Thursday, 8 August 2013

UK has biggest population boom in Europe

The UK's population grew to 63.7 million, with the highest birth rate since 1972 contributing to the rise.

Migration from overseas accounted for 517,800 of the population flow into the UK.

The overall population growth was 419,900, with 254,400 more births than deaths pushing the UK to becoming the third largest EU nation behind Germany and France.

The number of non UK-born mothers is about 26 per cent, the ONS said. Daily Express

The figure of 63.7 million is nothing but a guess. According to this article published in the Independent in 2007 the true population figure then was somewhere between 77 and 80 million. That figure was reached after studying supermarket consumption figures. God only knows what the population is now but it doesn't take God to work out that we face a truly horrific future.

Other than immigrants, those employed directly or indirectly in the 'immigration industry' and of course the bosses and monied classes, the rest of us and particularly our children and grandchildren will face challenges that most of us never thought imaginable.

The minute you raise legitimate concerns about the immigrant led population explosion you are immediately branded as a 'racist' and 'hater'. Logic is not allowed to enter the debate. The Marxist elite who now dominate all levels of British society make sure that they or their many proxies quell dissent by branding anyone who raises even the mildest concerns about the invasion of our nation as racist. A good example of this was the recent storm in a teacup over remarks about an imaginary country called Bongo Bongo Land made by UKIP's Godfrey Bloom MEP. I genuinely have not spoken with a single person who objected to what he said, yet the media led hysteria and condemnation forced him into a humiliating and grovelling climbdown and with every such victory the enemies of traditional Britain become stronger and more bullish.

Many commentators are now convinced that within the next forty years Britain will become a majority Muslim country. Today is the Islamic feast of Eid al-Fitr and if you find yourself at a loose end this evening and are feeling brave, why not venture down to Wilmslow Road in Rusholme and take a glimpse into the future and see if you like what you see.

Is it 'racist' to complain about the Islamification of my country and the population explosion? I, nor nobody else I have ever spoken with were asked if they wanted mass immigration and Islamification. These things were imposed upon us and therefore I will speak out without fear on this issue which will bring devastating change to this country over the course of the next few decades. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Let nature take its course I say. Very few native Brits I encounter seem overly concerned about the state of affairs. I frequently have to suffer the sight of stupid treasonous old folk making matey chat in the street with our latest third world arrivals and mollycoddling their kids. And these were the generations who remember Britain as it once was and now look on unconcerned as the country which should be the exclusive property of their grandchildren is offered on a plate to the world and his wife.

That said, the younger generations aren't much better. I can't walk down the bloody street without some self hating jerk driving past with the music of some non-European blasting out. That's when he's not worshiping the latest non-white City / United star or eagerly anticipating the birth of his mixed race niece or nephew.

Let's face it - these people do not deserve a country to call their own. As far as I'm concerned, if you are white and you care about the survival of the white race, then you are my people whatever part of this earth you are from. If you are a fellow Mancunian / Brit who doesn't care, then you are an alien to me.

Like I've said, ***k Britain and ***k nationalism. Time for a pan global minority movement that seeks to preserve the best elements of our kind in various regions about this globe who will have to try and co-exist on the best terms they can with the rest of the world's races - be they mixed race or otherwise.

And those Anglo-Saxon purists and old school 'British Nationalists' still stubbornly hoping they can save Britain should bear one thing in mind - evolution will get the better of you. A population that indifferent have not evolved for the purpose of surviving long term. All that counts is that in the broader scheme of things a more racially concious minority lives on long after their demise. The blacks, the muslims, the Asians, they're welcome to this country.

I don't care, whatever's easiest. said...

It's a combination of ignorance, cowardice and the worship of sheeplike conformity (i.e. jump on the biggest, most comfortable and easiest band wagon around, where it's going doesn't matter).

pissed off realist said...

You're doing yourself no favours by pursuing this TC. They're here and you or nobody else can do anything about it so just get on with your life and don't let it get to you.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying it for years, we are doomed and I fear for the future of my grandchildren.

It's too late now, we will become an Islamic republic within the next 20 years. Breeding rates will see to that.

I wonder what all the lads who gave their lives in the two world wars would think if they could see this country now.

If I was 20 again I would be long gone from the UK. Politicians - you can have them.

Anonymous said...

@pissed off realist

Just because they're here and here to stay, doesn't mean we have to like it and it doesn't mean we to respect it. And neither does it mean we have to keep our mouths shut about it simply because we are impotent in the face of it. I can't stop the government taxing me more, but I'm more than entitled to talk about it as and when I wish.

The Somme said...

