Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pike Fishing: The Huddersfield Canal, Stalybridge,

I was beginning to feel a little uneasy watching this but it seems to finish with a happy ending. I had no idea pike could be found in the Huddersfield Canal.

This video was filmed pretty close to where a St John Ambulance volunteer was once thrown into the same canal along with his bike by thugs. The victim who is related to jailed anti-corruption campaigner Roy West was interviewed at the scene and the interview can be watched here. Needless to say the thugs were never caught and according to sources close to the victim the matter was never seriously investigated by the authorities. Maybe if they had devoted a little less time to their politically motivated Roy West witch-hunt the outcome may have been different as they might have had the manpower available to investigate the despicable canal attack properly, an attack which could be classed as a real crime rather than a case of  nursery school style name calling.

Incidentally it is about six weeks since the jailing of political dissident and anti-corruption campaigner Roy West. It is said that it costs the state over £1000 per week to keep someone in prison. I wonder if the £6000 spent on keeping Roy West detained represents good value for money? I suppose it does if you are one of the greedy self serving politicians who Mr West spent so much time exposing. I would suspect they have been back at the trough having a ball of a time while he is 'safe' under lock and key.


The Gulag said...

I visited Roy in prison yesterday. It's an ordeal for him but he's keeping his chin up and looking forward to coming out and re-uniting with his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

RW is just one of the casualties of our despot and corrupt council whose Councillors are locked and bonded together with sh--.
Many other unnamed and silent casualties exist in the streets and roads of Tameside because of the sordid devious individuals who have gained power not by education,business, acumen,leadership,or desire to improve Tameside but simply to practice nepotism,sycophantic grovelling and the drive to get the publics money into their bank accounts.
In my opinion that sums up Tameside for the past 30 years.

Anonymous said...

The electorate are responsible.