Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tameside Hospital; an eye witness account.

Following my comment on the preceding blog entry I have been asked to expand on my observations as a patient of Tameside Hospital. I now do so.

I spent 6 days in Tameside hospital following a heart attack on the 15th October.
The most disturbing aspect of my stay occurred at night time, when you can hear the elderly and chronically sick crying out for help. It eventually arrives. Sometimes not in time though. Sheet changes are then the order of the day. The only way to guarantee that these patients get help is for another patient to get out of bed and find a nurse. As I did.

If you take your own medication into hospital for an already existing complaint don't expect to have it given to you at the right time or amount. Mine was not.

Mostly you can expect good service from the ambulance drivers, doctors and real nurses, particularly during the day. But during the night expect cries for help and alarms on the machines being ignored. During the night when senior medical and other staff are off duty. A supervisory problem I think.

Finally, expect to wait hours to be discharged as you wait for the pharmacy to issue your medication, some of which you brought in yourself.

That just about sums up my observations. It CANNOT be right that the elderly and infirm are abandoned at night to pitifully cry out for help which is slow in coming. This is happening NOW as I write this blog. Is it any wonder that the death rate is still high when no one responds promptly to the helpless elderly?

Special report by tonydj.


ordinary bloke said...

Thanks Tony and I am pleased you made it out and survived to tell the story.

Bill said...

Best of luck with your recovery Tony. As I said in a comment on the previous post there is only one reason for the lack of attention patients receive - NOT ENOUGH STAFF.

Why look after your own citizens when you can be perceived as a philanthropic country by giving away billions to others.

Anonymous said...

many other serious cases of daytime abuse of dementia patients in dementia wards
and other are untold and will never be exposed because of the fear of retribution which could be handed out
A few honest,unshackled,and caring tameside residents of various ages should be chosen to have 24/7 access to all departments and wards simply to officially indicate their written concerns available to open scrutiny.
Now that would be a meaningful step forward because Care Commissions and in house checks have proven they are useless in offering all the facts.
You do not need medical qualifications or links with other health administrators,you just need common sense and objective "totally independent"observers without friends in linked places.

Anonymous said...

There'll come a time you need a friend, when disappointment follows you around, and although we scheme in the shallow end, both mice and men continue to be drowned.
So if you're out and get caught in the rain, just give a smile, cast your line out again.
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Don't look around, no, keep on going.
If you believe that you've had enough then you must keep on going.
Don't ever give up.
And although it's been said before, there is always someone worse off than you.
With the milk of human kindness on the floor your tears will only turn it a shade of blue.

Weight of Numbers said...

The maternity wards of Britain's hospitals are where the future will be decided. Demographics don't lie.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the origin of the blogdesktop picture

Tameside Citizen said...

Anon@12.06, the background picture is of Hartshead Pike and I took it from the trig point at the top of Wild Bank Hill along with a few other pictures which can be viewed here. However I have just discovered that Hartshead Pike itself is not actually visible in the background picture when viewed on a small screen device. When viewed on my desktop with a large monitor the pike is to the left and clearly visible but when I just looked on my laptop it is hidden behind the main article text.

Can anyone else see Hartshead Pike on the background image or just the surrounding countryside and distant flats and housing?

Law of nature 1 - 0 Feminism said...

The Ukrainian, Muslim killing nutter got 40 years.
I would've called it a terrorist offence, but regardless these actions of a few warped and/or impatient individuals on either side are virtually irrelevant in shaping the future.
That will be decided by much greater factors like which side has the most unity, courage and focus and above all relative numerical status and birth rates. It's completely obvious who's winning at the moment, look around you.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne MP is still batting for the Labour Friends of Israel,along with J.Reynolds MP for Stalybridge now a fully fledged Officer of the LFI

A number of Labour MP`s are now Friends of Palestine
but our two local Israeli supporters have decided their side and its definite ladder to better things plus its benefits like free Israel trips.
Will JT be the next one for a freebie Israel trip???

The amazing statistics could never have been imagined or forecast for Tameside.

1.James Purnell Ex MP
also past Chairman of LFI
2.A.Gwynne past Chairman of LFI
3.J.Reynolds Senior Official LFI
Staggering percentages when viewing the illustrious
members on the LFI site

Bill said...

TC, the Pike is to the left and hidden on my desktop which has a 18.5" screen. It shows the pylon and the gable end of the stone building below it. I would imagine a 21.5" screen size would be needed to show the Pike.

The wrong man said...

This is one hell of a corrupt world, the bosses at the top make money and those at the bottom suffer.

Alf Garnett said...

YES your a lucky man tony too get out of there alive ? If i make a mistake in my job its there for everyone to see and they fu-ckin bury these

Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading a book I borrowed from Ashton library - Tameside Before 1066. Some stone age artefacts have been found on Wild Bank Hill. Arrowheads, blades and borers were found there in 1897, apparently of a style thought to date back to the late mesolithic (about 7-8000 years ago), long before the Celts and Saxons etc. There's speculation that the summit of Wild Bank may in later times (Bronze Age) have been a burial site. In fact many of the nearby peaks around the Mossley area have thrown up similar archeological finds.

