Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Roy West Court Appearance 01/05/2013

"I hope justice will be seen to be done" was former BNP and independent candidate for the Dukinfield ward, Roy West's comment whilst he waited to enter court in Ashton today.

Smartly dressed in collar and tie, 48 year old Mr West was accused of breaching a restraining order regarding one of his neighbours.

Upon entering the court the defendant was accompanied by his partner and several friends and associates. The only other person in the public seating area of this particular courtroom was Deputy Executive Leader of The Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, councillor John Taylor.

After a 90 minute suspension for an evidence related matter the West party went back in.
The hearing was quickly adjourned for two weeks for clarification of matters pertaining to the case.

I would like to thank the court correspondent for the article above. I know some people are finding this whole Roy West saga tiresome in the extreme. However I feel it is in the public interest to keep people informed as one day when the dust settles people will look back in astonishment at how a clean living man of good character can have his reputation destroyed and life totally disrupted. The absurdity of his slide from man of good character to convicted criminal beggars belief and others may learn from studying the vile tricks  which lead to Mr West becoming a 'criminal'. A criminal so infamous that he's had numerous front page stories in local rags and been arrested and held in custody on more occasions than many career criminals. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the absolute and most devastatingly serious 'crime' that Mr West has ever been accused/convicted of was in relation to an argument over the garden wall with a gentleman of German ancestry where cross words were alleged to have been uttered. Totally unbelievable! And when Mr West is totally free from restraining orders, curfews, community service orders, suspended sentences, injunctions etc etc etc I will compile a comprehensive list of ever arrest, newspaper article, court appearance, smear leaflet and so on since his campaign to shine the light on his greedy local politicians began. What you will find, but won't be surprised by is that Mr West's 'criminal career' began very soon after he began to expose those who seek only good publicity. Tameside Citizen 


Stagnant and corrupt said...

The truth is the goings on in this borough, from justice to politics to planning to the hospital to social housing to the local media stink to high heaven.

tonydj said...

I was with Roy in court. When we left the court for the break Cllr Taylor remained behind. I was seated in front of the public entrance to the court and he did not leave by that door.

When we returned to the court he had gone. Within minutes he re-entered the court via the public entrance. How had he left the court? He must have used either the Dock entrance or the Judge's private entrance.

Do Tameside Labour Councillors now have free run of the court building?

curious observer said...

That is an interesting development Tony. Are you sure he didn't use the public exit? And why was he in court - is he involved in the case?

Bovine Excrement said...

No he's a senior councillor, his presence in the courtroom West was in was pure coincidence.

Greek Parliament today. God bless Golden Dawn said...

''I'm going to read a few lines, of a passage, written in the past century -an authentic passage-, that describes perfectly what we're facing today, as members of the Nationalist movement: . In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion will then confuse in its conception this category of crime with the disgrace attaching to every other and will brand it with the same contempt.1903, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Chapter 19.

He's refering to the persecution the members of Golden Dawn are facing by the police, the state and the media in Greece today but the same thing is obviously happening a lot closer to home.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion chapter 19

tonydj said...

@curious observer

I was referring to the court room (Court 2) not the court building as a whole. I was seated about 8 feet from the only public entrance to the court room. Cllr Taylor did not leave by that door.

Court Watcher said...

West stood in the dock on a single charge of one breach dating back to November last year.
But West was told, that he could face further charges of breach after more police investigations.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that Cllr Taylor has access to Tameside Magistrates denied to ordinary members of the public? He is allowed to access courtrooms from the area reserved for magistrates, judges and other court personal? If that's what you are saying this place is worse than a feckin banana republic.

Long War said...

I seem to remember from a post several months ago that Taylor is on one of the council's justice panels or similar, could his allegedly using another entrance be part of that remit. Difficult to understand why he wouldn't use the normal public entrance/exit otherwise.
The coincidence of his being in his old enemy West's particular court room is more marked.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should check for any links between Taylor and the Dukinfield Ex Church Minister who happened to be one of the most powerful top Freemasons in the UK who at one time was the Minister appointed to the Duke of Kent.Now that really is the pinnacle of Freemasonry in the World.
The Rev Denis Thomas of St.Marks Dukinfield was and still is I understand on th TMBC Standards Bench which sits in private.
Even the Police in charge of the Shipman case consulted with Rev Thomas
for whatever reason.
I recall this link was a subject on TC some time ago
Remember also the free meal in Manchester City Centre for several Tameside Councillors,with the hosts being senior Labour Friends of Israel obviously looking for members to get their Tameside pawns into place
and I see Taylor had a large picture dominated his blog site showing what?
Only a bloody big Israeli Flag and that was fairly recent.
These groups of subversives
inevitably look for their foot soldiers like Taylor to do their dirty work as and when required.
Its time you did lots of background checks into Taylor whether Tameside,previous addresses
search those closely linked
and track his Spanish links,and his Mossley period as a stallholder.
Perhaps using the Taylor type is very attractive if you want top keep your own hands clean.
Yes master,no master anything you want master,
I can fix that master,do your own background checks like TMBC do on you,all of you.
Remember those in the public eye and an elected poli8tical figure can be checked out by anyone of the public,and no laws against that because TMBC are doing that on Tamesiders themselves.