Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Labour Councillors Litter Picking

It's amazing how after years absence - other than on the pages of the local newspapers, the Labour councillors of the Dukinfield ward are keen to be seen working busily in the ward, in this instance picking litter from the streets. Is this in response to the efforts of a local anti-sleaze campaigner who recently exposed to the electorate the vast amounts of money extracted from the public purse by the said councillors?


Anonymous said...

There's a new leaflet coming out about his villa in Spain. £235,000 since 2013. That's just what we know about.

Irene said...

It's true that for years we never saw our councillors in person, but since you know who started to give them a fright by standing in elections they have started making themselves visible to the public.

Anonymous said...

All well and good exposing this and that about Taylor & Co, but it won't kick him out of office. That more than anything is apparent by now, and all this does is pour fuel on to the fire of West's continuing obsession with the man. The best thing Roy can do is move to another part of Tameside and forget about the man.

Inferior electorate = Inferior elected representatives said...

We have an environmental health department for that. But then judging by the litter strewn mess that is now Tameside maybe we haven't. It must be the 'Tory cuts' to blame, everything else that's going wrong in our crumbling borough apparently is.

Anonymous said...

Manchester Evening News
Tameside is the hardest place to find work in the north west according to new research – with ten jobseekers chasing every advertised vacancy in the borough.

Noting the background education of most of the Councillors and their need to be totally propped up by high salary Departmental Heads and their underlings.
Plus knowing that education standards in Tameside were pathetic
for years the area and is obviously not sustainable as an area of high caliber school leavers and those who are long term unemployed.
Its become a region having a refuse bin of Councillors who are not fit for purpose, unable to attract real jobs because of their own questionable abilities to run a Council and attract worthwhile business leaders.
The image portrayed by Tameside Council is a nodding mob of despots reliant on increasing uneducated adults who will always vote Labour.
Do a survey in Ashton Market or wherever,and ask some basic questions such as who is running your families lives in Tameside ?
Try who is the Council Leader ?,who is his Deputy ?,what payments do Councillors get for administrating your lives,what is the Number of Councillors in the Borough and the numbers in each Political Group and ask what major improvements has Tameside Council made in the last 25 years ?.plus the names of your three local Councillors ?
Don`t hold your breathe re the replies.
Its also worth asking if you tell them what Councillors earn, plus perks of course, could you find a part time job for that kind of money anywhere where teams of Council workers prop you up whatever you up big time.

Death by ballot box said...

Democracy relies on a reasonable quality of elector. Increasingly in Tameside and nationally that is no longer the case.

Curmudgeon said...

Great pictures, but you should have panned round so we could spot the PR man with his camera.
...have a look at this one.



Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for that Curmudgeon, great commentary and that picture really does say a lot about the man. If you don’t want to copy and paste the link just click here to view. Incidentally, the esteemed Deputy Leader and his cohorts are just plain old copy cats anyway, these high viz litter picking stunts were initially pioneered by Roy West’s old pals the BNP back in 2007 and much later adopted by some Conservative candidates. It was one of the reasons why they (the much maligned BNP) used to score spectacularly well in some of the wards in Tameside. But I suppose despite the Deputy Leaders protestations, Roy West and his pals can take some comfort in the fact that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.