Friday, 19 April 2013

Tameside named as heart disease capital of the UK

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said people who live in the area are more likely to die from coronary heart disease than anywhere else in the UK. Tameside was today named by a charity as the heart disease capital of the country. The British Heart Foundation said people who live in Tameside are more likely to die from coronary disease than anywhere else in the UK. The risk is more than three times higher than in the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea  – where people have the healthiest hearts, the charity said.

Every year in Tameside, there are 132 deaths per every 100,000 people, while in London the figure stands at just 39 deaths per 100,000, the charity revealed. To read this shocking report in full visit the website of the Manchester Evening News by clicking here.

I hope the people who have been attacking J Hall and rubbishing his claims read this report. Yet again J Hall has been proven right on matters of public health within the borough of Tameside. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

You'll find that, this method will be used to kill off a lot of their political opponents.
Also going for family members of political dissidents.
This is a good example how the mafia works in Tameside.
Alan Kibble (new charter housing) knows about my partners vulnerable status.
So he turns up at her house with Ivan Wright,on the 6th December 2012 hammering on her door.
When I opened the door to explain that my partner was going through a bad time at the moment with the prospect of living on the streets, he said,
"we know all about Pauline's illness" He came to the house for one reason to put pressure on a poorly woman.

Roy West!

How living near busy roads 'can cause heart disease' said...

Published 18th April 2013

How living near busy roads 'can cause heart disease' when arteries become clogged by traffic air pollution

Closer you live to heavy-traffic roads, higher calcium level around heart

Research finds for every 300ft closer to major traffic, levels rise by 10%

Traffic pollution and noise believed to act through similar body pathways

Both cause imbalance in nervous system which regulates blood pressure

Study by professor in Germany presented to Italy cardiology conference

Living near a busy road can cause heart disease.

Long-term exposure to air particles from traffic pollution can cause clogging of the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, according to a study.

Studying 5,000 participants with an average age of 60, researchers - who presented their findings at a conference in Rome, Italy - looked for a link between heart disease and proximity to major roads.

They determined that the closer you lived to heavy-traffic roads, the higher your level of calcium around the heart - potentially causing a condition known as aortic calcification.

For every 300ft you are closer to major traffic, levels increased by 10 per cent, the study found.

J Hall is a hero fighting for the common man said...

Does J Hall live near to a busy road? If he does, all those who have attacked him for exposing the link between traffic pollution and early death owe him a huge and very public apology and that includes you 'Brenda'

Anonymous said...

Where's the evidence that in Tameside the heart disease rate is due (primarily) to air pollution and not other lifestlye factors like obesity and smoking? Tameside is worse than London, and London is one of Europe's most heavily polluted cities. Facts please, not theories.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Where's the evidence that in Tameside the heart disease rate is due (primarily) to air pollution and not other lifestlye factors like obesity and smoking? Tameside is worse than London, and London is one of Europe's most heavily polluted cities. Facts please, not theories.

Your bloody sick mind and
deliberate refusal to accept the 100% facts which have been regularly relayed to Tamesiders puts you amongst the low life in society because you are happy to know that children and infants are being harmed daily.
You really are sick in the head to attack the 100% facts about the many deaths creating diseases which are created by Traffic Toxins.
Let my request to Gwynne and Brenda for a Public Forum debate be circulated
in Tamerside which the public so deserve if they want the truth.
Over to you Gwynne/Brenda
lets have you in the open in Public and be exposed for your contemptuous role
in knowingly harming kids.

This challenge should be picked up by the Advertiser,the Reporter and Tameside Radio whereas the
prefer not to deal with my exposures because they support you.
I have never ever campaigned for myself at all over the past 15 years but the many thousands subjected to the toxins from almost 400.000 daily traffic volumes within the M67/M60/A57 routes through Tameside because you may not comprehend this reason at all, but I deeply care for children,infants and the unborn as to what TMBC knowingly dishes out supported by the many Councillors who are bloody evil to make kids suffer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Tameside named as heart disease capital of the UKhttp://www.
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said people who live in the area are more likely to die from coronary heart disease than anywhere else in the UK.
Policy statement bt the British Heart Foundation
Research shows that air pollution can make existing heart conditions
worse and can cause cardiovascular events including heart attacks and
strokes amongst vulnerable groups. Given the large number of people
living in the UK with heart disease and the likelihood of their exposure to
air pollution, it is important that UK governments ensure they are meeting
European Commission targets to improve air quality.

