Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bridleway 78 and Footpath 77 Diversion Order

I come across this public footpath diversion order today near to the entrance to Walkerwood Reservoir. It seems the Borough Solicitor wishes to have this bridleway/footpath diverted. This is almost certainly due to plans by New Charter to build new homes in the area of the existing footpath. It would be tragic if this new housing development were to encroach upon the wonderful moorland in this area.

Shortly after making the video of the diversion order I acted upon the advice of a commenter to this blog who suggested trying another route to the Wild Bank Hill triangulation point. The commenter suggested walking up the steep incline facing Walkerwood Reservoir which makes for a more a challenging walk. Well, they weren't wrong! Compared to the route I usually take the walk up the steep hill over the moss and rocks was totally exhausting. After my tenth or eleventh stop for a rest I realised that however much you try and keep fit, eventually the ageing process will catch up with you and sap your stamina.

I'm not particularly enjoying this growing old lark. Not only am I losing stamina but I have also realised that my eyes are not once what they once were. I remember an optician friend once telling me that I would need reading glasses by the time I was fifty, I said no way, my eyesight is perfect, but either print in newspapers has become smaller or my eyes are not focussing as they once did, maybe he was right after all, but conceding defeat to the inevitable is not something which comes naturally to me, especially if means I will end up looking like Joe 90.


Invasion of the Country Snatchers said...

Get those houses pushed right up that hillside. We need every bit of space we can get, the maternity wards are full to bursting with alien spawn.

Anonymous said...

I suggested the steep side of wildbank facing the resrvoir, not seriously thinking anyone would actually try it. I'm in my 30s and find it tough enough, but then I'm not exactly super fit either. A couple of years since I was last up there. I don't know exactly which part TC ascended on that side but back then I found myself knee deep in undergrowth for the first half of the trek upwards from the reservoir. Great place to escape the rest of humanity mind, you won't find many people round there. I normally take the easier route coming off Stock's Lane and ascend the main face which overlooks the borough. The long cobbled track which runs down toward Matley Lane is too easy and a bit of a non-event, I only use that route for going back down.

I've always liked tackling peaks, but what I like about Wildbank is it's close proximity to the town and city. An eerie silence descends half way up, a strange feeling of being both close to and far away from home. Bullshit philosophy aside, on top of Wildbank you may notice the surrounding peaks, some of which are even higher. I tried one out the other week situated just outside Glossop town centre and very easily accessible. From the shopping area just follow Victoria Street into Charlestown Road, then turn right into Turnlee Road. About 30 yards along you'll notice a path on the left, excellent view at the top and you can still see Manchester city centre. said...

Litter problem along the canal in Tameside!

Bill said...

There are quite a few ways up to the trig point on Wild Bank Hill, all too detailed to describe here.

I have found the easiest way is from Hobson Moor Road at Mottram. Start ½ mile along Hobson Moor Road, at the public footpath signpost on the left under the line of pylons. Go through two gates and climb uphill on the deeply rutted track for just under ½ mile. The track turns 90° left at a signpost.

Follow the track to a springed gated stile by another signpost, and continue uphill in the same direction on the track through the heather. When the path reaches a crossroads, take the wider path uphill on the right. In ¼ mile this reaches the trig point on Hollingworthall Moor (30 minutes).

I agree with you TC, the older you get the more you feel the longer distances. My days of walking 25 miles are long gone. Now it's around 10-15 maximum, although I am more comfortable with 5-10.

It's certainly hard growing old but better than the alternative!


Anonymous said...

TC Something to bring cheer.
Paulie's relative beats Meningitis!
You can read about the little girl in this weeks Advertiser.

Roy Wests!

Anonymous said...

TC You can read about Pauline's Great niece on the front page of the Manchester Evening news.
It was a battle against Cancer.
It will bring a tear to your eye TC..

Roy West!
Struggle Is The Father Of All Things!

Stan said...

I have never met Roy West but he comes across as a deeply spiritual and conciencus individual. Maybe he should consider taking up holy orders and joining the priesthood.

Anonymous said...


Try learning to spell properly before making smarmy patronising comments about others.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Do not marvel that I said you should be born again" "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."

Read the Story about Pauline's Great Niece and her battle against Cancer In today's evening news.
Then look inside yourself!!

Roy West!

Pope West IX said...

Save the bible bashing for Sunday eh.

80 years = 29,200 days(approx). said...

You're descended from a monkey, which is descended from a small mammal, which is descended from something that crawled out of a river millions and millions of years ago, which is descended from the most basic organisms vastly further back than that. None of those creatures 'lived eternally' and neither will you.
Your atoms can't be destroyed as matter is indestructible but after death they scatter and are gradually transformed into the constituent parts of something else.
What would be the point of living forever, as the famous scientist and author Fred Hoyle said, 'After 10,000 years I'd be bored out of my mind.'

Anonymous said...

@18/04/2013 17:14 don't be nasty, it would be difficult to be Pope, not being Catholic myself.

Roy West!

Reimer said...

80 years = 29200 etc

Such a literal, materialist interpretation of "eternal life" is par for the course for boorish atheists.


Violent Obsession With Young White Girls (but not racist?) said...

Opemipo Jaji, 18, followed his victim — still in her school uniform — after she got off a bus home then dragged her off the street and subjected her to a horrendous three-hour ordeal.

The Old Bailey heard he has a violent obsession with young white girls in school uniform and just one year before the rape he had carried out a similar attack on another young female pupil.

(I am a pacifist but I would hang this bastard if the law allowed it)

Men of the West, where are you? Why are you allowing this to happen to your daughters and sisters? said...

