Saturday, 11 May 2013

Attack on Catholic education in Tameside.

Tameside Council are carrying out a consultation the effect of which will be to remove the discretionary provision of free transport to pupils/students attending a particular school on the grounds of their parents’/carers’ religion or belief.

In short, some pupils attending St Damians RC science college and who get free passes because of the distance they must travel will now lose them.

See this on Tameside's web site-

This affects 350 pupils throughout Tameside and will "save" the council £108000. Which is a fraction of the salary paid to the top dozen or so unelected council officials in the borough.

It will hit the poorest sections of the community the hardest. Parents have the freedom of choice to send their children to their preferred school, but not the cash to do so.

For once New Charter are NOT throwing their money around.

Of course, old conspiracy theorists like me see an ulterior motive here. The Catholic children forced into a state school which does not have a Catholic / Christian ethos will be subjected to what laughingly is described as "education". While the Catholic Schools deprived of their catholic pupils will have to take in non-Catholics with a consequent dilution of that school's ethos. 

"Frankfurt School" ring a bell?


Thomas Cronin said...

Which power washers do you consider the best? Bosch or Karcher?

Stagnant, greedy and corrupt said...

They can get a System One Junior monthly saver for £35.75 which entitles them to 28 days travel (£1.27 a day) on any bus, including school buses. All free school bus travel should be scrapped not just on religious grounds. There's a squeeze on and in sympathy the massively overpaid upper echelons (elected and appointed) of TMBC should all take a 20% pay cut. Of course they won't because they're exempt from the effects of the recession. Why? THEY JUST ARE.

Anonymous said...

There`s an orchestrated attack on all aspects of the
fabric of our society.
So who cares,look around you everywhere throughout Tameside as you walk,shop,use buses,go into pubs,or seek indulgence in the fast food outlets.
You need spec savers without a doubt if you cannot recognise the outlandish out of control society around you.
Just one small solitary example is how many parents take their kids into the countryside at weekends to explore the lanes,footpaths,hills,
wildlife,geology,historic sites etc.
That`s where the rot sets in with parents now sitting on their fat backsides,wanting others or TV or Games machines to take over their responsibility to enlighten and develop a childs knowledge of some of the the good things on this planet.
Kids in prams sucking on sausage rolls,or infants being fed crap in food outlets whilst parents gorge on shit and then complain does my arse look big in this,shouting I need help from the medics to stop me eating.
The thousands of losers in Tameside scream we haven't money to spare taking our kids into the local countryside as they sit in local pub gardens and the kids use a slide.
No its 80% of parents who
want it,expect it demand it,and do sod all themselves in entertaining and teaching their own kids.
So the attacks are not simply on religious issues,
but the total shedding of responsibilities by the toe rags.

Anonymous said...

The establishment cockroaches don’t like it when you shine a light on them. THIS is what happens to whistle-blowers, when they expose and oppose the lying, double dealing snakes in government, councils, courts, local authorities, police forces, newspaper and TV companies (particularly the BBC), who are collectively the puppets of the banksters.

Through a cabal of Freemasonic Common Purpose secret societies and highly paid government quango’s, those snivelling wretches enable the evil bankster organisations to fraudulently hold the British people to ransom, by CREATING MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR and pretending to ‘loan’ it to the British people, plus interest!

Britain’s National Debt, which enslaves all of us in an ever increasing level of Tax Slavery, is created purely to make the banksters rich!

Virtually every penny that we pay in direct and indirect taxes is paid to the banksters, in a vain attempt to pay off the so-called ‘National Debt’, which will never be paid off, until and unless the people tell the banksters and crooked politicians where to go!

If the production, control and issuance of money was in the hands of the British People, through honest government, we would not owe one penny to the banksters and we would not need any taxation.

Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would NOT have to suffer the brutal hardship of Tax Debt Slavery! Also, when you discover that most mortgages are fraudulent, and you report the evidence of this to the police, courts and ombudsman, they ignore these extremely serious crimes and enable their bankster bosses to take your home off you.

When a Whistle-Blower exposes and opposes this evil, the banksters arrange for their puppets in the media to assassinate your character.

Irish-born Black and Tan executed at Mountjoy said...

