Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Labour Party Leaflet

Notice how they use a friendly granny type image to mask the true face of their party. It is amazing how they can still distribute their propaganda on the streets without being lynched.

If you rarely leave Tameside you will not realise the true extent of Labour Party crimes against our nation. If you want to see the real legacy of the years of Labour misrule take a trip to Rusholme, Cheethan Hill, Levenshulme, Longsight, city centre Manchester or visit any of our major towns or cities and veer away from the tourist destinations.

These places may seem a long way away from where you are sitting right now but if you want to see a vision of the future take a trip to the aforementioned locations and look at the average age of the population and then think exponential growth.

I get about and believe me, this is not scaremongering. Right across the country vast population centres have been transformed out of all recognition as a result of Labour's treasonous policies. You and I may not live long enough to see the true nightmare created by Labour engulf our nation, but your children and grandchildren certainly will. They and future generations will curse us for eternity for idly standing by as a criminal organisation posing as a party of government destroyed  their future by facilitating an invasion like never before witnessed in history.


The smear campaign against UKIP begins said...

The fact that this is one of the lead stories on the Daily Mail shows the media are now starting to launch a major smear campaign against UKIP, now they are poised to make gains.

I knew it was only a matter of time before this was coming. This proves the media are against even limited immigration control or withdrawal from Europe.

Anonymous said...

Coincidence of coincidences.... I was journeying through Fallowfield / Rusholme / Moss Side only this afternoon, and thinking the very same thing. Then back home in Tameside (phew!) I find this article just posted by TC.

Approaching Wilmslow Road a sign shamelessly advertises the place thusly.... 'Welcome to the Curry Mile, Rusholme', and needless to say it was no empty promise. The semi African / Islamic demographic of that whole region just outside the city centre is a depressing reminder that those projections for the future we often hear about are no joke.

We the native British are having our country taken right from under our noses, but what is most depressing is our apparent indifference to (or enthusiatic support for) this surrender of our territory to the third world. There's a large student contingent in neighbouring Fallowfield, the usual array of androgynous young white bearded libtards no doubt in awe of diverse modern Britain. For now at least we're relatively well placed in Tameside. But what we observe elsewhere may well be the entire country in fifty years. And I'm inclined to think the dwindling white population then will be no more bothered than they are now. Maybe it's time to move overseas.... said...

I regard this being on of my best films!

non racist anti sleaze anti corruption said...

I like this blog but if you cut the racist crap it would be a lot better. More people would comment if you didn't make them feel uncomfortable by talking about racist issues.

Anonymous said...

It's called free speech, what does racist mean? It's means anything theses days.

Apartheid was better than what they've got now said...

@ non racist anti-sleaze, tell us which posts are 'crap' and why instead of making meaningless generalisations.
If you're uncomfortable with the subject of race you're on the wrong blog, it's free speech on here, unlike the establishment controlled mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

@non racist anti sleaze anti corruption....

Councillor John Taylor doesn't live in any such district, he lives in a predominantly white town and enthuses over its white history with photos on his blog and letters to the paper. He's yet to put a photo of one of Tameside's latest mosques up.

Come to think of it, do you live bang right in the middle of a muslim / African neighbourhood? Do you have a Finsbury Park mosque on the end of your street? After all, I would hate to think that a good 'anti-racist' like yourself bases his decision on where to live according to race.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 21:38, in the next few years we'll find out if the indigenous Britons can 'be bothered' or not. Mass dumbing down, apathy, cowardice and treachery are currently destroying Britain.
Dumbing down is an extremely important factor because without knowledge there is no conviction, and without conviction there is no principle based courage to take the issues and problems on.
Clever and cunning people in positions of REAL power have known this for many many years and have been deliberately undermining and destroying our education system.

Bill said...

This famous quote is absolutely spot on regarding the general voting public.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."


Nobody's perfect said...

There was a 2003 documenatary about the Mass games in North Korea the other night, it was made by a western film crew who were obviously under a lot less restriction than they would be under the current problems.
Instead of a lot of rhetoric and propaganda (from either western democracy media/establishment OR North Korea) it focussed on two families (carefully selected by the North Korean regime obviously) and their young daughters' gymnastic preparations for the country's Mass games that year. There was plenty of focus on the 'Great Leader' and the regime's influence was obviously often intrusive and very controlling into the day to day, and family life of North Koreans.

