Saturday, 30 March 2013

First they came for the they're coming for UKIP

Just hours after a new UKIP poster ad was spotted in Levenshulme, Manchester, a trade unionist-led campaign to have the advertisement removed has apparently led to success, in what opponents have called "a sad day for freedom of speech". Campaigners on-line are boasting about the impending removal of a UK Independence Party poster positioned in "deep-red Labour territory".

The poster which reads, "Stop Open Door EU Immigration: Enough's Enough" has recently been posted in Levenshulme, an area of Manchester populated by around 12,000 people. Described as a 'multi-ethnic' area, Levenshulme has a significant immigrant population, with 2001 census figures showing a high Asian population, though little suggests a high EU-immigrant population. The self-described trade unionist and socialist claiming responsibility for the campaign goes only by the name of "Sue" on Twitter. Her handle is BinTheConDems, a name suggesting the trashing of the Conservative (Con) and Liberal Democrat (Dems) coalition government in the UK.

Over the past few hours, "Sue" has called UKIP members "Nazis" and "racists", and claimed that she and others, "Just got an ad company to take down a UKIP poster where we live. After mass emails and calls from community". Read more here

Oh dear oh dear. UKIP have bent over backwards over the years to prove their anti-racist credentials yet now they find themselves tarred with the same brush as the BNP. The term 'racist' now appears to apply to anyone or anything that the salivating attack dogs of the State and their far-left henchman find disagreeable. 

The UKIP poster in question simply calls for an end to open door immigration from the EU, God help UKIP should they ever touch upon real taboo subjects. 

The warped lunatics behind the campaign to have the UKIP poster removed are so called Trade Unionists and Socialists yet they support the globalist Capitalist agenda of the unlimited movement of people and capital around the globe in a bid to make us all wage slaves in a one world market. 

Levenshulme was once a nice neighbourhood which has been completely destroyed through mass immigration. It is a dangerous place to be after dark but I nearly burst my sides laughing when I read this comment on the scary things about Levenshulme in a post election analysis by a Green candidate "As a candidate I got to see the spoiled ballot papers – mostly just people voting for more than one candidate, but one or two wrote UKIP or BNP, which is quite scary really." So this loon doesn't find the regular muggings, rapes and murders scary, but he finds BNP or UKIP scrawled onto a spoilt ballot scary? God help us! Tameside Citizen


New England said...

UKIP support in that area is likely to be next to zero.
Would you vote for a party that, if in power, might well inhibit your 'right' to bring your relatives to Britain.
The principle of freedom of speech is key and the piece is correct, the BNP is kaput so now UKIP, who are doing increasingly well in the opinion polls, will be targeted next.

Anonymous said...

Face facts people, Labour are returning to power for a generation, purely on account of the death of the conservative party. Which is no bad thing, those phoney 'nationalists' have run their course and the middle class white English who kept them seated in parliament have been outsmarted by the immigration gerrymandering tactics of Labour. Say what you want about the lunatic policies of the left, in some respects they're a sight more on the ball than the dizzy conservative right.

Last chance saloon said...

The Conservatives have virtually no support from immigrants, especially non-White Commonwealth ones who, of course, receive FULL voting rights on arrival. Cameron should be targeting the British vote, instead he gets more soft and liberal by the day.
The next general election will be key to showing where Britain's headed.

PC Uber Alles said...

Call me Dave would sooner lose the election than behave like a proper Conservative.

Anonymous said...

I can see New Charter Enforcer Mr Ivan Wright reporting them to the police.

ukip said...

As far as I am aware the Levenshulme poster has not been removed. There have been representations made to the Billboard owners from both sides, A decision will be made on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

This article is incorrect. 1998 Communications Act - Harrassment will be used by my solicitor if this does not stop now.

Anonymous said...

Take the poster down I say. More anti-white Daily Mail-esque civic nationalism that's keen to tell us how immigration is a good thing for Britain except when it is white.

Yes - one look around Gtr. Mcr. and it's plain to see the menace of too many whites in the country isn't it? No doubt UKIP will wheel out some British born muslim (or two) in Manchester to appeal to the new electorate and pander to the good pc sensibilities of the new white cosmopolitan set.

Our number's up said...

Forget race, forget everyhting. The first thing we need is a managed and ENFORCED population reduction plan for Britain.
Start with suspending all but genuinely essential immigration and take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 13:29 really ought to think of getting a different solicitor if they plan to use the "1998 Communications Act - Harassment". There is no such statute!

ukip said...

The UKIP billboard is and will remain up in Levenshulme. A rare victory for common sense and freedom of speech.,-manchester/

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