On Tuesday 7th June 1921, three men were executed at Dublin’s Mountjoy Gaol. Executions of Republicans were almost commonplace during the Irish War of Independence [1919-21]. On that day however, although two of the men hanged were Republicans, the third man was not. Thirty-three year old William Mitchell was a temporary constable in the Royal Irish Constabulary – a so-called Black and Tan. Moreover, he was the only member of the British Crown Forces to be hanged for murder during that bitter struggle for Ireland’s freedom.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few E.Mails forwarded today in and outside the UK exposing TMBC,Councillors,MP`s PCT members and CCG new Health administrators for their deliberate and utter proven contempt concerning their
vile gross neglect and contempt concerning the toxins you are ingesting each day by simply breathing.
It did result in a patronising response from Dr.Kailish Chand who has been and still is a leading figure in the Health and Welfare including the Labour Party Chiefs who smother him in plaudits almost daily.
He himself did nothing whatsoever after I put my concerns to him in recent years so I have no compulsion in adding him to the list of people in Tameside who have seriously avoided doing anything about the poisoning of kids.

Its certain that the momentum is increasing towards exposing TMBC and now London based experts,along with Scientists from Universities and Media interest is developing nicely regardless of the sniping from the Anon Bunkers.
Thanks to those who support the truth.

Anonymous said...

Just heard a sequel to the Slum Dog Millionaire Film is being filmed in Tameside

Watch out for it in your cinema.
Scum Dogs Millionaires

Anonymous said...

So here he is, even criticising one of the most respected doctors in the north of England. The man is nothing but a trouble causer with a bee in his bonnet and he should be ignored. He is absolutely loving the publicity he's getting here despite losing every argument put before him. Come on, tell us why your locality has the longest life expectancy in the borough if, as you claim, the residents are being poisoned by deadly airborne pollutants?

SerpentSlayer said...

The most respected Doctor in the north of England is Christopher Eccleston, most of the rest have been either southern or Scottish. I don't even remember Chand being the Doctor at all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
So here he is, even criticising one of the most respected doctors in the north of England. The man is nothing but a trouble causer with a bee in his bonnet and he should be ignored. He is absolutely loving the publicity he's getting here despite losing every argument put before him. Come on, tell us why your locality has the longest life expectancy in the borough if, as you claim, the residents are being poisoned by deadly airborne pollutants?

Later today you will have any credibility you have totally and utterly destroyed.
How dare you post utter crap.

tonydj said...

Who's statistics say that area is the one with the longest life expectancy? Could it be that it's so boring it seems like a long time?

"Most respected Doctor in North of England.." By whom?

Bold as Brass said...

Local celebrity GP Chand is a pain in the butt. He used to have his letters published in the local press on an almost weekly basis, some of it politically orientated. My mother even went so far as to phone the Reporter requesting they stop displaying his letters, which fell on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Just something to note if your really interested in who will now be in charge of £millions of your actual money,remembering Governments.Local Authorities are bankrupt without your money.
simply view
and the members of this huge financial pot and its interesting to note the list of members interests as well as where they originate from.
Remember these people along with their Puppet Master TMBC will be deciding who gets the many financial contracts,who decides,and what are their background interests.
More info to come regarding
Dr.Chand the dynamic Labour
lobbyist who has tentacles everywhere courtesy of the Shadow Governments Labour MP`s and their declared ott gratitude.

Anonymous said...

