Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Air pollution 'still harming Europeans' health'

Air pollution is still continuing to damage European citizens' health and the environment, latest figures show.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) listed tiny airborne particles and ozone as posing a "significant threat". Read more: BBC News

It is interesting that this report is published today because I am aware that local environmental and anti-corruption campaigner J Hall is in the process of preparing a new article on airborne pollution in Tameside. Amongst other things his research has uncovered disturbing facts regarding the use or should I say 'misuse' of local air pollution monitoring stations. I will provide more information when his study is complete. Tameside Citizen


B said...

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the rants of Hall. He is always short on facts and more interested in arguing than debating.

No accident said...

Ofsted has published its first ever annual report on the state of children's social care.
Ofsted's Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw singled out a long term catalogue of failures in Birmingham that encapsulated the disastrous state of things.
It had:
Infant mortality rates almost twice the national average, worse than Cuba and on a par with Latvia and Chile.
12 of the 20 neighbourhoods which have declined the most in the wnole of England over the past 10 years.
Double the national unemployment rate.
Sir Michael also said the city had declined from being 'the powerhouse of the nation' to the 'fourth division'. And he suggested the city council itself might have to be broken up to tackle the effects of 'a failure of corporate governance on a grand scale' dating back decades.

There are of course many similar and worsening Third World style hell holes in 'New Britain', the causes are the changes in the population itself and the deliberate destruction of the traditional family unit that is the basis for any ordered and civilised society.

Anonymous said...

Good article keep them coming, article writers needed for this blog.

Senior Police Required - No Experience Necessarry said...

The government has announced plans to allow direct entry into the highest ranks of policing, ending 180 years of tradition.

The proposals would allow external candidates to reach senior positions without ever being a constable.

Ministers say forces in England and Wales will also be allowed to recruit chief constables from overseas.

Many officers oppose the changes on a point of principle, saying commanders must have operational experience.

Local Pro War Labour MP Demands Stiffer Race Laws said...

Stockport MP Ann Coffey has called for a change in the law after learning that no criminal offence had been committed after a Greater Manchester Police officer was racially abused while attending an incident.

Ms Coffey said a law change is needed to punish people who racially abuse police officers in private houses or flats.


Anonymous said...

Just take a look at the poefaced munter and thank God you don't have to wake up next to that in the morning.

EXCLUSIVE: Scotland Yard to 'downgrade' police entry tests to allow for ethnic minorities said...

Scotland Yard wants to downgrade the importance of written English tests at police recruitment centres to make it easier for candidates from ethnic minorities to join the Met.

Bosses believe people who do not have English as their first language are being discriminated against under current assessment rules.

They have recommended the weighting placed on the “Written Communication” section of the Metropolitan Police’s tough entrance exam is lowered.

However, they fear a “white backlash” among rank and file officers who feel they have already been passed over for promotion.

(The dumbing down continues - where will it end?)

1170 said...

Munter /(n): An incredibly unattractive female you wouldn't touch with a shitty stick.

Respect for Establishment politicians at an all time low said...

What should be. What common sense dictates. What logic ordains. What natural instinct for cultural and national survival demands. Self-preservation!

All go out of the window when it comes to elections.

Election time in Britain, and especially England, is a time when collective madness and extreme suicidal tendency come to the fore. A time when all collective memory is erased and the power to deduce the future annulled. A time when the nation gladly allows itself to be taken in and spat out en masse.

With all the lies, destruction and broken promises you have to wonder how politicians pull this trick off time and time again. It's just too easy for them.

Anonymous said...

B said...
I wouldn't pay too much attention to the rants of Hall. He is always short on facts and more interested in arguing than debating.

15/10/2013 16:22

This Tameside Councillor spokesperson must be the most vile person I have encountered in Tameside who is totally devoid of a conscience.
Why ??????????????????????
Because she is content,happy and full of her own sh--
to back the vast levels of air pollution the children,infants and babies
now daily ingest in Tameside.
Her knowledge is restricted to opening her gob from time to time uttering worthless crap which is insulting for the many Tamesiders who have considerably more educated knowledge than her minute
gristle between her ears could even contemplate.
A disgraced person found guilty of presenting false information to Parliament should never have been allowed to represent anyone other than her gob.
Give it a rest gobby,I am not giving more because I am extremely busy with others in preparations which might influence your position and the obnoxious comments you make.
John Hall
PS Last time I confronted you in a public meeting and when it commenced and I spoke you picked up your papers and headed for the door stating you were not here to be told facts.and
you were ready to go until your sycophantic pals with you tried to limit your exit from the proceedings
Now go away you little nothing


1202 said...

