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Stalybridge Mosque Proposal - Many Locals Not Happy

So it appears that Stalybridge is to get its very own mosque. As far as I am aware this will be the first mosque ever in Stalybridge so who is unhappy about this development and why? Well when looking at this online petition titled "Say No To Stalybridge Mosque" and especially when reading the comments by locals it appears that just about everyone who lives near the proposed mosque is opposed. Reasons cited are traffic congestion, parking problems and a host of other reasons.

The people who oppose this mosque will undoubtedly and inevitably end up being branded as intolerant by the 'usual suspects'. But are they intolerant or just voicing legitimate concerns? My view may be biased because I have spent more time than many in and around Muslim dominated communities and experience has taught me valuable lessons about the Islamic faith and Muslim people in general.

The location of the new mosque is the former Pineapple pub on Kenworthy Street and it appears to have been sold for £178,000 + VAT. That is a lot of money by any standards and it would be surprising if much if not all of it was Saudi Wahhibi money.

This mosque may be something new for Stalybridge, but sooner or later every neighbourhood will have its own mosque, or at least that's the Saudi plan. Read here for more information. The ironic thing is, the Wahhabi backers of mosque expansion right across all Western countries are somewhat reluctant to allow Christian churches to be built in their own lands. Guess how many Christian churches, or religious buildings of any denomination other than Islam exist in the land of these prolific mosque builders, if you cannot guess you could Google or you could click here to find out but I suspect most people (who understand the true nature of Islam) will have guessed correctly in the first place.

What's your opinion on the new mosque in Stalybridge, is it a good thing or a bad thing and what makes you think so either way?


Tameside Citizen said...

Think before commenting. In Orwellian Britain freedom of speech is a thing of the past and if you say the wrong thing when it comes to matters of race or minority religious cults and you can easily end up in prison and there are many willing local Quislings who would be quite happy to assist in sending you there.

SerpentSlayer said...

If the Saudi's want to take our country off us, our silence isn't one thing they can count on.
How do we expose all this to the public?
I've been reading about my Grandad's war service and I'll be damned if I let his grandson be a coward and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

John Taylor ‏@JohnWagTaylor 21h

Mr Blatter black players boycotting tournaments would mean you and your committee would have to get off your arses and tackle the racist


I'm anti-racist but support racists said...

A man that hates racists so much that he openly supports the Stern Gang a bunch of racist murderers I've read about.
Killed Palestinian woman and children.

Anonymous said...

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

Manchester United apologise for ‘swastika’ email said...

Manchester United apologise for ‘swastika’ email

Anonymous said...

A man that hates racists so much that he openly supports the Stern Gang a bunch of racist murderers I've read about.
Killed Palestinian woman and children.

You forgot the "Wanting an Israel" chunk of others land,how the land pirate gangs went about their killings of British Soldiers in Palestine as it the 1930-40s.

Anonymous said...

definitely a good thing. Stalybridge folk are long time Labour and Tory voters. Now they can have a real taste of their policies and ideology rather than the odd quaint little takeaway or balti restaurant here & there.

No doubt nestled out on a limb beside the more remote southern pennines many thought they could keep the other side of enrichment at arm's length. Now they're going to have to think again.

Anonymous said...

Taylor admires mass killers, the Stern Gang And General Sherman.

General Sherman was personally responsible for the pillaging, plundering and burning of countless undefended cities, towns and homes. He and his barbaric Union troops brought wrought total destruction on farms, livestock and civilian food supplies. They turned thousands of women and children out into the winter cold, leaving them to fend for themselves with no food and no shelter. He and his troops hauled thousands of wagon loads of stolen Southern goods back to the North. They gang raped both black and white women and slaughtered thousands of innocent Americans, including old men, women, and children of all races.

Anonymous said...

Stalybridge will fall just like the rest of our Towns, the end of our small Towns will no doubt follow to all this colonization.

Bill said...

TC, your link to 'Europe News' makes for frightening reading -

It is also estimated that if current immigration trends continue, white Britons will be in a minority by 2066. David Coleman, Professor of Demography at University of Oxford states: "The moment that the white British become a minority will symbolize a huge transfer of power — cultural political, economic and religious — an irreversible change in British society, unprecedented for at least a millennium."

