Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Worst Road in Tameside?

I don't know who made this video, but it is skilfully made. I made a video at this spot in Dec 2011 but sadly things seem to be even worse now than it was then.


Stag Nation said...

Don't worry it will be built on in the next few years anyway as the immigrant led population explosion really takes hold. As part of 'the deal' the council will get the housebuilder to repair the road. TMBC need the money that should be spent sorting out this dangerous disgrace of a road to fund 57 councillors and pay the upper management massive six figure sums, whilst everyone in the real world gets their wages cut.
On the subject of domestic litter, it's now everywhere and unless there's been a sudden, mysterious increase in the number of c***s who drop it, it's because the council are failing to do what we pay them for and keep the borough tidy.

Baby pig rescues drowning goat said...

Pigs are ultra intelligent and also heroic.

Bill said...

TC, Grove Road is a disgrace considering it gets a fair amount of traffic.

Perhaps the snout in the trough councillors could donate a few weeks expenses to pay for a re-surface. Or perhaps it could come from the 3.5% council tax increase which we all face.

If fly tippers can drive to a remote spot why can't they drive to the council tip - oh! they have to pay a small fee unless they are in a car, when it's free.

If caught hey should have their vehicles confiscated and be made to work on clear ups for 5 years, that may make them think twice.


Anonymous said...

It may not interest those who claim the benefits of having their Council Tax paid for them courtesy of TMBC,but the bastards are now indending a 3.5% increase on the mugs who pay all their Council Tax.

These Labour/Tory shysters are the
undoubted scum of Tameside plus
parasite Bell (tory) gave his annual feeble fork tongued yelp
and continues his years of pocketing money in his bank just the same as the illiterate hard nose bunch of Labour crap.
Councillors my arse they are all the most devious bunch of shit on our Tameside pavements

Stag Nation said...

Britain's so short of cash, benfits are being cut to the bone for millions of hard pressed Brits. Yet there's an inexhaustible supply of money for the army of welfare witches who go on spawning legions of dross by multiple fathers. And for immigrants/refugees etc who've just arrived with their hordes of children, with yet another deluge due next January from the deligtful countries of Bulgaria and Romania.
The ongoing destruction of Britain by replacement/colonisation must have esacaped the attention of the 29,000 cretins (67.25% of the turnout) who STILL voted main party at the Eastleigh by-election.
As for the 48% who couldn't even be bothered to vote they should have their franchise removed permanently.

Farage is not wrong on this point said...

UKIP leader Nigel Farage continued to be critical of the prime minister.

He said: "The Conservatives failed here because traditional Tory voters look at Cameron and they ask themselves 'Is he a Conservative?' and they conclude 'No, he's not.'

"He's talking about gay marriage, wind turbines, unlimited immigration from India. He wants Turkey to join the European Union.

"The Conservatives' problems are not because of UKIP; they are because of their leader."

Pale Blue said...

If UKIP DO come first in next year's European elections the s**t will really hit the fan for Cameron.

Anonymous said...

@stag nation

What if for many of those vote abstainers no-one represents their views? Why should I vote if no candidate is remotely representative of my politics and ideology? What counts is that I have the choice of casting a vote if I ever deem it appropriate. By withholding my vote I send out the message that I am not represented, and leave the door open for any future candidate whose views are akin to my own.

If on the other hand I vote as a matter of course whatever the motley crew standing is, that's a recipe for maintaining the status quo indefinitely. There's nothing Lab / Con / LD can do to get me out voting, because I won't let my priciples rest on such shabby ground as 'the lesser of two evils'. That's for the lemmings.

Anonymous said...

stag nation
Stick with your principles no-one should try and make you feel guilty
of selling out to any Politician, because as more time unfolds the penny must drop that ALL Politicians
are mealy mouthed corrupt lying and
greed ridden scum who are totally
devoid of a conscience.

Labour Councillors In Demonstration In Favour Of Sharia Law said...

