Thursday, 2 May 2013

Denton's Ghost Station

The third-least-busy station in 2011-12, with just 30 passengers, was Denton in Greater Manchester, which is served only on Friday mornings by a one-way service between Stockport and Stalybridge. A testimony to its relative popularity among the nation’s unloved and unvisited stations is the active Friends of Denton Station campaign, which hopes to increase the frequency of trains passing through. The group’s chairman, Alan Jones, has even taken to the internet to tell passengers of the good times they might expect.

Speaking about the station, Mr Jones, 77, said the ORR figures were “ridiculous” and added that the number of people using Denton had increased since the data was collected. “I’m sure that if there were more trains people would use them,” he said. “The station is at the junction of the M67 and the M60. The traffic on the roads during rush-hour is horrendous. This is a valued service and we are trying to get a regular service.”

Northern Rail said the station, which could boast of a whopping 52 passengers in 2010-11, was being kept open only as part of the company’s franchise. A spokeswoman said: “Although passenger numbers are low, we continue to work closely with the Friends of Denton and the South East Manchester Community Rail Partnership on a local level.” She added that Northern Rail was looking to industry partners, including the Department for Transport, to “specify a higher level of service to the station” and contribute towards funding.  Source: The Independent

I have been saying for ages that Denton Station is a neglected local asset and hopefully one day soon it will be restored to its former glory as it once again becomes a working passenger station. For anyone interested in the long term future of this little used station you could visit the Friends of Denton Station Website where you will find all kinds of interesting information and activities regarding the station. Tameside Citizen


DW = longest life expectancy in Tameside said...

Shush or you will wake Hally from his slumber and start him ranting about deadly non-existant pollution near to that station.

Anonymous said...

Cop for this bucket mouth.
May 1st 2013
The Supreme Court has declared that the UK Government is failing in its legal duty to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution.
This landmark decision in ClentEarth`s case is a departure from the judgement`s of the lower courts and paves the way for the European Commission to take legal action against the UK.
ClientEarth`s case includes 16 cities including Manchester.
The way is now open to immediate enforcement action at national or European level.
If the UK Government breaks
the law citizens can demand justice and the courts must act.

So bucket mouth next step is to cite TMBC as in breach of Environmental Air Pollution in accordance with the May 1st decision 2013 by the European Supreme Court..

Obviously my fact relating information proves that the Supreme Court is aware of Adults and Children being forced in Manchester into ingesting cancer creating toxins on a daily basis.
Now I am unlike the TMBC bastards who enjoy seeing children and infants being abused and harmed with cancer creating toxins so be prepared the mouthy tat who are totally devoid of consciences.that your refusals to accept the law concerning air pollution will be passed on to those
responsible for implementing the law
I will be forwarding the substantiated facts to the Supreme Court and the European Commission and placing the substantiated facts and names forward for early action concerning TMBC and its Councillors.

Those Councillors sitting on any health panels,committees or advisory groups and responsible for totally ignoring their responsibilities concerning Air Pollution must now be
considered as acting with deliberate gross negligence,and the list of those Councillor hypocrites
must be named and shamed for their complicity in knowingly avoiding their responsibilities regarding air pollution.
So Gwynne,gobby Brenda and the phantom Councillors for Denton West its time that you obeyed the law.
Unlike you Gwynne and BW when you tried to deceive the House of Commons BW was not a Councillor earning money,and with two other paid jobs,which Gwynne had full knowledge of.
Showing cowardice in not answering constituents in a public forum meeting proves conclusively you are definately not fit for purpose and should hang your heads down with shame for the deliberate and knowingly gross negligence and serious health you have instigated for thousands of Tamesiders.
Dont gob it again wiuth your repetitive parroting of the same one line crap,you have already clearly indicated your type,to many others,so belt up and copy this to your MP mentor who is an utter disgrace as a person.

It took a long time but be ready for the European Commission actions against TMBC.

Anonymous said...

so non existent pollution must be a raving imbecile and constant liar to use such words your an absolute nutter.
Sod off Councillor

Not green, and unpleasant said...

That's right, the massive numbers of stationary cars at the junction of the two motorways every day, one of the most inefficient and badly designed junctions in Britain, emit no pollution whilst stopping, standing and starting again do they.

Tameside Council's eager manipulation and usage of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and its lucrative rewards in terms of local tax and central government financial rewards when housing is built ('They've got to go somewhere', is what passes for the reasoning, because 'We've got to ignore the real cause, immigration') will help to ensure chronic overcrowding, massively overstretched infrastructure and vast increases in pollution, in the already overcrowded borough, in the years ahead.

