Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tameside - The New North Korea?

Labour-dominated councils in Greater Manchester risk becoming the equivalent of ‘one-party states’ like North Korea, China or Cuba, according to a study. Manchester, Salford and Tameside are ‘failing the basic test of democracy’ with Labour holding a ‘super-majority’ of more than three-quarters of council seats, a report by the Electoral Reform Society pressure group has found. The lack of effective opposition from other parties means that town hall bosses think they are ‘untouchable’ and are given ‘carte blanche’ to act as they wish, the ERS argues. The full article can be read by clicking here

An interesting report and the findings are hard to disagree with. For far too long there has been a belief amongst many local Labour Party apparatchiks that they are untouchable and that boroughs such as Tameside are their own personal fiefdoms. For democracy to work there must be true opposition. In Labour dominated boroughs every trick in the book is used by the Labour Party to prevent meaningful opposition. This then creates voter apathy which becomes manifest at election times when only a small percentage of the electorate actually turn out to vote. Tameside Citizen


Senior Labour Councillor Caught Red Handed Delivering Third Party Hate Leaflets said...

This is a classic example of how local Labour Party henchmen interfere with the democratic process. In the video clip you will see a high profile Tameside councillor caught delivering vile third party smear leaflets. These are not Labour Party leaflets but leaflets created by a Labour Party front group and which contain lies, half truths and vile innuendo.

The unfortunate thing for this particular councillor is that he was caught in the act. Usually the Labour Party deliver these leaflets anonymously* in an effort to convince the electorate that there is a groundswell of opposition the their main rival and that even if they don’t vote Labour they should abstain from voting or vote for someone else other than the intended target of their smear campaign. This is how they behave in many wards right across the country.

*The councillor caught red handed in the video represents Hyde Godley yet he was delivering these sickening leaflets in Dukinfield. At the same time Labour councillors representing Denton would have been delivering similar leaflets in Droylsden and the Droylsden Labour councillors might have been delivering them in Hyde.

When you get to see how these despicable people operate you realise that democracy is the last thing they desire. For them it is all power, money and status.

Anonymous said...

Words exactly from the mouth of someone who is suffering from delusions,duplicity,or dementia,or simply a liar,which indicates the person is unsuitable for any position linked to a public administration post.
1.We have always been honest and open with our communities – we have engaged them every step of the way and that will not change.
2.We must give people the facts & allow them to have their say. They may not agree with us, but we can and must listen to them.
3.Through the Big Conversation we are going ask people about the future of our services.
4.Who is out there campaigning for the old, the frail, the sick and disabled who are seeing their service cut?
5.Who will look after their interests and ensure they are kept warm and safe?.
Answer as to who uttered these exact words recently: Our illustrious Council Leader Mr.K Quinn.
Should that Councillor resign from his post do not fear Tamesiders for his Deputuy also has startling words of comfort
Cllr Taylor states "Government funding is very complicated !! - get it wrong and it's jobs and services that are affected..
So rest easy Tamesiders here we have a Leader with delusions,and a Deputy who finds Government funding very complicated.
If these Bill and Ben figures are a the top of the Tameside Council,God Help us with the rest of the less capable Labour Councillors who have not yet attained the same levels.

Anonymous said...

I say stop killing foxes using dogs.
Sending dogs into fox dens killing the "Vixen" and so her cubs starve to death.
If new charter housing object to my view, so what!
Defend Free Speech! Stop the killing of Foxes.
Roy West

Cushy number said...

It's the electoral SYSTEM in local councils that needs changing first, to a form of proportional representation so that every vote counts and we get a true reflection of the will of the people, i.e. what democracy is supposed to be about.

Anonymous said...

The evil is spreading!

Anonymous said...

If you love Free Speech, defend it!

Labour4Eva said...

Sore losers. Respect the choice of the voters and stop moaning.

SerpentSlayer said...

The turnout in local elections is very often less than forty percent if I remember rightly, making any pretense of a public mandate ludicrous. Democracy is a heavily flawed system, but far preferable to a dictatorship of the incapable and spineless. said...

TC This video is one of many I've made, this is evidence of our daily trauma.
This trauma has made my partner ill with worry.
For the last 12 months, this barking has been intense.
My partners mental health has suffered has a direct result of this trauma.
Our lives have been taken over with having to listen to this awful noise.
Make no mistake, this is trauma and you would feel the affect on your mental health after a week or so of listening to this everyday.

Roy West!

