Thursday, 22 August 2013

Worst Traffic Jam of 2013

So I was heading from Ashton under Lyne and going to Stockport. I had a choice of routes, I could have hopped on the M60 at Ashton and exited at Bredbury, or took the Guide Bridge, Crown Point North, Denton route. I decided upon the latter after it had just been reported on the radio that the Bredbury fire may take up to week to put out and with that news I guessed the Bredbury motorway exit may be very congested or completely closed as it was yesterday so I set off on the non motorway route.

As I passed Crown Point North while heading in the Stockport direction I was baffled as to why there was so much traffic heading in the direction from where I had just come. I was baffled as there was no roadworks or incidents which could have led to such a long queue of traffic, however I was eventually to discover the cause.

As I headed through Denton towards Stockport there was no end in sight to the queue on the opposite side of the road as it crawled down Stockport Road past the Fletcher's Arms (fantastic carvery), past the woods lay-by and all the way around the s-bends and beyond.

I was aware of the road closure at Bredbury caused by the fire but I knew that it should not have a drastic impact on my journey as I was planning to take the back route to Stockport through Brinnington, so I was a little surprised when the traffic on my side of the road started queuing just before the Reynolds factory. Even by the standards of queues on that horrendous stretch of road that is an early point for the queue to begin.

So there was I sat in stationary traffic heading in one direction facing drivers also sat in traffic heading in the opposite direction, I thought to myself; you poor individuals if only you knew you have two miles of solid bumper to bumper traffic ahead of you.

After an unbelievably slow crawl I got to within sight of the traffic lights and I could see the road close to the fire was still closed heading towards the motorway and I assumed that this is what was causing the chaos, chaos which would soon to be not my problem as I had a plan - the back route through Brinnington.

I was now only ten cars distance away from the road closure and I noticed a police car blocking the road and a large jovial traffic warden speaking to motorists as they approached the road closure. I pitied the drivers who were being forced to turn round and join the enormous grinding jam of cars forced to head back in the Denton direction from where they had just come. I assumed that they hadn't realised that the fire had closed the stretch of road leading from the BP garage to the motorway roundabout and unlike me, they were unaware of the alternate back route through Brinnington.

As I reached the front of the queue the large jovial traffic warden informed that the road ahead was closed. I said "yep, no problem, I am aware, but I am heading through Brinnington so it doesn't effect me". He smiled and then delivered bad news, bad news I seriously did not want to hear. He said the road ahead leading to the motorway is closed by the fire as you can see, but, and here's the bombshell; the road through Brinnington is also completely blocked due to an accident involving a HGV. I couldn't believe it, truly unbelievable I said as I asked  him why there was no prior warning of this. Why was the road not closed near to Haughton Green as this would have avoided the queues and total chaos. He shrugged his shoulders and said I don't know and with that I performed a u-turn and joined the two miles of near stationary traffic heading back in the Denton direction.

As I sat in that long grinding queue I though to myself - only in Britain, a country which now only seems to excel in disfunctionality and when it comes to being dysfunctional we are true world leaders!


Schools tear up controversial homophobic policies said...

Hoorah for the organised gay lobby who can now promote homosexual propaganda to children from the age of five.

Most homosexuals that I know are vehemently opposed to the organised gay lobby imposing their ideas onto others. The promotion of homosexual lifestyle to children has zero to do with preventing homophobia and everything to do with the larger agenda of attacking ancient institutions and traditions.

The subversion of our people, schools, children and families: The Frankfurt School

The techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other nations so it could bring them under its control.

The Frankfurt school recommends political correctness, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children, the creation of racialism offences, continual change to create confusion, the undermining of schools and teachers’ authority, the promotion of excessive drinking, emptying the churches, the corruption of the courts, the creation of trauma through injustice, dependency on the state or benefits, massive immigration to destroy our identity and create tension, control and dumbing down of media and TV, the attack on fathers and the breakdown of the family, and other methods; the results and violence fill our newspapers every day.

Political Correctness is a form of mind control to control free speech, to undermine public opinion, to weaken the defences of democracy and to “re-educate” schoolchildren; it is a well documented communist subversion procedure.

These techniques have been remarkably successful at undermining local and national government, the Police, NHS, schools and children. It has alienated British people from our nation and its politics; millions are now disinterested and apathetic. On 13th Feb. 2007 UNICEF reported British children now have the worst upbringing of the 21 top nations.

