Monday, 29 April 2013

Roy's out! But he's back in court on Wednesday.

The veil of secrecy was lifted today at Tameside  Magistrates Court when Roy West was bailed to appear back there on Wednesday morning, accused of being in breach of a restraining order. An order which expires tomorrow! The accusation relates to a film which it is claimed was uploaded on the 25th of November last year  to the Youtube site. We wish Roy well.

STOP PRESS NEWS. There are unconfirmed reports that a "flash" Demonstration may be held on Wednesday at an address on Cavendish Street, Ashton. There is no further news yet and the situation is said to be "fluid".


Click here to view the shocking film said...

The man is totally evil, public enemy number one. The police are entirely right to throw massive resources in prosecuting him in the name of justice Tameside style. How dare he produce such an offensive film. New Charter tenants should accept their lot and take whatever is thrown at them.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. said...

More details please.

When was this latest arrest and was he held in custody, if so, total hours spent in police custody?

If the film was uploaded in November, why has it taken so long for the complaint to be made or if the complaint was made in November, why has he only just been arrested now?

Has the person who initiated this latest arrest got any connection with the person pr persons who made allegations leading to the original restraining order?

Can you categorically confirm the restraining order expires tomorrow (30th April)?

Would it be fair to assume the complainant has a vested interest in in having the restraining order extended?

Was there any suggestion of a racial motive in relation to the arrest?

Does the complainant live in close proximity to the West household?

Has the complainant previously made allegations regarding Roy West?

Has the complainant got any links with New Charter housing/TMBC?

Has the complainant had known frequent contact with Cllr John Taylor?

Filming a brick wall said...

Sorry Pc Royle, not Royal, he says that he's seen the video of the brick wall being filmed.
And it's very close to being a seen has a breach!

Anonymous said...

West was taken from his home Sunday morning the 28th of April 10am, by two police officers. In a small van with the new Charter logo on the side.
One cop said, "we're not going to handcuff you Roy, because we've done a risk easement and know that you are not a violent person."

Philip said...

Tameside Radio is based on Cavendish Street, Ashton.

Colditz on Tame said...

Why has something that allegedly happened five months ago only been mentioned now.
I have witnessed Taylor's car outside their house on more than one occasion.

monitor said...

Colditz on Tame, you say you have witnessed Taylor outside "their" house on more than one occasion. Who do you mean by 'their'?

Anonymous said...

There's something not right about these arrests concerning Roy West. I think he could have a case if he complains to the pcc and tells them the whole story from start to now.

Anonymous said...

@30/04/2013 00:26
You seem to think that every individual person in Tameside and beyond, are subject to a restraining order.
Roy West is not responsible for other people's views and comments.
This is getting ridiculas.
What is the population of Tameside, all subject to the restraining not to mention Roy West's neighbours?

Anonymous said...


Sunday, 24 hours

Complainant took advice from New Charter









Colditz on Tame said...

@ Monitor, the neighbours.