Friday, 26 April 2013

Top health experts to inspect Tameside hospital on May 23rd

A date for a major government inspection of Tameside Hospital as part of a probe into high death rates has been announced. Some of England’s top health experts will inspect the wards on May 23, it has been revealed. They will watch doctors and nurses at work and speak to patients about their experiences. Tameside is one of 14 in England to be inspected as part of a government probe into higher than expected patient death rates. Between October 2011 and September 2012, 18 per cent more patients at Tameside died than would be expected at a similar hospital, according to statistics. Read more here: Manchester Evening News


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask the green candidate for Dukinfield, to contribute articles for this blog.
Green issues building on green belt and so on.


Anonymous said...

Why was the local media not telling the public that during this past 2 weeks
nova virus had infected wards which were shut down to visitors.
I thought that press and tv
would also have reported it including Tameside Radio.
Or am I wrong

Anonymous said...

Another cover up will be the result without doubt and the management will remain in place too further inflict the early demise on Tamesiders.
Watch out for TMBC Councillors the friends and associates of the Hospital Management,either hiding away or working out a support strategy.
The District Coroner was the only honest critic who went to press with facts,along with Consultant Mr.Penna who was castigated and jumped on for daring to tell the truth by his colleagues and management.
A big clean out is required of the one`s who don`t want the truth known.

xxxx Jill from Stockport said...

The views posted on here are getting better.

Ipswich sex slave teenager case said...

Yes, you guessed correctly!

Philip Mclean said...

Stepping Hill is far better than Tameside Hospital.

Anonymous said...

The poll on the eu you've got on here there's something wrong with iy.
It keeps going down.

Anonymous said...

School treasurer, 52, stole £56,000 from two primaries to use spending sprees at Argos... but walks free from court
A school treasurer who stole nearly £56,000 in taxpayers' cash because she felt 'undervalued' by education bosses has been spared jail.
Susan McDiarmid, 52, went on spending sprees at Argos and other High Street stores as she sought a 'better life for her family.'
She was given a two-year suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to five counts of fraud and one count of theft.
This stinks rotten if you read the full story.
Has Tameside Council been involved in the silence since she was arrested in 2011.
She worked for TMBC for 20 years so knew her top bosses well who she claims abused her so she was getting her own back.
Read the Tameside Adveriser and see each week the people listed in court for nicking stuff,but £56K is big time.
This really has a lot more to offer if this person spills all the beans,but that will have been sorted good and proper between 2011 and 2013

Anonymous said...

Just in passing does anyone know whether the home of the deceased R & M Oldham in Mottram still has the luxery security system in operation or can still be seen,because it was actually loaned to the Ex Council Leader and purchased by TMBC at a cost in excess of £4,000-£5000
The letter I received from the Chief Executive at that time Mr.Greenwood confirmed the costs and installation
to the Tameside Electorate was purchased and made on loan to the Council Leader.

tonydj said...

@27/04/2013 15:45

Susan McDiarmid is a director of "IT DANCE AND SPORTS WEAR LTD", incorporated last year on 8th March. The other director is Janice Hughes of the Janice Hughes school of dance in Hyde.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for letting me know about the poll. It must be a glitch. I have no control over it other than setting the question and duration.

Personal Trainer Stalybridge said...

Tameside hospital is a disgrace, they almost killed my son as a newborn because they wouldn't listen to our concerns. If they had waited another hour my Jack wouldn't be with us now