Trauma through injustice:

The creation of trauma through injustice usually leads to financial ruin and often to suicide; our utterly corrupt British courts now practice it regularly, as do bodies as diverse as the General Osteopathic Council and Social Services with local councils, who together snatch 4,500 healthy children a year from good parents for forced adoption. They are not interested in abused or maladjusted children.

There are two objectives:

1. Trauma makes people live in fear of government; it controls them and makes them comply.

2. It trains local leaders, like social services and councils, to rule with the brutality a dictatorship like they need to stay in power.

Link to Cigpapers blog said...

The Cigpapers blog is one of the best blogs I have ever visited. It is based in Tameside too.

Satan is amongst us said...

What's the difference between a convicted paedophile showing a five year old sexually explicit material and an 'educator' showing a five year old sexually explicit material?
The latter SAYS it's for 'educational' purposes.

Five year olds don't need to know anything about sex, any education along those lines should start in the first year of secondary school and then only in the most basic, biological terms and then only with the the parents permission.
Those trying to sexualise young children and 'educate' them about things like 'homophobic bullying' have their own agendas. Children should be given the facts at an appropriate age, informed there are varying opinions on aspects of sexuality and LEFT TO MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS UP.
The promotion of sexuality in general and homosexuality as unquestionably normal and equivalent to heterosexuality, to young, innocent minds is depraved, undiluted evil.

Anonymous said...

Its important to teach young children to accept people for being different for what ever reason. But they are far too young to understand those kind of emotions and its inappropriate to fill their innocent minds with it.

Anonymous said...

... and kids learn about sexuality at young enough age naturally. It doesn't need to be taught.

Anonymous said...

So who is Cigpapers? He must be a mind reader because I have always believed that John Smith and Robin Cook died at times when it was very convenient for the takeover of the Labour Party. John Smith was the last decent Labour leader who was it in politics for the greater good rather than personal advancement. Todd's death and the PFI investigation is also an interesting theory.

Day of The Locust said...

As the population density of England explodes, from its already chronically high level, in the next few decades the attendant problems of traffic gridlock, strain on our infrastructure and public services and quality of life will become unsustainable.
Every tine you see a story of 250,000 extra primary school places required, the NHS under massive strain, traffic/pollution increases, house building destroying our countryside etc etc the reason is the same: overpopulation.
Still at least the increase doesn't stem from vast unassimilable, often hostile and backward alien communities with enormous reproductive rates does it.

hey presto said...

Nothing to do with population, it is poor planning and over reliance on the private motor car. Invest more in public transport and make private cars too expensive to run for the average person and that is problem solved.

Day of The Locust said...

@ Hey presto, the reason the manifestly superior (in terms of speed, comfort and convenience) private car has become a 'problem' is due to the massive increase in private cars, caused by a massive increase in the number of people, caused by said number of people using their cars in a set space, the UK.
If there were less people, (i.e) an optimum number for England, the roads and our transport, and indeed all our infrastructure, would be under massively less strain. As the population, in what is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world England, rockets (UK population as a whole grew by 430,000 between May 2011 - 2012 alone, the vast majority in England, according to official estimates, the reality of course is far greater) this strain will increase and on our current course no amount of 'planning' will in the end be able to cope with it.
Public transport is bursting at the seams to take one fifth of our CURRENT population, conesquently it cannot possibly hope to cope with any meaningful proportion of the projected population explosion.
The problem isn't the methods of travel, it's the volume of consumers of those methods. there are too many NOW and soon set to be a vast amount more.
The population problem needs dealing with now before it comes to dominate and destroy the quality of life of tens of millions in our country.

I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so said...

Your scare tactics don't wash. It's nothing more than thinly veiled racism. Japan has a far greater population and similar land mass to our own but they don't have huge traffic problems because they have superior planning and better public transport.

Reimer said...

I did wonder what would be the effect of the Bredbury fire, having seen for myself all too often the totally pathetic inadequacy of the local roads and the worse-than-useless character of the authorities in responding to any (even minor) incident so as to mitigate its impact.

"Sign Not In Use", lack of queue warnings until the last exit from said queue has been passed, compulsive unannounced road-works on the already hopeless souped-up bridleways in and out of Longdendale, anodyne traffic bulletins about recovery vehicles having themselves broken down in explanation of the whole southside M60's immobility...

The shoulder-shrugging officials know though that the well-trained livestock is too servile to dream of kicking against those who squander their time and dignity for them so casually.

Anonymous said...

