Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mottram Summer Show Sunday August 18th 2013

The main Mottram Show of 2013 will be held tomorrow at the Old Hall Show Ground, Mottram, SK14 6LT. Visit the Mottram Show official website for further details by clicking here.

According to the weather forecast it should be bright and breezy tomorrow which shouldn't cause any problems. The Mottram Show is a great event for the whole family and if you've never visited before and you find yourself at a loose end tomorrow why not give it a try? There is ample free parking and the entry fee to the show ground is not expensive.

For a taste of what to expect watch the video above which I recorded at the 2011 Mottram Show. The video only shows a small snippet of what is available. Some of the trade stalls and catering outlets are well worth taking a look at along with the many other attractions such as vintage tractors and my favourite - the dog show.


Anonymous said...

Another English tradition that will be gone in a generation or so when the aliens take over.

Anonymous said...

who cares? The English are the architects of their own misfortune. I see the footy season is just getting underway, another useful channel for the powers that be to disseminate their anti English dogma. And no shortage of idiots walking about displaying their unthinking tribal loyalties when all other tribal affiliations which really count are now a virtual irrelevance.

SerpentSlayer said...

I care, because the death of a people is something that can only be brought about by great evil and we cannot allow that kind of evil to succeed.
Even if our people have lost what they once had, their persecutors deserve no quarter.

Alf Garnett said...

who is this prick ?

Anonymous said...

You, Alf.

Alf Garnett said...


Mental (ra)illness said...

The latest price survey has confirmed it is cheaper (genrally significantly cheaper) to fly than take the train on 90% of routes in the UK. The only exception was London to Manchester.
The main reasons? The massively expensive (taxpayer paid for) rail network and the lack of meaningful competition in the rail companies.

And then there's still the HS2 'Euro Business Express' insanity. that will shave a few minutes off London to Birmingham or Manchester, at a NOW projected cost of £100 billion.
95% of people in the UK either can't afford to use it or have no use for it and will never use it in such a small country as England.
Many parts of the rail lobby have realised the insanity of this politically driven white elephant and are instead advocating spending this astronomical sum on upgrading and improving the existing network (the funding should actually be switched to the road network where it will benefit tens of millions of people DAILY).
Make no mistake this is a EURO-PROJECT designed for Eurocrats and business users, it will decimate large swathes of our remaining beautiful countryside and benefit a miniscule number of the wealthy and those pushing the crackpot Marxist Federal Europe agenda.
We don't need it. We don't want it. We can't afford it.

Anonymous said...


At what ?,accolades need
Lets have the list in full!1

Alf Garnett said...

Everything of any use was invented in England by the English so the list would be to long and im not that good at writing ? but no matter what shithole country you come from you:ll already know how great we are as doz the rest of the world ? Its just c?nts like you have tryed puting us English down in the last 30 years coz you are jealsus of are acheivements and greatness ? we will run the world again soon as we get rid of the shit thats been in power in the last 50 years ? MY granddad shot better than you in the war so dont come on here slaging us Enlish off coz we get offended as well as you foreigners ? If you dont love england go live somwere else coz we dont wont you here

Hypocrisy said...

Wildlife conservationists have warned that the Scottish wild cat is on the verge of extinction, and that urgent action is needed to avert the prospect.

And here's the punchline.... the crisis is as a result of inter-breeding with domestic cats that have turned feral.

Of course, when distinct human races face a similar prospect, it is not greeted with similar shrieks of horror but instead all out jubilation.

When I say the world has gone insane I mean it quite literally, as Enoch once said - "literally mad!".

Tameside Citizen said...

Alf, you do our Scottish, Welsh and Irish cousins a disservice by claiming that anything of any use was invented by the English.

Would the Industrial Revolution not have ground to a halt without the innovations of the great Scotsmen like William Fairbairn, James Nasmyth and James Watt and the many many more inventions by our Scots cousins?

What about the Welshmen such as William Preece, Bertrand Russell and the other Welshmen who helped us to become the worlds first global superpower?

And it would be wrong of me to overlook the achievements of the great Irish people who contributed to our former greatness such as Francis Beaufort, Nicholas Callan and many other great Irish cousins.

In my opinion Alf it was the combined efforts of English, Scots, Welsh and Irish which made us strong and therefore it is of little wonder that our enemies have done everything in their power to divide us using tools such as 'devolution' as their primary weapon.

I greatly admire your optimism and your belief that the English always win in the end but you must understand the battle you face for survival now is different than any previous battle ever faced by the people of this land.

In the past the English and latterly the British succeeded in military conquests when we had time to consolidate and plan in the safety of our island fortress but the struggle now is entirely different as the fortress has been breeched and millions of hostile people who many consider our mortal foe now live and multiply within our formerly safe island fortress. To add to that already near terminal situation you have have profiteers and traitors at every level of the political establishment so even if the people wanted to turn the tide (which most don't as proved by their indifference) and deal with the hostile elements, they couldn't because the traitors wouldn't allow it.

