Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aldermans Hill above Dovestones Reservoir, Saddleworth Moors.

I would like to thank the occasional contributor to this blog site who has shared this wonderful video with us which he filmed yesterday. I have never ventured to that location but the scenery looks stunning and I would like to go there sometime soon. Could you tell us how to get to it from Tameside and what is the nature of the terrain? Is it a simple walk up a well worn path or is it off the beaten track? Also would you describe it as an easy walk to the summit where any reasonably fit person could make it or is it challenging and better suited to experienced walkers?


Anonymous said...

In the public's interest!
To publish on here, the statement made by Alan Kibble (new charter housing)6th July 2012 Tameside County Court.
Kibble tried in vain to implicate me with a crowbar attack on a charter office.
The Judge Dismissed Kibble's attempt to do this.
But it concerns me that Kibble is prepared to do almost anything to implicate me in this way.
And it's no coincident, that Ivan Wright of Charter recently tried to have me charged on trumped up allegations.
Roy West!

Anonymous said...

People need to understand that these two men, are trying to take away Free Speech! Freedom of expression.
And remember, that, Ian Munro is on over £3,000 a week. While new charter tenants have no money to do anything with.

Anonymous said...

TC It is also important that people of Tameside know, that Ian Munro (new charter housing) is now trying to implicate me with threats against his family, to try and evict my disabled partner from her home!
If Munro had any evidence to suggest I have done anything like that, then the police would have been round.
There's an evil axis of people just making things up trying to frame me.
Roy West!

Bill said...

TC, Alderman's Hill can be approached from the A635 Holmfirth Road (Isle Of Skye Road). Park at Binn Green car park, on the right, a quarter of a mile up from Greenfield.

You can either walk a mile up the road and take the path up left which is a 70 metre climb or go the alternative way below.

The way I normally approach it is by the track opposite Binn Green car park. This takes you gradually uphill on a deeply rutted track and through an open gateway on the right when you can see the obelisk at Pots & Pans.

There is a bit of climbing on this route (110 metres) but it's a far more scenic route. From the obelisk turn right and keep in the same direction for half a mile. Ignore a left turn to Dick Hill.

I realise these directions aren't very detailed but I haven't got round to writing this yet for my 'Walks In Saddleworth' ebook.

Anyone reasonably fit can manage this. My 8 year old grandson did it last year. It is no harder than the trig point on Wild Bank Hill.

I have mentioned it before - if you contact me I can let you have PDF's for some good walks in Tameside & Saddleworth.


Countryside on your doorstep said...

Start this 3 mile circular walk on the A635, 1.75 miles after the Clarence Pub (mini roundabout). Park on the verge on the left next to the stile, just past the farm on the right, Upperwood House.
Walk back past the farm on the road and go through the gate on the right hand side.
Follow the track and path for 3/4 of a mile, best to keep to the edge when possible to maximise the views, until you reach Alderman's Hill (in the video).
Then walk NW for 1/2 a mile over to the war memorial at the top of Pots and Pans.
Then walk along the edge path behind it (NE then NNE) overlooking Uppermill, Diggle etc past Shaw Rocks and Slades Rocks. After the latter the path turns roughly East over the moors descending back to the A635, the stile being where the car is.
The paths/tracks are mostly good but there are occasional boggy parts.
The best features of this route are its proximity, ease of access and its altitude virtually all the way round, giving excellent views.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz said...

Roy West, we know you've been stitched up but hijacking every new article to get your word in first is not helping your cause. It is becoming boring and irritating.

Anonymous said...

@ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz said... to you maybe but not to the lives affected.
So go else where if you don't like it

Intimidation said...

If you'd done ANYTHING even remotely illegal Mr West the plod would have been banging on your door at the first opportunity, probably a Chief Superintendent at least.

Anonymous said...

Well Ian Munro is trying to implicate me with threats against his family, using these lies to try and evict my disabled partner from her home.
And people should know that!

Roy West!

Tameside Citizen said...

Bill and COYD, thank you for the directions and information. I will be heading up there in the not too distant future.

