Friday, 10 May 2013

Ashton Under Lyne's best MC

If this 'gentleman' is typical of the British youth of today - we really are finished as a people. At first I thought his rap was just a bit of harmless fun, which unfortunately for him was recorded for posterity, however when you listen to what he is saying at 0.30 about Dale blowing away the coppers and claiming he is 'much worser'  it quickly becomes apparent that this specimen is out to make a name for himself. But, I am a believer in free speech and however distasteful his lyrics are, in a free country he should have a right to say them. He can even be forgiven for hating Denton and saying it is "full of punks" but when you watch his aggression towards an innocent passer by at 3.20 you realise that this 'bad boy' is a low life who deserves a good bunch of fives in the mush.


Debirther said...

Lethal Injection Deficiency Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Potential Labour voter, if only he could write an X.

SerpentSlayer said...

If I were to pick a favourite between New Charter's private police force of unquestioning goons and chinless, pot-smoking, anti-social morons, I would be hard pressed to pick one.

Perhaps if we arm all Police, arm all Chavs and let the two give each other a kicking, perhaps the world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

They are by no means unusual for both Tameside and Greater Manchester. Imagine the area in another 20-30 years when they've raised the next generation. Doesn't even bear thinking about.

wannabe wigger said...

Two years national service would do this little scrote a world of good.

Anonymous said...

Makes me piss how the underclass aspire to be black.

Reasoned Cull said...

Europe's abandoning of Eugenics in the 1930s and later the 1960s establishment's deliberate destruction of the traditional family unit (which has taken particular root in Britain) is responsible for the legions of subhumans, criminals, sluts and associated detritus we now see infesting the streets around us.
At 1054 people per square mile in England, we'd be lot better off in every conceivable way without these 'people'.

Planned Regression said...

Rap 'Music' was created by and for cretins, savages and children.
Professional critics refuse to rubbish it out of fear of being 'branded'.

Tamesider said...

What an absolute arsehole. Unemployed and unemployable, prison fodder in the making.

A typical example of 3 generations of scum bringing up scum. If ever there was a case for a population cull this lowlife typifies it.

Man, minus reason and accountability. said...

Feminism has 'empowered' many modern women to be unaccountable, irresponsible, parasitic sluts, which has played an essential part in destabilising the traditional family unit.
Precisely what it was created for.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its worth remembering that if your MP notifies you he is no longer representing you because you persistently fight against the huge air pollution in his constituency,then your appeals to the Commons Ombudsman for an investigation are blocked because you have too approach the Ombudsman via your MP.
They think they are fireproof these local politicians but nothing can protect them from the truth
Just needs some more digging yet but that`s no problem.

Anonymous said...

Press Editors in Tameside stop the truth emerging as do local broadcast media.
But the lines are breached when the Local PCT and CCG groups of Tameside health administrators refuse to acknowledge the publics concerns about pollution and its causes of deaths and diseases.
So Dr. Kailish Chand as the head of the CCG and a devoted Labour lobbyist
why are so many unqualified Labour Tameside Councillors
now entrenched in every possible Health Panel,Health Group,Advisory Health Group,Tameside Hospital positions with many Councillors having numerous positions in Our Health and Welfare administrations.
It needs a serious investigation into what is going on under your direction,especially as your Labour dominated groups are now involved in the vast £millions the Government has transferred into your budgets for you to administrate and purchase services from wherever you select ?????.
We need to have probity,accountability,and total openness from the health groups but whilst such groups are swamped by Tameside Labour Councillors
and their supporters, serious questions need answering but that`s not happening is it Dr.Chand ??when all my E.Mails are ignored by people whose salaries are paid by the public,and Health problems and the welfare of all Tamesiders is certainly your required task.
Wherever you seek and locate members of the numerous multitude of Heath Groups inside Tameside and even outside Tameside its staggering how many Tameside Councillors are parachuted into these groups.
It would be more appropriate if the PCT/CCG responded in a normal communication method instead of their present actions which require increasing blogs exposing the reality situations forced upon the public.