How bloody dare Tameside Councillors and MP`s keep
knocking the facts concerning the Air Pollution in Tameside and the Deaths being caused.
We keep getting Anons and Brenda gobbing it with crap,which tells me,you,and anyone with a reasonable level of intelligence have no interest whatsoever in lowering the air pollution in Tameside and is therefore in an administration which is knowingly involved in the Deaths of Tamesiders.

These totally obnoxious and callous Councillors,Anons and Brenda,should be absolutely be ashamed to post their utter undiluted crap on this site.
Give "me" an open forum public debate where I
can destroy their complete credibility, and adequate time to offer the evidence which would completely shame this vile and contemptuous attitudes to Tamesiders Health.
How they sleep at nights and parade themselves in public is disgusting,and they are certainly lacking in having any consciences to rebuff what I can prove.
How vile can this Council get,and have the bloody audacity to offer me 3 minutes to offer substantiated evidence of my years of work when the TMBC meeting concerning their proposals TO INCREASE HGV`s and Vehicles into Tameside knowing the Pollution levels have been hidden for years.
The PCT and CCG Health Organisations have known and been made aware of my findings but they are closely linked with TMBC and have denied me in the past replies to my evidence.
As for A.Gwynne well the sheer hypocrisy of this person should be openly challenged and give me a 1-1 public forum meeting with you and let me expose the type of person you are when it comes to Men,Women,Childrens and Infants health and the direct links with air pollution which they daily ingest.
Don`t hide behind anons and Brenda,Gwynne its time for a showdown to safeguard lives in Tameside,regardless of your unbelievable MP post as Shadow Health spokesperson in the House of Commons.
Its Callous,Shameful,and
Contemptuous to hold such a position and hide what your Constituency endures.

19/04/2013 11:00

Anonymous said...

It's a simple request....

Where's the evidence that in Tameside the heart disease rate is due (primarily) to air pollution and not other lifestyle factors such as obesity and smoking?

Per 100,000 population, 160 people in Tameside & Glossop were admitted to hospital in 2008 due to asthma, which is heavily linked to air pollution. Whilst this is slightly higher than the national average of 130, 40 primary health care trusts in England had higher rates, the highest being Ealing at 260. Near to Tameside, Stockport Oldham and Manchester had higher rates.

Glossop is more rural than Tameside. But even with that factor accounted for, Tameside would still need a huge leap in numbers to make it near the top of the list. If air pollution in the area is not so great to cause a particularly bad asthma rate, then why the assumption it is the main cause of the boroughs heart disease epidemic? Considering that almost all other factors which contribute toward heart disease such as diet and lifestyle figure badly in Tameside, damned good evidence would be needed to draw any significant causal link in the area between the two.

Anonymous said...

We don't debate with extremists Hall. If you want a debate stand for election and we will debate if you get elected.

Cretinocracy in action said...

If you fell ill in Stockport and Oldham at least you'd end up in a decent hospital. Although I suppose the Tameside powers that be have only had several decades to sort it out, and as they know they'll be re-elected by the brain dead electorate anyway, hey, why bother.
As for Hall, if he was given a red rosette it'd be a shoe-in, looking at some of the Labour deadheads elected in the last twenty odd tears.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
We don't debate with extremists Hall. If you want a debate stand for election and we will debate if you get elected.

So this is Tameside Democracy in the open ? when Adults and Children are being knowingly harmed in Tameside.
In my opinion you and your ilk at TMBC are guilty of
manslaughter re:gross negligence, diminished responsibility and/or
culpable homicide ie killing of a person by another persons actions.
Gwynne you should resign from Politics "NOW" followed by Brenda ?(the gob) based on their gross negligence of denying that pollution exists in Tameside which is directly involved in Diseases and Deaths as the rest of the world knows inc the World Health Authority.

You and others who will be increasingly named, are nothing other than blatant "cowards" who are unwilling to face a Constituent, and prefer to hide your gross negligence in your office as Councillors and MP.
You are a disgrace to society and a serious threat to children through your deliberate negligence.
You should have no part in
any public administration at all and you should be brought to book immediately for direct involvement in the suffering of large numbers of Tamesiders.