I have just completed a Government extensive consultation document with facts and comments.
It does not involve any threat to national security or threat to lives whatsoever,it just refers to established facts.
The Department concerned has warned me I must not permit my facts and submission to anyone else whatsoever which breaches Human Rights Articles and Aarhus Convention Protocols agreed by the UK Government.
An insistence that a Government Department requires undefined cookies to be implanted on the publics computers is also indicated.
The European Supreme Court should start investigations
into threats on citizens legislated rights,because I for one will not submit too
attacks on democratic rights.
No wonder people are holed up in London and Russia for exposing facts.

Anonymous said...

Deprive the public of defending their property and lives and this is what is doled out.
The UK enforcers are mentally retarded and need a vigorous sorting out.

Andrew Woodhouse, 43, was chasing burglars from his tyre depot when he says one of them “came at” him with a stick.

The father-of-five allegedly grabbed the stick and used it to injure the man’s legs before holding him down while his wife called the police.

When officers arrived, they arrested Woodhouse and held him in a cell for 18 hours.

Yesterday he appeared at Newport Crown Court charged with grievous bodily harm with intent – which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
Timothy Cross, 31, and Kevin Green, 52, admitted theft and were fined £75 by Cwmbran magistrates.

Anonymous said...

Outrage over £40,000 bill at Ministry of Defence bill for ringing the speaking clock.

Get a bloody watch you cretins.

Day of The Locust said...

@ I think I'm turning Japanese. Japan has a population density of 873 per square mile and is one of the most densely populated countriues in the world. It is comprehensively beaten by England with a population density of 1054 per square mile and growing exponentially.
Japan of course has an almost entirely homogenous (i.e. Japanese) population and consequently virtually zero internal disputes aloong ethnic, racial or cultural lines. The Japanese revere their ancestors and heritage and view themselves as one extended racial family. They have no imported, absurd, self destructive concepts like 'racism'. Their census of course is internationally renowned for being extremely accurate. If such ordered, homogenous countries want to make large scale alterations to any aspect of their social structure, transport systems, defence, education they can do so far more easily as they have a united, unified, civilised population of indigenous Japanese keen to obediently do what is best for the homeland they all revere. Tokyo now has 36 million inhabitants but a penomenally low crime and social disorder rate. Most crucially of all Japan's population is DECREASING by a million a year and is expected to continue doing so for decades to come, which if it becomes too much of a problem no doubt the Japanese will deal with it in a unified, orderly way in the best interests of their country.
Increasingly, none of these factors apply in our disintegrating nation with its burgeoning alien communities and growing internal strife and division. Public transport expansion may or may not be suitable for such a different country as Japan (or indeed anywhere) it does not mean it is suitable in ours. If our population was massively lower and crucially, stable, then public transport could play a greater, planned part but even then could never cope with more than a relatively tiny percentage of the moving public due to its prohibitive costs and would have to be even more massively (and unfairly) subsidised by the taxpayer.
The last UK census in 2011 was, for the first time, TOTALLY unchecked, in other words, 'Fill it in how you like and we'll believe it.' The actual population is a complete unknown but seeing as Tesco's survey based on an accurate assessment of their enormous customer footfall in 2005 put the UK population at 77 million and since then it has been growing at half a million a year by official estimates (plus the millions of illegals) an extremely conservative estimate of the REAL population must be 83 million not the 62.74 million of the utterly discredited census.
There is no comparison between a united, ordered, population declining nation like Japan and what our chronically and exponentially more overcrowded, country is turning into.

Why are their cars Better? said...

- Turning Japanese, you can't call someone a 'racist' and then praise the most 'racist' country on earth, Japan.
You're right they DO have superior planning because the Japanese are an extremely intelligent, well organised RACE, in other words, said praise is pure 'racism' and none the less correct for it.
By the way they DO have serious traffic problems but are better organised at dealing with them, that's racially based too.

Anonymous said...

Japans biggest problem is its over populated and has no resources. The only way it makes money is by importing raw materials to manufacture something they can export to us daft gits in the west to buy.

Tokyo Joe said...

Their products are internationally renowned for greater reliability because when it comes to organising, implementing and maintaining consistency of excellence in build quality the Japanese are racially superior.

Bratwurst or noodles said...

Superior compared to whom? BMW or Nissan. Honda or Porsche. Toyota or Mercedes. Mitsubishi or Audi. VW or Subaru.

Tokyo Joe said...

I said in terms of reliability. They virtually always come at the top of motoring industry reliability suveys. Prestige German brands, although good cars, are extremely overpriced.