Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Brave new world of Universal Credit benefits finds an uncertain welcome on the streets of Ashton-under-Lyne

To the Work and Pensions Secretary in Westminster, Monday’s tentative launch of Universal Credit was the “start of a fundamental cultural shift of the welfare system”. To many of those in the vanguard of Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms in one small part of Greater Manchester, though, it was a confusing and worrying move into the unknown.

There was a steady stream of visitors to the Jobcentre Plus in Ashton-under-Lyne, a small town to the east of Manchester, chosen as the first place in the country to implement Universal Credit. Read more: The (not so) Independent


Anonymous said...

That video is what's everything wrong with Benefit Britain. A YouGov survey suggests that 77% of the population agree with the governments welfare reforms. Remember that Labour's James Purnell suggested many of these ideas and there were many in the Labour party that supported him then. So what's so different about what the government is doing now?

The working classes should ditch Labour as they no longer stand up for them. They are more interested in benefit cases and grant grabbers.

Roy West Made This Video! said...

I made this video in Dukinfield today, if you are easily shocked don't follow the blue link.1

Roy West said...

Sorry better link

Anonymous said...

The governments 'space allowances'...

There must, AS A MINIMUM, be sufficient space for all pigs to be able to lie down and stand up in their natural position.

SerpentSlayer said...

I have no idea whatsoever about the UC system, being on 54 quid a week I couldn't care less about people being limited to 500 at most, I couldn't believe people were getting more than that in the first place!
I get bugger all but for how much work I do for it it isn't so bad but the idea of people getting more than a university graduate would while not even having to undergo the work programme nonsense or even signing on is ludicrous. Massive works schemes, higher wages, women back in the home (with exceptions) and an expansion of the forces, that's the answer, but to get that we have a load of droppings to shovel out.

Shame of UKIP Nazis - front page of the Daily Mirror today said...

I think UKIP types owe us ex BNP types a huge shamefaced apology. Now do you see what you get if you oppose the big parties you stupid mugs? Thought you were special did you?

UKIP was totally gutless in opposing immigration until nationalists stuck their necks out first.

They are innocents but they are getting battle training now and hardened veterans from the ex BNP can advise.

I've been tied up in my home and beaten, had 'Nazi' posters about me put up in my street, my neighbours 'visited', and similar round the university I attended, death threats by letter and telephone, bottles thrown, attacked in street, and the police tried to recruit me as an informer. Many many others can report similar. People have no idea what happens if you oppose the big parties.

UKIP has it easy. But they don't really believe the system is shooting at them. It's a democracy right?

Daily Mail too said...

Seriously, UKIP really need to take advice about what awaits them if they become a genuine threat to the status quo. They must prepare themselves for provocation and physical assault. Any obscure skeletons in the closet regardless of how old they are will be dredged up. They must be prepared to be demonised in the press following the creation of fake Facebook/Twitter accounts in their name. There is so much to warn them about and they are foolish if they think it will never happen to them.

Anonymous said...

Whilst having a degree of sympathy with R.West,especially his partner,and the constant serious friction between GMP and himself.
After all this time I would
not have left this situation but contacted top sources in the UK,requested legal aid,and asked for an interview with the Chief Constable to clarify the ongoing situation,and that would have been done months ago early in 2012 or even 2011.
Why has Mr R.West not telephoned Liberty for on line advice,or made a formal request to the PCA
for harassment inc incitement.
All and every option should have been researched a implemented a long time ago and not left to Local Court appearances where people know people.
Posting pictures on TC looking like the need for
battle does nothing to enhance your case,so this constant tussle should have been expanded to other organisations outside the region and my thoughts are based on not wanting to see Mr.Wests partner enduring further stress,so it could never have been solved in Tameside for a start long ago with so many "interests" being involved
so its down to you Mr.West provide and substantiate your historical situation in clearly defined text,and
take your concerns outside the Tameside area if you want an end to this matter and offer respite for your partner.
All in the hope that you need to take the blinkers off RW and do what "you" have to do if you want a quick cessation of what has been occurring.

Roy West said...

@30/04/2013 19:33
Remember, that Satan is Always near, but the Son of Man lives today!

Anonymous said...

Paedophile who sexually abused schoolgirls aged seven and eight is SPARED jail by judge to stop him losing his job

When are the thick public going to wake up and take action against a society whose scum have risen to the top in every part of those who administrate our lives.
The scum tell us what to do
or else you will be jailed,fined,discredited,
ridiculed,and then become
Such silence is an aid towards the scum who hold their heads up because they gain strength being all linked together.
Will prayers that these scum be eradicated from our midst be heard,I will give it a try,because there is no other course of action left in this rotten to the core small planet.

Anonymous said...

They're being transported. What do you expect, individual armchairs and iphones?

Satan's legions hate punishment said...

All paedophiles should be boiled in molten lead, then shot and their bodies rendered down for glue, fertiliser etc.
Punishments for ALL crimes should be severe and most important MANDATORY so any potential criminal KNOWS what they'll get (i.e no senile, soft, liberal judge, no paid state employed excusemongers dreaming up totally irrelevant 'mitigating circumstances' etc) and that it will be extremely unpleasant, long and painful.
It's called deterrent (to the offender and other potential offenders), punishment, and that punishment to be appropriate to the OFFENCE COMMITTED not liberal theorising about individual circumstances of the offender, WHO CARES?
All that matters is WHAT WAS DONE and what punishment the perpetrator receives.