These vile creatures cosy up to the Islamo-Fascists in an efforts to curry favour in the hope of gaining votes from 'the community' and to prove their pc credentials. The irony is, when we do fall to the Muzzi demographic jihad, the first ones for the chop under Sharia will be the degenerate Labour types who 'the community' secretly despise. The community are deeply conservative and they will go along with the useful UAF/Labour idiots as long as suits their agenda but once the flag of Sharia is raised above No10, their real agenda will be available for all to see. It will be out with hedonism and political correctness and in with beards, burkas and booze bans.

SerpentSlayer said...

It's getting a bit dismal here, thinking I'll cheer everyone up, United are 15 points clear and FC United look set for promotion!

I'd go mad without football, and chocolate perhaps.

SerpentSlayer said...

On a similar note, went to see FC united play Ferriby at Staly's ground, loved every minute. If you want a good game, a good sing and a mint atmos, go see them, it isn't all lefties there.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 20:43, everyone should vote. If there's no candidate/party you like, you should either: vote for the party that comes closest to representing your views, even if that party's policies are still a long way from what you really believe as that at least gets SOME message across. Or vote for the party that will adversely affect the party you hate most.
If the 48% who didn't vote had all voted UKIP for instance, it would have given them a massive landslide and sent out a resounding message about how sick to the back teeth people are with the main parties, particularly on the issues of immigration, British sovereignty and the EU.
The lesser of two evils is still a choice, something lemmings specifically DON'T make. Not voting is actually the greater of THREE evils as the main parties now RELY on such apathy, disgust and consequent low turn outs to maintain the staus quo. Low turn outs in particular, with the same people voting, significantly increases predictability of result.
By withholding your vote you send out no message whatsoever, even a very diluted message is better than that.
ALL votes have value, even in our devalued electoral system, apart from those not cast.

Anonymous said...

@anon 23:32

And what if all those parties standing will unite under one banner and work diligently to destroy outright any movement which would be representative of me? Then any vote for any of them is a negative. The powers that be actually only believe in democracy on their own terms and conditions. Nationalist parties in the EU are facing having funding cut for not supporting the 'values' of the EU. And there was me thinking that the whole purpose of democracy is the ability to challenge the prevailing values of the status quo.

That's all fine though, because their example has shown me the fundamental fallacy of liberal democracy, and if I had my way I would also manipulate the system to fundamentally disadvantage the oppostiion. You don't deal with a lying scheming enemy on honest friendly terms. Sometimes allegiances can be interchangeable between different political entities, but where some issues are concerned the whole motley crew is rotten and cannot be sided with under any circumstances.

The current apathy of the non-voting masses is a good thing, because once you politicise the masses it can be near impossible to get them to think and act differently. The reliable little Labour voter who duly goes trundling out on polling day is our biggest threat. And preaching to the unthinking masses about supporting civic nationalists etc will only make them more receptive to their anti white rhetoric, the last thing we need. No, let the whole rotten structure that is 'modern Britain' collapse. At that dire point the masses will finally be receptive to the issues which really count, when my kind will finally have a voice which will be heard.

John Taylor's Scummy Mates Chased Out Of Town said...

Degenerate vermin. Spread lies and filth about patriots on behalf of the Labour Mafia.

Stag Nation said...

@ Anonymous 13:15, the subject under discussion is whether it's better not to vote or vote under the current system. Not voting acieves nothing. Voting for the party you hate least or for the party that adversely affects the party you hate most may achieve little, but little is better than literally nothing.
Under a hypothetical collapse of the democratic system anything MIGHT happen but seeing as the sheeplike masses show no sign of doing much about anything as things stand, it may be that there'll never BE a collapse, simply slow disintegration and destruction of Britain and everything it stands for.
Voting can in reality only be considered under the existing system, and if the least worst option is voting from a far from satisfactory party,
that's better than hoping that doing nothing might cause revolutionary change.

Not an option said...

In Eastleigh it was do nothing or vote UKIP. If even a small percentage of the do nothings had voted UKIP they would have won easily. The result would be one more UKIP MP and one less main party one. However poor that is it's unquestionably better than the reverse.

tonydj said...

Rather than vote for a party which I dispise I will spoil my ballot paper. THESE spoilt votes are counted and appear on the after-election returns.

The way forward is the way of the LOCAL CITIZEN'S INITIATIVE. Groups of concerned LOCAL people forming themselves into a body to stand in elections, fight against cuts etc.

