Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another new building development encroaches upon our green and pleasant land

Right on the edge of the moorland which leads up to Wild Bank Hill. What a fantastic place to live for the lucky residents who move into these new properties but it is a little too close to the moorland for my liking. It is difficult to argue against building on brownfield sites but when it comes to building on untouched land on the edge of our local wilderness, well that's a different matter as far as I am concerned.


Waste of space x 2 said...

Room's got to made for all the White flighters.
As the immigrant led population explodes in the next few years expect our beautiful land to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know a TMBC Councillor who enjoys walking,hiking,climbing and enjoying the natural views and wildlife in our close countryside regions.
Out of the lot of the morons I bet less than 3 venture into the countryside ever to simply enjoy what is ours to
I prefer to bet that the majority shoot of to the Labour Club to share their sycophantic opinions,sup beer like its going out of fashion and looking at the size of some cram as much crap into their mouths to eat.
Many of us are poles apart from such types and maybe we should create our own race to we can be a racist about the bloody crap that exists in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

You would not think a possible World War 111 is now on the brink for Tameside families with those in the military.
How insular are the Tameside Public,when it comes down to
items other than immigrants being not wanted(that I agree with)so cast your eyes upon another deception by politicians re Syria.
Its another oil war because
the world has utilised almost all its natural resources,and without oil the planet would come to a halt within 2 months.
Never forget who dictates American and UK policy have a look at the massive display of Israeli weaponry
ready for the on button right now for a war with their oil objectives supply because they don`t have a spoonful of oil to keep going.
Which Tameside Politicians servants of Israel must be rubbing their greasy hands.
The middle eastern arabs are not that good at mining their own natural requirements but the Americans,British huge exploration companies being totally linked to the US and UK would become a saviour for Israeli interests.
Russia will not tolerate further land grabs by the west nor will the China

Nebuchadnezzar II said...

Cameron and Obama have only got to wait a few days for the result of the UN Inspector's reports and yet seem desperate to go now.
Massive numbers killed in Egypt and elsewhere - no significant reaction from the west. Assad MAYBE kills 300 of his own and it's action stations.
Events are being manipulated to suit a certain interest.

Bored of Afghanistan where next... said...

The war machine needs our money again. Been about a decade since they had a good reason to suck more investment out of us. Only real reason to incite a war in the middle east is to keep the jobs in the defense industry. Remember what Eisenhower said all those years ago.

Only a fool would help the rebels. They are a fractious bunch of people who if they weren't fighting Arsehead (I mean Assad) would be fighting and killing each other. We seem to have this habit of destabalising the middle east then jumping to the rescue. I reckon Israel will probably use it as an excuse to bomb the crap out of Iran or try to.

Tameside Citizen said...

The latest plot by the puppets (our politicians) to embroil us in yet another foreign war which is of zero benefit to British interests is truly outrageous. Their propaganda and deceit is so transparent, why can't most people see it for what it is?

Their pretext for war is just a rehash of the Iraq WMD lies. The shameful BBC/Sky News coverage of this build up to another war of aggression is utterly shameless. Russia Today is the only easily accessible news channel which appears to report the facts rather than warmongering propaganda.

SerpentSlayer said...

Most people don't seem to be buying it, polls on the issue seem to suggest that people can see it blatantly for what it is. They've cried wolf once too loudly I think.

Nebuchadnezzar II said...

Cameron's been FORCED to have two votes in the House of Commons. The first is now totally watered down and meaningless. The second will be after the weapons inspector's report. Word about massive anti-intervention opinion amongst the public has clearly filtered through.
In the meantime the Jewnited States might do ANYTHING.

wee willy warmonger said...

In a rare display of common sense it appears the war mongers plans have unravelled for the time being. What will they manufacture next to get approval for this latest adventure.

SerpentSlayer said...

Assad is trying to resurrect Hitler, breed a race of blond superhumans and kill 6 million Jews, oy hey!
I also heard he doesn't read the Guardian and thinks men shouldn't apologise for looking at pretty girls. Real bastard he is, probably doesn't even vote liberal democrat.

Anonymous said...

If this is the site off Brushes Rd, it is not New Charter but Persimmon and the houses will be for sale.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anon@10.45, thanks for the correction. For some reason I had it in my head that this was a New Charter development. It is the site just off Brushes Rd, here is a short video showing a map of the site and the planning application to divert a nearby public footpath.

Anonymous said...

Would that be what used to be farm land with cows in it.

Anonymous said...

What you do not know reading and listening to the sanitized UK media who detests having to mention Israel, is the interview this morning 8.30am on Al Jazeera TV station which is far more informative than anything the UK permit.
An Israeli senior spokes person speaking for their Government and who is linked to security monitoring stated we informed the UK and USA 3 months ago that Assad was using chemical weapons,and that they should sort it out.
He gave no clarification of how Israel had found this out,and where the chemical weapons were used and on which days.
So here we have the pressures put on the UK and USA based on what Israeli officials say is true,and obviously Israel are looking for a showdown with their two main enemies Iran and Syria using UK and USA
military and the costs incurred.
So always being open to Israeli pressure and lobbying in the House of Commons that`s what this looming war is about not the kids and others who were dosed with sarin but the Israeli objectives for new middle east structures with their influence everywhere seeking powers,lands and oil because they have non.
The fairy stories we are force fed indicate a contempt for people other than politicians who are mainly lower than the low when it comes down to deception where fatalities do not matter at all to any politician simply because that characteristic is absent in whichever politician gets power.

Tameside Citizen said...

Watching the BBC/SKY coverage of the situation in Syria certainly is a fascinating study into modern propaganda techniques. It is not difficult to work out which small Middle Eastern state is dictating events and pulling the strings of the puppets in Washington, London and Paris.

Bring 'em back alive Frank Buck said...

A new estate there would be far more profitable which is why private developers have it.

TC that's the first map you've ever looked at.

tonydj said...

The use of the fake atrocity to cause a war or to continue one is old hat. "Truth is the first casualty of war"

A quick run through the "excuses" include:-

The faked Polish attack on the Gleiwitz radio station in 1939.

The sinking of the USS MAINE in Cuba in 1898 (Spanish American war)

WW1 propaganda about the Germans raping Nuns and cutting hands off children in Belgium.

The "weapons of mass destruction" excuse for the Iraq invasion.

The fake atrocities of the 1970's and 1980 involved in the "Gladio" programme. In 1980 the Bologna railway station was blown up causing 80 deaths, originally blamed on left-wing terrorists it was revealed that it was done by right-wing individuals with the collusion of renegade intelligence agents and the CIA.

Fake atrocities? We've got them!