Monday, 6 May 2013

Wild Mink on the loose

I spotted this little chappy on the riverbank this afternoon. The photos will win no prizes because they were taken from a distance with a prime 50mm lens which means they are heavily cropped and as a result a lot of the detail has been lost.

Minks are good looking animals but some experts claim they are a pest and that they're responsible for killing many native species. Large numbers of minks were liberated from fur farms by animal rights activists but since then they have adapted to the British climate and started to breed and are now in the process of colonising canal and river banks right across the country.


SerpentSlayer said...

I remember the sun newspaper making light of the release of these creatures about 16 years ago, the stupidity of 'animal rights' activists is astonishing. You would think people extreme enough to use violence and burglary to further their ends would bother to learn about the habits of wildlife.

tonydj said...

Hmmmm...might go a huntin' and pot me a fur coat for my lady friend.

If I aint been beaten to it by some early riser who has put his towel down and claimed a prime spot.

Minkey business said...

Saw a 'wild' i.e. born wild, one of these in western Scotland a few years ago. We put an egg out for bait at 23:30 and waited. After two hours it turned up and carefully picked up the whole egg in its mouth and scampered off. An amazing sight.

Minority Report said...

Witnessed first hand the ongoing 'enrichment' of Stalybridge this afternoon.
God knows what the place will look like in ten years.

'Ethnic majority' areas growing, says report said...

Invasive fury foreign fiends are the least of troubles if you read this report published in the Telegraph today.

Towton 1461 said...

We need a f***ing big, long, high wall like they've got in Israel. The capital should be moved from 'New' London to York which is at least still an English city.

Walter "Wat" Tyler said...

We have been sold down the river by the Lib/Lab/Con traitors. Only with them removed can this country be saved.

Muslims dominate the natives on the streets of Norway said...

This is a Darwinian dominance struggle between males.

PC Plod = Race Traitor said...

It's only White western countries having it forced on them.

Anonymous said...

anyone look into the Muslims beliefs concerning their originator.
heard a radio programme which declared there was no records of the date and location where he was born.
no documents which were attributed to him during his life, it seems he was somewhat mysterious person who cannot be confirmed.
Any other idea`s about what is the truth.

don't rock the boat said...

Anon@16.24. You are steering into very dangerous territory by asking that. Do not disturb a hornets nest instead just repaeat after me: Islam is a religion of peace, love and tolerence.

The Needle Blog said...

There's something fishy about the Stuart Hall scandal. The Needle Blog has more. Talk of a former MP who is now a Lord as well. The original article in the Independent was quickly changed but it is highly suspect.

Anonymous said...

The Needle Blog said...
There's something fishy about the Stuart Hall scandal.
Check out the links between
Lord Pendry,Owen Oyston and R.Oldham
Good hunting

Towton 1461 said...

The whole rotten country needs purging in human blood.

Wiki said...

Seems Stuart Hall was a member of the Labour Party.

He sounds rather like that other rich Labour Party wideboy, Owen Oyston.

Oyston the 'socialist' building sales magnate and owner of Blackpool FC got years in jail for rape.

Oyston was the subject of controversy again in 2007, when he was invited by Sir Alex Ferguson and former sports minister Richard Caborn to a Labour Party fundraising event in the new Wembley Stadium and attended by the newly-appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Oyston attended the event and subscribed for two tables of guests. After BBC Newsnight screened Oyston's arrival at the stadium, a spokesman for Gordon Brown said, "Mr Brown did not meet Mr Oyston, nor was he aware of his presence in advance. Mr Brown has asked the general secretary of the Labour Party to investigate the circumstances, but he has already instructed him that any donation from Mr Oyston should not be accepted."[31]

The Sunday Times Rich List, which annually lists the 2,000 wealthiest people or families in the United Kingdom has Oyston's wealth along with his son Karl at £105M said...

Introduced to a young lady at an office Christmas party in 2007, Hall - in full sight of other guests - simply reached out his hand and plunged it down her dress. Then he began to laugh, and not a bit embarrassed, turned on his heel and walked off.

The guests at the event, hosted by Owen Oyston, a close friend of Hall’s who had been jailed a decade earlier for rape, were not particularly surprised by his behaviour.