Men of no principle said...

@ Anonymous 18:33, as an ex BNP candidate West will find it extremely difficult to get any support or fair treatment from the British authorities anywhere. They are petrified of being tarred with that particular brush.

Anonymous said...

"They're being transported. What do you expect, individual armchairs and iphones?"

In other words, either accept the nearest you can get to Hillsborough conditions without suffocating, or you're after sofas and silver platters. what a moron.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 23:11, They're obviously not suffering let alone suffocating just a bit cramped. Livestock treatment standards in this country (apart from the abominations of Halal and Kosher slaughter) are amongst the highest in the world. Animals should be treated and killed humanely but they're still animals not human. Hillsborough involved nearly a hundred human beings being crushed and suffocated to death so your comparison is truly 'moronic'.

animal lover said...

Them poor animals are suffering terrible pain. I am now officially an ex-meat eater after watching that.

Daily Mail: One in three babies in England now has a parent who was born abroad said...

Immigration or reverse colonisation? Your children's children will grow up in a land not conceivably imaginable when you were a child. We should thank our forefathers for passing on to us a safe and prosperous country just as they inherited from their forefathers. From now on, thanks to this weak, self indulgent and pathetic generation we will pass on to future generations a violent and divided land where they will live their lives as an abused and despised minority.

Pig Paradise said...

"Hillsborough involved nearly a hundred human beings being crushed and suffocated to death so your comparison is truly 'moronic'"

Interesting that amongst some of TC's holier-than-thou anti halal / kosher contributors, the pig industry seems suddenly to be completely beyond reproach. Well while you're enjoying that bacon butty with the smug satisfaction that you're doing your bit for animal welfare, I think you too ought to take a sip from the reality beaker. The word of the law on the transportation of pigs is unequivocal, and was flagrantly being breached in that footage. I wouldn't eat Tulip's cheap mass produced shit if you paid me, no more than I would those halal kebabs.

Anonymous said...

I know TC is for all comments and I appreciate that but are folk looking past immigration or the RW
saga (which is unfair on first looking)which requires RW to get overdue "proper legal representation",whilst the real enemy working and dominating every day for Tamesiders is the bloody Councillors who are laughing at you all secure in their control over all the services Housing,Development,Police,Radio,Press,Health,
Appointments into every sphere of Tameside life.
Your docile tepid acceptance of the controls
TMBC have will never cease until you start fingering the actual Councillors who
need carting through co-coordinated investigating them daily,otherwise your on a loser.

British Parliament, an invertebrates success story said...

The difference betwen a few thuggish slaughter house workers etc abusing animals (who all deserve to be severely punished) and Halal/Kosher is that the latter is state sanctioned suffering on a mass scale that would be ILLEGAL FOR NATIVE ABATTOIR workers. In other words alien culutures are being given the right to cut the throats of hundreds of thousands of fully conscious animals on a daily basis. Why, because we are governed by cowardly men of no principle.
If Islam for example consisted of a few thousand followers in Britain who proposed they should be given an exemption re animal slaughter on the grounds of their beliefs it would be stamped on by the authorities in short order. But because there are millions of them in the UK such a ban might 'make trouble' and when the basis of your political philosophy is unprincipled, anti-patriotic gutlessness, then craven appeasement to such mass scale barbarism is the only answer.

animal lover said...

fantastic post 14.32

Spam said...

To the best of my knowledge, many halal slaughtered animals are stunned. At any rate, I'd ban all religious slaughter, they'd make do with a vegan diet.

As for pigs, I think you'll find that was one case where they were found out - that doesn't amount to proof of clean caring hands in all other premises. There are calls for CCTV in all slaughterhouses. Animals being reared for human consumption deserve to be treated with dignity.


Cheale Meats Apologise said...

If it comes down to a question of trust, I'd reach for the bacon before the lamb or beef. Nevertheless, try and research what comes from where, though it isn't easy.

State sanctioned dual standards said...

How many are slaughtered after being stunned and how many have their throats slashed whilst fully conscious? The twin answer is: you don't know (no-one does); and it doesn't matter anyway if it's 50:50,less or more, it's still massive numbers of animnals undergoing state sanctioned, unnecessary and horrendous suffering. Imagine the uproar if, instead of humane methods, Islamic vets suddenly started euthanising sick or elderly family cats and dogs by slitting their throats whilst they were fully conscious in the name of alien barbarism.
The point is this disgusting savagery is legal and fully sanctioned by the state, but only to facilitate archaic and abhorrent foreign practices by a spineless, unprincipled and duplicitous establishment.
The dual standard whereby a British slaughterman would be prosecuted for despatching an animal in such a way, and those using the alien method would not, is no less abhorrent, traitorous and galling.

Unholy Trinity said...

As the organised and headlined attacks on UKIP accelerate before the upcoming elections many of their candidates, organisers and activists will be experiencing the same systematic media/establishment onslaught other 'extremist' parties have endured in the past.
Threaten to infiltrate the corridors of power in the fixed three party state and that's what you can now expect.