Bill, thank you for the kind offer regarding the PDF map but I have a confession to make. I am worse than a woman (sexist and proud lol) when it comes to reading maps. The invention of satellite navigation devices was a revelation for me because prior to that I would often get lost due to my poor to nonexistent map reading skills.

When venturing into the hills I usually look at a place which looks scenic or interesting and providing there is a public right of way I start my adventure not knowing what I will encounter on the way. Using this method I have stumbled upon interesting wartime aircraft wreck sites and other curiosities such as a pheasant breeding facility hidden deep in the confiners on land adjacent to the A628 and opposite Bleaklow.

I have tried using maps and on specific occasions. The last time was when I was looking for the wrecks of two Gloster Meteor aircraft on Sliddens Moss. I was in the right area but could not locate the actual wrecks, however in mitigation, when I was looking the whole area was covered in tall cotton grass which blanketed the area in white and it made it nearly impossible to see anything which may have been beneath.

Same Fate As The Dinosaurs said...

I suppose it's inevitable in a way - UKIP skims off the Tory Golf-club bores and angry retired Colonels, as well as the Labour pub bores and the lowly-educated.

UKIP - representing a Britain united in ignorance and xenophobia!

UKIP isn't a right-wing party. It is a reactionary party.... a natural home for the disgruntled; a place for those who think backwards in time, people who are uncomfortable in the present and terrified of the future. Old people.

Anonymous said...

In April 2013 the CCG will take on full responsibility for commissioning (buying) health services across the area as it will become a public body.
Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) consists of a group of local GPs. This year your local health services are being run by Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in partnership with the PCT and together we are working to improve the health of the population. This change has come about due to the Health and Social Care Act 2012
Dr.Chands words:It is time to reject the market ideology that has plagued the NHS for more than 25 years and wasted billions of pounds in the endeavour to get more of the NHS budget into the hands of private companies.
Anon Comment :Dr Chand obviously has no problem in Labour Councillors getting roles involving millions of NHS pounds of your money as a Labourite.supporter involved in getting elected for Labour
Dr.Chands words: I am not opposed to feedback from patients and their families. However, the FFT is based on a model developed to test satisfaction with consumer products. Clare Gerada, Chair of the Council of the Royal College of GPs, rightly questioned whether friends and family are proper judges of the NHS in all its complexity.
Anon Comment: Friends and Families have the 100% right to question,investigate,expose,and judge the qualities of Hospitals,Doctors,CCG`s etc
Dr.Chand because thats called democracy and a safeguard which can and does protect peoples lives from negligence in the NHS.
Dr Chands words: The Health and Social Care Act gives CCGs the authority to generate their own priorities for whom they will provide a service, and what service they will provide. They will be under no obligation to ensure that a whole range of services is available to their catchment population
Then there is the potential that many CCGs will subcontract many of their activities to commercial organisations.
No measures are yet in place to limit the ability to contract with providers in whom GPs, their families, and business associates have a financial interest
Anon Comment: So CCG`s now have the power of God with priorities which they determine in consultation with the Labourite supporters and Councillors who are closely linked on panels,committees,and scrutiny groups who have no medical backgrounds other than being unqualified Labourites..
And here we go again with possible contracts offered by GP`s,their families and business associates (which could involve Councillors presumeably)

Terrier Work (Graphic Images) said...

What on earth is terrier work?

A dog or dogs are put into the entrance of a badger sett, or fox earth with the intention of pursuing or bolting the "quarry". The dog can be traced using electronic locators. Some "hard" terriers actually fight the "quarry" underground. For this reason terrier work is also known as "fox baiting". Once the terrierman knows the dog's location, he will dig down and then 'dispatch' the quarry if it isn't already dead. However, badger diggers may take the badger away for baiting.

Which dogs are used?

The dogs used for underground work are generally small dogs that can get through a network of tunnels, called 'tubes'. The breeds used are terrier types - Jack Russell's, Wire Haired Terriers, Lakeland, Bedlington, and Plummer breeds.

Dogs which are put to work underground are called earth dogs. Dogs which hunt above ground are called running dogs.

How are the animals killed?