Modern documentaries wouldn't, for example, show the Pyongyang Museum's display about the massive American bombings in the Korean War which of course has played a significant part in the fanatical national unity of the past 60 years.
Psychotic tyrant rulers the Kim family aside, the country and its people DID have some things to recommend it: such as a strongly state supported focus on the traditional family (compare that to the western establisment's deliberate and systematic attempts to undermine and destroy it and replace it with deviancy); The instillation of self discipline and self reliance; obedient and respectful children (in normal domestic, educational and public situations); no grossly obese people, not through starvation, but such indolence and self indulgence would be anathema and unacceptable to Koreans; no gangs of brawling drunks and drunken sluts; extremely strong and obviously heartfelt (state brainwashing aside) patriotism; A respect and reverence for their basic national and racial values as Koreans in general; a general air of respectful self effacement in day to day behaviour.
In the west the 'cult of the individual' has become supreme, this of course allows the state to easily 'divide and conquer' any opposition. Tolerance of anything and everything is now, literally, law. Openly disagree in 'the wrong context' and expect to get your collar felt, so much for free speech. In North Korea state control is taken to a different level but in very obvious ways. In the west it's a lot more subtle: disagree with the prevailing, liberal politically correct ethos and you're, racist, homophobic, a bigot, reactionary etc.

No doubt South Korea has some of the North's characteristics but as in many ways it's a westernised country it of course worships the great twin gods of money and materialism. The North Koreans appear to place an extremely low priority on both.

Although it's fundamentally an appalling state controlled tyranny, many of the fundamental values of the North Koreans show up many of the values we in the west have lost.

Just the latest said...

The kind of thing some around here expect us to either to keep quiet about, or treat as just another unfortunate crime (notwithstanding the fact that invariably the victims are white). If you're a white woman who's conscientious about the danger of sexual predators, it makes sense not to reside in any 'enriched' district. Those less discerning often pay the price. The statistics from across the Atlantic ought to serve as a dire warning what the other side of 'diversity' means for the safety of the white female. A price well worth paying in the mind of the average anti-racist.

Anonymous said...

The TC depicted a leaflet showing a Councillor D Cartwright and MP Jonathan
Reynolds.but what concers me is the constant selection of Labour Councillors (even Ex Tory) onto important Health
Committees and Panels which decide our Family Health requirements from within the despotic TMBC Labour group.
Councillor Cartwright for instance shows her roles as
Tameside Hospital "Improving the Patient Environmental Group" (IPEG)
Tameside and Glossop NHS "Long Term Conditions Board"
LINk Hospital Working Group
Tameside and Glossop NHS Foundation Trust Councillor of Governors
Tameside & Glossop NHS Medicines Management Committee.
Who the hell are these Councillors paid by us, who suddenly get parachuted onto Committees concerning OUR HEALTH when for years Tameside is notorious for Hospital Deaths Hospital Negligence,Heart Capital of the UK, Environmentally knackered with toxic air pollution,No 1 in the UK for increases in traffic volumes as reported by the Dept of Transport with 30% increases whilst the average norm in the UK is approx 9% traffic increases,and still Tamesiders cannot see Trees for Concrete unless your like many Councillors who have their residences sorted.Dump local Politicians well away from Health Administrations instead of providing cop outs for Hospital Management friends,and PCT,CCG associates.
The cynical appointments of these Committee Riders with no actual Health qualifications or Hospital Management experience or not even the slightest bit of brain to recognise the serious Health links to air pollution which TMBC have created,these Councillors therefore illiterate in their knowledge,sycophantic in their appointment roles
and a serious danger to the Health and Welfare of Tamesiders.
Then we have A Gwynne MP
now mouthing off about Infants Heart Diseases,well thats bloody rich and hypocritical from this two faced parasite who ignores the reports linking Air Pollution to Heart diseases in adults AND CHILDREN,(just go Gwynne before you harm more Tamesiders with your support for more traffic arriving in Denton/Audenshaw re your letter to someone in Sheffield supporting thousands more HGV`s and Cars coming from Yorkshire through Tameside.
Then we have the picture of Jonathon Reynolds the Moclin in Spain lobbyist who wanted olive nuts to be brought into Tameside for use on household fires,spent 4 days with friend Parker Perry making Moclin a Friend of Tameside
but hang on isn`t Moclin a source of properties for Tameside Councillors and other friends in Broadbottom,and Tameside even advertises properties in Moclin for sale etc.
The sleaze has been and still is rampant at TMBC
and even the Pendry,Owen Oyston,and Oldham links together show Pendry having massive shares in Steel and Property in Spain via Oyston.
Any Tamesiders prepared to dismiss such facts needs
to have a lie detector appointment.
Fill your boots with these:

