Friday, 8 March 2013

Oxford Street Chippy 'Traditional English Fish'n'Chip Shop'

I have been meaning to try the Oxford Street Chippy in Stalybridge for ages, and now I have managed to sample its delights.

The Oxford Street Chippy is literally a terraced house converted into a chip shop. While it may be small in size it is big in reputation. This chippy is famous for its home made cheese and onion pie amongst other things, and it is the cheese and onion pie which tempted me. Choosing the cheese and onion pie was a no brainer really seeing as the two people in front of me had already ordered it and that just reaffirmed my intention to try this legendary delight. When my turn to be served arrived I ordered home made cheese and onion pie with chips.

The two young ladies serving were extremely polite and very efficient. The chippy looked well maintained and very clean. The menu is interesting too with many other home made dishes which you would not find in your ordinary chippy. The prices are also reasonable and these factors combined hastened my pace as I walked back to the car in anticipation of sampling this traditional culinary delight.

The portion size of chips was generous as can be seen from the picture and the pie was perfect in size for my appetite after just descending from Wild Bank Hill. The main attraction - the pie, was as good as the rumours had me believe. If you can remember Holland's cheese and onion pies from the 1970's when they contained real cheese rather than the liquefied filler used these days, you will have an idea of what the home made cheese and onion pie from this chippy is like.

I give this little chippy a thumbs up. Next time you find yourself in the Stalybridge area it is definitely worth a visit. It may not be fantastically good for the waistline, but it certainly is nice.


My country right or wrong said...

Proper food! Better than that greasy Halal muck.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a vegan menu?

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm not sure if they have a vegan menu but if they don't you can always wear a frilly skirt and go skipping down canal street.

Curmudgeon said...

Nothing to moan about here!
It's a great little chippy. I've been in many times and always found it perfect!

Sadly, one of the last of its kind!

Long may they reign.


Bill said...

TC, as with many others things that have gone in this country there are not many 'English Chippies' left now either.

although I like Chinese food, I must admit they cannot make fish and chips like the old chip shops could.

As you mentioned Holland's cheese and onion pies are now filled with liquified mush. I must try the Oxford Street shop when I am in the area as I am quite partial to a cheese and onion pie.


Oversensitivity = Cultural suicide said...

Veganism/vegetarianism, the worship of squeamishness and irrationality.
Two more of the fundamental sicknesses affecting the western world.

Don't think that all vegetarians are cuddly liberal luvvies said...

Oversensitivity = Cultural suicide obviously has no idea who the most famous vegetarian ever to live was. Here's a clue, he was Austrian and sported a small moustache.

Oversensitivity = Cultural suicide said...

I'm fully aware he was a vegetarian, on spurious health grounds. Not the modern, infantile, feminised obsession with 'animal rights'.
Animals should be treated humanely but not put on a par with our own species.

SerpentSlayer said...

Aye and he went mad near the and, at least partially because of his diet. It was due to squeemishness why the German hero gave up meat, finding his niece's body (which I blame on the bullying of the Jewish press) with her brains blown out.
If he had have been a meat eater, he may have had the sense to leave Berlin and lead a resistance against the reds.