He raped a 12-year-old girl in 2011 and he was only sentenced to a 10-month detention and training order and not registered as a sex offender.

And then in May 2012, he appeared before magistrates accused of having indecent images of children on his MP4 player after 600 images of girls were discovered on the device, and in September he pleaded guilty to an offence of making an indecent photograph of a child, and was only given a community sentence, and still not registered as a sex offender.

80 years = 29,200 days(approx). said...

@ Reimer, such a fanciful, vague and meaningless response is par for the course for the fundamentally irational.

Subhuman and unnecessary said...

Jaji should have been killed in 2011 after the first rape. A disgusting savage who should never have been born.

Cosmotheism said...

Christianity is the bane of the white man. If our pagan roots hadn't been obliterated by that alien internationalist creed from the middle east we'd have evolved our naturalistic instincts into something more advanced and beneficial to our kind.

Anonymous said...

That's right, because your brain's more advanced than a monkey it means you'll never die. Jesus (figuratively speaking).

Click here to watch on BBC iPlayer said...

I've just watched the much hyped Panorama filmed undercover in North Korea. I urge you all to watch it. It is absolute classic 100% BBC propaganda at its very worst.

The programme presented by John Sweeny starts with 'experts' informing the viewers that contrary to what they may believe NK is not a Communist state but in actual fact it is a National Socialist state modelled on Hitler's Germany with an ideology of racial purity at its centre. Later the Nazi theme is continued with talk of 'concentration camps' and other nonsense meant to fool those with feeble minds.

The tone throughout is sneering and contemptuous with constant references to power outages. There are some very unconvincing actors who appear as NK defectors. One, a supposed doctor talks of immediate execution should she ask for her hospital to be re-supplied with urgently needed medicines.

I could go on but I won't. Please watch it. It is only on for 30 minutes and from start to finish. Near the end Sweeny goes into a NK library and asks for a copy of Orwell's 1984. This is the BBC taking the proverbial out of the viewers (and licence fee payers). As I say; absolute classic BBC/State propaganda and well worth watching. said...

Pope West IX said...
If I was the Pope, then maybe new charter housing would give some relevance to what we are suffering?
But our lives don't count, how dare we suggest that this, is bringing Trauma into our daily lives?

Those interested in JUSTICE! get a copy of Alan Kibble's statement
From Tameside County court, issued for the injunction case 6th July 2012. Kibble tries to implicate
me with a crowbar attack on a new charter office.

Anonymous said...

TC Sinister forces are trying to destroy our lives using false allegations.
Ivan Wright of new charter housing tried to get me charged on trumped up allegations.
Alan Kibble's attempt to implicate me with that crowbar attack on a new charter office.
The police coming round to my house at the drop of a hat.
The police are trying to drag my partner and her grandchild into all this. The police come round to the house when I'm out to ask Pauline questions.

Roy West

Anonymous said...
Tameside named as heart disease capital of the UKhttp://www.
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said people who live in the area are more likely to die from coronary heart disease than anywhere else in the UK.
Policy statement bt the British Heart Foundation
Research shows that air pollution can make existing heart conditions
worse and can cause cardiovascular events including heart attacks and
strokes amongst vulnerable groups. Given the large number of people
living in the UK with heart disease and the likelihood of their exposure to
air pollution, it is important that UK governments ensure they are meeting
European Commission targets to improve air quality.

How bloody dare Tameside Councillors and MP`s keep
knocking the facts concerning the Air Pollution in Tameside and the Deaths being caused.
We keep getting Anons and Brenda gobbing it with crap,which tells me,you,and anyone with a reasonable level of intelligence have no interest whatsoever in lowering the air pollution in Tameside and is therefore in an administration which is knowingly involved in the Deaths of Tamesiders.

These totally obnoxious and callous Councillors,Anons and Brenda,should be absolutely be ashamed to post their utter undiluted crap on this site.
Give "me" an open forum public debate where I
can destroy their complete credibility, and adequate time to offer the evidence which would completely shame this vile and contemptuous attitudes to Tamesiders Health.
How they sleep at nights and parade themselves in public is disgusting,and they are certainly lacking in having any consciences to rebuff what I can prove.
How vile can this Council get,and have the bloody audacity to offer me 3 minutes to offer substantiated evidence of my years of work when the TMBC meeting concerning their proposals TO INCREASE HGV`s and Vehicles into Tameside knowing the Pollution levels have been hidden for years.
The PCT and CCG Health Organisations have known and been made aware of my findings but they are closely linked with TMBC and have denied me in the past replies to my evidence.
As for A.Gwynne well the sheer hypocrisy of this person should be openly challenged and give me a 1-1 public forum meeting with you and let me expose the type of person you are when it comes to Men,Women,Childrens and Infants health and the direct links with air pollution which they daily ingest.
Don`t hide behind anons and Brenda,Gwynne its time for a showdown to safeguard lives in Tameside,regardless of your unbelievable MP post as Shadow Health spokesperson in the House of Commons.
Its Callous,Shameful,and
Contemptuous to hold such a position and hide what your Constituency endures.

Anonymous said...

Could J Hall explain how he figures that the prevalence of heart disease in Tameside is not mainly due to such factors as obesity, lack of exercise, poor quality diet, smoking, alcohol consumption (etc etc).

tonydj said...


So, when we die our atoms are scattered and become parts of something else.

So that which makes "me" becomes part of other things.

Therefore though I may not be aware of it, I live on. And those of my ancestors who died in this land live on.... while those who died in far of places like Flanders will live on and turn some corner of a foreign field into a part of England.