Plus free meals for A.Gwynne at his local it seems??.
The Spice Inn in Haughton Green has been nominated by local MP, Andrew Gwynne, to take part in the prestigious Tiffin Cup competition to find the best South Asian Restaurant in the country. Following the success of the Tiffin Cup.

The (Inferior) People's republic of Tameside said...

Tameside's a one party state too but at least in one party North Korea, any local over mighty head honcho or demagogue would be removed in no short order. You wouldn't have to wait bloody years to get rid of them, and even then have to rely on a failing cretinocracy to do the bleeding obvious.

Anonymous said...
They were founded by John Foster, Eric Kime, Samuel Oldham, Tom Sherratt, Jack Armitage, John Battye, Robert Howarth, Colin Warbrick, John Byrne, Frank Eadie, Graham Stringer, Charles Hinds, Richard Leese, William Moores, Martin Wareing, Richard Farnell, Colin Jones, and Peter Smith.
So what happened to the OUR bloody money
TMBC Consolidated Balance Sheet read.
"In 1983 the GMPTE made a loan to Modesole as part of the original funding for the G.Mex development.The original loan was for £2.025 Million and is repayable no later than 2001.Greater Manchester Council originally stood as guarantor for this loan but the responsiblity has now transferred to the 10 consituent authorities.
The loan was to be repaid out of the profits of Modesole however no profits have currently been made. ???????????
This provision has been set up to accumulate a sufficient fund to meet the anticipated guarantee call and fully repay the Councils share of the loan in 2001".
Having requested a meeting with the District Auditor I was interviewed re my complaint at TMBC offices with a member of TMBC present.
A year later the Modesole Loan went missing off the TMBC balance sheet.
So if a Bank loaned £millions to a Company who then made no profits after 20 years of receiving the loan would the Bank fold this Company up
or simply write it off bearing in mind those individuals involved.
Seems like Modesole still exists but what happened to our Council Taxes that formed the loan ????

end pc tyranny said...

Another 48 hours and Roy West is a free man as that is when his last restraining order for alleged name calling expires.

National Diversity Awards said...

'Diversity'.... a sneaky leftwing euphemism for (proportionately) fewer whites to non-whites.

Mere coincidence said...

West taken away by police tonight. I understand his restraining order was due to end in 48 hours.

SerpentSlayer said...

Under what pretext this time? Did he frown towards the house next door? Mention a councillors expenses? This has gotten perverse now.
There must be a case to put to both the ipcc and the national press.

Immigration: the British public is close to despair said...

Good piece in the Express about people who share your views TC. The politicians do have questions to answer seeing as so many people are now angry about immigration.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy is a liar and a cheat. Don't trust her. She's borderline paranoid schizophrenic and creates things up in her own imagination to the point where she thinks it is true. She isn't fit to be a councillor nor is she fit to be a JP. She's basically a crumb hunter - looking to get on any committee she can get. She's on a load of NHS groups, Justice of the Peace and now she wants to hop on board the Labour gravy train.

Anonymous said...

To correct Mr J Hall, Dorothy Cartwright is not a Councillor, she was until Labour de-selected her in Dukinfield/Stalybridge ward.
She is not a JP, she had to retire in March because she was 70.
So at this moment in time she is just a member of the public posting leaflets telling people she will sort their issues when she can only do as much as any other member of the public.Obviously she is under the impression that she is still a Councillor. It's very sad really.