Thursday, 7 March 2013

Labour betrayed the working class

A brilliant but depressing article in the Daily Express today by Leo McKinstry, here is a little of what he had to say: "As the floodgates opened to new arrivals the very fabric of our country was transformed. Vast swathes of urban Britain became like a foreign land. Social cohesion collapsed. British workers were thrown on the economic scrapheap. No occupying foreign invader could have done more damage to Britain than the treacherous, unpatriotic governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. There is now growing public fury and despair over what has happened to our once well-ordered nation". The full article can be read by clicking here

The timing of the article by Leo McKinstry is interesting as I have been travelling a lot over the course of the last week and during this time I realised the devastation wrought upon our country by Labour's open door immigration policy is even worse than I imagined. Leeds, Leicester, Luton, London and many other large cities and towns have been transformed beyond recognition. In many parts of these cities vast areas are now occupied by teeming immigrant communities where ethnic Britons appear to be totally absent. In Luton for example you could be forgiven thinking that you were in a foreign country where every shop seems to be a halal butcher or saree superstore.

It is unbelievable to think that this transformation has occurred so quickly. I was lucky enough to have been born at a time when Britain was still Britain rather than Britistan as it is now known internationally. I have witnessed this transformation in my lifetime. God help our poor children and grandchildren who are now being born into this cleverly engineered nightmare.  As McKinstry correctly states; no occupying foreign invader could have done more to damage Britain than the traitors in the Labour Party.

I know young people who have done all the right things such as studying hard at school and college in preparation for the time when they enter the jobs market, but the devastating thing that they are discovering upon completing their studies is that there are very few jobs to be had. The Labour traitors have created an employers paradise where employers have a vast pool of never ending cheap labour to choose from. Why should employers take on a British teenager and go to the trouble of providing training when they can employ an adult migrant worker who will happily work for the minimum (average!) wage and without the added expense of apprenticeships or training? It is not the migrant workers to blame, or even the greedy employers  it is the criminals who created the situation by throwing open the flood gates to the worlds migrants.

An old slogan of the Labour Party used to be "a fair days pay for a fair days work". Never has the ideology of a political party been so corrupted than that of the Labour Party. The wonderful and heroic campaigners for social justice who founded the Labour Party would be utterly horrified and disgusted if they could come back and see what their party has been turned into.

Few people are aware that during the years of catastrophe: 1997-2010. The years when Labour systematically started their campaign to transform and destroy Britain from within, that the wealth divide grew to levels not seen since the Victorian era. The Labour Party, the party many still foolishly believe represents the interests of the working class created a situation where their rich got richer - far richer, and the rest of us where left to struggle for the crumbs which fell from the rich mans table. The 'rich man' who Labour sold their soul to were the global elite. The Labour Party actively persued an aggressive globalist agenda including wars of aggression against Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. They happily betrayed our workers and imported millions of migrant workers to oil the wheels of their rampant globalist agenda and ultimately they committed treason against our nation.

In the past traitors who were guilty of treason paid the ultimate price. The book is not written on the people who willingly betrayed our nation while wearing their red rosettes. They may still be sitting pretty thinking they have gotten away with their treachery but the future may bring some nasty surprises. Did Nicolae CeauČ™escu ever think he would face such an end? He didn't, and should our home grown traitors ever find themselves dancing the Tyburn jig, few would mourn their passing as traitors who betray the very people who depend upon them as the Labour Party did with the British working class would be missed by few.


Anonymous said...

I prescribe serpent slayer's remedy of escapism by watching a non-white 'English' football team.

Anyway, this article of yours TC is utter hogwash. A week never passed when Labour were in without another news headline about immigration. Every single Labour voter knew full well what they up to - and did it stop them, hell no. They knew exactly what they were voting for and the current state of things is chickens coming home to roost. No sympathy from this quarter.

Black, Man, Kicks Off, With, A, White, Man, Today, In, Rotherham said...


No faith in heritage anymore said...

Roy West, Report, In, Rotherham, Thursday, 7th, March, 2013

Where have all the great Englishmen gone? said...

Good videos Roy. If the African 'gentleman' was on the receiving end of that finger pointing and ranting what's the betting there would have been an arrest for racism?

Reimer said...

Yes, interesting timing for this article in the DE. A favour to help their friends at CCHQ by reminding readers of Labour's record?

I would prefer to see due process applied to all those who presided over, designed and executed this staggering treachery. The inauguration of a regime for national renewal should monitor the ports and airports for their attempts to flee from day one.


Anonymous said...

The future we are carving out for ourselves due to our complete and myopic apathy reminds me of the portentous Heinrich Heine poem:

...I should advise our grandchildren to be born with very thick skins on their backs.

SerpentSlayer said...

I never advised watching the 'England' team, nor do I give it more than passing support. My escapism comes from history and football, both are better than whinging and doing nowt.

greedy said...

Wild/Lane 10 houses between them in Duki.

Anonymous said...

UK pledges to tackle malnutrition in Yemen as hunger crisis fears grow
First tranche of UK's £196m support for Yemen will aim to bolster food security of 1.65 million people over next three years.

I must have got it wrong I believed we had no money left in the kitty

Another statistic of the failed experiment said...

The "social engineers" must be absolutely delighted.

Observe also the mainstream media speak:

"Christina Edkins was stabbed to death in a 'sporadic and very quick' attack"

"Bus Stab Teen Died Of Single Wound To Chest"

Bill said...

I have been saying it for years 'we are doomed' as a country.

Although a labour voter in my younger days, they have betrayed the British people. They are an ineffectual bunch of champagne socials, with Johnny 2 jags a typical example.

The Tories, well you know what to expect from them and as for the Liberals, well they are nothing but a national joke.

The only distant hope for this country now, is the UKIP party but I fear it is too late and I dread to think what lies in wait for my grandchildren.

Mrs Miniver's Britain died long ago.