Anonymous said...

Its back again and again and again and still people die in Tameside.
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and the Blackpool trust were catagorised as higher than expected from October 2010 to October 2012.
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Greater Manchester is just one of 14 trusts being investigated
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Latest SMHI rating: higher than expected - a repeat outlier
Observed deaths: 1,375
Expected deaths: 1,165.294
Difference: 209.706
Nine of the trusts have been ‘outliers’ on the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR) for two years running and the other five were identified by the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) as having higher than expected death rates.
Tameside Councillors hands and fingerprints are all over this scandal again,they have been appointed into Tamesides Hospital and Regional Health Committees for years so as to continue defending Tameside Hospital when the shit hits the fan.
We don`t want a bunch of Labour Councillors with little intelligence sat on OUR HEALTH GROUPS backing up the Tameside Hospital Management
who have not been fit for purpose for years.
Boot ALL Councillors past and present out of Health Panels NOW,they have no right to be sat the defending guardians of the Hospital Managers,,PCT`s and CCG``s.they are as responsible as the Hosptal Management with whom they are thick as thieves with no consciences so Go,Go,NOW and save lives from these non qualified local tat who are not even fit to be Councillors,and Tameside voters percentages are not behind TMBC Councillors,just do your sums if you can manage to read and calculate for once.
Labour4Eva said a load of shit,and its time to dump the tat and get normal folk with consciences not big mouths.
Respect shit "never" you deserve better Tamesiders much much better..

Anonymous said...

Where`s Andrew Gwynne in all this as labot shadow spokesperson for health in the House of Commons he`s a pumped up distaster for health and welfare in tameside being paid under false pretences.did he get of his fat arse in the commons after reading the worst heart location for the uk was tameside no he did not as always he hides away from the scandals,he is involved in all tameside scandals big time and is a phantom mp when the facts roll out.he should leave politics completely with his utterley devious backsliding character and perhaps we could save lots of lives in tameside which he and his labour pals have not done but pocketed thousands into their own pockets shame on you all your just dirt.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne MP ‏@GwynneMP 20 Apr
Well after a morning out on the #labourdoorstep, that's the gardening done too...Lots of sunshine, need a beer
(just nipping to bank more of our cash,but where the hell can I buy a conscience help ?)

Anonymous said...

overheard in a local pub last night that brenda warrington wants to be an mp.

whot cheek from a mouthy little sod.

BW4MP said...

And why shouldn't Brenda put herself forward as an MP. She's proven herself to be an outstanding local councillor and a very popular lady mayoress. It is only natural she should progress to the next tier. She has a lot to offer this country which is the opposite of you losers and naysayers.

Pennine Care (Mental Health) NHS Trust Joint Scrutiny Committee – member

Tameside Hospital Foundation Trust – member

Combined Authority Scrutiny Committee – member

AGMA Health Scrutiny Panel – member
Regional and Sub-Regional Joint Scrutiny Committee – member

Local Government Association Assembly - member

Denton West End Primary - governor
Fed. Governing Body T3SC - vice-chair

Governing body of Denton Community College - vice-chair

Association of Labour Councillor - member

LGA - member

Unite - member

Co-Operative Party - member

Denton Labour Club - member

Come on losers. Let's see how you moaning minnies fare when compared to Brenda.

Anonymous said...

TC Someone Anonymous coward reported Pauline to the benefits office.
Telling them she was not ill, and there was nothing wrong with here and did not need care.
Well the Anonymous coward failed.
The Anonymous coward did not succeed.
Roy West!

low calibre grunts in cabinet positions said...

I have never known anyone to suffer persecution in the way Roy West and his family have. Ever since he exposed the wealth of his local councillors to the electorate they (local Labour mafia) have used every dirty trick in the book to make his life hell. I suppose this is what happens when standards drop and ex-borstal boys with "all coppers are bastards" tattoos become senior councillors.

Anonymous said...

The benefits office called me in today.
They had this Anonymous complaint that I was fraudulently claiming cares allowance, and that, my partner was not really ill but actually telling lies about her illness, in order to get cares allowance!

However, the complaint was rubbished by the benefits office.
Roy West!

Anonymous said...