Guido Fawkes said...

>>>>>>Tameside Labour Party might want to think about giving their disgraced member Stuart Hall the boot<<<<<<

David Icke forum post 64609 (click here and scroll down) said...

Thursday, 6 December 2012. Lord Tom Pendry Keeps Some Good Company! As widely reported by the press today, Stuart Hall OBE was arrested and charged with indecently assaulting three girls aged between 9 and 16 throughout 1974 and 1984. It is widely known that Stuart Hall, born in Ashton-under-Lyne and later living in neighbouring Stalybridge was close friends with the Labour Peer, Tom Pendry, the former MP for Stalybridge &Hyde. So close in fact.............

Stuart Hall with current and former Tameside MP said...

This is one scandal too far. Look at the links: Labour Party + Owen Oyston + Roy Oldham + Pendry + Stuart Hall = ?????

I think J Hall has documents linking the lot of them in connection to a land development deal. What else were they up to?

>>CLICK said...

The BBC became so concerned with Stuart Hall's political affiliation, that they suspended him from his Look North show for the duration of the election as it had tarnished his impartial image. Not one shy to do pull in favours for his mates, as MP, he set up an Early Day Motion congratulating Stuart Hall on his 40th year in broadcasting. It wasn't just Lord Pendry and Stuart Hall who knocked about together across Tameside. Part of that Old Boys Club was Owen Oyston and the late Roy Oldham, the former leader of Tameside Council. It is known in political circles across the borough that the group of men would meet at the Old Rectory in Denton where they would spend their afternoons

Anonymous said...

This is just a small smattering of details about a piece of shite that when Oyston was sentenced Pendry hot footed it from his seat in the Court to the Court cells where Oyston was removed too immediately after the sentence was given.
What would his first comment be to Oyston ??
(suggestions welcome)
As for his campaign in favor of smoking this ties in nicely with who and what Councillors B.Warrington was as a No 10 lobbyist being a senior Union leader for the Tobacco Industry.
Free tickets as a perk.
What a load of lousy crud has and still is being propagated in Tameside.
The Oyston Tigers girls football team was another creation of Oyston "I just wonder" if Pendry as a Sports promoter and R.Oldham were supporters of the Oyston Tigers girls team.
Talk about birds of a feather which is a very apt slogan for Tameside.

Disinfestation necessary said...

Wild speculation on various issues aside the fact is in Tameside, the same stagnant crew of mates, personal contacts etc from: politics; the media; council officials; the police and every arm of the local establishment have been in place for a LONG time.
This has helped breed complacency, stagnation, self-interest, people and groups looking after and out for each other, and decay.
The schools came fifth from bottom in the entire country, parts of the hospital are a long running disgrace, Tameside is now the hardest place in the North West region to find a job. The council has a housebuilding 'plan' that is decimating the borough by stealing our land, creating chronic overcrowding and traffic increase and stretching resources and infrastructure to breaking point.
In the electorate, the self-interested, and then the deadheads who vote Labour literally no matter what, are only partially to blame. The 70% plus of voters who can't even be bothered to take any interest let alone vote are the ones REALLY responsible.

Labour supporting human rights lawyer says said...

She says paedophiles who molest nine year old girls only guilty of “low level misdemeanours” and are victims of a ‘witch hunt’ she also calls for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to 13.

Ladies and gentlemen, I put it to you that paedophilia runs right through the heart of the Establishment and they will lash out violently at those who try to expose them.

Satan's Little Helpers said...

Anyone who wants to reduce the age of consent from the current reasonable level, 16 (in my view it should be 18) is working for the ultimate trickster, Satan himself.

Anonymous said...

Pendry is on the Football Federation which regularly hands out cash to kiddies football teams.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to have missed Bill Roache Coronation Street a Director with Oyston.
So here we have T.Pendry,O.Oyston W.Roach,S.Hall,R.Oldham all very big mates with Oyston.
Even the Kinnocks went on holidays with Oyston.
Check out links with other TMBC Labourites.
Its time their Castle was destroyed completely,these
sich perverted Labour bastards

SerpentSlayer said...