While I detest all religions, I don't deny anyone their right to believe in whatever they want, as long as they don't inflict it on other people (which unfortunately they do).

Our political traitors have a lot to answer for but all they care about is keeping their seat on the gravy train.

Thank goodness I won't be around to see this country in 2066, unfortunately my grandchildren will and I dread to think what awaits them.

I wonder if the people who fought and died for Britain in WW2 and could see this country now, would do the same - I somehow doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news..breaking news....

Andrew Gwynne Member of Parliament for the Denton and Reddish constituency.
To lead a fact finding mission into war crimes committed by Zionists murder gangs, against the Palestinian people in their home lands.
A Palestinian spokesman said "we are delighted" he went onto say, "my people have been butchered and bulldozed out of our homes and,
our lives torn apart"
The dramatic turn around by this former chairman of Labour friends of Israel is most welcome.
Palestinians need friends and support, people of Great courage continue to live with-out water food cut off from their loved ones.
The West bank is a mass refugee camp that the rest of the world turns a blind eye.
Of course Andrew Gwynne is a pro-Zionist and the above is nonsense make believe.
People talk about human rights, yet Palestinian are murdered in their beds.

Red Horizon said...

@ Bill, it isn't a religion it's a regressive alien domination cult that carries countries by weight of numbers; created by its massive reproductive rate; created by the suppression and control of their women.
According to the last government's own figures,from 2004 - 2008 the Islamic population of Britain grew TEN TIMES faster than any other population group.
British people who support mosque expansion are craven appeasers and/or traitors because they KNOW what is happening to our country and are actively seeking to facilitate and accelerate it.

Bill said...

This guy makes some terrific videos.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for sharing the link Bill. What a man and how true everything he says is. Imagine having someone like him as your MP rather than the usual dross.

You being a learned man Bill will understand the significance of white Britons being forced into minority status in our ancestral homeland by the year 2066.

The year 2066 would have been the thousandth anniversary of the last successful invasion of this land. Yes, minor incursions have taken place since but 1066 was the game changer. Isn't it somewhat ironic that on the very year of the thousandth anniversary we will have once again succumbed to an invasion? However unlike the Norman invasion where we were defeated militarily, the current invasion is taking place now as we passively stand aside watching and if projections are correct* it will be mission accomplished by 2066.

*The 2066 date for our demotion to minority status was estimated using current government data and statistical analysis but that is assuming the information contained within that data is correct. Imagine if we had lost control of our borders and in actual fact the claims made by Conservative MP Greg Hands of Britain's true population being underestimated by nineteen million due illegal and undocumented migrants were proven to be true, that would mean our entering minority status would be far closer than we think which is a scary and horrifying thought.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Islam promoters,but make sure you don`t take your eyes off the Israeli zealots acting in a covert manner amongst us. Also trying to dominate the uk and gain even further control of more organisations to those they already run.
Latest activity:
3. All-Party Commoms group starts with 20 members
A group to promote Jewish issues in Parliament put behind it the arguments over its birth and launched in the House of Commons this week. Hendon Conservative MP Matthew Offord, chairman of the AllParty group.
A leading Reform rabbi has called for religious education to be made part of the national curriculum.
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, said that the launch of new government guidelines on teaching the subject did not go far enough.
Mr Moriarty added: “All our students follow public examination courses in religious studies as part of their Jewish education curriculum. We would hope that, if the government’s proposals become a reality, the outstanding intellectual training and skills developed in RS will be recognised as a full part of the English Baccalaureate.”
Church backs Israel
By Adam Henderson, October 21, 2013
Follow The JC on Twitter
A Scottish Night to Celebrate Israel organised by the Church at Stirling in Glasgow on Sunday attracted a 300 turnout.
Jewish Leadership Council chief executive Jeremy Newmark and Israeli government adviser Rivka Kidron were among the speakers. The entertainment included bagpipe playing.
Ms Kidron told guests that when she informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the event, he wrote a letter expressing gratitude to the church “for your staunch support. It is heartwarming to know that the people of Israel have such steadfast friends. This friendship is a source of great strength.”
Glasgow Jewish Representative Council president Paul Morron said: “To see so many people travelling to this event to show their support for Israel is very special. The impact this has had on the local community is quite dramatic in a place which can be quite hostile to Israel at times.”
New research indicates that 14 per cent of Jewish families in Salford are living in overcrowded housing, with 27 per cent of children having no garden to play in

SerpentSlayer said...