BW4MP said.Undiluted Dross
about Brenda the mouth.
A mouth with no qualifications or background knowledge of Mental Health,
Health & Welfare and what a cheek to be on health scrutiny panels when she has no background knowledge
at all and is directly involved in thousands of kids having their lungs stuffed full of toxins and could not give a toss.
So a two faced factory union mouth piece decides she ought to run Our Country,give it a rest,she is !00% responsible for not representing her Constituency in their struggles with Air Pollution,something else she has`nt a clue about.
If she`s that good why is she hiding away refusing an open forum public meeting with me,one to one.
According to Quinn on this site "
"We must give people the facts & allow them to have their say. They may not agree with us, but we can and must listen to them"
and."We have always been honest and open with our communities."
She would be totally savaged in front of the public in a meeting with me with substantiated documentation and that`s a fact she knows 100% as does Gwynne.
Whats this continued two faced garbage being trotted out everyone should respect their Councillors and because your not elected you don`t count at all.
Listen mouth for the last time (well maybe not for the last time come to think of it)you and your ilk in TMBC got less votes than those against you and those who refused to vote when they found out about you as someone not living in the Constituency and to cap it all tried to falsify your declaration of interests on House of Commons registers by declaring you "had no interests to declare".knowing that you were a paid TMBC Councillor,and had 2 other paid interests on top to swell your finances.
Did you also declare no paid interests when you sent in your annual tax forms ??.not forgetting Gwynne was in on this deception on his House of Commons Registers.
You both should have been banned from office,and in regard to the public should show you both respect that must rate as the biggest 2013 load of shit coming from 2 Labour Politicians who refuse a public forum open debate with me.
Gwynne knows I have kept documents galore from his early days as a Councillor,
his comments,and methods of duping the public in his Constituency.
So less of the mouthy tirade you both deserve not one percent of any respect by anyone,and you yourselves still have such bloody audacity to even hold your positions in a decent honest and compassionate society.
Give your mouths a rest you will be sinking even further shortly when more substantiated truth is exposed.
Ready and willing to meet Warrington and Gwynne in an open forum public debate on your past rhetoric and the real facts the public should know about. So whenever,wherever,rember I can remove all your supposed credibility with facts and that`s a promise.
Not Labour Not Tory just someone who unloads 100% truth.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore the local trouble causer or if you want to shut him up just ask him why his neighbourhood has the highest life expectancy in Tameside when he's peddling lies about deadly airborne pollutants poisoning everyone.

Anonymous said...

Keep this up Mr Hall we want lots and lots of comments from you.
You know your stuff and it's great to read. This blog had 7,000 hits in one day recently.

Archbishop prays while under attack from naked lesbian activists said...

God bless the archbishop. Burning at the stake is too good for these vile monsters.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just ignore the local trouble causer

If that`s your only constant point a parrot could be taught that and then we could also call that Mouthy
with no intelligence.

Where`s my 1-1 Challenge gone come on try it on with me and see how quick you and Gwynne would be ridiculed and discredited in front of the Tameside public.
Come on "Have It" the decent folk in Tameside deserve much better than Gwynne and yourself in tow


Anonymous said...

Come on Hall, cut the bull and answer the question. Why has your neighbourhood got the highest life expectancy in the borough if as you claim the inhabitants are being poisoned by deadly airborne pollutants?

Julie said...

Write more articles for this blog Mr Hall!!

Mrs Shutter said...