Let them lash out, our strokes will be aimed and calculated, while their response will be a flailing failure.
Like a swordsman who does not know the true way, they will slash at our hands and blades, while we aim to cut, surely and with the right spirit.

Anonymous said...

So Bill Roache off Coronation Street,Owen Oyston,Stewart Hall.Tom Pendy,R.Oldham were a cartel who are now fingered,but what about the Kinnocks who went on holiday with Oyston.
There must be many other girls of that era who have remained silent for whatever reason just like the Local Media and Police
who were aware,but investigative reporters were never a Tameside attribute,and are still in the grip of the Tameside filth.
Not many real men exist in this area so the saga will continue and prosper.
We owe gratitude to those who have created blogs where facts can be released because that`s the only outlets available and it needs expanding.
So where are the real men and women in Tameside who have locked in secrets which need even anonymously
lifting the sleazy,filthy stones to benefit the present,past,and future folk of Tameside.

Anonymous said...

A senior human rights barrister has called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13 in order to prevent the ‘persecution of old men’ such as Stuart Hall.
Thanks Barbara Hewson,your a credit to motherhood and the natural need for mothers to protect their kids from the increasing perverted shit
which surrounds us.
Who are her clients ???

Anonymous said...

Word of advice to TMBC Councillors resign before the finger of fate descends on you regardless of your assumed protective curtain
which is being investigated.

Anonymous said...

Oyston was the subject of controversy again in 2007, when he was invited by Sir Alex Ferguson and former sports minister Richard Caborn to a Labour Party fundraising event in the new Wembley Stadium

Alex Ferguson a Lord my arse
this totally eliminates him from such an honor seeing him sat next to Pendry in their ermin in the house of lords.
They should be wareing sack cloths and be in the stocks with the rest of the shysters who enjoy each others company and swopping stories.

Anonymous said...

In 1995 the Labour controlled Tameside metropolitan borough council, the Local Authority which had administered the area covered by the Stalybridge and Hyde constituency since 1974, made Pendry an honorary Freeman of the borough. At the same time, the council granted him the Lordship of the Manor of Mottram in Longdendale. Tameside Council have named part of Trinity Street in front of the old Stalybridge market hall, Lord Pendry Square.[3] Stalybridge Celtic have named one of their stands The Lord Tom Pendry Stand.[4]

Tameside Council and its then leader should have been exposed when these decisions
were made along with present Councillors who knew exactly what was happening with females.

Dump the vile scum in TMBC

The numbers don't lie said...

State of emergency - traces of pork show up in halal burgers served to Leicester school children. Assistant city mayor Vi Dempster said: "I am appalled by this situation. It is disgraceful that none of us can have confidence in the food we eat. We should all be able to have confidence in the food we are eating and clearly this is a particularly sensitive matter for the Muslim community and we recognise that." Of course, little has ever stopped local authorities feeding halal foods to our white British school kids on the quiet.

ordinary bloke and loving dad said...

If I read much more of this I am literally going to vomit. The suggestions I am reading are vile in the extreme. If the system is riddled with child molesters we need to root them out and reintroduce hanging to make sure they never offend again.

The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt said...

To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution - but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future - the School recommended (among other things):

1. The creation of racism offences.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

• attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.
• abolish differences in the education of boys and girls
• abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces
• declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’
Munzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: ‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.'

Broken Britain said...

'Barrister Barbara Hewson has claimed the age of consent should be lowered to 13 to protect older men in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal' She is not interested in protecting children what a vile and odious woman. A typical product of Frankfurt School conditioning.

Anonymous said...

So once again the Police investigate the Police.
Do they think we are a load of nutters.
Just shows what oppression
does to the fabric of society.
The UK is an out of control jungle and the public still
sit and let the sleaze develop.
The crud is leading the crud.

Anonymous said...

