Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Air headed woman allows dog to attack Canada Goose

Sometimes words cannot adequately describe the stupidity of some people. Here is one such example where words fail me.

Today I took a walk to the Reddish Vale Country Park to feed the birds and try out a cheap and cheerful 50mm lens on my camera. All that is needed to attract willing photographic subjects - birds, is a goody bag containing food, especially seeds. As soon as they detect food they all come rushing towards you in the hope of being first to the feast.

I had just finished feeding/photographing an assortment of birds when I saw a woman approaching pushing a trolley containing a toddler and an older child who was probably about nine or ten. Attached to the trolley was a young dog of good pedigree, a golden retriever I believe.

At the Reddish Vale centre the birds are used to people with dogs and unfortunately they have lost their fear of such animals, but luckily most dog owners are responsible and they keep their dogs under control when walking near the birds, however this woman had no such consideration because as she walked near the birds who were still looking around for seeds on the ground, the dog tied to the trolley lurched towards the birds but thankfully missed as its jaws snapped shut.

I thought no more of it until I saw her heading back and I assumed after the previous near miss she would untether the dog and hold it on a short lead to prevent a repetition, but no, now for act two. As she walked past a group of Canada Geese and ducks her dog again launched itself in the direction of the birds but this time made contact. It bit the wing of a Canada Goose but thankfully the bird freed itself before any major harm could be inflicted, but if you click the photo above to enlarge you will see that the wing is partially stripped of feathers and it is impossible to tell if the internal structure is damaged.

She knew I witnessed the whole incident from less than ten feet away but she didn't seem in the least bit bothered, but the look of the young boy with her said it all, despite his young age you could tell he was totally embarrassed by her actions and I do not doubt that this young boy will grow up with far more sense than his inconsiderate mother.


Anonymous said...

Typical. There seems to be some prevailing mentality amongst many in modern Britain that a dog attack is no big deal, so long as you're not the one on the receiving end. I had a greyhound for several years and learnt this the hard way. Fortunately nothing serious ever came of any skirmishes, but I learnt never to walk him without being tooled up with some sharp implement for protection.

I've read many stories in the press about dogs attacking other dogs (and other animals), and not infrequently the witness reports say the offending dog owner showed little concern for what had taken place. Either it's reflective of a moral deterioration in the population, or simply the fact that many people are innately thoughtless, selfish and criminally retarded.

Irene said...

It looks like a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

Man accused of attempted murder - and granted bail said...

Remember this? Well the police now have a suspect and he's been granted bail. What's the betting he will abscond before the trial?

The Blue Carbuncle said...

Great shot of the Domesticated Goose looking like it's about to attack. They're very aggresive and make great 'watchdogs'.

Labour Peer Lord Ahmed Suspended - sadly not by the neck said...

Lord Ahmed reportedly told Pakistani media a Jewish conspiracy was to blame for his dangerous driving jail sentence.

Labour peer Lord Ahmed has been suspended by the party as it launched an investigation into claims he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his jail term.

The Muslim peer was jailed for 12 weeks for dangerous driving in 2009 after sending and receiving text messages minutes before he was involved in a fatal crash.

He has now allegedly blamed the sentence on pressure placed on the courts by Jews "who own newspapers and TV channels".

The peer is said to have told an Urdu-language broadcast in Pakistan that the judge who jailed him was appointed to the High Court after helping a "Jewish colleague" of Tony Blair during an important case.

Labour suspended him after the remarks were published in The Times and has launched an investigation.

A party spokesman said: "The Labour Party deplores and does not tolerate any form of anti-Semitism."

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what steps he is
taking to ensure that primary care professionals are familiar with the
up-to-date guidance on diagnosing and managing people with deep vein

Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many cases
of deep vein thrombosis have been (a) diagnosed and (b) misdiagnosed in primary care settings in each of the last five years.

Talk about looking after your own interests by Gwynne,seeing he had a medical condition associated to this subject matter which he carps on about constantly in the Commons.
Remember he got his fingers stuck in a door posting leaflets and Gordon Brown was told and gave him a little pressie.
Sod the rest in Tameside who are suffering Gwynne`s pollution legacy.
And sod the deaths in Tameside Hospital where he has friends at the top.
Funny he has never raised the issue in all his years in the House concerning his Constituency being one of the worst air polluted area`s in the UK,but he doesn`t give a toss what thousands of kids are breathing in thanks to Gwynne`s constant total silence.
He represents 47,000 in Denton and Audenshaw if you have deep vein thrombosis otherwise get stuffed the kids who get their daily doses of Toxins.
Hypercritical does not even get near to labeling this fork tongued poser.
PS Check if YOU can have a pressie from Gwynne if you get Your finger stuck in your letterbox

Labour supporter planted in BBC Question Time audience said...

(Express Reader Comment)
This woman is arrogant and disgraceful - if she is indicative of our education system then we should start burning down our universities right now. She has gone straight from university , from a soft, liberal arts degree environbment, into politics - she will probably end up as a a loudmouth labour candidate at the next general election, or the one after, another person with no experience of life outside politics and a life of nothing but smearing potential opposition.

Labour seem to feel that they can win by simply smearing the opposition; frankly the labour party is a farce and even now are trying to convince us to re-elect them, after causing so much damage to our economy, culture and future, by simply having a pop at everyone else.

Thick, Traitorous, Alien said...

@ Labour supporter planted..The most telling indictment against the British electorate is that, even after Labour's chronic economic mismanagement and their criminally destructive immigration policy millions would still vote for them.

Watch the vile self hating Labour trog here said...

Do they clone these untermensch or what?