Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dorothy said:

"There are a lot of young people who can't find work at the moment because of the failures of the Tory-led Government. That's why Tameside Labour's Young Person's Jobs Guarantee is so important for young people in Tameside."

Talk about Chutzpah*. Imagine a serial arsonist lecturing about fire prevention. Well that is no worse than a Labourite lecturing about unemployment. Never in the history of this nation has a political party been more guilty of creating mass unemployment than the criminal Labour regime which governed this country from 1997 to 2010. I am no Tory but there's no way I can stand by without making comment when the Labourite's are trying to blame the unemployment catastrophe which they created onto someone else.

Also notice the now obligatory high viz vests and 'clean up' photo shoots. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is true; Roy West and his pals ought to feel pretty proud of themselves because where they led, these lot followed. Roy and his party comrades pioneered that kind of activism in Tameside many years ago and despite never making the breakthrough they hoped for they scared the life out of the local Labour Party gangsters.

*If you are unsure of the meaning of the word "Chutzpah" I know a local man who knows the meaning of that word all too well and I'm sure he would share its meaning with you, who is that man? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Andrew Gwynne MP


Couldn't hurt said...

Many are still stupid or traitorous enough to vote main party. Even worse are the much greater number of apathetic 'I'm not interested in politics brigade.' If the millions who don't bother suddenly all voted for the least s**t option, i.e. UKIP, the establishment would be forced to react.
A solution? No but a reminder to the establishment and its parties that under the current democratic system people power is still king.

Liam said...

The 10% cut in councillors allowances is a load of bullshit. There was a recommendation to INCREASE councillors allowances, but they said they wouldn't take it - isn't that nice of them! Now because they aren't taking the increase, it has been presented as a COST SAVING. They've taken off one or two positions from people who are retiring (or resigned in Dave Sweeton's case) and reduced the numbers in (un)Democratic Services.

It's like me saying to the better half that I went to the shops to buy a new pair of shoes, but because I didn't buy them, I saved us money.

Labour are really squirming on this issue. This is why it's on their leaflets. They've taken their time to respond. Look at the letters page - mainly Cllr. Thicko's comments mainly to do with his statements about candidates wanting to cut councillors numbers shouldn't stand at all.

I support Quinn's measures in reducing numbers at democratic services. It's ridiculous that councillors on a full time salary and no day job to go to receive secretarial support.

Leaked documents show as part of Labour's vetting process for prospective Labour candidates, the Chief Executive, Stephen Pleasant looks at criminal records (must be a new thing) and their dealings with the council. It's a pitty he doesn't see if they have a GCSE in Maths and English. I wouldn't apply to be a solicitor without a degree in law. So why should numpty councillors get the job who can barely spell their own name? One even has his name tattooed on his knuckles to remember his.

Lets cut councillors by a third. Lets SAVE us £350k plus an approximate £120k in election costs. Will the public miss them? No. Could you honestly think that Maggie from Waterloo who's just had her home help cut away from her be crying into her cornflakes if Cath Piddington went back to the checkouts?

Now what was that about people saying about me on the benefits article that I've lost my bite ;)

Anonymous said...

Good explanation from Liam. Isn't she the turncoat who betrayed the people who voted her on by jumping ship to be guaranteed of being reelected as a candidate?

Anonymous said...

Yeah she did, but they didn't reselect her and shoved her in Stalybridge South as their paper candidate. Sad really. She thinks she commands the respect of her Labour colleagues. Even with Labour's limited intellect, they've also twigged on that she's completely stark raving mad. They all slag her off at any given opportunity and even approached Conservative Party members asking if we can have her back. Still it's all fun and games for John Taylor to have something to laugh about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she did, but they didn't reselect her and shoved her in Stalybridge South as their paper candidate. Sad really. She thinks she commands the respect of her Labour colleagues. Even with Labour's limited intellect, they've also twigged on that she's completely stark raving mad. They all slag her off at any given opportunity and even approached Conservative Party members asking if we can have her back. Still it's all fun and games for John Taylor to have something to laugh about.

charlatans and dead heads said...

It just confirms what I already know - the Labour lot are total opportunists without conviction who are in it for no other reason than personal advancement.

Anonymous said...

oh dear liam you are treading on dangerous grounds. dont cross the almighty jt. look what he did to that poor westie the gestapo will be after you will have to eat humble pie and keep your mouth shut like i have had to do. its paid off for me eating humble pie. why not do a dorothy IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM

Anonymous said...

unThe 10% cut is on the whole budget not as this would lead you to believe, each individual Councillor.
Look at the husband & wife team Mike Smith & Teresa Smith, both Councillors. both have full time jobs, one a school teacher, one working for Manchester City Council, they take home £50,983.00 from the Council a year, not bad for a part time job

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Cartwright was an English teacher, look at the spelling of organized in the article Taking Pride in Copley.
No wonder kids leave school with out the skills to get a job.

American and British English spelling differences said...

-ise, -ize (-isation, -ization)

See also: Oxford spelling

American spelling avoids -ise endings in words like organize, realize and recognize.[35] British spelling mostly uses -ise, while -ize is also used (organise / organize, realise / realize, recognise / recognize):[35] the ratio between -ise and -ize stands at 3:2 in the British National Corpus.[36] In Ireland, Australia and New Zealand -ise spellings strongly prevail: the -ise form is preferred in Australian English at a ratio of about 3:1 according to the Macquarie Dictionary.

