Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New Charter Housing Eviction Hearing

Many people have expressed an interest in the ongoing attempt by New Charter to evict my vulnerable partner from her home. Yesterday we attended a preliminary hearing at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre and here is a brief report.

My partner's council asked the court for a psychiatric report on the current state of her health. A representative from New Charter Housing who was present in court throughout proceedings did not object to this request, however he did state that he may wish to question aspects of the report's findings. Throughout proceedings my partner sat alone in front of the judge with her head looking downwards to hide the tears brought on by the trauma of the situation. The case was then suspended to be heard next year following completion of the psychiatric report. 

My partner was diagnosed with bipolar_disorder (manic depression) when she was 16 years old and she has suffered ever since. Following the trauma of yesterdays court hearing and now having realised that she may soon find herself homeless and penniless she suffered a severe reaction and she is currently full of anxiety and in a highly distressed state.

The coming months are going to be a very challenging for my partner and at times I fear for the worst. 

I also wish to remind people that New Charter Housing claims charitable status. Does anyone see the irony is this statement on their website? "provide housing support to those most in need, strengthening the housing support network available for vulnerable people"

More updates to follow as events unfold.

Roy West

A truly shocking and disturbing state of affairs. It must be remembered that the lady who New Charter are attempting to evict has committed no crime nor has she had any allegations levelled against her. This whole unbelievably action appears to be some form of perverse collective punishment by means of mass reprisals aimed at getting at her for the political 'sins' of her partner Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Do you think that these people are firmly behind this outrage?

Anonymous said...

This is to identify and engage with individuals and groups who are causing problems in the park. They intend also to advise youths on the consequences of anti-social behaviour.

Police say they are talking to local church groups about diversionary activities for young people – this includes things such as film nights.

So Glossop has its problems,why don`t these louts be made to stay indoors like the rest of society does to prevent having their faces punched in,kicked to the floor,and the old people barricaded behind their front doors.
The Police have no control over anything nor do they intend to pursue vigorous
A grandfather of mine like many others in the police walked their beats alone in Ancoats and all similar sh--- holes,when a good slap across the mouth worked wonders.
If you watch police in action in TV programmes the commonly used word "mate" would never have been made to the riff raff,nor would the nutters get a second chance letting off their mouths to the Police.
No wonder the UK Police are anti local action groups setting up,the outcome would blow the lid of present Police activity methods.
Those in fear are not in parks at night thats for the the cr-- heads who would kick your head in.

Jesus suffering and death and rising to heaven said...

He died so you could live.

Anonymous said...

TC is becoming a bag of shite. It's either Hall or some stupid post by West,

Alf Garnett said...

Living with you would manic depression anyone

Anonymous said...

@16/10/2013 22:00 well don't read it then simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to peace fm the other day, they were talking about black history month.
This black Christian from the states believed that all black people were the true children of Israel.
And the Children of Jacob.
Then he starts ripping into the Muslims And Islam.
Calling them this and that, then they all started calling in and sending text messages to the station.
He said, "if what I'm saying offends you, then why bother staying up all night listening to me"
If a white man had said what he was saying over the radio, then it would be closed down.
He's on again this week sometime check him out on peace FM.
Oh yes and he had all the homosexuals after him because hates them.
Check him out because I could not believe that you could get away with saying all that these days.

Anonymous said...

Noticing this wrongful accusation perhaps the political poster who hates TC should be extremely cautious who they accuse.

Who is trying to protect those who figure on TC, or is it desperation time for an organisation.

I have no idea which.

However slime usually emanates from Political sources in my opinion

I am not connected with shite be careful who you finger.
Far to busy doing something interesting,so get lost.

Anonymous said...

This situation has no political overtones whatsoever. This situation has no political overtones whatsoever.
Mr West's former candidature as BNP and independent is entirely unconnected. Mr West's former candidature as BNP and independent is entirely unrelated.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 22:00, that's because there's a massive dearth of opposition to the Tameside Labour mafia. Only a few individuals like Messrs Hall and West are prepared to put their heads above the parapet, which is why they stand out.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that because new charter officially stated that this is politically based with free speech and human rights issues.
Roy West's partner has no political connections.

Anonymous said...

Talks in Geneva on Iran’s nuclear program are triggering fears within U.S. intelligence agencies that Israel is hardening its stance on Iran and could conduct a military attack to stave off what the Jewish state believes is a delaying tactic for Tehran to buy time to build nuclear weapons.
The clearest indicator of growing Israeli concerns, according to defense officials, is the recent large-scale Israeli air force drill Tuesday in the northern part of the country. The exercises along the northern border and over the Mediterranean were considered unusually large.

I will expect our TMBC Councillors who are vigorous Israeli supporters to offer to go to the front lines to take part in the killing of innocents.
No point in staying in Tameside when it kicks off your friends need you in the action against Iran,don`t let them down.
We will happily wave you off when duty calls you.

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation said...

Check out the vile pompous twit Stephen Fry promoting homosexual lifestyles now on BBC2 on a program called Out There. As a tv license payer I am infuriated that my license fee is being used to fund such sickening propaganda.

Putin the boot in the right place said...

Thank God there are still countries like Russia that stand up for their traditional values and protect the young from deviancy.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever met someone that thinks everything is about them personally?

The changing face of Britain through Immigration said...


keep your eyes and pretend it's not there said...

The changing face of Britain through Immigration

Bill said...

@ 11:13

Very appropriate music to that video!

Boy aged as young as 12 could be responsible for sex attacks said... How many young students new to the area have fallen prey to this monster? If only they were warned but that would not happen for obvious reasons.

SerpentSlayer said...

Any sensible government would repatriate all immigrants of a racial background that falls below our standards. Would we hear of a English or Chinese boy doing this?

Anonymous said...

'No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity'