Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tameside is the hardest place in the north west to land a job

Tameside is the hardest place to find work in the north west according to new research – with ten jobseekers chasing every advertised vacancy in the borough.

Union leaders say the figures reflect a national jobs ‘crisis’ – and have urged chancellor George Osborne to take action in this month’s budget.

The figures, compiled by Unison, compare the number of registered jobseekers with roles advertised in their local jobcentres.

Across Greater Manchester there are an average of 4.7 people on unemployment benefit for every job – ranging from 1.7 in Trafford to 9.9 in Tameside. Read the full article on the website of the Manchester Evening News by clicking here.

Maybe if publicity seeking Labour councillors spent less time litter picking and more time trying to attract inward investment these appalling figures might not be so bad. Looking at that bar graph brings home the stark reality of the situation for the unemployed of this borough. 

On a national level an immediate halt to immigration is needed along with the expulsion of the vast numbers of economic migrants who are here illegally. That might sound harsh but we've been sold a lie, we've all been taken for mugs. We were told we need immigrants to fill vacant jobs, but obviously there are no vacant jobs so why are we still accepting hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year? If there are no jobs, surely the the new arrivals will have to claim benefits, how is this helping our economy during these times of severe austerity and ecomomic hardship? The time has come to put our own people first but we cannot rely on the likes the publicity hungry Labour litter pickers nor the Bullingdon Boys in No10 to put our people first. God only knows how sanity will ever return to political sphere in this betrayed and tortured land. Tameside Citizen


Rotten borough said...

Worst schools. Worst hospital. Worst for job seekers. The whole borough LOOKS an absolute disgrace covered in litter.
What a shambles Tameside has become under this Labour council.

Buddy - can you spare me a dime said...

The figures compiled by Unison. Try telling the hard left union bosses at Unison that their support for unlimited immigration is partly to blame for this crisis, but make sure you have ear protectors as they will screech their disapproval at such truthful impertinence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Manchester Evening News
Tameside is the hardest place to find work in the north west according to new research – with ten jobseekers chasing every advertised vacancy in the borough.

Noting the background education of most of the Councillors and their need to be totally propped up by high salary Departmental Heads and their underlings.
Plus knowing that education standards in Tameside were pathetic
for years the area and is obviously not sustainable as an area of high caliber school leavers and those who are long term unemployed.
Its become a region having a refuse bin of Councillors who are not fit for purpose, unable to attract real jobs because of their own questionable abilities to run a Council and attract worthwhile business leaders.
The image portrayed by Tameside Council is a nodding mob of despots reliant on increasing uneducated adults who will always vote Labour.
Do a survey in Ashton Market or wherever,and ask some basic questions such as who is running your families lives in Tameside ?
Try who is the Council Leader ?,who is his Deputy ?,what payments do Councillors get for administrating your lives,what is the Number of Councillors in the Borough and the numbers in each Political Group and ask what major improvements has Tameside Council made in the last 25 years ?.plus the names of your three local Councillors ?
Don`t hold your breathe re the replies.
Its also worth asking if you tell them what Councillors earn, plus perks of course, could you find a part time job for that kind of money anywhere where teams of Council workers prop you big time.

Anonymous said...

Unison membership is packed full of the overpaid scroungers in society.
Their power has developed from inside dealings with Labour Councils,and such Councils employing the gobby
Unison spokespersons inside Council Offices.
The Union has always been based on stuff the public we want more money for doing nowt.

SerpentSlayer said...

I speak with wisdom on this one, I often browse listing after listing for jobs in Manchester, Oldham, Stockport, Trafford, Salford etc. Tameside by comparison is a rarity in job listings, weeks can go by without seeing something nearby to apply for.
This borough is a shambles.

tonydj said...

Cllr Quinn, the leader, is an old boy of St Bede's college. Like the vast majority of RC grammar schools a fine institution and provider of a good education. Pupils selected on ability.

Now grammar schools are abolished and the ordinary working class child has little chance of receiving a similar education.

I can forgave much, but I will never, NEVER, forgive the Labour scum for abolishing the Grammar School and condemning the able working class child to what now passes for "education".

For this I truly HATE the Labour party.

Tameside Citizen said...

Tony DJ, that is an issue I too feel strongly about. Despite never having the ability to qualify for a grammar school myself I have a little niece who does. She took the St Bedes entrance exam and passed with flying colours but unfortunately her guardian who is a pensioner and as a result is of extremely limited financial means could not afford the £9000 per year fees. She applied for a bursary but the school could not provide a bursary which would cover the costs which she could not afford. She had good backing from the local Catholic parish priest too, but sadly she was condemned to attended the overwhelming (60%+) ethnically ‘enriched’ St Peter’s High School in Longsight.

The word traitors is banded about often, but when describing the betrayal of the working class of this country by the people who many of the working class believe represent them - the Labour Party, traitors is one word which adequately describes them along with fraudsters, liars, criminals and charlatans.

Moronation Street said...

Mass dumbing down of the electorate, pensioners, cranks, degenerates, Marxists and a burgeoning, deliberately imported ethnic vote (85% of non-White Commonwealth immigrants vote labour) ensure that a party as traitorous and chronically incompetent as Labour still has a genuine chance of winning the next election.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Diane Abbott and Harriet Harmen both shun the comprehensive nirvana for their kids in favour of grammar schools? They'll try their best to implement the socialist egalitarian dream. But YOU (not them) can live with the ensuing nightmare until the dream is realised.