Worldwide, -ize endings prevail in scientific writing and are commonly used by many international organizations, such as the United Nations Organizations (such as the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization) and the International Organization for Standardization (but not by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The European Union switched from -ize to -ise some years ago in its English language publications, meaning that -ize spellings are found in older legislative acts and -ise spellings in more recent ones. Proofreaders at the EU's Publications Office ensure consistent spelling in official publications such as the Official Journal (where legislation and other official documents are published), but the -ize spelling may be found in other documents.

The same applies to derivatives and inflexions such as colonisation/colonization.
British usage
The dominant British English usage of -ise has long been preferred by authorities such as Cambridge University Press,[37] and many reference works, including the Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage, prefer -ise.[37]

Perhaps as a reaction to the ascendancy of American spelling, the -ize spelling is often seen in the UK as an Americanism, and -ise is more commonly used in UK mass media and newspapers,[35] including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Economist. Meanwhile, -ize is used in some British-based academic publications, such as Nature, the Biochemical Journal and The Times Literary Supplement.

The minority British English usage of -ize is known as Oxford spelling and is used in publications of the Oxford University Press, most notably the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). It can be identified using the registered IANA language tag en-GB-oed. The OED lists the -ise form separately, as "a frequent spelling of -IZE", and refuses to list the -ise spellings even as alternatives in the individual entries for words such as realize.[38] It firmly deprecates using -ise for words of Greek origin, saying, "[T]he suffix...whatever the element to which it is added, is in its origin the Greek -ιζειν, Latin -izāre; and, as the pronunciation is also with z, there is no reason why in English the special French spelling in -iser should be followed, in opposition to that which is at once etymological and phonetic." It says, "Some have used the spelling -ise in English, as in French, for all these words, and some prefer -ise in words formed in French or English from Latin elements, retaining -ize for those of Greek composition."[39] Noah Webster rejected -ise for the same reasons.[40] Two other well-known publications by Oxford University Press (OUP), Henry Watson Fowler's A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, and Hart's Rules[41], also recommend -ize. Also, The Oxford Guide to English Usage states "-ize should be prefered to -ise as a verbal ending in words in which both are in use, according to Oxford University Press house style."[42] However, Oxford University itself does not agree with the OUP, but advocates "-ise" instead of "-ize" in its staff style guide.[43] The Oxford Guide to Style,[44] on the other hand, while not directly addressing the subject, follows OUP practice in using -ize.

Cum On Feel The Noize said...

Brilliant! Do you organise/ze John Taylor's letters?

Anonymous said...

On the leaflet it is spelt organiesed.
Explain that one?

should have gone to spec savers said...

You're seeing things mate. It clearly says "organised". Click the picture to enlarge and you will see.

Tories to identify UKIP paedophiles said...

Sorry I'm gloating again. This is the party that thought these gutter tactics would only by applied to the BNP not us nicey niceys.

It's reached calling people paedophiles now. As I predicted 'UKIP gas chambers' stories before long.

Vicky Pryce stripped of honour thanks to the eager efforts of Andrew Gwynne MP said...

I wonder why Mr Gwynne, as shadow health minister is spending his time on this when the health service is being dismantled and being replaced with a model which costs more, delivers less and will siphon billions into the pockets of American corporations along with various lucrative kickbacks to the politicians who enable this process.

Well actually I don't wonder at all, if it isn't media showboating and cheap self promotion by appealing to the lowest common denominator of public sentiment I don't know what it is. Political bottom feeding.

Anonymous said...

Enlarged picture, still spelt organiesed, are you dyslexic?

Jew gotta have friends said...

Everyone's a Gwynner.

Hunt for bogus 'knight in shining armour' who offered to take injured girl to hospital before raping her said...

Yes, you guessed correctly.

Die Familie said...

Just watched a BBC programme on the reasons for Germany's economic and social order and success.
Tax breaks for normal families and a real, nationwide appreciation of the value and importance of motherhood mean they have massively more mothers, (i.e. women who stay at home to raise and nurture their children properly as opposed to 'female parents') looking after the children in the home. This creates a safe, secure, stable and loving environment for children, who are then far more likely to turn into well balanced, intelligent and confident individuals.
After 55 minutes the BBC dropped in (in an, 'oh by the way' sort of way) that 50% of Germans are actively religious (far higher than Britain), i.e. practising Christians who accordingly believe in and practice Christianity and its values such as: personal responsility; moderate, civilised respectful behaviour; normal, healthy, decent family values; the raising and nurturing of children etc.
The British woman presenter was apparently however more interested in, and seemingly horrified at, such things as the seemingly low number of women at the top of German business. If German businesses are patently more successful then the 'dearth' of women clearly isn't a problem, so why the concern.
The Germans appear to have kept many of their essential and traditional values alive and flourishing, presumably because they are the key components in enabling a successful, happy and orderly society.

remember that the victors wrote the history books said...

If Germany won the war the world would have been an infinitely better place and the crooks and financiers squeezing the life blood out if the West would never have been able to destroy us as they have. Try typing the word "Hitler" into Google news on a daily basis and see what results you get and then remember the great man has been dead nearly seventy years. They (crooks and financiers) are still so afraid of the liberation from Bolshevism he offeree that they still publish daily news articles attacking him to this day.

Anonymous said...

When Hitler threatened to invade England we should of let him carry on. All the way to USA.

Anonymous said...

Hitler didn't thhreaten to invade England. In actual fact, he tried time and again to negotiate peace with the UK, and his military ventures in eastern Europe were to keep Stalin in his place.