100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens
Global investigation gets under way as HM Revenue and Customs acts on leaked data

Never forget one of the worlds top legal advisers and expert on money laundering employed by the World Bank is only Tony Blairs Barrister brother.
They're having a laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

MP GWYNNE CALLS on residents to have say on Tameside Hospital
It is hugely important that Tameside residents have their say on our local hospital. Our local NHS staff perform essential work under challenging conditions, and they carry out their duties with diligence and pride. and what do you get a bloody Dentists forum.
This MP has his mates on more Health panels than at any previous times,and for this vile hypocrite to announce this on his blog
is an affront to the dead and harmed who were in Tameside Hospital over many years suffering and dying.
The dead cannot complain Gwynne and your credibility is zero

Anonymous said...

Why not look into why your PCT and now CCG Tameside Health administrators have decided not to acknowledge or respond to my concerns about the Health and Welfare of Tamesiders concerning Air Pollution.
It seems they think they can get away with blatant discrimination so they join your club in deciding who can have free speech and those banned from offering the truth.
Perhap Kailish Chand as the
dominant Labour supremo on the CCG needs more exposing challenges by those telling the truth

Anonymous said...

Not bloody Manchester again still leading the field with
perverted scum reports.
Those ruling individuals are spawning sex molesters
like tadpoles and then putting their spawned filth
into leading positions.
There appears a reluctance by the women of Manchester to declare their need to regain mothering instincts.
Come on ladies your the historic defenders of children lets hear your revulsion loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Steven
Chief Executive 166,929 - - 27,209 194,138 192,469 -
Unnamed Executive Director,
Children, Learning and
Economic Services
133,277 - - 21,724 155,001 153,668 -
Unnamed Executive Director,
Economy &
20,634 62,854 - 3,363 86,851 142,746 -
Unnamed Executive Director,
Community Services
- - - - - 142,746 -
Unnamed Executive Director,
Executive Support
(Deputy Chief
55,544 32,430 - 9,054 97,028 107,687
Unnamed Executive Director,
Environment, Adults
and Health Services
123,804 - - 20,180 143,984 new position -
Unnamed Executive Director of
124,003 - - 20,212 144,215 138,936 -Council Name Job title 2011-12 remuneration (£) Total
n 2010-11
Salary Compensation
for loss of office
Unnamed Executive Director of
115,205 - - 18,778 133,983 132,038 -
Unnamed Executive Director,
103,555 - - 16,879 120,434 127,810 -
Unnamed Unknown 102,500 - - - 102,500 - -
Unnamed Unknown 102,500 - - - 102,500

Well done Labourites your the modern pirates and pocket pickers and what`s amazing your absolutely
thick are-soles acting far
above your endemic low intelligence.

Brenda said...

Sometimes you will find that those who protest the loudest have the most to hide themselves.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
Sometimes you will find that those who protest the loudest have the most to hide themselves.

That might well apply to yourself,however I am 100%
honest with never anything to fear from TMBC stooges.
Perhaps I should offer courses too Tameside Councillors for free.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
Sometimes you will find that those who protest the loudest have the most to hide themselves.

That might well apply to yourself,however I am 100%
honest with never anything to fear from TMBC stooges.
Perhaps I should offer courses too Tameside Councillors for free.

10/05/2013 15:36

Anonymous said...

Once the extra development being created at the
M60/M67/A57 interchange is completed too add to this accident hot spot, with an illuminated observed for miles tower as a distraction.
Please remember if you are involved in a vehicle or pedestrian accident of any kind you should claim compensation from the TMBC Solicitor and Planning Department for granting permission for substantially increasing distraction visual items
which is a know distraction
to thousands of drivers arriving from 23 traffic lanes.
I suggest you may well have
a very valid claim for compensation especially because the Greater Manchester Police were not consulted concerning road safety,and the Highways Agency at first refused their backing,until someone at TMBC had a further chat with with the Highways Agency to change their decision.
You know it makes sense to sue when deliberate huge distractions to drivers are approved by TMBC.
(Solicitor is Sandra Stewart)


Anonymous said...