Gwynne you are a despot and proven coward only prepared
to take the money and then hide from any Constituents who wants to expose your
horrific gross negligence towards the Adults and
Chidren in Tameside

You are admitting your complicity in negligence towards children by refusing to a 1-1 open debate on a extremely serious issue as detailed in the M.E.N today,and you have definately known the data and full facts for years.
You should be shamed without any mercy,you should be despised with no
lenience,and you should be
booted out of office similar to what TMBC did to you years ago when you were deceptive and responsible for vote rigging and TMBC stated we do not want such people as Councillors.
You can call me all the the stupid names with insults and they run off me totally because I have witnessed your disgusting methods and those of your sycophantic Councillors and I take such comments with derision knowing you and others are
impostors when it comes to representing your Constituents.
J.Hall (exposing the 100% truth to Tamesiders)

Game, Set and Match to J Hall said...

Plain and simple - J Hall has won the arguement. As soon as they roll out the "we don't debate with extremists" bollocks you know they have no answers. J Hall, you're a good man. We if he had 100,000 J Hall's Britain could be saved.

Topographer said...

Deaths due to pollution are higher here compared to London because we are in a valley surrounded by hills. In London the pollution disperses into the Thames estuary whereas here the pollution and deadly particles linger. That is the main reason for more people dying from pollution related illness in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Tameside asthma epidemic then?

Anonymous said...

Part 1
Reading the Manchester Evening News and the subsequent interviews with Tameside CCG Members
it reminded me that having communicated with this new group who are now totally responsible for the health and welfare of Tamesiders
I had received no responses to my 3 E.Mails to the new Tameside CCG within which I referred to Air Pollution concerns in Tameside which affect
the public.
Its vital to recognise the typical methods adopted by Tameside Council to spread its tentatcles into every administration in Tameside regardless of the fact that TMBC its Executives,Councillors etc have to my knowledge no medical background qualifications,has ignored totally the major problem of Tameside Air Pollution being the worst in the North West,and having reached No1 in the UK league table for traffic increases.
Therefore its yet another disturbing situation where we have the following member appointed to the new CCG Group
Graham Curtis: Non Execuitve Director of Tameside Hospital. NEW CCG Member because with "our" Tameside Hospital having been constantly
exposed as not fit for purpose by the Local Coroner and a highly respected Hospital Consultant who was vilified for his exposures.
Then we have Cllr Lynn Travis, Executive Member Adults and Health, TMBC and to top it all here we are back with Councillor Warrington
Personal and Health Services Scrutiny Panel
Councillor Warrington (Chair), Bowden (Deputy Chair) Bowerman, R Miah, Downs,
Shorrock, Bell, Sullivan and Dr Cropper (Co-opted)
Councillors Bray, Middleton and A White
The Panel welcomed Christine Green, Chief Executive and Barbara Herring, Director of Finance for Tameside NHS Foundation Trust.
The Panel welcomed Angela Hardman, Interim Director of Public Health for Tameside MBC.
Angela Hardman (Director of Public Health)
Angela Hardman is interim director of public health and will have a key leadership role on the CCG. Her in-depth knowledge of the needs of local people will play a key role in influencing the priorities that the CCG will focus on and the decisions that are made, with the aims of reducing health inequalities and ensuring people can live longer and healthier lives. Angela has worked in the NHS for nearly 30 years. Her career in public health began when she was appointed public health business manager for Bury and Rochdale Health Authority in 1994. This was a springboard that saw Angela work as a consultant in public health in Bolton and then Bury, prior taking up her current role. Over the course her career she has provided public health leadership across a wide and varied portfolio and built effective multi-agency relationships. Angela said: “I’m looking forward to working with my CCG colleagues and wider partners to ensure people receive the support and information they need to help them avoid becoming ill. “For those people who do become ill, I want to make sure they have access to the very best services that meet their needs throughout their lives.”
According to Angela Hardman Tameside has an extensive range of services and initiatatives that help to prevent and reduce the risks of coronary heart disease including health checks,stop smoking services and advice about weight mamagement and reducing alcohol.
Dr.Amir Hannan CCG Board Members stated the CCG aims to have reduced deaths in people under 75 for cardiovascular disease in line with the national average ???????????
But hold fire we also know the background of unfit for purpose Tameside Hospital and its very cosy relationship with the Tameside Council members
Lynn Travis: Tameside Labour councillor for the Ashton Waterloo ward. She is also a Non Executive Director of Tameside and Glossop PCT.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
Peter Joinson: Non Executive Director of Tameside Hospital. Former Labour councillor in Tameside and Deputy Leader of the Council.
Councillor Brenda Warrington of course.
Andrew Gwynne MP Shadow spokesperson for the NHS and Public Health.
Dr Hannan said: “My initial focus will be to support my colleagues to commission better heart, diabetes, respiratory and stroke services “When making decisions about the future of local health services it’s important that we do so with care and compassion and that we involve local people at all times.(just like my E.Mails were ignored)
Changes to health and care services in Tameside and Glossop
From 1st April 2013, Tameside and Glossop Primary Care Trust (PCT) also known NHS Tameside and Glossop, will cease to exist and its responsibilities will be devolved to a range of other new organisations: Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will take over the main responsibility for managing the local health budget in Tameside and Glossop. The CCG will be led by local GPs and other clinicians who will decide how to spend the local NHS budget for the benefit of local patients.
So your lives and your families are locked into links with Tameside Hospital,Tameside Councillors,and CCG new members which certainly gives me and others no confidence whatsoever because our lives,mortality,and well being of all our families should not be tainted whatsoever by TMBC
Councillors and individuals ex TMBC who were directly linked with Tameside Hospital during the years when many deaths were attributed to the
if you value your lives seeing that TMBC have acted with deliberate gross negligence for 12 years concerning the high levels of PM2.5 Particulates
and the substantiated serious diseases and deaths which occur.