@ pissed off realist, Spreading fatalistic despair is an excuse for inaction and cowardice.
We have to bide our time, do whatever we can and be ready. Above all we must never give up.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Fucking Obvious said...

Hmmm, I wonder if this might have any connection with the massive surge in people using the NHS. Could just be.
Good job the rest of our national infrastructue's not under any extra strain isn't it.

Hávamál said...

The foolish man

thinks he will live forever

if he avoids battle;

but old age gives

him no peace,

though spears might spare him.

Theresa May accused of migration 'cover-up' said...

The immigration invasion was no accident - it was engineered. The establishment want a cheap exploitable mass who they can manipulate and rule over.

Natural Balance said...

Almost all of these births have taken place at our expense -The NHS has been a Trojan Horse - attracting people to this land whose natural environment prevents drastic overpopulation.

We are overpopulated and any increase is unsustainable.

The natural birth rates served to control population in the places that these people belong, with the occasional drought or famine reducing population.

No such restrictions occur here.

Similarly, our governors have intervened since the 1960's - by making UN vaccinations and pharmaceuticals available, that interfere with the balance of nature in those habitats, increasing the African/Asian population unsustainably.

If this was done on purpose, by Machiavellian is an act of evil genius.

If it was a Bleeding Heart, "Christianity" Amway Euro-sabotage, this was equally clever.

The technologies used to increase these populations did not evolve with them, and have destroyed the balance of their environment.

These break the prime directive, : that one should "not interfere with the evolution of another species"

Interfering with nature's balance and technological evolution in this way is a crime and an abomination. It damages the recipient species, as they develop terrible feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. These problems prevent their integration or participation in our society.

I do not suggest for a moment that our society or species is superior, or better in any way, but we have a duty to protect other species, who have not developed these cultural technologies and have no protection from their consequences.

It is an unfortunate quirk of biology that we can cross-breed with these species anyway.

Those Asians and Africans , who are reproducing and compressing our population are not themselves, the agents responsible -

They are just the sad biological solution to the "Globalists" problem - "What are we going to do to control those troublesome Europeans"

I pray for a pandemic.

If you are young and clever - please study microbiology and genetics.

Anonymous said...

Look at the foreigners with their Selfridges bags. Wonder where they got the money for that!

A little salt in the soup can enhance the taste but too much will surely destroy it said...

A limited number of immigrants could have culturally enriched us but the numbers now here is truly ridiculous. As they arrive and settle in vast numbers they have no reason to adopt a British way of life and assimilate they can melt into their own communities without ever having to learn English. I don't blame the immigrants I blame the politicians who allowed this state if affairs to develop

Tameside Citizen said...

Alf, please feel free to post your comment again minus the expletives.

Don't complain as we march towards extinction said...

Nearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are non-white, according to figures published by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE).
According to the figures, there are 498,445 pupils in total in London, which is divided into “Inner London” and “Outer London” for administrative purposes.
For all of England (as opposed to all of Britain) the number of non-white British pupils in primary schools is 27.1 percent, and in secondary schools some 23.4 percent.

These figures mean that, given current immigration and Third World reproduction rates, non-whites will be the majority of the population in Britain aged 21 and under by the year 2030.
These huge changes in the demographics in London and the UK as a whole must bring new challenges. Is the UK able to deal with these or is there inevitable and unavoidable issues brought on by for example, divides in communities due to cultural differences? I can not see how, seeing as there is already huge amount of issues due to multiculturalism in the UK, (the Non-white statistics are of course an indicator of differing cultures) that they can avoid deep and harmful social unrest and disharmony, not helped by these sudden changes in demographics.

GET. F***ED. said...

I drive large vehicles for a living and as usual the Muslims are out at the moment on one of their festivals driving around as if they own the fucking roads, often in expensive hired cars. One came straight out of a side road at high speed without looking and swerved in my direction today. Having had enough of their combination of extreme ignorance and arrogance I just carried on straight at him without altering my course and speed forcing him to brake, veer left and remove his nearside mirror on a lamp post.
Made my day.

Scorched Red Earth said...

It looks like the White British will either be bred out of existence with barely a whimper or the whole thing will end in mass bloodshed.
However unpleasant, the latter is infinitely prferable.

Anonymous said...

They were racing up and down Hyde Road in Subaru's tonight.

Salvage said...

Increasingly, we seem to be collectively immune, numbed if you will, to the everyday occurrences that project themselves into our lives.

Soldiers being killed on our streets, rapes, murders, violent robberies, grants for foreign nurses, tax-funded foreign business, and the myriad other irritations that are telling of a nation, in fact, a whole ethnic group, on it's way to complete annihilation.

