Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tameside council boss hits back

A fresh ow has broken out over council spending – after a senior councillor slammed an M.E.N. story showing it had underspent by £7.5m while cutting nearly 350 jobs. The story showed that Greater Manchester’s councils underspent their budgets by £40m in 2012/13 as they cut 2,200 jobs.

Coun Jim Fitzpatrick, finance spokesman at Tameside council, has written to the M.E.N saying it ‘displays a worrying lack of understanding about local authority finance, and how councils are dealing with unprecedented government cuts’. Read the full article here: Manchester Evening News


Anonymous said...

I've little sympathy with council workers. Genrally they enjoy better pay and conditions than those in the private sector, including earlier retirement. That was thanks to Blair's two tier system, when we sold the lie of the private and public sectors working in harmony. That 'harmony' was conditional on the rest of the nation's workforce receiving the shit end of the stick, and now money's running dry and real world considerations are taking over they don't like it. Hard cheese.

Anonymous said...

One that TMBC have not thought about yet but keep it under wraps because they never stoop seeking to get your money into their pockets.

People with a poor aim are to be fined if they miss their mark when using public toilets in Shenzhen, officials said – provoking online derision over how the rule will be enforced.

The penalty will apply to those who urinate outside the bowl of facilities in Shenzhen, although draft regulations did not specify a minimum quantity of spillage required to be classed as a violation.

“Such uncouth use of a public toilet will be fined 100 yuan (HK$126) by authorities” from next month, a city government official said on Tuesday.

SerpentSlayer said...

All this is symptom of an underlying sickness, the cult of wealth-obsession.
The only cure for this is a full blown civil war across Europe, led by bloody minded heroes of the mytholoogical mold.
Ot is clear to me that all parts of our civilisation are too rotted to be saved. Like Ancient Rome after the rot of Christianity set in, it has to be torn down.

Anonymous said...

And after it was torn down Europe enetered the Dark Ages for 1000 years.

Defence is no offence said...

It's a RETURN to the Dark Ages that would be stopped.
Every time you turn the news on it's filled with masses of Third Worlders destroying things. The more that are imported into our once homogenous, civilised country the worse it will get.
It increasingly looks like democracy has failed our people and other methods will be necessary to stop our annihilation.

Horror and outrage as Welsh school's sex education policy suggests teachers should not 'promote' homosexuality said...

Pembrokeshire school's policy said to echo the notorious Section 28 brought in by Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago.

A school in Pembrokeshire is being investigated by the Welsh Government after being accused of having a sex education policy that risks a return to the anti-gay prejudice of the 1980s.

Tasker Milward school in Haverfordwest was one of a number of UK schools identified to stress in education guidelines that governors should not allow teachers to “promote” homosexuality.

The policy statement was said to echo the notorious Section 28 brought in by Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago.

That legislation, which was overturned by the Blair government, banned teachers in lessons from “intentionally promoting” homosexuality.

Voluntary controlled school Tasker Milward’s policy stated: “Section 28 of the Local Government Action does not prevent teachers from addressing issues of homosexuality in the classroom in a neutral and unbiased manner, however, the local authority shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material which actively promotes homosexuality.”

It was described by campaigners as “simply unacceptable” and the Welsh Government confirmed it was “concerned” and investigating as “a matter of urgency”.

BHA spokeswoman Pavan Dhaliwal said schools in question must urgently review their policies to ensure all pupils were treated with equal respect and understanding.

She said: “It is simply unacceptable that over a decade after the repeal of the pernicious Section 28 that these schools continue to enforce similar policies, while others have statements which are overly vague on this matter.”

Vile Labour Cultural Marxist scum pushing this down our throats not genuine gay people but Labour scum said...

Section 28, which stopped councils "promoting" homosexuality, was heavily protested against when it was introduced under then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1988 and was finally thrown out by Tony Blair in 2003.

But research by the British Humanist Association (BHA) found that 45 schools "continue to have sex and relationships education policies that either replicate section 28 of the local government act 1988 or are unhelpfully vague on the issue".

Two of the schools are in Wales and the rest are dotted across England. Eight of them are religious - either Christian, Church of England or Catholic - and 19 are academies.

A Department for Education (DfE) spokeswoman said the claims were "unacceptable" and it would be looking into the schools.

Stephen Twigg, Labour's shadow education secretary, called on Education Secretary Michael Gove to intervene in order to "ensure that all schools obey their duties under the equality act".

He added: "Labour got rid of section 28 in 2003 to ensure that schools taught about homosexuality in an open and honest way. Homophobic bullying is still too common in schools, we must ensure that we redouble our efforts to tackle such prejudice."

Abnormal, the new normal said...

They should be educating them not brainwashing them with social theory based on the promotion of sexual deviancy.

SerpentSlayer said...

