Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tameside alcohol levy could net council £180k

Pubs, clubs and supermarkets which sell alcohol after midnight could face a late-night levy in Tameside. Council bosses estimate it could raise more than £181,000 a year from 220 licensed premises across nine towns.

The council is launching a three-month consultation on the Big Conversation section of its website. More here: BBC News


Library Free Zone said...

Alcohol sales hours and pub opening hours need restricting, not expanding or keeping the status quo to fill the council's coffers.

Read my lips: they don't give a toss said...

Levies of £6 to £29 a week will have zero effect on whether they apply for an after midnight licence, but they will put more money in the council's trough whilst simultaneously doing NOTHING to reduce the massive increase in trouble and expense caused by the expansion of drinking sales and drinking establishment's hours.

snouts in the trough said...

Seems like another scheme to line their own pockets more than anything else.

Quintus said...

All true but you won't find anyone willing to bet they won't be returned virtually en masse in next year's council elections no matter how incompetent and self-seeking they are.
Those really responsible are the deadheads and vested interest groups and individuals who vote for them and even worse the 70% of apathetic tossers who can't even be bothered to take enough of an interest to vote at all.

Anonymous said...

If TMBC want to save some money then they can get f...... rid of some of the councillors. Having 57 councillors at a cost of of over £1million is clearly ridiculous. Leave the drinkers alone and get rid of the parasistes on the council!

Anonymous said...

So who was the Tameside MP who spearheaded the new all hours drinking changes in Parliament. ??

Correct ! it was our no longer an MP imposter and photoshop swindler James Purnell now a BBC top Executive and bosom friend of Tony Blair.

The Guardian said...

Labour heavyweight and intellectual colossus Dianne Abbott says Britain needs more immigration and urges Ed Milliband to stand up for diversity and open the borders to new arrivals.

Abbott's remarks were criticised by Nadhim Zahawi, a Tory MP, who said they showed "an apparent enthusiasm for illegal immigration".

"Her comments are a reminder of the immigration chaos we suffered under Labour," he added.

Urko said...

Dianne Abbott just about sums up the standard of modern Britain's elected reprentatives, God help us.

Same old Marxist child abusers said...

The Marxist The Unite union has launched a video campaign to teach children how to carry out militant protests - but they don't want you to see it.

Pupils could be given lessons through watching videos on how to make placards, oppose local businesses and fight plans for privatisation.

Videos have even been produced which encourage children to defy school rules.

Anonymous said...

Just for those interested
the Government now intends to scrap air pollution monitoring in the UK which will allow this subject not to be considered in any Planning Applications or major highway schemes.
This is in violation of UN /EEC/Human Rights Articles and the Aarhus Convention protocols which were agreed by the UK signed to uphold.
The further degradation of your families essential needs for reasonable air to breathe will become history,which will be received with overwhelming joy by the illiterate and
callous brain dead Tameside politicians who have no interest in the 50,000 who die annually from toxic air ingested.
Don`t get smart with this news TMBC hounds you may well regret the outcome.

the ability to breathe clean air is a basic human right said...

Thank you J Hall, we need more of that kind of information. Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

What all of you in Tameside are daily ingesting into your lungs is at least 20 times more serious than that caused by the Brinnington Fire,except you cannot see it or even smell it because you the exhausts massive volumes of toxins you have become used to it.
A Doctor friend arrived from Ireland for a 3 day stay and was dumbfounded at the extent of air pollution he could smell.
Whether you want to believe it or not it strikes me the Governments across the world have intentions to cull populations by whatever means,and a Manchester University Professor openly stated on air that the world needfs to shed 25% of its people because the earth is no longer a sustainable planet and has exceeded the tipping point because of increasing populations.
Culling populations by famine, wars,toxins or a lack in medical treatment would be typical of these evil political bast---- who should be dispensed with first.
How stupid and bloody nuts are populations to stay passive and blind facing a manipulated reduction in populations.
Strike first before you are shedded.

Anonymous said...

Britain's brain drain: Skilled UK workers leave for better life abroad (but we're still getting bigger thanks to immigration)

Remove them from OUR LAND NOW

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:37

First of all you say you can't smell it. Then you say a doctor could smell the pollution. And how do you explain increasing life expectancies? Dobbin.

Defence is no offence said...

On the current demographic course they'll soon have the democratic whip hand then it'll either be, accept your annihilation via the ballot box or fight back by any means.

Put the news on and you'd think Britain didn't exist, it's all about the latest round of Arabs/Middle Easterners killing each other. Personally I don't care, I'm concerned about the ongoing bloodless genocide of my own people.

Yuri Kretyn said...

@ Anonymous 17:57, significant medical advances s**twit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:37

First of all you say you can't smell it. Then you say a doctor could smell the pollution. And how do you explain increasing life expectancies? Dobbin.

Not exactly scientific is it when living with crap smelly toxic air you get used to what is dished out.
Then a visitor arrives from a location where fresh air is adequate immediately gets the smell we get.
You need a mallet to understand what is clear for most.
Your suggestion of increasing life spans do not refer to the 800,000 in the UK now living with Dementia/Alzheimers.
Plus others with Strokes
Heart and COPD Lung diseases,you need to swot up on the reality not your
flippant crap

Anonymous said...

It often takes someone not de-sensitized to the pollution to pick up on the smell or odour. For example an interested reporter from outside the area visited the perimeter of a Tameside industrial site today and picked up on dust and smells before anyone else.

Tameside Citizen said...

That is a very good point. Many years ago I spent a few months in rural Suffolk and I never understood what air pollution was until I returned and alighted from the train at Stockport. I could literally taste the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles as I exited the station and walked into the town centre. After a few hours I could no longer notice it but I have never gotten over that initial realisation that air pollution is all around us yet we don't realise most of the time because we have become immune to the smell/taste.