The word ''irritation'' is used purposely in this regard, simply because to millions of unread, unwilling, and apathetic dwellers in this, and other western nations, the utter devastation of every facet of our once civilised society, is sadly just that... an irritant.

The only time the cattle bother to look up and take notice, is when the propaganda box in the corner of our rooms, booms out with one, or all three of the words ''Racism'', ''Hatred'', and ''Bigotry''.
Those three words alone, are the only ones generally speaking that, get the attention of both the thinking Briton and European, and the reactionary liberal, leftist zombie, and silly, brainwashed ''student'' in equal measure.

The arsenal of weaponry in our enemy's cache, simple words, have almost won the whole sorry war in the battle to keep our European ancestry and heritage from crumbling into human dust.

One could only imagine the psychological damage that could inflict itself upon the masses, whereby Nationalist writers, philosophers, leaders, and activists, actually told them the reality of where, when, and how the evil that pervades our society, came about.

This is of course, hypothetical, so depending on the vehicle chosen, whether door to door canvassing, emails, or traditional literature in the form of papers or magazines, we can imagine the outcome.

Most people would slam the door immediately. Others would rip literature up without a second's thought due to its ''inflammatory'' nature. Others still, would stare at the unfortunate person standing in front of them, eyes glazed over.

When they'd finally recover, a furtive phone call to the local police, or mental institution would ensue. A few thoughtful and relatively stable members of the public may actually read up and check things out for themselves.

But alas, they are but a few percent of the populace. It therefore, and not hypothetically, falls to websites like this one, to eventually throw caution to the wind, and propose a more serious, intellectually challenging format with which to furnish the minds of those that will possibly get a grip, and inform the cattle as to the seriousness of the situation.

Salvage 1 said...

A situation which has been made purposely complex, through an inter-generational, well planned agenda unfolding before our very eyes.

There are Nationalists intellectuals, many of whom are equipped with the emotional surety and professional attributes associated with academic study and officially recognised degrees etc, who bring much of what is required to massive audiences. Some of them are of the impression that a new tactic is required.

One that shows what we can achieve and what we have achieved as a race, rather than all the ''doom and gloom.''

That is a good point, and a potential standpoint from which to further our cause.

However, the cattle are unable to comprehend this information, and ensuring the lighter, more philosophical, and historical components of our people's time on earth, our culture, including the good things we have done, like ending slavery of the black Africans, is still open to ''the narrative'' being controlled by the media, political prostitutes, and all those mentioned previously.

So it's a sort of stalemate.
So let us tackle the first word, Racism, and those whom funded it then and still do today.

This word is probably THE most used word when it comes to crushing opposition of any kind, to the reaction of our demise.

Trotsky is generally accepted as the evil specimen who came up with it, and although others allied to him and his insane acts of extreme violence, and his modern followers around the globe are said to have conceived the term, he is the target we should be aiming at.

In 1888, the first ''Jewish Workers organization'', the "Bund, created the stage for our terminal illness, otherwise known as Political Correctness.

Trotsky finally travelled to New York to seek financial support from wealthy Jewish bankers.

Their aim, and his, was to find a way to break-up the white Christian Russian Empire and make of it part of a world-wide Zionist state. Jacob H.Schiff, of the banking house, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, New York, furnished Trotsky with enough capital to accomplish this.

Yes, the reader may be shocked as to why Bankers would support Socialist/Communist leaders in their efforts.
Israel has recently unveiled a monument to the ''Red Army'', at Netanya. Trotsky was the first leader of this monstrous regime of hate.

The things he and his mongrel army of murderers, rapists, and foreign criminals did would today be considered war crimes. But not in Israel. Racism is a one way street; it only goes towards the freedom of others, but traps white folks in its thick, red blood-soaked mud.

Under Trotsky’s red army and later evil lunatics, children were given the death sentence. Fourteen acts were punishable by death from April 7th, 1935, one of them was dissent.

In one act alone, dozens of under 14's were machine gunned down, for.... telling other starving children that conditions were very good before the Communist regime. This was under the provisions in paragraph 58. The children were gunned down on front of the others.

Criminal and bank robber, Max Litvinoff, real name Meir Polyanski Finkelstein, is also worth mentioning as he was heavily involved in serious criminal acts to fund Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin in the early days.

Litvinoff gained hard earned money from foolish, white, or ''Gentile'' Communists, who had absorbed enough of Marx's con trick in Das Kapital, and fell for the rhetoric. In one bank robbery a truck belonging to an Imperial bank was blown up with the loss of 30 innocent lives.