From K.Chand to J.Hall
Dear john
I have huge respect for your passion, and long standing commitment to this very important issue affecting the health of Tameside residents. I understand your frustration in not getting the outcomes you aspire.
I don't know if you are aware that I am not part of Tameside CCG and as a mater of fact my role as PCT chair finished as long as March 2012.
I hope you will understand.
Kailash Chand.
Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange
Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 20:40:55 +0100
Dear Dr.Chand
The Register of Interests file ie CCG Board/Executive Members 2012-2013
shows your GP Practice
D Medicine Ltd 32 Stanhope Road WA14 3JT
BMA Equality and Diversity
Owner of the building which is leased to Stamford House
All of which are part of the lists showing CCG Board/Executive Members.
Regardless of that however you have presided over the Health and Welfare of Tameside
citizens throughout recent years and having been approached with facts which are denoted in my E.Mail relating to the Government designated AQMA large area where 47,000 reside
I must say you have disregarded this serious Health and Welfare situation without investigating the air pollution situation correctly which is directly linked to many serious diseases and deaths in Tameside.
My concerns are not based on frustration Dr.Chand but the gross negligence shown to this serious situation over many years by TMBC,Health Administrations,Councillors and local Members of Parliament all who have been deliberately complicit in the ignoring of this vital
and serious situation.
I certainly did not expect your avoidance of this situation whilst you were a leading figure in the Health & Welfare of Tamesiders,and therefore its time that these avoidance`s and neglect
were exposed relating to all those in Tameside who are directly responsible for the administration,health and welfare of thousands.
I will definately persue exposing the utter negligence shown to the public health over the past 14 years and I see nothing in your E.Mail to denote that you have any interest in the subject,because your aspirations as a Doctor and member of the BMA plus other Health and Welfare groups should have actually exceeded my own.
Knowing that children,infants,fetus,men,women,and the aged are being forced to ingest high levels of dangerous toxins daily has been totally ignored and that Dr.Chand is a scandal of epic proportions considering the numbers of public involved.
MP Gwynne and local Councillors have also shown deplorable gross contempt towards the public and the continued exposure of such facts will be robustly persued.
I certainly do not understand Dr.Chand that a known duty to the public by those who administrate their lives,health and welfare has and still is being totally disregarded and those
I know now involved in the CCG should refrain from ignoring peoples E.Mails unless such utter contempt is a basic requirement of CCG members.
Perhaps your political comments should be tempered with the facts faced each day by
Tamesiders living in one of the most air polluted regions in the North,plus No1 in the Heart
rates in the UK,plus the No1 in the UK for traffic increases,and recognition that a child born in Manchester lives 6-9 years less than children in many other UK area`s.
Not exactly something to be proud of by Directors of Public Health,PCT`s,Politicians,and TMBC and more than likely the CCG
John D.Hall

Anonymous said...

Knowing that Councillor Brenda Warrington has tremendous difficulty reading facts,and obviously therefore understanding them which must be a terrible affliction,so she prefers writing utterley stupid comments on behalf of TMBC,Andrew Gwynne and a variety of other Anon Tameside Councillors,non of whom ever declare their names as they bury themselves in the safety of the TMBC Bunker.So in a manner to help assist your affliction I suggest BW you get someone to read the following letter you yourself sent and also on the on the behalf of Andrew Gwynne MP and your close constituency Councillor colleagues Councillor M.Smith and Councillor Dawson Lane who live miles away from their Constituency.
It tells anyone reading your letter that your memory lapses are very concerning because the words you write totally contradict your past couple of years comments on Tameside Citizen.
Now I understand your time is up 2014 and its important that DW Constituents are made aware of facts which have been posted on TC relating to your escapades,therefore prior to any further elections in DW its perfectly appropriate and democratic that alternative
information is released to the public who always have a right too know,regardless of the detriment
to all DW Councillors and A.Gwynne MP.
I trust TC will indicate your letter and your own words contained,because it may hopefully assist you in your non understanding affliction what you write.
As for the TMBC death figures you keep parroting on about with no references, they were contrived by the Labourites involved with the PCT.
Bring it on 2014 Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore him, he hasn't got the courage to stand in elections and he spends his time attacking lawfully elected politicians.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore him, he hasn't got the courage to stand in elections and he spends his time attacking lawfully elected politicians.

Well well Brenda that`s a great gobby remark,from someone along with Gwynne who cannot face a Open Public Forum Debate to expose all the devious tricks pulled by those we should despise not respect.
Respect is not something YOU should be harping on about based on your past declaration of interests track record.
Plenty more yet Brenda which also includes other associates ??

Anonymous said...

I trust TC bloggers will
show their solidarity in supporting the need for truth in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

Rant all you like but tell us what we all want to know: if your claims about deadly levels of airborne pollutants in Denton West are true, explain why life expectancy in DW is the highest in the borough? If you cannot answer this, how can anyone believe any of your other claims!

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely a dense waste of space.
Go into your own TMBC office
ask to see the AQMA Maps from 2002 and there you will
find the maps showing Denton
and Audenshaw area`s as an AQMA location.

Your bloody awful affliction is being demonstrated too everyone
try and keep it under wraps or are you totally out of it.

tonydj said...

"Lawfully elected politicians"?

I have been puzzled over an incident which occurred on election day in May 2006.

In the Town Hall for the opening of the postal ballots in the afternoon I overheard a councillor ask what would be the case if a candidate seeking election died during the day BEFORE polling ended. He was told there would have to be another ballot, that the current ballot would be declared void but the other candidates would be entered automatically in the new ballot.

An odd question I thought.

The next day it was announced that Cllr Grundy, in best Nelsonian style, had died just after learning he had won his seat on the council.