We don't know how this slipped under our radar, but Tameside and Glossop NHS PCT issued a press release to encourage people in Tameside to stop smoking which can be downloaded here [Word Doc]. The press release has some shocking claims:In Tameside, there are 458 deaths from smoking per year, amounting to a total of nine deaths per week. ‘Don’t miss out on your family’s future’ is the message behind a local campaign launched by NHS Tameside and Glossop and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council to encourage smokers to quit in 2009."
The press release comes from an employee of Tameside and Glossop NHS PCT and Labour Councillor, Brenda Warrington for the Denton West ward whose cabinet role is "Cabinet Deputy and Executive Member for Personal and Community Services with responsibility for Health and Social Care within TMBC."
But what you may or may not know is that Councillor Brenda Warrington was previously chair of The Tobacco Workers' Alliance (TWA). A contradiction or not? After all she was there to represent the workers right? Actually no, thanks to Google we have found press releases a plenty and we get to see Brenda's view on smoking:
Remember Ecclestonegate? Well Brenda backed it up and was fully against a ban on tobacco advertising claiming it would lose 9,000 jobs.
British jobs for British workers? Brenda was way ahead of you all when she went against British jobs moving abroad for companies to save money. Back in 2005!
*Then the smoking ban in public places. You guessed it - Brenda was there again fully against it.
We just can't see how Brenda can continue with her job being responsible for health in Tameside and fronting an anti-smoking campaign when her campaign history of going against the Labour government's anti-smoking legislation shows some massive contradictions and hypocrisy - she should resign.
UPDATE 05/03/09: Looks like this has made it to the press with no credit mentioned. The Tameside Advertiser published it on this weeks edition on page two and online. Word of Brenda has also spread nationally to this weeks Private Eye (Eye: 1231) Rotten Boroughs column.

Anonymous said...

Oyston homes in on Spain
John Waples
Published: 23 November 2003
THE former chairman of Blackpool football club, one-time media baron and convicted rapist Owen Oyston has teamed up with a Labour peer to run a Spanish estate-agent.
Oyston, jailed for raping a 16-year-old model, has bought the firm in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. Since his release he has consistently protested his innocence.
The company, which specialises in selling luxury properties around the fashionable resort has been renamed Oyston Steel, and while Oyston is not one of the seven directors named at Companies House, he is the sole owner of the business.
The directors include Lord Pendry, the former Stalybridge and Hyde MP who once served as shadow sports minister. Pendry has been one of Oyston’s loyal supporters and in 1995 he accused two Conservative politicians of masterminding a dirty tricks campaign against him.
So what favours and awards did Roy Oldham give his mate Pendry for staying quiet about the Oyston/Pendry/Oldam Fun

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What interesting reading today on TC.
So here we have lots of existing Councillors knowing what was going on for years
by the sleazy Labour group.
But they are still showing their faces and demanding respect.
So Quinn,Gwynne,Reynolds,
Taylor,Cooney,Pleasant,for starters you should include yourselves in definately knowing of all these facts posted today from a variety of sources,and when you look in a mirror tell yourself
"I am definitely not a fit person to represent the people of Tameside with that lot linked with me, and I stayed totally silent"


Child sex abuse case concludes - no racism involved said...

Don't worry, the victims are only white kids. If the victims were all Pakistani Muslim kids and all the attackers white British males, the BBC and police would still say there was no 'racist' motive, yes?

Link said...

Thanks for the link to the letter regarding the local politicians attending lavish 'free' meals at a Labour Friends of Israel event. The author of that letter deserves praise for bringing it to the attention of the wider public. While they stuffed themselves Palestinian children starved and suffered. Lobbying groups such as the LFI should be investigated as they are used to tempt greedy politicians to do the bedding of a terrorist regime in occupied Palestine.

Brits Behaving Badly said...

smashing windows, vandalising cars, and deliberately intimidating vulnerable people and pensioners.

Local residents described how the 16-year-olds turned the area into 'hell on earth', leaving some elderly people too terrified to step outside their front doors.

Widower Doreen Baxendale, 76, a retired weaver, said: 'Those two boys are utterly lawless and have no respect for the elders. We never behaved like that at their age.

'They fight, shout and swear and jump on cars and other things. It's appalling.

'They have even been banging on my door at 2am in the morning and I've had to call the police. It's frightening because I live by myself and they make everyone feel very uncomfortable in their own community,' Mrs Baxendale added (watch it Doreen or they'll have you on a hate charge for not accepting cultural differences with a smile)