If you have a plan for the reversing the tide and saving good old Blighty I would love to hear it and please do share it with us but in the mean time ponder over this: Imagine in 1914 at the outbreak of the Great War we had millions of radicalised Germans living in Britain. These radicalised Germans viewed themselves as Germans first and their loyalty was to the kaiser and the ambition of creating a worldwide German empire. These radicalised Germans had been brainwashed from birth and they believed that should they die for Germany and Kaiserism they would have 72 Pickelhauben waiting for them in heaven and therefore these radicalised people were not afraid of killing themselves in suicide bombings on trains and they would even risk killing unnamed serving British soldiers in our capital city. So how do you think these radicalised millions would react after the inevitable clash between the country where they resided and the philosophy of a Greater Germany and Kaiserism to which they were devoted followers? And that's without even bringing the profiteers and traitors into the situation which only make the matter infinitely worse.

Tameside Citizen said...

@the latest price survey (As sponsored by Ryanair and Easyjet) obviously has no understanding of the reason why we need a modernised and expanded rail network.

I don't have time to write a detailed response but it is not by coincidence or accident that all the worlds leading nations have modern and rapidly expanding rail networks. Don't attempt to use the old "their countries have a far greater landmass" argument because that is simply the wrong answer when it comes to the reason why advanced countries, including smaller ones such as Holland and Denmark are investing vast sums into rail and integrated transport networks.

Before you knock rail transport you should try it, especially in countries where they have seamless integrated transport systems.

It is a depressing fact of life that Britain is massively overcrowded and the teeming swarming masses of the future will need transport. Expanding the road network is not the answer but integrated transport initiatives which include road and light and heavy rail is.

I will continue when I have more time.

Alf Garnett said...
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Tameside Citizen said...

Yes I do Alf. Good on you and keep up the good fight.

Alf Garnett said...

you are right to a degree TC but try this ? pick one MADE IN SCOTLAND ? MADE IN IERAND ? MADE IN WALES ? NOW HERE IT COMES ? MADE IN ENGLAND

The Golf of Mexico said...

Latest from jonny boy Taylor's blog....

"Taken from top of Yew Tree lane Dukinfield side of Gluf club"

Bless him.

Anonymous said...

Alf said
MY granddad shot better than you in the war so dont come on here slaging us Enlish off.

Time to send in the white coats,pack your pyjamas Alf
and dictionary.

Mental (ra)illness said...

TC, if Britain is 'teeming with swarming masses' why are you advocating the expansion of a form of transport that can only ever move a miniscules proportion of the moving publi, i.e. rail, when road can and does do 80% plus of the work. A 50% increase in rail travel, in any case afinancial, geographical and logistical impossibility would only result in a 5% reduction in road traffic.
What they do in other countries is irrelevant and no doubt SOME mainline rail routes are viable and necessary. HS2 is a politically driven fiasco for the use of a tiny, wealthy minority that will speed up 70 or a hundred mile journeyts by a few minutes and can in no way be justified in terms of capacity, usefulness, practicality, cost effectiveness or sanity.
Light rail is an even worse fisaco as it is expensive, inflexible, low capacity AND obstructive in urban areas, the diametric opposite of what is required with our 'teeming' and burgeoning population. Apart from Manchester there are only much smaller scale schemes in Nottingham, Sheffield and a tiny bit in Edinburgh, if it WAS a panacea it would be everywhere.
The size of the landmass is of course a key component along with available space, Britain still has the same rail bottlenecks it had in Victorian times. Whoever sponsored the survey there's nothing to stop the rial companies coming out with a counter survey is there, apart from the fact that rail IS more expensive than air travel that is.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Food banks for the needy and here we are again.

First class travel, birthday cards and cake: Interactive guide to how your MPs spent your money

Analysis of expenses for 2012/13 reveals how Greater Manchester had the country’s top food bill claiming MP – along with the third highest overall - search every expenses claim made by MPs here.

Criminals breed and advance by becoming Politicians and
the pig ignorant with dead brains continue to vote for politicians.
Time they were shipped off to the Guatemala Prison camp and were shackled in leg irons.
Pierrepoint 2nd

Talking of trains said...

Europe's high-speed rail network is the latest top target for Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Germany's Bild newspaper reported today how U.S. intelligence services bugged a conference call between leading operatives of the terror group behind the 9/11 outrages as they discussed bringing death and destruction to the European rail network.

The group was possibly targeting trains and tunnels, or planning to sabotage railway tracks themselves and the electric cabling serving them.

Islam = Peace, Love and Tolerance - woteva!

One in the womb, one in the pram, one walking said...

They're just the impatient idiots. The sensible ones are carrying on doing what they've always done, promoting an agenda where women are controlled and impregnated as often as possible.
Do you think such a backward, insular, ignorant cult would be given any concessions whatsoever if there were only a few thousand of them in Britain. All their influence is based on the same 1400 year old principle, weight of numbers.

Anonymous said...

MEN have pulled the plug on their article at lunchtime
concerning the area MP`s
present expenses scams.

This is disgusting that the MEN is so blatant in denying the public important information.
Stop buying the MEN for a start otherwise you deserve the scandalous bias by the MEN.
The scum correspondents and Editor have been acting this way for years.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will wake up some in Tameside