Terriers can attack and rip apart animals underground needless to say some terriers get severely injured themselves. Even terriers who hold a fox at bay whilst it is dug out can attack and injure the fox. Either way, a fox can be “dug out” in a process that on many occasions has involved the suffocation of the fox – and sometimes the terrier. Those that are "dug out" are finished off by a shovel or heavy stick. Sometimes they are thrown to dogs alive. Many of these are taken home as 'trophies' for the dogs to play with.

What is bolting?

Terrier dogs are also used to "bolt" after foxes, driving them out from their hiding spots and into nets covering the enterance of earths. Foxes that bolt into nets are sometimes used as bait for young terriers – a process known as “ragging”. How a fox dies when it bolts into nets will never be monitored – stabbed, shot, clubbed to death – its what ever takes a terrierman’s fancy.

Why do people do it?

Some people get a 'rush' from seeing their dog digging out. It gives them the power to decide whether a wild animal lives or dies. Many will take part in digging out competitions at hunt events. Many people who do it call themselves 'pest controllers' or 'terriermen' but it could be the lad up the road, but they all have one thing in common: They enjoy the 'thrill' of control over life or death.

(The Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work (CATW) exposes the cruelty of digging out foxes and the injuries also inflicted on terriers. We are seeking legislation in the UK and Ireland outlawing the use of terriers to terrorise animals underground. Terrierwork is one of the cruellest so called 'sports' and should be illegal in any civilised society.

Some of our photos and videos graphically illustrate the horror of foxhunting and terrier work. These may cause distress.)

Report anyone who you believe may be involved in torturing animals using any of the methods described said...

Terrier Work Laws

Hunting Act 2004 - Terrier Work

Digging out a fox in the traditional manner is now illegal.

The 'Code of Practice' has the force of law and comes under paragraph 2 of Shedule 1 to the Hunting Act 2004. This is supplemented by the 'BASC's Good Practice Guide'. While the Code has the force of law, the Good Practice Guide does not, but in court would be used as an indicator of a desire to be responsible and stay within the law.

We have taken legal opinion and the most crucial is that digging down to kill a fox as has traditionally occured is now illegal. This is because the use of spades and digging would prevent the fox from bolting, which is the central demand of the code. Crucially, the BASC's Good Practice Guide which would be used by courts as an indicator of motive, reinforces this by stating: "You may dig solely for the purpose of rescuing your terrier."

In a nut shell:
Using more than one 'soft terrier' (those that habitually stand off and bark at the wild mammal) to bolt a fox is illegal. Terriers that are ‘hard’ (those that habitually fight) must not be used.

Using a terrier other than to bolt a fox for the purpose of reducing damage to game birds being kept for shooting, is now illegal. Fox example, you could not do it on a farm that just had sheep.

Written permission must be kept by the terrierman showing he has the permission of the landowner.

The aim must be to bolt a fox. Entering a terrier into a hole with its exit blocked is illegal, as is digging down and shooting the fox. Indeed anything that will prevent the fox bolting is illegal.

The use of a single terrier to flush a fox from underground is ONLY legal under very specific circumstances i.e. "to prevent or reduce serious damage to game or wild birds that are being kept or preserved for shooting". By October losses to foxes are minimal; losses are most likely to occur either during the nesting season in spring (for wild-reared birds) or during the summer (when reared birds are kept in pens). By October pen-reared birds have been released and losses of game birds are minimal. Thus "serious damage" would not occur from late October onwards.

The use of hounds to drive foxes to ground, where they are dug out by terriermen working with the hunt, was normal practice prior to 18 February 2005 but is contrary to the Hunting Act 2004. Terriermen following hunts and using terriers/digging out thus provide reasonable suspicion offences under the Hunting Act are taking place

Anonymous said...

But Alan Kibble does not want anyone to post about blood sports.
His view, you are not allowed to talk about this subject.
Kibble is the keeper of the GREAT key.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if Roy West supports blood sports.

Anti racist = Anti-White said...