There will always be an England, while there's a country lane.
Nice song invented to keep our spirits up while our existence is threatened by the error of our ways, very fitting and inspiring to keep in mind.
While a part of it still lives, so does England, and it can be brought back to full function again.
While any of us live, so does England and, as the song also says, England shall be free.
And it will one day, we borrowed it from our ancestors and we will pass it on to our heirs along with our honour, intact and ready to inspire generations to glory and fulfillment.

Anonymous said...

Re previous post I can certainly add to that

Luciana Berger MP, extremely close friend of Jonathan Reynolds MP and Andrew Gwynne MP
She is a supporter of Israel, writing a chapter for a book about Israeli politics and society,[42] and she is a keen supporter of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.[43]
Berger was the Director of Labour Friends of Israel

White British said...

Please follow the link in the original post to the anti-mosque petition and sign. It's well over 1300 now.

Anonymous said...

Bloody cheek of these tiny minority group.
TC probably has more readers so why cannot we have a radio show devoted to our beliefs.
No limits for these dominating pushy Israeli supporters.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Chatterbox said...

Methinks, that Stalybridge once had a Muslim Mayor, Robert Stanley JP (1828-1911), a man who converted to Islam. He was Mayor of Stalybridge in 1874. So having a mosque in Stalybridge is not so far-fetched as you try to make out. Anyway, with the call to prayers being shouted five-times a day, there's little chance of anyone overlying in a morning in Castle Hall and missing work.

Anonymous said...

No need to fear for the future. England will still be England no matter what the colour of skin of Englishmen in the distant future.

the band will still play on at the Labour club said...

Don't worry

SerpentSlayer said...

How cab there be an England without the English, is Galatia still Galatia? Is Sumeria still Sumeria?
What about the Americas, are those lands still those of the American Indians?
You can stuff your nonsense. The people make a nation and when those people die out, so does the nation.

Anonymous said...


Be very careful of your allegations which are inappropriate.
Comments related to Anti Semitic are not intended or used,everyone has the right to follow their own religious beliefs however
condemnation of Israels activities,objectives and threats and those who support any or all Israeli intentions can be certainly criticised because Governments anywhere who are seen as discriminatory and threatening are entitled to be named along with its supporters.
Any references to Jewish activities such as "Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, said that the launch of new government guidelines on teaching the subject did not go far enough" are reporting the news and not
as this comment states timed 22-59.27th/10/2013 as
This is an incorrect and threatening comment which is not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

This below is NEWS,not any form of criticism of people of a Jewish background or a follower of the Jewish religion or faith.

CST (Community Security Trust) is proud of Britain's diverse and vibrant Jewish community, and seeks to protect its many achievements from the external threats of bigotry, antisemitism and terrorism.

CST provides physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews. CST assists victims of antisemitism and monitors antisemitic activities and incidents. CST represents British Jewry to Police, Government and media on antisemitism and security.

CST believes that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is an integral part of safeguarding our wider democratic British society against extremism and hatred.

Salfit continues to suffer from illegal settlement sewage said...

We need to petition Andrew Gwynne former Chairman of LFI about this (see link)

Understanding a psychotic Israeli settler said...

Muslims helping Labour post leaflets should look at the backgrounds of their Labour friends.
Andrew Gwynne is a supporter of the oppressors of Palestinians in their own homelands.
I just don't understand how Muslims lend their support to the likes of Andrew Gwynne and co.

SerpentSlayer said...