Ghost Train said...

There's another group dedicated to saving this waste of time and money: Station At Denton Get It Thriving Soon or SADGITS for short.

Anonymous said...

Time these TMBC corrupt parasites called Councillors were booted as far as possible.
they are simply greedy scumbags

Tamesider said...

All our old local rail stations would
now be ideal for helping to take traffic off the road.

What a pity we were so short sighted in the 60's, when they were closed.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore Hall. He blows off more hot air than a hydro thermal vent. He has no hard evidence and cannot even tell us why his little patch of Tameside has the highest life expectancy despite his bizarre claims of deadly levels of airborne pollutants in the area.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just ignore Hall

This is a TMBC Labour Councillor who is the mouthpiece of a rattled corrupt devious Council.
Making unsubstantiated statements with a refusal to say where their rhetoric comes from,who researched the claims,where are the statistics to verify the comments they make,why do they remain Anon if they have any substantiated evidence to prove their bogus claims,and do not forget you and I are paying these cretins money to create lies without proof.
They are thick, unbelievably stupid and their lives revolve around lies and deceit in order to protect their Labour positions and aim their rhetoric at the type of public they need to sustain their retarded utter constant bullshit.
The types you are encouraged to vote for hide behind anonymous bucket mouth types who remove their Councillor status could never have succeeded
in the business and commercial world,so they slink behind each other pretending they are simply the crap end of society feathering their financial nests every day of the week.
Ask yourself why does a Councillor or MP want to remain anonymous ? on TC its because their so-called credibility would be destroyed within minutes of declaring themselves,and their financial interests could be seriously damaged
and they would be signing on as unemployable
thickoes unless they concocted an alternative scam of being a Councillor or MP.
They will bully, intimidate
concoct stories,hide under stones,dismiss accountability and probity as being trouble making,so just take a look at the types now in control well they originate from the evil despotic and corrupt regime which has has lingered for many years in Tameside,yet without any intellectual brains they succeed as scum does on a cesspit.
Face me in an open forum debate or shut your recognised bucket mouths full of crap,and that`s
definitely a fact.
So Gwynne and his sycophantic Klingon's your not fit to be anything other than vessels full of unadulterated shite.
Come on let the monkeys back out of their cages to squawk.
A somewhat interesting event recently was the knowledge that a TMBC insider with a definite grudge has started to release very damming information about TMBC involving a reasonable number of named Councillors
and Officials.
Now that`s the finger of fate at work over Tameside.

Hell. On Earth. said...

@ Tamesider, yes but it would cost a fortune and only make a miscule dent in the amount of road traffic.
The problem of course isn't the car, which is indisputably superior to other forms of transport in terms of convenience, flexibility, comfort, practicality etc, it's the volume of cars, caused of course by the volume of people.
England is one of the most overcrowded counties in the world (1054 people per square mile officially, in reality it is MUCH higher than that) and with exponentially growing immigrant birthrates and a still totally out of control immigration system (both EU and global) it is set to get A LOT worse in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Hall should stop his bloody ranting and put himself up for election if he has something important to say. Come on Hall, let the people decide. The way I see it he is nothing more than a rebel who hates democracy because if he respected democracy he wouldn't be always attacking local politicians who were fairly elected to serve the people.

Anonymous said...

True Democracy relies on a fair system, i.e not the existing one. Also on a resonable, average standard of knowledge and intelligence amongst the electorate, i.e. not the current ones.
What we have now in the UK (a few proper PR exceptions aside in Scottish local elections etc), is an unfair cretinocracy.
Fortunately, with UKIP's significant improvements in the ongoing elctions, it looks as if a significant number of people are actually waking up to the REAL nature of the existing system run by, and in the interests of, the current Lib/Lab/Con three card trick.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it he is nothing more than a rebel who hates democracy because if he respected democracy he wouldn't be always attacking local politicians who were fairly elected to serve the people.

Fairly elected eh ! you obviously are dyslectic if you cannot read that the vast numbers in Tameside have not voted Labour,they abstain or vote other than Labour
Democracy my arse your a another labour liar

Councillors guilty of postal votes fraud that would 'shame a banana republic' said...

Here's an interesting figure from the South Shields parliamentary by-election. 58.2% of those who voted Labour did so using a postal vote. So undoubtedly the dead, the never born those others usually excluded from the voting the franchise until Labour introduced wide spread postal voting all turned out in droves to vote for Labour yesterday.

