Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nacht und Nebel come to Tameside !

Night and Fog descended on Tameside today with the arrest for undisclosed reasons of Political dissident Roy West.

Neither his partner nor his friends have been told why he was arrested. He is believed to be in Ashton Police Station. His liberation is hoped to be occurring tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Its out of control now, seek a Judicial inquiry and request an investigation by the Chief involve the Home Office direct with copies to each one.

Previous Arrest For Exposing Labour Gravy Train Riders said...

They cannot just lift him for no reason, can they? Does he have legal representation? This is getting truly riduculous. How many times has he been arrested since starting his campaign exposing how much his local councillors take in expenses?

Anonymous said...

I find that image of the concentration camp wagon very disturbing in an ominous kind of way. It might be West today and the rest of us non-conformists tomorrow.

SerpentSlayer said...

I won't be captured easily in that event, I've adapted the Japanese code of Bushido into my own personal code of honour.
Always have an escape plan, even in the event of capture, transit is the easiest time.

Evil is as evil does said...

I believe his restraining order was due to expire in 48 hours.

Zyklon B(orough) said...

Good picture as Mr West has been well and truly railroaded.
I wonder what has (or hasn't) happened this time, let's hope it's nothing as serious as grievous bodily name calling.

Good article about former Tameside MP Purnell and the Zionist takeover of the BBC (Click here) said...

The news of his appointment to the £340,000 ($518,000) per year post comes just a fortnight after the former Labour Party minister James Purnell took up his new position at the BBC as director of strategy and digital.

Purnell, who was one of Hall’s first appointments, served for two years while in Parliament as chairman of the Westminster lobby group Labour Friends of Israel. Hugely influential, Labour Friends of Israel has drawn support from senior figures within the party, including the former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Unsurprisingly, Purnell subscribes to the Zionist view, often taken in BBC news reporting, that Israel can do no wrong. Rather than as an aggressive occupier, Purnell portrays Israel as a victim of hostile, terrorist Arab neighbors. In a letter to Prospect magazine in 2004, Purnell wrote of the comparison made by campaigners between Israel and apartheid-era South Africa, saying: “I find it hard to reconcile that image to the reality on the ground. Israel is a democracy, suffering terrorist attacks, surrounded by countries that don’t recognize its existence, the victim of well-funded terrorist organizations that preach anti-Semitic hate”.

Fact-free propaganda

Israel, with more than 60 laws discriminating against its Palestinian citizens in all areas of life, including political and civil rights, can hardly be called a democracy if a democracy is a state for all its people. And two of its closest geographical neighbors, Jordan and Egypt, have long-standing peace treaties with Israel, something which would scarcely be possible if they didn’t recognize its existence.

However, Purnell’s fact-free, propagandized view of Israel will not be out of place at the BBC. The irony of course is that, under the terms of its Royal Charter, the BBC is meant to be committed to impartiality in its broadcasting.

That it is not can be evidenced in Hall’s third appointment — the promotion of former Today editor Ceri Thomas to the post of BBC head of programming. In his last full year as editor of Today, Thomas presided over a program that interviewed a senior Israeli politician or ambassador on average once every two months. Interviewees included Danny Ayalon, then Israel’s deputy foreign minister, and Tzipi Livni, an architect of the 2008-‘09 Gaza massacre.

The Lemming Factor said...

It's the white race Jews hate most, because they know our own intelligence, ingenuity and capability (when channeled propoerly) is the greatest threat to their goal of world domination.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Labour Exposed had this feature which was interesting at that time and obviously the forecast was correct.
You may read Dr. Kailash Chand in the local press often expressing his views as a former GP. He often expresses some whacky views which often include greater taxation to fund the NHS, banning things or giving a tax credit to those with a BMI under 26. Basically, he is very much in favour of the state having more control of your health and it should come as no surprise that Chand is life-long Labour Party member.
This is the has come to fruition comment:
"he is very much in favour of the state having more control of your health".
How right that was as you can see from the parasitic Councillors now on a wide variety of Health Committes
Panels etc etc.
The Government has released £millions to the Tameside new CCG Administration Group which can now decide Health priorities,who gets contracts for Health services,and here comes the Know nowt,Tameside Councillors involved in decision making re your health.
What better method to ensure the Labourite pockets of voters get an increased budget share of the £millions thus TMBC maintains the grip on localities for the Labour Votes.
This vile manipulation of organisations which are now duty bound with backdoor fixers in Tameside Radio,the Reporter,the M.E.N,Guardian,Housing Groups,and now the grip on Health Administrations worth £millions.
This strangle hold on TMBC`s media,housing and health should be vigorously destroyed because its the worst example of corrupt public control and their votes.
discriminatory, manipulative low life who are raiding our pockets to boot have no right to exist in our society and their roles must be obliterated

Democracy Exposed said...

Another reason NOT to vote for anyone other than (genuine)independents or fringe groups diametrically opposed to all the establishment parties.

Anonymous said...
MP Andrew Gwynne is calling on parents across Tameside and Stockport to check for warning signs of possible heart problems experienced by their children and follow life-saving guidance issued by the UK’s leading children’s heart charity. The Denton and
CHECK FOR EARLY SIGNS of Children’s Heart Problems – Gwynne
Local MP Andrew Gwynne is calling on parents across Tameside and Stockport to check for warning signs of possible heart problems experienced by their children and follow life-saving guidance issued by the UK’s leading children’s heart charity.
The Denton and Reddish MP is supporting ‘Think HEART’, a campaign by the Children’s Heart Federation, which aims to increase early diagnosis of children’s heart conditions. He met a CHF parent and volunteer, Alex Smith, to hear her views.
So back comes this vile MP completetely devoid of a conscience with a picure which seemingly has a young toddler by his side (Photoshop ??? you decide) and he has the audacity to make believe he has kids health in mind for votes puropses whilst directly linked to supportiung increases in air pollution and the kids being stuffed full of toxins.
No wonder this renowned hypocfritical MP is a "scared runner"when it comes to challenges by his Constituents for an open public forum debate.
As an ex army bloke I would hate to have his type protecting my back whilst I took on the enemy, he would certainly be a white flag runner.
Cop this lot Gwynne because these are facts not a picture of you smiling and a tiny kid who may not not be there (using kids again Gwynne for votes,sick and vile.
Not only do children have less developed respiratory systems, but they also inhale more air per kilogram of body weight compared to adults.
Children also tend to be more exposed to air pollution because they spend more time outdoors being physically active.
In contrast, particulate matter that's less than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5) can remain in the air for days to weeks. It can penetrate deep into our lungs, collecting in tiny air sacs (alveoli) where oxygen enters the bloodstream. Health problems begin when the body starts to react to these foreign invaders. Another danger is that PM2.5 can contain a number of potentially harmful substances, such as cancer-causing chemicals.