this threat to democracy.

The vote is on Wednesday, so please sign now:

Don`t ignore it "DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"

Anonymous said...

I agree just get stuck into this campaign or never complanin again

Diabolical trash in the Telegraph regarding Griffin standing up for a persecuted minority who dare to name the J said...

Anonymous said...

How many TC posters have signed the gagging order petition ?????

Amazing the TC posters interest (ZERO)
Well don`t moan and moan when blogging sites are targeted and even last remnants of freedom to speak becomes history.

tonydj said...

I am at a loss to see what the problem with the proposed "Gagging Law" is.

It prohibits charities from political campaigning. So it should. Various charities have been engaged in anti-BNP campaigning, bringing vast amounts of money into play. Or if not actually campaigning against the BNP doing research valuable to anti-BNP parties eg The Rowntree Trust in 2005 / 2006.

If you want to campaign against e political party or government then do so yourself, do not use charitable donations given for other purposes . As an aside it might be interesting to see whether the ban on corporate campaigning will apply to the BBC's left wing bias

Anonymous said...

"Sign the Petition!"
"Don't moan if you don't sign the petition"
"Amazing the TC posters interest (ZERO)"

Sign the petition! Send off your name and address to be counted noted and filed by the state. Grass yourself up.

Correct and 'nice' have no relation said...

I regularly donate to Third World charities as it makes me look good amongst my middle class friends and also increases the populations in these areas and this will inevitably hasten the destruction of my own nation, identity and culture.
Must be off now, it's time for my anti-f***ing dickhead medication.