A dark age of a thousand years?
Christian Rome had been on the decline from its inception, the old Roman order that had lasted for centuries withered away and the entire empire had become a multicultural, malfunctioning mess.
Thankfully for Europe its outposts were cleansed by Pagan Germanic tribes, Goths in Southern Europe, Franks in France and Saxons in England.
Afterwards until these new kingdoms also fell to Christianity, normal order was resumed. People had loyalty to their kin and the land rather than a god, his pope and his emperor.
No longer were people forced to go to church or to pay for their construction. The forced conversions, taxation and excesses of the one-worldite Jewish church were banished for centuries.
Unfortunately vast amounts of recorded history had been burned by the Christians, entire libraries, not to mention the infants and young women sacrificed by the early christians in sick and twisted ceremonies to appease their god.
Our northern Kinsmen attempted to save us from the scourge after we had contracted it. The idea of their cousins bowing to a foreign god and a foreign church, forsaking their ancestors must have horrified those of our kin still at harmony with their blood and lands. They attacked the churches and conquered lands but unfortunately failed, within centuries too they also fell.
The true dark age came after the conversion. Bathing was shunned, dissidents were burned and hanged, wars started to root out the pockets of resistance to the church. All deviance from Church doctrine
was punished horribly and histories were changed to reflect the Christian viewpoint.
The end to the real dark age ended with the fall of Constantinople and the spread of art and literature from the pre-christian Roman Empire renewed the fields of art, science, technology and philosophy. Throughout the remaining centuries Christianity became more European in form before eventually declining.
Cheistianity is no longer an effective means of pacifying Europe and encouraging conquer in the name of Yahweh, It was Christian fanaticism that saw the red Indians become virtually extinct and the south Americans bred to near nothing.
Now that ravenous cult that saw Aryan civilisation after another has another weapon, Marxism, that came close to entirely conquering Europe in the twenties, it features the same dogmatic nonsense and totalitarian crap that Christianity did and our civilisation now shows the same decadence, multicultural mayhem and social disorder that Rome did during its dying days.
The only way forward for Europe is to reject all foreign thought processes, as a Car would reject the pouring of porridge into its fuel tank, and return to the true religion of our blood (as all peoples have and had their own before the spread of the Hebrew control devices of Christianity and Islam) it is the only way the evil of greed and internationalism can be kept from allowing our race to die out.

Lord Jesus Christ said...

Why the capital 'c' in car?

Anonymous said...

SerpentSlayer said...
A dark age of a thousand years?
Unfortunately SS there is no mention of the proliferation
of secret societies and their world wide objectives and which are still very. active.
The Templar Knights were the originators of the Masons well before Masons the "own suggestions" that its formation was in the 18th Century.
Under the guise of their Christian red cross garb the Knights Templar were formed to take over Jerusalem from the Islamists who were considerably entrenched in the region.
So the battles raged between Muslims and Christians !! with the Pope and France very active in their support for the Templars.
The Masons were the civilian branch of the Templars who were formed under the threat of secrecy
which has applied for century`s.
A Flag which was used in their Lodges depicted two male part human with wings,and lower part animal with hoofs.
So Christianity was used by the Templars as a cloak for the Masonic interests they created world wide.
Freemason groups exist in almost every Country in the World including Israel,Russia,and inside the Vatican which has tried to purge itself of the increasing Masonic numbers.
The Masons believe in their ceremonies that their allegiance is to a being which is not defined therefore Christ is not their bedrock in which case
its somewhat concerning in my opinion that CofE Ministers,Catholic Priests and others are linked with a supernatural being which is not linked to Christ.
So the turmoil and wars between Muslims and Christians are centuries old and ingrained in the Muslim faith whilst the Christians fear the takeover objectives of Islam because Freemasonry has its own objectives as do the Jewish belief they and not others are the chosen one`s by God words to them.
So we have almost all past American Presidents who were and are Masons with the Pentagon and other American physical designs created in their buildings,and similarly English Cathedrals usually have a Masonic influence depicted in their buildings.
The Egyptian Pharaohs were aware of the Jewish faith proliferation of tribes within their Country and ejected the Jewish tribes into the desert regions.
Where they despised the Muslim religion.
The Jewish claims to their own country originated from the scribes within their tribes who they claim had received Gods messages that they were his chosen one`s on earth,hence the targeting of Palestine as their homeland over subsequent years.
Any denouncement of the scribes writings as not sufficient proof of the Jewish tribes claims of God
words supporting their homeland claims were met with robust and vigorous objections if others did not believe the scribes writings.
Besides Freemasonry other secret societies have formed and become entrenched in World leaders,all with the objectives of a World domination group of people.
A book has been written by a top Uk investigative writer stating a recent Pope was killed within the Vatican because of his quest to expose and remove Masons from the enclave,and a further interesting book written was "The Committee of 300" by Dr.John Coleman.
So we have the perpetual struggle for world domination by religions using their religions as a
tool for success and their hatreds.
So when all UK Political aspirations are linked directly to retaining and increasing power in the furtherance of a world domination as seen in the secrecy of the Bilderberger group,a common denominator is power,financial greed and controls of the Earths natural resources as a weapon.
The murder of a Pope indicates the fears and decisions of Masonic exposures which you decide having been given the background to his death.
In God's Name by David Yallop.
In the search for supremacy
lives are sacrificed every day in every Country by those who will kill regardless.

If they're a secret society they have something to hide said...

Anon@11.01 that is the most informative post on the origins if Masonic power that I have ever read. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Anonymous said...

It has been snowing up here in Longdendale, not real snow but millions of burnt white particles on the grass and roof of the house. It must be from the huge fire in Bredbury. Has anyone else found anything similar in different parts of Tameside? I hope it isn't toxic.

Dawn of The Dead said...

Let's hope nothing toxic lands on nearby Brinnington and transforms the residents into subhuman mutants. Oh hang on...

Anonymous said...

Lots of ash in Godley too.

SerpentSlayer said...

Kudos on the post about the masons, Their origins have intrigued me for a while. For example, if they were founded during the crusades, what inspired them? Are they linked with the activities of the Jewish elders at that point and so on?