Anonymous said...

He's like a stuck record isn't he! Instead of ranting away on the internet why don't you pluck up the courage to stand in the next elections and then you can present your cranky conspiracy theories to the electorate. You won't because you know your claims won't stand up to scrutiny and you know the electorate would reject you. If you wish to debate with real politicians either put your name on the dotted line and stand or desist from making unsubstantiated claims about selfless people who are devoting their lives to serve the voting public, i.e. your local elected representatives.

Anonymous said...

Anon in a secret bunker said
. If you wish to debate with real politicians either put your name on the dotted line and stand or desist from making unsubstantiated claims.

What arrogant thick uses of crap statements you make.

Real Politicians come Anon your in a fantasy land full of bunkers and hideouts and like yourself in hiding as always, just gobbing it
and retreating back to your bunker licking your wounds
because the truth hurts for you and your mob of greed ridden bully type crap.

In Tameside we have spawned a stinking dollop of crud.and Tameside have
ever never given you a majority because they want decent,honest,caring and simply normal men and women who want to benefit Tameside not their own bloody pockets,
You are prepared to mix and back the crap in our society as the recent Labour scum have been exposed for seriously abusing children,and I have no doubt all the truth will out what Tameside Councillors past and presnt
and brought a district of Greater Manchester onto its knees.
You and your ilk never ever manage to argue facts about TMBC,in fact you simply utter a load of stupid garbage which indicate your maximum limitations in life.
Non of your pals including Gwynne would ever hold a real open forum public meeting where you would really be put to the test for your pretenses,
sleaze,and avoidance's, simply because that would blow your credibility through the window within minutes, and that`s a real bloody fact and you know it Anon in hiding.

we mest secure the existance of our people and a future for white children said...

The title is best answered by another question: who will stand up for Britain and her people? Who, moreover, will protect the legacy of our forebears and our rights to and in our ancestral homeland?

Census figures have recently revealed that the English have entered minority status in our own capital city, London, where merely 43% of the population are of traditional, ethnic English descent. Such demographic changes have occurred rapidly, without consent or consultation. Merely a decade ago, the warning of such an outcome would have been received with derision and condemnation.

Cockneys, who once populated the East End, are largely extinct in their traditional locality, having migrated out of London, mainly into Essex, in a process known as ‘white flight’.

Before Labour’s Nationality Act of 1948, the UK was remarkably unchanged since the Norman invasion, with minor immigration from Hugenot elements during the 17th Century – protestant refugees of kindred European origin.

Today, within less than one lifetime, the demographic make-up of our island has been altered beyond recognition, with significant parts of our cities no longer English.

This continuing process, unless arrested, will ultimately reduce our people to minority status – not only in London but throughout our island Kingdom.

Who, therefore, will speak out for the British, for our culture, heritage, history, legacy and future? Who will speak out for future generations, for whom we are custodians and who have been granted no vote in the processes to extirpate Britishness?

The rich tappestry of diversity said...

Muslim v Muslim clash in Londonistan yesterday. What would our forefathers make of it?

Democracy. In name only. said...

@ Anonymous 14:05, 'Selfless people who are devoting their lives to serve the voting public.'
Whatever anyone thinks of John Hall the above statement is lying, hypocritical crap. Ask the people who HAVE stood about the tactics used against them in the one party stitched up cretinocracy of Tameside.
Labour would shit themselves if the first past the post system was scrapped, voting was made compulsory and the local media wasn't bought and paid for.

Freudian slip said...

@ The rich tapestry of diversity, Welcome to nuke Londo...sorry New London.

Anonymous said...

Democracy. In name only. said..

Many thanks for supporting
those Tamesiders who have
been robbed rotten by a band of misfits,and we will still keep fighting.
John Hall

Anonymous said...

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