It's took the Electoral Reform Society some time to figure out that Tameside is a one party state like North Korea. Some of us have known it for years. Now we have an arms-length housing company (New Charter)that was set up by the council, running a local radio station and a newspaper. Whatever next? Come to think of it, cross-eyed Quinn as the look of Korean dictator.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Come on Hall, cut the bull and answer the question.
I asked the questions weeks ago,where did you get your information from,who researched it,and where did it originally come from.
Its looking like a nut continuing to rattle their cage,so I repeat once more lets have the 3 questions answered above or your
somewhat talking the normal Labour crap
To make it easy for you and Gwynne to understand lets put the basics in a simple form for you both to understand.
1.When was this information released ?
2.Who researched the data ?
3.Where can the evidence be
4.Was it stated in a TMBC publication and give the publication details.
5.Who is pulling your fragile strings ?
6 Did BW offer the same no interests on her tax returns.
Why is Gwynne refusing to answer my questions or engage in a 1-1 open forum debate seeing that he is responsible to the electorate for his actions,unless of course his visits to Israel made him superior and another
all mighty not to be questioned.
Lets get your answers right now and then I can answer
your unproven allegations.
I am more than capable of taking any TMBC Councillor on because I have the facts
"and you don`t even know it"re the TV advert.
Why did TMBC for 15 years hide their real time air pollution monitoring equipment in the rear of Two Trees School facing miles of open fields and countryside where no vehicles occured and declared the location as a typical Tameside urban location on its documents.
That was typical TMBC deception,lies,and a cover up on what Tamesiders breathe every day.
Why were Councillors showing no entries for years in the TMBC declaration of interests files which I copied sitting in TMBC offices and still some of those Councillors remain whereas according to legistlation it was a custodial offence not to declare outside interests.
One present lkeading Councillor had several years of no interests besides R.Oldhams 12 years
of no interests,and what happened to the millions of unpaid pounds loaned to a company called Modesdole who were listed in the TMBC annual accounts showing debtors who could not repay the millions because Modesole had never made a profit,but then I found R.Oldham listed as a Director,so I sought a meeting with the regional
financial regulators as to what was happening.
And why as the GMPF administrators did TMBC deposit almost £28 million into a brief set up company Invotec in a Salford back street office created by United Utilities.
These are facts once more and TMBC Officials and Councillors should have been removed from their positions,however the same applied with the TEL Scandal and the Police were asked to investigate those Councillors and their relatives and MP`s but the
investigation facts were never fully released.
Funny how TMBC always provided Tameside Police with vehicles regularly over years.
When it comes to you bellowing "have respect for your elected Councillors" your one big joke pi----- in the wind.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it might shut some TMBC Anons up if I re-open
my large volumes of files
retained,most of which substantiate even more antics relating to TMBC over years.

And they have the bloody audacity to call me a trouble maker when I happen to be trustworthy bloke watching what and how TMBC operate behind the scenes seeing that TMBC Councillors are screwing large sums of money out of our pockets.
The Tameside Logo should read:
"Want a lifetime screwing the public then join TMBC"

Anonymous said...

That hat makes the supreme leader look really sinister.

Monstrous regiment said...

@ Archbishop prays...Well done Archbishop Leonard for your quiet dignity when drenched with water by these fascistic deviants.
He was put on trial and subsequently cleared a few years ago for the horrendous 'crime' of expressing the opinion that homosexuality was abnormal.
If you join the modern police in the western world you are signing up to enforce a political agenda as well as dealing with normal crime, so think before you sign on the dotted line as there could be heavy consequences a few years down the road.

Anonymous said...

If J Hall took the time to speak to his local elected representatives about issues which concern him he would be taken far more seriously than when when he waffles and rants away on blogs. Even better, if he plucked up the courage to stand in elections he could put his cranky conspiracy theories to the voting public.

Labour Exposed (PDF Download) said...

Following a suggestion from a local blogger a third party leaflet exposing the Labour Party has been produced. The leaflet has no copyright. Please feel free to download the PDF and print and distribute as many as you like. It is about time the Labour Party thugs have a taste of their own medicine. A local version focussing purely on Tameside is currently being designed and will be released in due coarse.

Franz Müller was framed said...

Watch Obama on Sky News as he beats the war drums against Syria while stood in front of the flag of the Zionist terror state. Our poodle 'Call Me Dave' is also in on the act. They're reporting sarin gas has been used by the Syrian government. These are the same kind of lies used by Bush and Blair when they claimed Saddam Hussein had WMD's. Next thing you know American and British troops will be fighting another Middle Eastern war on behalf of the Zionist bandit terror state.

tonydj said...

ANONYMOUS @25/04/2013 17:45

By what criteria do you claim Mr Hall's neighbourhood has the highest life expectancy?
Did the Beloved Leader announce it at the latest Plenary Session of the People's Party?

tonydj said...

@archbishop prays...25/04/2013 16:40

It would appear that four topless (alas naked breasts not decapitated) were protesting in support of abortion. hmmmm Lesbians = no sex with men = no pregnancy = no abortion. Hmmmm have I missed something?

Regarding Mr Hall's contributions. He has plainly angered the "Stick-on-cross" brigade. These are political activists who believe that at birth we are issued with a sheet of peel off stickers, our ration of democracy for our lifetime. Printed with a cross we dutifully peel off one or two a year to stick on our ballot paper.

And if anything else happens in between elections we are to remain silent and leave the protection of Freedom and Democracy to the local press (owned by New Charter) who probably have been told to "suppress sensationalist reporting" if not actually been raided by the police (in their New Charter sponsored cars). (As was Mr Billington) said...

Crowborough UKIP election candidate in holocaust storm