@ Same Fate as the Dinosaurs, Looking 'backwards in time' a few decades you see a virtually homogenous, settled, civilised, ordered Britain with a strong sense of shared history and culture.
The ongoing destruction of the indigenous people of Britain and the consequent destruction of all the advances and civilised values it represents isn't something to celebrate.
At the moment the country has a veneer of civilisation but as the demographic changes accelerate Britain will start to become 'something else' created and constituted by its new inhabitants.
Unless action is taken very soon, Britain as a recognisable entity will cease to exist, but seeing as you hate our country and its indigenous people you'll no doubt be delighted.

marginalised minority said...

Britain as we knew it is finished. The British people are resigned to their fate and they have relinquished control of their future.

Edelwulf's Vengeance said...

So too were the German people before a man stood up and told them to fight.
He will come to us, our man of the hour, our Hitler, our Hereward, our Robin Hood.

He will need people with hard minds and hard forms to aid him, keep that in mind all those who dismay at the slumber of the tormented lion, he will need all of us to have the potential to become heroes, do not give in to despair and defeatism yet.

Anonymous said...

I Would like to put this question to Mr Paul Wilson (new charter solicitor)
How can you sleep at night knowing that you wrongfully evicted that woman from Ashton, and made her homeless?
Took all her furniture to the tip.

tonydj said...

@Edelwulf's Vengence

No! Don't wait for a leader, LEAD YOURSELVES!

tonydj said...

"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God"

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots"

Thomas Jefferson. 2nd President of The United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Careful Tonydj Paul Wilson takes everything you say, to be incitement.
This is the guy that wrongfully evicts people and sends their furniture to the tip.

SerpentSlayer said...

This Paul Wilson is not the law, he is just a cowardly Satanist who projects his own self-hatred upon others. Such men cannot function effectively against any reasonable opposition.

The love of money... said...

Hitler put two fingers up to international finance. From that moment on they were determined to get him. He's also the only great statesman to stand up specifically for the White race.

New Video: If Hitler Were Alive Today He Would Be An Anti-Racist said...

It is interesting how the cover story of being 'anti-racist' is being used to ethnic cleanse homogenous nations into existence. This new Hitler video shows exactly how a real 'Hitler figure' would behave if he really did want to destroy a people or a country. It is not a light a hearted mocking video, it is deadly serious but presented in a light hearted way. It shows how anti-racism is being used as a weapon to destroy nations.

Six and two threes said...

Twentieth anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
How much time, money and media focus has been spent on this one case. Fair enough if it was being treated impartially but this case has had profound political overtones from the start, with time, money and all other considerations normally given to such cases thrown out of the window in pursuit of a socio/political agenda.
The two convicted last year may well have been guilty but with all those years of high profile and highly prejudicial media campaigning against them the possibility of a fair trial is open to very strong question.
Contrast the media attention given to this case and the attention given when the victims like Kriss Donald, Ross Parker and a whole host of others are White.

'British teenagers' and the murder of Manchester soldier Fusilier David Lee Collins said...

You will have to search to find info on the murder of this British soldier by 'British' teenager Mohammed Abdulkadir Osman. It is in the news today but with the minimum amount of reporting they can get away with. Another one which will soon disappear from the radar never to be heard of again.

Gavin Hopley Unsolved Racist Murder said...

The best direct parallel with the Stephen Laurence case is the unsolved racist murder of local lad Gavin Hopley who was murdered by a large Asian gang in Oldham in 2002. He was beaten with clubs for 20 minutes until he was dead. What was his crime? Getting lost and ending up in the no-go zone of Glodwick. The 'anti-racist' lobby who are so keen to perpetuate the legend of St Stephen Laurence have worked to the opposite extreme when it comes to racist murders of indigenous Britons such as Gavin Hopley and the many thousands more who have been conveniently forgotten by those wishing to destroy our nation.

Inconvenient Bagels said...

Bilderberg, satanists, new world order, globalists, common purpose, CFR, Trilateral Commission, shape shifting reptiles....

And round and round in circles we go, like pin the tail on the donkey but with your back turned the wrong way as well being blind folded. Which word is THE most controversial and commonly ommitted....

Anonymous said...

