Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ross Lave Lane Fly Tipping

I come across this eyesore this afternoon. I truly detest fly tipping and would love to catch the filthy tramps responsible in the act but unfortunately in the dead of night when everyone is in bed there is little chance of catching the culprits and what's even more annoying is the fact that the illegal dumpers know that too.


The most truthful mainstream media article this year (click here to read) said...

The British public is right to think that it is being misled.

Fail to punish and you condone said...

It should carry a mandatory flogging and three years hard labour. I guarantee offences would reduce.

Defence of the Realm said...

@ The most truthful...wake up you legions of dross that form a vast proportion of the modern indigenous British:

We are now a minority in our own capital city.

Two million National Insurance numbers given out to foreigners in the last three years alone.

Between 2005 and 2008 the Muslim population of Britain increased ten times faster than any other group.

These three facts alone show that Britain is on course for destruction as a recognisable entity, to be replaced by a Third World, chronically overpopulated slum.
It is now time to fight or die.

SerpentSlayer said...

Fight or die?
I can hear the grumble of apathy to that question ripple already, from Inverness to Dover, Belfast to Birmingham.

I could remain in England, a fool of a romantic young man, and rally men to fight and women to urge their menfolk to bravery, I could rise up, scream a battlecry and rude out to death or glory.
I could watch as I am slain, alone, few if any standing beside me. As I bleed to death on the cold earth, I could see the crowd behind lines of policemen urging "nothing to see here", as the momentary interest of the crowd passes and huddles away.
I could look into the heavens and see the pitying faces of Frigga and Sunna, the dissapointment of Thor and Odin.
As I pass the river to the underworld I could think about whether I made any difference at all, or I could harden myself even more, ignore my nations cries of pain and depart to soldier for a foreign power.
I could march instep, and sing 'Le Boudin', I could lie awake in the cold thinking of England, fight in battles of no concern to me or my kin, and return, years later, past the white cliffs, a soldier, hardened by war and deprivation, hoping that my people are ready to rise at last.
Given that no other options appear I would say the latter wins hands down.

Anonymous said...

Bit late for a revolution I think. Should have done something about it when it started not when its already happened. Find it amazing how people shouting about the problems we have now paid little attention to what went on until recession hit them in the face.

The Plan said...

I wince everytime I hear white Britons fruitlessly try to think up some new hopeless strategy for saving old Britannia. It only shows how our enemies are (in some respects) far more clever than the dreamers and fantasists who still fervently hope the tide can be turned back.

It is now time for whites to abandon their traditional nationalist ties and form a pan global white survivalist movement, similar to how the Jews manage to survive as a race. Face facts people - the third worlders are here to stay, the mass white population is mongrelising with them through interbreeding and Britain as it existed is a lost cause.

Time to do exactly what the Jews, the muzzies etc all do - form our own white communties across the globe and look after our own. Instead of hoping blindly that the next democratic election will solve our problems, it's time for whites to recognise that the solution to their predicament does not lie in the tried & tested busted flush that in several decades has not won us a single scrap of ground, and is now more unlikely to work for us than ever!

-ck nationalism. As things stand, it is at best an unhelpful distraction and at worst an absolute curse. We need to think in terms of centuries and perhaps work toward new homelands established beyond our lifetimes. In the meantime, we abandon our old dying civilisations and their flags and only use them via employment etc to further our own new cause. We should look toward a new future for the worthwhile minority, and allow the worthless majority of whites are free to mongrelise to embrace their suicidal mongrel future.

I'm all right Jack said...

@ Anonymous 07:07, correct and those same masses will revert to their previous absolute silence regarding the ongoing destruction of their country as the economy (as it appears to be doing) improves.

SerpentSlayer said...

That would imply surrender and a slow death, hiding in remote regions of the world.
A plan is already afoot to establish enclaves scattered throughout this dying land, as things get worse, our own will help these expand.
Within a couple of years this will notice. In Europe itself, many peoples are already waking up to reality and preparing themselves for the inevitable.
With an awakening public, owning local businesses and helping each other out, at first under the radar of the enemy tribe, we will have a better chance of beating the enemy and not just evading him.
Hard times and attacks by outlanders will be noticed by people more aware of their races precocious position in the world and we will grow more militant.
I know I have no part in building these enclaves, hence my decision to leave in the hope of being a tougher, better man. Google: Western Spring Bugle Call for more info.

save ourselves and regroup or face total destruction said...

Two interesting theories but I myself am now starting to believe the sheep will never wake up no matter what happens. When a ship is sinking and it is beyond saving a decision to abandon ship has to be made or all hands will be lost as they go down with the ship. It is better a dedicated few survive the sinking of RMS Western Civilisation in order to help safeguard and rebuild the gene pool. Like it or not our people have been outmanoeuvred and beaten on every front. Our ruling class have abandoned us in order to cement their privileged position and the sheep have no idea of the programme to mongrelise the peoples of the West. The sheep will never rise up, Marx was aware of this and Lenin openly admitted that was it not for the chaos of WWI and assistance for Kaiser Bill the 1917 revolution would have ended no differently than the 1905 failed revolution. The German revolution of 1933 would never have happened if the Versailles Treaty did not economically strangle Germany. Had the Great War not occurred Adolf Hitler would not have achieved what he did. The political events of the early 20th century were all due to the tragedy of the Great War and without such major upheaval again there is zero chance of any counter-revolutionary movement thwarting the current Marxist revolution which has been strangling the West and growing in strength since the late 1940’s. So maybe abandon ship is our only option for survival as a people.

SerpentSlayer said...

And die just as surely? The gods have not abandoned us, and if we follow the old ways, we cannot be beaten.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Beowulf....

what you need to understand SS is the primacy of race - race precedes nation not vice versa. The race without the nation still means something, the nation without the race means nothing. Once the nation has outlived its usefulness for the race, it is time for a decisive parting of the ways. It is high time that the majority of whites were allowed to embrace the mongrel future they seem utterly unconcerned about, and for the best elements of all white peoplles to coalesce and form a newer and better creed. We may have to co-exist (to a greater or lesser extent) with our new mongrel countrymen in various places about the globe. But over the course of centuries or even millenia we will acquire new homelands for ourselves inhabited by better people who won't see easily tread under foot thousands of years of evolutionary inheritance. It's not about England or Britain anymore, and those who still think it is are destined to go down stubbornly clinging to their own sinking ships desperately hoping the next democratic election will start that alusive winning hand.

SerpentSlayer said...

When did I ever mention democracy as being viable? Certainly not anytime this side of Nick Griffin squirming on the BBC.
As with all human beings, we Aryans are tribal. I see my fellow Mancunians as my closest kin, followed by Lancastrians, Northerners, Englishmen, fellow Teutons, Other 'British', Fellow Aryans and then the rest of the world.
This is a natural mindset and their will always be tribal affiliation, especially amongst those of shared blood, even within a wider grouping.
As a result I see no reason to abandon the idea of an English or a wider Teutonic nation, the lands we once held are sacred but the blood is what truly makes us a nation and I will never abandon that.
For the rest of my lifetime this should still be viable. Only in the direst circumstance can I imagine that our own internal groupings will fall into irrelevance.
So long as there is some hope of an Elessar like leader sweeping the outlanders to the shores, I will keep a dream of England alive.

Anonymous said...

Enlarged picture still spelt organiesed, are you dyslexic?