Monday, 28 October 2013

Fresh Appeal In Unsolved Racist Murder Case

A fresh murder appeal has been issued seven years after David Lees was killed in a high-speed hit-and-run. The 23-year-old was deliberately mown down outside a petrol station on Middleton Road, Prestwich, in the early hours of Saturday, October 28, 2006.

His death became one of the region's most high-profile unsolved murders, leading to a tireless campaign for justice by his family. David had been out with friends when they became involved in a disturbance with a group of Asian men believed to be from the Manchester area...Read more: Manchester Evening News

David Lees RIP. If it was not for the tremendous efforts of his family this is another one which would be swept under the carpet quicker than you can say white people cannot be victims of racist hate crimes. The Manchester Evening News describes David's murder as "one of the regions most high profile unsolved murders". Hands up, who has heard of the David Lees murder before today? 

Another infamous and unsolved local racist murder occurred in Glodwick when 19 year old Gavin Hopley was mercilessly battered to death by a large gang of Asian men. The investigation into the murder was a disgrace as was the (lack of) media reporting of the event itself. Needless to say nobody was ever convicted for the murder of Gavin, and it is unlikely that David's killers will ever face justice either. 

Compare the media coverage of these cases to those of 'celebrity' racial murder cases such as Stephen Lawrence. Sean Thomas recently writing in The Telegraph did and his article can be read here

No McPherson Reports, benefit concerts or peerages where the murders of Gavin, David and the other countless scores of white victims of racial murders are concerned. What a country we live in! Tameside Citizen


The Sticking Place said...

SWC Syndrome (Spineless White C**t) is reaching epidemic proportions in modern Britain.

Faith of our fathers said...

Despite dungeon, fire and sword we shall overcome these injustices.

Anonymous said...

Powerful and motivational words in that hymn.

Anonymous said...

When did you last hear Andrew Gwynne MP speak about the rights of the Palestinians, not to be bulldozed off their lands and out of their homes?
When did you last hear him give a speech in the commons about war crimes committed against Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Cameron to launch first 'sukuk' Islamic bonds outside Muslim world as London stock exchange woos Muslim investors
Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants London to stand alongside Dubai as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance
The announcements reflect the Government's determination to tap into the fast-growing global market in Islamic investments, which have risen by 150 per cent since 2006 and are expected to be worth £1.3 trillion next year.
(encourage who? it must April 1st,we are at war across the globe with Islamists)

What`s the betting that to top this Labour will make Sharia Law will be made a registerd religion.

Thanks to the poster yesterday regarding burying pigs,it should become a hobby for a lot of people.
Never mind demonstrations,getting strong armed by the police,shoved in nick,leading city properties such as London
being owned by middle eastern multi billionaires.
Its time to sharpen your spades and "dig for victory"

Vote Whores R Us said...

Cameron's had a look at the demographics and decided to try and woo the Muslim vote away from Labour, AKA The British Muslim Party.

Anonymous said...

Despite dungeon, fire and sword we shall overcome these injustices.

"I wish" as well but we are fighting probably the worlds largest mass groups of organised despots.

Anonymous said...

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It's a very said...

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