The whole system serves to protect Jewish interests, multiculturalism and cultural marxism not only serve these interests but originate from Jews in the first place.
The leaders of Jewry know full well that only in society robbed of its honours and standards can they be allowed to live as they do.
Throughout the middle ages they lived in Europe (coming to England in 1066, after a papal backed invasion) living comfortably by lending money to princes at a time when 90% of the population lived as unfree labour.
The Jews were treated better than the people the kings and nobility were meant to be the elite of. Naturally there was a backlash, to this day it is unlawful for Jews to reside here, but Cromwell let them back in, within decades they had a "bank of England" to control our finances. The similar things happened across Europe and in the American colonies.
Ever since our monarchy has been close to these people, the Rothschilds especially, and they have had undue influence on us since.
See 1789, 1848, 1917, 1919, 1939, 1968, 2001 and ever it goes.
The reason the Jews must arm themselves against "antisemitism is the same reason a man who burns down smothers house while still inside it needs a flame-resistant suit.
And ever will it happen, Jews will cry out while they strike at others, and they will strike at us all, their most prominent individuals at the least.
I personally think all of Europe needs to have a look at who is instigating the chaos and hardship that are presently facing our peoples and nations. We have the internet now, so we can research and cross check everything we hear.

Anonymous said...

Oh now that's naughty and evil to investigate the truth.

The Iron Lady rejected anti-Semitism within UK politics and opened the door for Jewish leaders. said...

Margaret Thatcher's 'special relationship' with Britain's Jews.

enough said said...

Thatcher's death was marked by the headline in The Jewish Chronicle, "Margaret Thatcher: One of Us," over a picture of the late prime minister talking with Israel's only female prime minister, Golda Meir.

A Matter of Life and Death said...

Did you notice, that, in this 1946 British film "A Matter Of Life And Death" There's no Germans allowed in heaven? Where did all those dead German pilots go then?
Maybe there should be a remake of the film so that German's can sit next to black people?

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how Muslims lend their support to the likes of Andrew Gwynne and co.

You are so right its illogical for any Muslim to
locally vote Labour knowing the numerous paid for visits for Labour Politicians flying to Israel regularly is a kick in the gut for Muslims and their kin in Palestine.
You do not get entertained and freebie flights unless you are being "cultivated"
for Israeli support.
You ask Levy and Blair what
huge personal benefits you get in return.

Anonymous said...

Its disturbing and somewhat
disgusting that the IRA fanatics blow up Manchester and Warrington inc London of course because they don`t like us.
Similarly its obnoxious that the Muslim fanatics can pose a daily threat to us when they live amongst us.
Christian Churches are being attacked and demolished in Egypt and other Middle Eastern and Asian Countries,and here we are being monitored by a Community Trust Organisation sponsored and backed by the UK Government
and Israel,whilst us PLEBS
are being shackled daily in having any rights (long gone)and our words are closely monitored,not only by GCHQ but by minority groups as well.
Are the Muslims monitored
on Fridays whilst they attend their Mosques by a Community Trust outfit.
Its gone upside down with a vengeance for the long stay inhabitants of the UK,and the Politicians have massive safeguards for themselves and dole plenty out for non Christians and
thats life in the UK folks

SerpentSlayer said...

Now, that film was disturbing to say the least. I remember watching it, like having a giant centipede drawl over your back.

For whom the bell tolls said...

Time marches on...

SerpentSlayer said...

In traditional Jewish practice, a kosher animal is swung around the head and then slaughtered on the afternoon before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, in a ritual called kapparos; it is now common practice to cradle the bird and move it around the head. A chicken or fish is typically used because it is commonly available (and small enough to hold). The sacrifice of the animal is to receive atonement, for the animal symbolically takes on all the person's sins in kapparos. The meat is then donated to the poor. A woman brings a hen for the ceremony, while a man brings a rooster. Although not actually a sacrifice in the biblical sense, the death of the animal reminds the penitent sinner that his or her life is in God's hands.

The chosen of an all-powerful god, apparently.

The corrupt world of politicians said...

We take the high moral ground every time we don't nee to explain our actions we just do it.

Anonymous said...

I was once involved in chasing overdue TV rental payments in Manchester 8 for a large company.
Obviously after 6.0pm on Fridays is the best hunting period for money but when calling the occupiers opened the door and in most cases the TV was on.
Common reply to the request for money was we don`t discuss money on the Sabbath. "end of"

Anonymous said...

3 large filth scumbags rob elderley pensioner in his home in Denton reminds me of some years ago when my uncle alone in his small terraced home received 2 visitors at the front door,whilst he was kept talking a third crap head was over the backyard wall into the house and off they ran with the small amount of loot.
My uncle`s last memory was lying dying in the lobby on his own from shock.
The culprits were caught later,and with no proof of them taking anything (he was too dead to relate anything) they walked free from the police.
Those known to the police for such incidents should get a good kicking in a cell,or a method used which gave no clues was a wet towel used as a whip.

Anonymous said...

it appears that your MP`s expenses once easily available on the House of Commons site,are being used as a paper trail which drags you around obviously hoping you say "sod it".
I found my MP`s with others at

It turned out for 6 months in 2012 April-September almost £25,000 and that's with a summer recess.
Not forgetting his standard salary plus plus.
How poor can bloody MP`s get,its a crying shame no wonder they want a lot more.

Anonymous said...

People in the US A , Canada , the UK & Australia need to take a lesson from the Spaniards.

In Seville Spain , local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town.
They buried a pig on the site, and made sure this would be known by the local press.

The Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on "pig soiled ground."
The Muslims had to cancel the project.
This land was sold to them by government officials.

No protests were needed by the local people...and it worked!

Anonymous said...

According to a vociferous Tameside Councillor the Mosque in Stalybridge is a community centre.We will see

Not needed here said...

They've already stated it's a mosque and community centre.

Anonymous said...

disgusting. u go to their country and try build a church.. why have we become such walk overs.. its a total joke as we now have less rights than any of our ethnic brethren that are slowly taking over the country..

ICA said...

Indigenous Christian Army.

Anonymous said...

What happened to free speech. What is this security warning crap. If I choose to voice my opinion and I am arrested for it so be it. Stalybridge is becoming like Ashton-under-lyne. Within the next 5 years their will be a lot more muslims in the area and unfortunately their is sod all we can do about it. But what we can do is teach our children that their religion and many of its follows want to suppress our rights and our culture. And yes we do have a culture. For a start I was christened but I am a man of ideas not faith. I am an atheist but part of the tradition of the town was the wit walks which have been changed and destroyed by southern preachers who do not understand the traditions of the north. I use to watch and on occasion if asked help out with the wit walks. People need to fight for our way of life before we all start praising to the east.

John Jefferson said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

So they want a mosque in Stalybridge? Whats the fuss? I grew up in Stalybridge, and I am disapointed in many of the comments here, what a magnificent display of ignorance and hate. Dear dear. But I will say this, a pub never mind this pub, which is an awful building, always was, should not be made into a place of worship, no matter what faith it would intended for, its just not right, there are plenty of other lovely buildings standing empty that could be converted. And if Stalybridge is to have a mosque then it should be in in the name of Robert Rachid Stanley, former Mayor of Stalybridge and convert to Islam. Do your history folks, Islam is nothing new to Britain or Greater Manchester. Heres a nice little article from Manchester Council website :

It's funny how some folk don't want Muslims around, until they've had a few pints and fancy a kebab or a curry, hmmm.

Oh and some Muslims pray to the West, it depends where they are on the globe, seeing as 'they' don't all come from one place. :)

Anonymous said...

I've just found this after searching for mosques in the the Tameside area. I grew up in Stalybridge and have no problems with there being a mosque there, but I wouldn't have thought an old manky pub would be the ideal building to convert into any place of worship, no matter what faith. There are plenty of lovely buildings standing empty that could be converted, and should there be a mosque it should be built in the name of Robert Rachid Stanley, former Mayor of Stalybridge and convert to Islam. Islam is nothing new in Britain, or in Greater Manchester, in fact it has been here since the 1700s. This is an interesting little article courtesy of Manchester City Council:

Britain has a huge number of converts to Islam, yet people speak of Muslims as all coming from one place, where is this one place they all come from then? lol ;)

You might say no to a mosque but you won't say no to a kebab after a few pints down the pub. Put down your Sun and your Daily Mail, and do some proper reading, starting with the history of your own home town, it will open your eyes. :)