Is your MP a Zionist? said...

Andrew Gwynne MP for Denton & Reddish -Chairman of Labour Friends of Israel

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I'm currently reading a book I borrowed from Ashton library - Tameside Before 1066.

Being interested in regional history (Greater Manchester) this is interesting.
Years of genealogical research shows some gems and also expands the mind about the real hardships where tha had nowt.

Anonymous said...


BICOM and LFI Fringe Meeting at the Labour Party Conference

On Tuesday 24th September 2013, BICOM and Labour Friends of Israel held a joint fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference.

Constant infiltration (who runs the UK and it middle east policies)

Anonymous said...

They own the Labour Party you better believe it,whose on the list ????????????????

Attrocity in Russia - worse since WWII said...

International outrage as monkey chants heard within earshot of £300,000 per week millionaire footballer at football match in Moscow. Not real outrage, media induced outrage. Ladies and gentlemen, never in the history of mankind has so much propaganda which amounts to brainwashing been directed at a single group people, us, the indigenous people of this land. The real outrage is that millions of people in this country are being screwed to the ground financially and forced into low paid work on zero hours contracts. Monkey chants and millionaire footballers are of no relevance but they are top billing on most news bulletins over the last 24 hours. It is bollocks and until more people stand up and say so matters will only get worse.

jaywit said...

Hartshead Pike is clearly visible on my 17.3"Toshiba lappy,1" from the edge!

Friends die, but when they go they remain in spirit said...

Friends die, but when they go they remain in spirit

The Dambusters Iron Men said...

My tribute in pictures with music

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that I agree with what they did, I'm just British and that comes first in my thinking.

Anonymous said...

Men of Steel.

Kursk said...

Apparently (according to the 'expert' on Sky News) the Russians haven't nad the 'national conversation' about racism yet which is why Toure supposedly got a bit of verbal abuse.
You know the 'converstion' in question, the one where a nation state rolls over and cravenly allows hordes of Third Worlders in and sits idly by and watches whilst being systematically milked and outbred, too afraid to even say anything in case they're accused of the 'R' word.
Let's hope the Russkies (God bless them) NEVER have that conversation and stay the proud, independent mided nation they are.
A few morons shouting in a crowd apart from being bad manners, is utterly irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Latest Headlines in the Jerusalem Post
NEW YORK – During a panel at Yeshiva University on Tuesday evening, Sheldon Adelson, noted businessman and owner of the newspaper Israel Hayom, suggested that the US should use nuclear weapons on Iran to impose its demands from a position of strength.
Comment in the Jerusalem Post:say we nuke the piss out of the old whores and all the whores in that godless country of iran and make sure we get aucckmood imanutjob as well
Would the UK Press be allowed to print such incitement ??
Check with your Tameside MP`s if they also back this suggestion because your paying them to represent you and opinions

Stay The Bridge said...

The Pineapple Inn Spearhead..sorry Mosque?
Let's hope NOT.

SerpentSlayer said...

I sincerely hope the Russkies have slipped Iran a few decent, window rattlers and that those horrible vermin calling for war against anyone who won't serve them get a good dose of radiation as a result of it.

Anonymous said...

PUPILS of Armitage Street School, in Ardwick, or St Marks School, West Gorton, during the 1940s and 1950s are all invited to a reunion to tbe held at the Queens Pub in Hyde on Friday, November 15, from 7.30pm onwards.

We’d also like to invite anybody who lived in the area of those schools at the time.

Pete Ford, Denton

0161 336 1677

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks Jaywit and Bill. I will have to resize it for smaller screens I think.

Great info from anonymous at 23.44 regarding Wild Bank Hill. Is the title of the book Tameside Before 1066?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was one of three books I think commissioned by the council back in the 1990s, the other two covering the last 1000 years in the borough.

The first book analyses the possible history of the borough from the end of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago through to the period of Romans the Saxons and Danelaw. The war memorial cross in st john's church in Mossley is actually constructed on an ice age boulder brought down from further up north by the advancing glaciers, one of many scattered in the area both on the peaks and in the valley. The book's a bit heavy and technical in parts but anyone can glean the important bits from it.

I expect to returning it to the library in a couple of weeks, but it's well worth buying. Two of the three books are currently up for sale on amazon, and when I visited Portland Basin museum in the summer they had brand new copies for sale.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks again for the info it sounds like it is right up my street. I look forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

This is a shcking account by Tony DJ but he doesn't say what ward he was on? This needs to be put in the local newspapers to expose these kind of shameful incidents. He should also write to the interim C.E.O. Karen James and bring this to the attention of Gill Harris who led the Keogh Report investigation into Tameside Hospital.