Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Sublime Beauty of Ashton-Under Lyne

I don't know who the film maker/commentator is other than he is called Tobias and he's a scientist and a film maker. Tobias has a sharp sense of humour and this did make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Have you got permission to film in public? Have you been stopped by the fuss yet?

Anonymous said...

Sorry "The Fuzz"

A(wf)-U-L said...

Never go there anymore. Full of chavs and deadbeats and too difficult and expensive to park anyway. Used to be a really smart town as well.

SerpentSlayer said...

I used to like Ashton, almost an adoptive home town of mine. There every week growing up often a few times.
My auntie once saw a man taking a dump over a wall near the bus station a few months ago, nuff said really.
Used to be respectable place with loads of shops big and small, lovely indoor market (the rebuilt version is criminal, just build by numbers) nice people.

Weight of Numbers said...

On its current course Ashton, and indeed large parts of the UK, will loook A LOT worse than that in 20 years.

Schoolboy aged TEN is arrested over death of 79-year-old man who died after suffering head injury said...

A lot of code and snipped interviews on the news channels.

I think it is another Walter Chamberlain.

RIP Walter and Victor

I hate the bnp said...


Pray For Blood said...

Saw a BBC piece on the Harehills incident.
The reporter looked like he was about to s**t himself in case he said the 'wrong' word, and was verbally tiptoeing and qualifying everything he said multiple times, no doubt to avoid any possibility of 'incitement' or non-PC speak.

Roy K West said...
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An now Dr, I will destroy you...Whoo whoo whoo... said...

@ I hate the BNP...Christ who's that! Looks like a 70s Dr Who villain.

Manchester UAF said...

Flash demo outside court in the morning.

Registered Charity number 1146435 said...

New Charter Housing

Roy West said...

Registered Charity number 1146435
New Charter Housing.
I want you all to remember the above, when they drag my vulnerable partner through the courts.
A vulnerable, innocent, woman.
New charter housing admit that she has done nothing wrong.
It is important that you know the woman that is to be dragged through the courts.
It is important for the Laws of God, and the natural justice that lives with-in the hearts of our people.
At the news that my partner was to face court, she cut her arms with a knife.
My partner suffers from bi-polar (manic depression)
She suffers from kidney disease stage three which she take medication for.
I want people to know these things, when they read about this vulnerable woman being dragged through the courts.

The hand of darkness said...

We have no idea if this man will be at court (see link)

Anonymous said...

Is this still up to date ?
Members,Senior Staff Advisors,Bankers and Lead Funders
New Charter
Maria Bailey,could be a link to the originator of Tameside Radio ?
Malcolm Burbridge
Joan Ryan
Jed Hassid
Ann Djordjevic
Georgia Parker
Adam Jacobs
Ian Munro
Aslam Khan
Eve Foster
Stephen Savery
Martin Frost

Board of Directors
Chair Gerald Cooney
Vice Chair Hamid Ghafoor

Anonymous said...

The Great Struggle Is At Hand.

Anonymous said...

John Taylor ‏@JohnWagTaylor 14h

Visiting the Mayor with some special people who run schemes in Tameside looking after some very vulnerable people

Anonymous said...

Get him sanctified.

I hate the bnp said...

Well just feel good that this man looks out for vulnerable people in our community.
Because people on the ward don't look as bad.

Anonymous said...

That man looks very violent in the picture.