The culprits got away with 250,000 roubles. Lenin took the bulk of it to Switzerland, and Litvinoff made off to France, where he again tried to stir up trouble.

The press was already in the hands of the Zionists by and large, and one quote from the New York Herald Tribune, July 23rd, 1936 said of those well informed, well read, white Christian Americans: ''Those people have LUNATIC ideas about saving our culture and religion.''

Salvage 2 said...

Major General, George Van Horn Moseley, a former US Army veteran was quoted in 1939 when Trotsky and his tribe tried to get America into the war by stirring up trouble amongst the youth there: ''Thank God we still have our constitutional right to bear arms.''

There's nothing coincidental about the modern Zionist/Trotskyists trying to undo that right now, is there?

Taking away guns, taking away our rights, and using owned and controlled narrative, are vital weapons for alien parasites and criminals.

Name calling is another good weapon, as seen above when using the term ''lunatic'' for protecting one's traditions. They were the lunatics, and their modern kith and kinfolk still are.

In light of all of the above, and Israel's honouring of the ''Red Army'', and by the standards of such, honouring Trotsky and other mass murderers, we now see a clear link as to the where, why, and how we have come to this.

Under Stalin's rule, women were literally ''Nationalised''.

His widow, editing the Communist news paper, the Teacher's Gazette, once said, and this can be verified with a little research if it still exists online, especially: ''The socialisation of women has not yet been legalised by the Soviets, but this idea must become reality, and must permeate public opinion.

To RESIST RAPE is an act of opposition to the Communist October revolution''.

Yes, that's right folks. You did read correctly.

If that alone doesn't start putting the pieces together, as to why we now see in our white homelands, the evil of rape and under-age grooming being ignored and applauded by the political elite, and the police, then for crying out loud, have a brain transplant for all our sakes.

The Daily Jewish Bulletin stated on October 9th, 1934: ''As a matter of fact, the Soviet government is spending millions of roubles yearly to encourage Jewishness, and to preserve Jewish culture.'' One law for the chosen and one for the Gentiles, just as it is today, but on a world-wide basis.

Bela Khun, or Kun, also deserves a mention. He murdered 30,000 Christians in one fell swoop, during his evil reign of just three months in Hungary. In one act, 67 priests were ritually and brutally slaughtered.

Again, the safety of females was non existent for the regime. He ''Nationalised'' women, and in the private dormitories of boarding schools, young girls had no choice but to allow ''instructors'' to actually sleep in there with them.

He then escaped with dozens of other Communists to Vienna when the true Hungarians realised what they had allowed to happen. Taking with him and his wife, masses of ''confiscated'' gold and jewellery, they funded another nation's demise.

So much for workers equality and socialist values. In this system of equality, anti-racism, and a fair society for all, all private property was nationalised, including small shops. Churches were destroyed and people were literally uprooted, and displaced to remote, freezing cold places.

Salvage 3 said...

On one occasion, anarchists from the mainly Jewish ghettos were ordered to smash and burn everything... except the banks and the synagogues, which was telling to say the least.
So then, we have at least now discussed where we now stand regarding to the past.

The past is in fact in the here and now. Everything above is happening now, including attempts to shut down as much indigenous commercial enterprise as possible, and to ruin communities that are hundreds of years old.

Nothing new seems to have been allowed to prosper, unless you are an immigrant, or one of the chosen tribe of aliens, deemed to be our lords and masters. Racism, Hatred, and Bigotry, are in fact possessions of their own philosophy.

They own them, we suffer from them, and yet, WE are supposedly the evil ones.

We white folks are to bow and scrape, and lose everything... and damn well enjoy it lest we end up in jail or losing our jobs. You see, we are evil, we are oppressors, and we are to expect no mercy.

Looking on the bright side is all well and good. But looking both ways as one does when crossing a busy road is also good for us. An arsenal of three silly words has almost beaten us into submission. But, we should now collectively refuse to officially recognise them as tools to stop dissent.

Let the modern day Trotsky, Ed (Red) Miliband, whose father was a Red Army supporter, use immigrants for his tribal goals. His family has a history of collaboration with alien extremist political ideologies.

Doreen Lawrence and her son are simply pawns in the game. Let them do as they will. For we no longer subscribe to their institutions.

We have our own, and will strive to ensure we one day take their hollowed out versions back, and re-instate the rightful people to their former positions of power.

This article was written to promote both righteous anger, and give cause to those still not fully cognitive of the past masters of hate, bigotry, and racism against the white west.

It will also hopefully instil passion, and a will to succeed, surrounded as we are by hateful parasites, in those of us whom at least can now go forward and put Thor's Hammer through the whole, evil, racist, bigoted system.