This aint no upwardly mobile freeway... said...

In the last few years there has been a massive increase in the number of traffic lights, roundabouts, chicanes and other artificially created obstructions in Tameside and Britain generally. This has led to a related massive increase in vehicles stopping, idling and setting off, i.e the things that increase vehicle pollution. The council's answer to every traffic issue is, install another set of lights or similar obstruction due to infantile hysteria about vehicle speeds. Several years ago the Road Research Laboratory established that 87% of ALL ACCIDENTS were caused by pedestrians stepping into the roadway. Problems are solved by being traced to their source, in this case gross pedestrian carelessness and ignorance, and dealt with.
Traffic FLOW is what should be prioritised, with harsh punishments for the tiny proportion of reckless drivers, as opposed to the current and absolutely typical for modern Britain approach, punish everyone. Improved traffic flow reduces pollution, reduces delay and frustration and significantly benefits the economy.
The current justice system at large is based on a juvenile and irrational ideology of, collective reponsibility and individualised punishment, in reality it should be the diametric opposite i.e individual responsibility and mandatory punishment based entirely on the offence.

Anonymous said...

That was part of Labour's tax & spend bonanza in the early 2000s. Pile as much furniture and junk on to our roads as possible to justify the fat pay packets of town hall busy bodies aka 'council officers' and chief executives. And that's saying nothing about hanging baskets and novel statuettes about the borough (ever heard the saying you can't polish a turd). Meanwhile a huge backlog of unrepaired pot holes continues to build. Hardly any new speed bumps and pretty painted paths in Tameside over the last three years since fiscal reality hit home. Got to get your priorities straightened out when trying to sustain all those rosy red Labour bottoms on council seats.

Garden of England said...

Walked round Glenmore Grove with my dog last night and I must say Mr West's garden is easily the best on the road and a pleasure to look at.

Satan's little helpers said...

Mr Tamerlan allegedly committed his atrocity in Massachusetts where they abolished the death penalty in 1982. I'd like to hear one of the liberal idiots explain why his life (if he survives) is more valuable than the three people he killed and the hundreds whose lives he's destroyed and the hundreds of thousands traumatised by his actions.
The good news is it looks as if it will be a federal prosecution which has the power to impose the death penalty.
In cases like this which indisputably deserve the death penalty the 'antis' are notable by their absence and would rather it be swept under the carpet.
The punishment should fit the crime, fail to punish and you condone.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact claimed on twitter by @Dr_Raj_Patel >Tameside is UK's heart disease capital, figures show but improving. rates dropped by 38% last 10 yrs.

If true, it sort of contradicts well known health research professional John Hall's claim that its all down to the M60/M67 junction

Anonymous said...

Massive amounts of standing traffic and consequent pollution, delay, frustration and negative economic consequences at that gridlocked juntion aren't doing anyone any good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Interesting fact claimed on twitter by @Dr_Raj_Patel >Tameside is UK's heart disease capital.

Here`s another clutching at fresh air from Tameside Council.
Doctors/Administrators at the PCT and CCG
sing the same tune as TMBC because of their close links together.
Negligence was buried along with the dead.

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