Monday, 11 March 2013

Ken Clarke, the minister without portfolio pushes through plans to introduce closed courts

Ken Clarke is a fanatical Europhile. He is also a major player in the shadowy globalist Bilderberg organisation. Currently Ken Clarke is leading the charge to bring about secret court hearings. Today Jo Shaw of the Liberal Democrats quit the party in protest because of the silence of her party leader on this issue.

What is being stealthily introduced here is another piece of the jigsaw on the road to tyranny. The 800 year old double jeopardy law was scrapped by New Labour. Now the Coalition are to introduce secret court hearings.

The vast majority of people care not a jot about our ancient legal safe guards being dismantled piece by piece. As long as the Daily Mail and BBC inform the populace that these changes are 'necessary' to ensure our safety from real and specific threats, especially if these 'threats' are currently dressed up as radical Islamists or foaming at the mouth haters, the populace will embrace the destruction of ancient safeguards in a bid to keep themselves safe from the bogey man because as all 'good citizens' know: Big Brother always knows best.

So what you may think, Islamists are a genuine threat you may say, so what's the big deal? The people who are dismantling our ancient safeguards and working towards creating a tyranny always work to a long term agenda. The scrapping of double jeopardy, secret court hearings and allowing hearsay evidence to become admissible in court are only part of the project. Think of the anti-terror arrest laws introduced over the last decade. Think of the people who are pushing for these changes. These people are not democrats, these are power crazed elitists working to an agenda of their own.

Two decades ago few people would never have imagined these changes were possible. Neither would they have believed how the law could tweeked and public opinion changed to such an extent that people of good character would be jailed for expressing unpleasant opinions on celebrities or any of the other host of injustices which have been inflicted upon our people. Imagine what changes may take place during the next two decades if we ignore the masterplan of those who seek total power.

Today it might be people such as Abu Qatada who are the demonic poster boys being used to sell our loss of freedoms to the masses, but tomorrow it could easily be those who hold anti EU opinions, environmentalists or anyone else who holds opinions or views which are at odds with the powerful elite of the day, in fact, it could be you. Look at the weapons which are already in the armoury of those who wish to control: Arrest and detention without evidence, closed court hearings, hearsay evidence admissible in court and trial after trial after trial on the same charge until convicted.

I will conclude with this thought provoking quote from Thomas Jefferson which is quite appropriate when considering what Ken Clarke and his fellow travellers are currently up to, albeit using deception as their method of implementation:
  1. "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty."


Anonymous said...

"When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty."

Excellent quote perhaps this should also be considered.

When the public fear the Government
its because the public are suffering,when the government fears the public the suffering increases.

Therefore only ever one winner when the Armed Forces,Police and Media have been shackled or penetrated.

Usually in nature when systems become polluted the scum surfaces.

Loomera434 said...

Talking about scum when Politicians
will do anything and I mean absolutely anything it seems the local Great Pretender
has launched himself on the end of balloons to get votes according to this other blog site quote:
Andrew Gwynne, has now become a ‘citizen scientist’ to help the charity Cancer Research UK, fight cancer.
They used to say wash your mouth out when an obscenity was uttered
Well seeing Gwynne uses "all about health issues now"he has done absolutely bloody nothing whatsoever to address the massive volumes of air pollution toxins in Denton/Audenshaw which actually create Cancers.
This "Tameside Fagin" is the worst of the worst for duplicity.
Protect our children and grandchildren from such imposters.

Anonymous said...

Councillors across the country are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks, a Daily Telegraph investigation reveals on Monday.
Local government politicians are trading on their inside knowledge of the planning system to receive fees of up to £20,000 for advice on how to get developments approved, it can be disclosed.

Not surprised its not new in Tameside.

In writing said...

The US government is frightened of citizens who want to uphold the constitution, which is exactly as it should be. But they're only frightened of the ones who have guns.
Or as patriotic Americans say, 'God, Guns and Guts made America. Let's keep all three.'

Die Dave...DO IT NOW. said...

Relaxing planning laws: the coward's, moron's, incompetent's, money grubber's and traitor's solution to the ongoing immigrant led population explosion, as opposed to actually DOING SOMETHING about our country's ALREADY chronic overpopulation.
If they concrete over our countryside with commercial and domestic buildings, once it's gone it's gone forever.