The House of Commons usually sits for about 150 days a year, but this figure appears to be falling.
Politicians leave Westminster for half-terms, a six-week break in the summer, two fortnight breaks at Easter and Christmas and three weeks off while MPs attend party conferences.According to figures from the Commons library, MPs sat for an average of 148 days a year between May 2010 and May 2012.
But from 2006 to 2008, the Commons sat for an average of 152 days a year.
By comparison, this year the Commons is expected to sit for fewer than 140 days.
And you are the undoubted mugs paying these parasitic impostors.
They are more your enemy than immigrants.1133rorails

angry working class bloke said...

As a former member of an anti-immigration party I can speak with some authority on the issue of immigrants. It is not the immigrants themselves who are to blame. Many are just seeking a better life in a soft touch country. The real guilty criminals are the ruling political class who have used mass third world immigration as a tool to divide the nation and destroy the traditional working class. The criminals have engineered the myth that British people are lazy and immigrants are needed to do the jobs we are too lazy to do. The reality of the situation is that the wealthy and the political class they support want a return to the ‘good old’ pre-Labour days where they could rely on a vast pool of exploitable cheap labour. The immigrants are here because the elite wish to create a broken and exploitable workforce which they control. Don’t blame the immigrants, they are just the symptoms, blame the parasitical elite and their hired politicians who are the problem.

Anonymous said...

@22/04/2013 15:57 Paul Wilson (new charter solicitor, wears Satan's symbol on his finger.
Remember he and charter wrongfully evicted that woman from Ashton, then took all her furniture to the tip.

Hatemonger said...

@ Angry working class bloke, the politicians wouldn't get into power if the dumbed down, apathetic morass that is a large chunk of the modern British electorate didn't either: keep voting for them; not bother to vote at all.

Anonymous said...

Words on TC are not going to
affect the shite at TMBC.
Nor are words going to address the immigrants problems.
Start trawling the net about TMBC,and all politicians and start the attacks in a meaningful way.
Dig out substantiated dirt on New Charter,and the staff at TMBC who cover for the shite at TMBC.
Throwing pancakes around does nowt,but throwing
substantiated grenades with evidence will stir the parasitic shite called TMBC

Anonymous said...

And the 20,000: vote Labour no matter what morons, and the 120,000 can't be arsed to vote at all tossers will almost certainly carry on doing, or not doing, the same old thing.
In the last few years several parties in tameside, UKIP, EDs, Greens, BNP and independents have given them the opportunity to: change their vote; protest vote; or ACTUALLY vote; and Labour's grip is stronger than ever.
This and other blogs are at least playing some part (anything's better than the pathetic official Conservative opposition, look at their appalling results at last year's council elections in trying to wake the mentally dead but the current Tameside electorate is fundamentally inferior, much like the British electorate at large. They MAY wake up in time to save themselves but there's precious little sign of it at the moment.

'25% of Bulgarians want job in UK' said...

More than a quarter of Bulgarians questioned in a BBC survey said they intend to come to the UK to work.

An initial poll carried out for BBC Newsnight by Vitosha found that one in four people in the country wanted to take advantage of a relaxation in restrictions which come into effect next January.

This just backs up my theory that immigration is a tool being used by the elite and their Quisling politicians to flood the country with a never ending supply of cheap labour. Angry Working Class Bloke

Death Knell said...

I don't know anyone in favour of YET ANOTHER mass influx of cheap foreign labour, in fact the general reaction seems to range from anger to extreme anger against it.
As was the case a few weeks ago at the Eastleigh by-election when the electorate had the perferct opportunity to show what they felt about immigration and especially the EU immigration issue by voting for UKIP, the party specifically set up to deal with this issue. What happened? 68% of those who DID bother to turn out STILL voted main party.
Wake up gutless zombies the clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

The elite hate the indigenous poor and try to replace them with compliant , cheap labour. They only think of power and wealth.

Anti-White bigotry said...

The elite hate ALL the indigenous who disagree and demur from their agenda.

one world united in peace and harmony said...

