Monday, 26 August 2013

Wanted! Do you know this man?

This sketch dates from 1985 and is of an unidentified man accused of a serious offence. Any information will be welcome BUT PLEASE do not post on the comments page but send to the "whistleblower" address.

With the police and media going through their files for old cases (Dave Lee Travis, Stewart Hall etc) the time seems right to reopen this case.


Anonymous said...

Bit of a strange article tc.

Anonymous said...

25 years on and and people get balder,fatter,grow mustaches,beards,die,move abroad.
What about police mug shot files have they previousl checked thoroughly (missed the Yorks Ripper)
And why on a Tameside blog site,their is worthwhile added knowledge being kept hidden.
So are we crystal ball gazers.

Anonymous said...

Looks vaguely familiar. Are those acne scars?

Anonymous said...

Very smart looking. Is there more to this story than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail.
The most lucrative of all was on the M60 near Stockport, where 32,205 motorists were caught speeding - meaning that with the minimum fine set at £60, it will have raised at least £1,932,300.

The most dangerous slip road entrance in the UK according to motoring organisations,so for those driving correctly on the outside lane as it becomes entangled with two inside lanes driving at 70mph plus
along your nearside no wonder drivers put the pedal down to get a place of safety on the M60 north.
They certainly know how to manipulate camera`s.
Pobably racing from the p

Cud chewing dross said...

The M60 cameras are the average speed ones that have been set at the deliberately ridiculous speed of 50 mph to maximise revenue.
Like so many other things the powers that be know the human sheep that make up the vast bulk of the modern British population will simply turn away and do FUCK ALL.

Out of The past said...

What an ugly bastard in the photofit. He looks dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Numbers 32:23

New International Version said...

Roy was right y'know, it's all written down in the 'good book', even advice on neighbour disputes.

Just a shame he didn't take heed:

Proverbs 27:14

A lot to lose said...

The person in the photofit bears a strong resemblance to a local man I'm aware of but it must have been taken a long time ago if it's him.

Anonymous said...

Looks VERY like someone I worked with in the 80s.