It's a combination of gutlessness, ignorance and treason.

SerpentSlayer said...

Half of the cabinet are Jews and Marxists according to that metapedia list. That doesn't surprise me, what surprises me is how slow people are in realising it. It's happening though, slowly.

didnt think so said...

Hall, can you explain why your locality has the highest life expectancy in the borough if as you claim it also has the worst levels of pollution?

Anonymous said...

didnt think so said...
Hall, can you explain why your locality has the highest life expectancy in the borough if as you claim it also has the worst levels of pollution?

Your simply a raving disturbed liar with an empty head,now give us all a treat and pi-- off,
Eager to spot you in the open and tell everyone around that you tried to hide you are a Councillor with a fat salary who tried to deceive the Houses of Parliament Official Records
that you had nothing financially to declare,did that go for Tax Office as well Yes or No.
You knew you were getting paid from how many sources ?? just tell Tamesider`s what financial incomes you hid from the Commons Authorities until I tipped the Commons investigators off and they found it to be 100% true.
Lets have the truth from you on TC gobby.
No more now I`m very busy

Anonymous said...

Hall is getting more offensive now he's losing the argument. He was on here a few months ago telling us he was working on a major story that would shock us all. We're still waiting but he resorts to even more offensive language to anyone who questions him. Interesting. He clearly knows he's losing the battle.

Anonymous said...

No you are, you post on here moaning about him, why?
He's got something to say and you don't like it.
You don't work for new charter do you, the people that want to take away people's right to free speech?

Hall the defender if truth and slayer of corrupt officials said...

Hall is a good man and when the gangsters start provoking him you can tell that he has them compromised hence their rabid responses.

Anonymous said...

Hall's got his own axes to grind and posts a lot of interesting, well informed pieces.
The local powers that be (elected and otherwise) have been in place in their cushy numbers for so long that they can't bear ANY threat to their security or ANY criticism.
Those who've stood against them at their most vulnerable, i.e. election time, know what lengths they will go to and what vile, gutter tactics they'll employ to maintain their place at the trough.
The real people responsible are the 75% of the electorate who can't be bothered to exercise their democratic power to implement change.
These apathetic tossers know as well as anyone else that things need a good shake-up politically evrey now and then wherever you live, let alone in a stagnant, incestuous, corrupt, cesspit like Tameside, they just can't be bothered to go a few hundred yards to do the necessary.

1466 said...

Stephen lawrence's mother Doreen beacame Baroness Lawrence in the House of Lords today to rousing cheers in the chamber.
You wouldn't want to be seen NOT cheering this one would you.

Anonymous said...

Just shows the difference between some Rochdale folk and the grovelling apathetic
brain dead in Tameside.

"More than 1,000 join protest against town hall chief’s pay rise".

Some folk have bottle but those in Tameside could be packed into 3 Phone Boxes.

The parasites ie Councillors.Officials and
those in other closely linked organisations are supported by the biggest load of feeble stupid electorate in Greater Manchester.
The Council top dog officials are not unbiased at all, the Chief Executive,the Solicitor and other employed Directors of services are glued together with the cesspit foul crap

There are no White victims, just St Stephen said...

So the Lords gave her a rousing reception. I'm sure she has been given plenty of inside information on claiming attendance allowances and expenses by those well versed in screwing the tax-payer too.

There aren't enough seats in the whole of Westminster to accommodate the parents of dead White children killed in racist murders.

Anonymous said...

So our friends and neighbours in Tameside are ' grovelling apathetic brain dead'. What a pathetic post. People might have different opinions but why call the residents of Tameside in this way.

Anonymous said...

Because of their persistent, long term inaction, unthinking voting behaviour and mass apathy by the other 75%. The latter and widespread ignorance/selfishness by the 1200 'onside' Labour/public sector/Unions linked voters and their friends and relatives has turned Tameside into a stagnant, moribund, semi-dictatorship where the same old, same old inadequates, self-seekers and their incestuous, vested interests dominate, to the detriment of the borough as a whole.
Look at the disastrous hospital saga, a situation that would be impossible in an area where there was genuine political or public opposition.
It's not 'different' opinions in tameside but unreasoning voting, i.e no opinion, or the mass apathy of the other three quarters that's destroying Tameside's capacity to meaningfully improve.

English = White said...

Nearly half of race attack victims are White. That's pretty good going from the non-White attackers considering they (at the moment) make up a relatively small proportion of the population.