PS, this is another reason they feel so confident when trying to goad Mr Hall into standing in elections. They know very well that the system is totally rigged in their favour and despite Mr Hall winning the argument, he would lose the vote due to the rigging of postal votes by the usual suspects.

Postal votes should be banned except for those who genuinely cannot make it to the polling station because of ill health or disability. We have witnessed massive Labour postal vote fraud in Tameside and without it the political landscape of this borough would look somewhat different.

Beeching should have been axed said...

It would be great if Denton station were to reopen. It would make my hellish daily commute into Manchester bearable if I could leave the car at the station and catch the train.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we should reopen it to suit you and a few others. Providing you're prepared to pay for it.

George Orwell 1984 said...

TC I've been walking around in Ashton with this poster) I went through the council officers, and I was assaulted by the security guard, he hit me twice in the kidneys.
I then went through the mall, and was told by the security in there that I could not walk through.
Roy West

SerpentSlayer said...

Hiring private thugs now are they? It's time we reestablished a warrior class within our society, a gentlemanly order who put cowards and villains in their place.
If you need back up next time Roy, you need only give me a shout, any hurdling trying to assault my person or yours would taste the ground.

Anonymous said...

When they start taking away your basic right to protest, then you must be aware of George Orwell's 1984.

Least s**t option said...

If Farage has the brains to target those who are actually likely to VOTE UKIP, i.e thinking British people, not immigrants or Vote Labour no matter what retards, his party could continue to prosper and more.

Anonymous said...

Ukip are an interesting phenomenon but I find it odd that with the exception of a few pre election smears the media have been drooling over them and Mr Farage. I hope they are the real deal and not another state safety valve.

Least s**t option said...

The fact is if millions decided to wake up to the Lib/Lab/Con trick and vote UKIP it would force change.
The weight of public opinion is easily capable of making the establishment chage tack, that's why the powers that be detest elections so much.

SerpentSlayer said...

If England is to be saved, it will not be by people who are scared to be seen as racists and who fully support Jewish interests.

UKIP are trying to make an omelette without breaking any eggs. They keep out true patriots in conjunction with Communists (such as Searchlight) and support Globalism and Zionism. UKIP are false-friends, at best a protest vote.

If we are to see England and the other nations that inhabit this island, free again, it will be through much greater sacrifice than waving a union jack and saying "I am not a racist, but..."

Anonymous said...

It's a pity he didn't get him one nuts instead.

Anonymous said...

sorry to disappoint you serpent slayer, but in the length of time needed to 'save' Britain there will be few British people left. At the rate many of our young women are spawning mixed race kids we'll be more racially akin to Brazil sooner than you think. The eternal optimists in the so-called 'nationalist' camp still seem to talk as if the non-whites are fresh off windrush. In 2013 certain realities have to be taken account of, and parroting the line that "we are still the majority" as some on here do only shows how divorced from reality you are.

Young blood said...

Correct. We AREN'T the majority in OUR OWN CAPITAL CITY. Neither are we in many other major cities.
The lower down the age demographic you go the worse the proportions get.

steak and kidney pudding said...

Let's hope it was painful.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of our people are selfish, have all but the most basic levels of self awareness, are gullible in the extreme, can easily be bought off by the prospect of a new TV or the latest mobile phone and are the most excruciating examples of herd animals you can get.

We as a Nation cling to the coat tales of our ancestors. The majority of the current British population on the whole (emphasis on the majority not all) cannot hold a flame to what they built and achieved. In purely Darwinistic terms we as a people are ripe for extinction.

Starvation will be the only motivator. The sad fact is, if this country is ever to be rejuvenated and brought back into the rightful hands of its indigenous people, it will take the most vicious civil war imaginable. The harsh truth of the matter is the demographics have gone too far. I do not advocate it, but the fact is if the indigenous people really want their ancestral homeland back, it will require forced repatriation of aliens most likely at gunpoint and the burning of our cities. This just isn't going to happen.

I think people know this deep down, hence the fact the demographics are not even discussed.

Reality Bites said...

There are innumerable factors contantly at play and the fact is, however likely one outcome may appear, you never know what might happen.

ex-Labour said...

I don't giv a fcuk about the working class, they are the idiots that got us into this $h!t by always voting Labour. The majority of them are morons, they say they are against immigration but vote fort party of Immigration, classic example is Gillingham Duffy during the last election. the Labour Party must be laughing their heads off no matter how badly they treat the Working class, the working classes always vote for them . The Labour Party loathes and despise working class people labelling them as morons,bigots ugly stupid and embarrassing.