People must realise that political parties are not football clubs to be followed blindly through thick and thin. They are providers of services and can be sacked like an incompetant plumber.

Anonymous said...

More to come on UK media suppresses
the truth.
Democracy my ar--
We are the puppets.

Stag Nation said...

Fair point, as 50,000 spoilt ballots with NONE OF THE ABOVE, for instance, written on them would have sent out SOME message. Certainly better than not voting at all.
I still think it's better to protest by actually voting though.

RIP Hugo Chavez said...

A truly good man who wrestled power from the international financiers for the good of his people. A true socialist and a patriot.

SerpentSlayer said...

Aye, it's bad enough United got knocked out of Europe by a Turkish ref, I get in from my friends house and hear Chavez has died, I'm scared to move today in case anything else bad happens.

Venezuelan Government Suggests Chavez Was Killed by "Enemies" said...

Chavez was no friend of white people but he was a true friend to his own people, especially the indigenous poor who were treated as second class citizens by a foreign elite who controlled his country until the revolution which swept them aside. Unlike the rats in red here such as Taylor who masquerade as socialists, Chavez was a true socialist and it is was his brand of true socialism which made him a target for the international financiers hit men who ultimately killed him by cancer. If we had a British version of Chavez who put the rights of the indigenous population before those of the international elite he would be branded a Nazi. The policies of Chavez were the policies of a true socialist and a true patriot, no wonder the internationalist cabal wanted rid of him so badly.

SerpentSlayer said...

Chavez was a hero to his own people and an inspiration to all else. He stood up to Globalist aggression and died doing his duty to his nation.

English men of a hundred years time will not go into battle with the name Chavez on their lips, but they shall look to those who he inspired, such as the great Edelwulf who rides to our aid and will be known to all English men for centuries to come.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who follows professional football is an outright enemy of the white race, esp. MUFC fans. It is another tool of the cultural marxist anti white state, and if when white survival is in peril everywhere you are another lemming going along with the unthinking masses, then you do not deserve to be a part of any white survivalist group which may emerge in times ahead. I saw the pitch-side 'anti racist' (anti white) bilboards at Old Trafford last night. At a time when our young white girls are being systematically raped by outsiders, it beggars belief that anyone would express support for anything that is an aggressive arm of the establishment responsible for our woes.

English Race said...

I virtually don't bother watching the football any more.
As for the 'England' team, it's dirth of English players means it shouldn't bear the name.

SerpentSlayer said...

All teams have those stupid banners, even Pace's lot at the butcher's arms, following football makes you no such thing. Football was taken off of the working class, but that doesn't mean our love for the game or our team loyalty were forfeited. I can no more stop being a united fan than I can stop being an Englishman, neither can anyone who was born into a club.

Rand Paul begins talking filibuster. Watch live said...


Polish Race said...

Unlike the Polish national team where the players names nearly always end in letters like k, i or a. In other words they're Polish.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne: The Foreign Secretary has set out for the House a bleak
picture of a dangerous civil war, with a toxic mix of Iranian
involvement, possibly al-Qaeda and other extremists. What assessment
have the British Government made of the claims of alleged involvement
from Hezbollah in the conflict in Syria and of the wider potential for
regional instability that would flow from that?

Concentrate on your own Constituents problems Gwynne and
cease propping up Israel`s concerns without naming them, and your devotion for their continuous foreign land grabbing.
You shouild pack in and work for BICOM thats more in keeping with your views.

Two Cheers For Chavez said...

However, what is at the root of the hatred of Chávez is his willingness to maintain Venezuelan independence from international finance. Chávez defended Muammar al-Gaddafi till the bitter end, making the link between the American government’s desire to protect its debt driven empire and Washington’s sudden concern with democracy...

Chávez’s “socialist” revolution always contained powerful nationalist and even traditionalist overtones. “Bolivarianism” emphasized Latin American unity, strength, and above all, sovereignty as an independent economic and political bloc against the new order of globalization. He attempted to mobilize the masses behind a patriotic identity, imbuing them with a sense of mission and national pride that transcended class.