Lots of reasons to be depressed reading many of the comments here. Evidently there is still lots of work left to do to convince the uneducated that their 19th century concept of nationhood and race are totally outdated and the only race in the future will be the human race who all belong to the same global family.

Anti-White bigotry said...

By '19th century concept of nationhood and race' you mean an ACTUAL concept of nationhood and race, because that is what is under threat from the planned destruction of our race and culture.
This, extermination by other means campaign of course only applies in White western countries.
The White global population has plummeted from 28% in 1950 to 16% in 2010 and is expected to decline to 9% by 2060. Over the same period the Asian population will increase from 20% of the total to 30%. The sub-saharan African Black poulation from 8.5% to 26%.
Asian, African, Arabic, SE Asian and East Asian countries are of course virtually homogenous and would not contemplate the mass scale immigration being imposed on White European and western countries as it is obviously cultural, national and racial suicide.

rainbow nation said...

Let’s look at a world without European influence. In what way would the world be better off if Europeans could have been contained before spreading their ideas around the globe?

No Holocaust

No Slave trade

No Nazis

No enslavement of free nations in the name of empire

No loss of territory for the native peoples of America and Australasia

No perfecting the method of industrialised mechanised killing as witnessed in the global conflicts of the 20th century

No nuclear bombs

No destruction of the global environment following industrialisation

No crusades

No racism where one group of people view themselves as superior to all others because of the colour of their skin

Need I continue………?

Saturn V said...

Some of the Eastern countries may have made some advances but without the European peoples it would largely have been:

No industrial revolution

No scientific progress

No progress

No White slaving true, but Black on Black/Arabic/Barbary/Oriental slavery, was 99% of the total anyway and of course Europeans ended slavery

No railways in Africa, India, Pakistan and many other parts of the world

No fundamental infrastructure as above

No organised agriculture as above

No European literature which has influenced the entire world

No European poetry

No European art (as an example of one small sub-category):

No Titian

No Vermeer

No Rembrandt

No Constable

No da Vinci

No Boticelli

No Holbein

No Manet

No van Eyck

No van Gogh

No Michelangelo

No Turner

No Gainsborough

No Velasquez

No Goya

No Reynolds

No van Dyck

No Caravaggio

No Hals

No Rubens

No Bruegel

No Raphael

No Bosch

No Durer

No etc etc etc

No classical music

No Beethoven

No Mozart etc etc etc (I won't go on like art, we'd be here all month)

No democracy

No creation and promotion of civilised values

No loss of territory for Black native peoples? Yet you actively support the same for White native peoples.
No enslavement of free nations? They weren't nations before western influence but many were afterwards and they were left in massively better state than before we got there, and were left in a massively better state afterwards than the vast majority have descended to now.
Environmental destruction is being countered by new technology largely developed in the west, the population explosion that threatens the long term viability of the planet is coming from non-European countries, but no doubt that's somehow our fault as well. In any case you hate the nation state so why make a comment about the destruction of 'free nations', but of course that hatred only applies to White nations and White people.

No nuclear weapons, that have prevented global war for 70 years

No medical advances

No vaccination

No antibiotics

No organ transplants

No electricity

No nuclear power

No steam power

No discovery of DNA (no that's scientific discoveries isn't it and we really would be here all month)

No space programme

No moon landing

That'll do, it'd take forever.

Of course some or similar of these magnificent achievements, might have been made long afterwards by others but the fact is they WERE all the fruits of the European peoples (just like the many dreadful acts throughout history - which you neglected to mention - that WERE carried out by non-European peoples) without whom the world would be massively poorer, more uncivilised and backward place.

Europa said...

Imagine the state of the world now if all the above ideas, achievements and advances etc had been 'contained' within Europe. It would literally be hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

Mr Paul Wilson, when it came back to the court of appeal, and wrongful eviction was the result.
Did you not feel bad, that you evicted that lady from Ashton,
made her homeless?
She had to start all over again when you rehoused her, because new charter housing (charitable status) took all her furniture to the tip.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken that photo in the article is take from 'Indian Head". Named after the shape of the rocks you can see in the foreground when seen from a distance.

Anonymous said...

No it's Aldermans Hill.