Monday, 25 March 2013

J Hall: Huge Air Pollution Monitoring Scandal Exposed in Tameside

This is how (Pictures Below) Tameside MBC deliberately secreted the Boroughs Real Time Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment away in 1997 and put Tameside Residents lives and health in danger then and since.
TMBC Official Statement said: "In December 1997,a real time monitoring station was commissioned at Two Trees School,Denton". The station is equipped to monitor for ozone,sulphur dioxide,oxides of nitrogen,carbon monoxide and particulates,as well as recording meteorological data. The site is positioned "away from main roads and any industrial sources" giving an indication of typical suburban background air quality in the borough.::end"

Make no mistake this absolutely despicable act ensured Tameside Council would have on their internet site acceptable levels of air pollution to offer the 220,000 residents.The location they chose for their Real Time Air Pollution Monitoring Station is on Two Trees Lane Denton and the site is a rural site with miles of open green fields which looks towards the Pennine Range of hills as you will note in the pictures. So for 16 years this deliberate fictitious manipulation of the reality concerning air pollution toxins in Tameside was accepted and upheld by the following :Tameside Councillors,Tameside MP`s,Tameside Officials and Environmental Department Staff and Executives,the Labour Government Ministers and Secretary of State Politicians,Tony Blair with written substantiated proof what was happening plus Government Cabinet Members,Directors of Public Health Officials and now the Conservative Government,its Dept of the Environment,DEFRA,the Government Chief Medical Officer and the Dept of Health whilst all of them upholding how Tameside Council was usurping the Human Rights Articles,the Aarhus Convention Protocols and UN Legislation because all citizens have a right to know what dangerous toxins they are daily ingesting.Local media sources also had information of this deplorable action by Tameside Council but preferred to keep quiet. possibly because of their very close links to Tameside Council members and local MP`s.

You would not be wrong in considering this was and is a deliberate criminal act with contempt for thousands of Tameside residents, their families and children,and whilst Tameside Councillors and Members of Parliament have for years constantly suggested your future welfare,health and family life was important to them,they concocted this scam to ensure false Real Time Air Pollution data was presented to thousands of Tameside residents.

What we now find is the following::

Tameside is one of the worst air polluted regions in the North.

Tameside was stated by the Department of Transport as being No 1 in the UK for increases in traffic volumes.

Tameside Traffic to double in the UK by year 2025 According to the DTP new National Traffic Road Traffic Forecasts

Tameside Councils latest declaration states: Improving healthy life expectancy, reducing the burden of chronic disease, healthy start in life and tackling the determinants of health Tameside Councils latest statement says: Life expectancy is improving in Tameside; however overall people in Tameside have worse health and lower life expectancy than England. The top causes of this difference are deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease.

So here we have facts which cannot be disputed or discredited and if has no concern for you then surely your children, grandchildren an future family generations must surely be considered because they will also carry the burden of Tameside Council its untruthful references, its callous approach to your families life and its intent to make sure the present high levels of toxic air you now breathe is increased year on year whilst its disgusting real time pollution monitoring site ensures Tameside Council can always pretend and lie that Tameside has no toxic air pollution major problem, yet Government reports state its large area of toxic air pollution us not at an acceptable level and should be dealt with, and that was 10 years ago.


But hey, let's be grateful that the MP for Denton and Reddish who also happens to be part of the Shadow Cabinet health team is doing his bit to help. The people who end up with chronic breathing difficulties due to pollution in the area can take some comfort in the knowledge that their MP is backing a recycling scheme for used inhalers. So whereas you may struggle to breathe without assistance from an inhaler, at least you can be assured that your empty inhalers, of which you will need many if Mr Hall's figures are correct, will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

A good argument for speeding up the traffic at Denton Island. As we all know, its deceleration and acceleration that creates the most pollution. Fly over the junction A57/M67 and vis versa, free flowing left turns on and off will greatly reduce the pollution. may lose a few houses but Mr Hall is right, the kids health is more important.

+ knock down the brothels and the marginal businesses at Reddish bridge and widen the road there.

Well done Mr Hall for pointing out what needs to be done.
Yours faithfully
Mike Litoris

Anonymous said...

His research is not backed up by fact. He makes it up without any supporting evidence.

A breath of fresh air said...

Good work J Hall. Keep on informing us of things like this. Gwynne doesn't half look cheesy dressed up as a happy doctor.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
His research is not backed up by fact. He makes it up without any supporting evidence.

This is obviously someone at TMBC who has a very serious reading disability so is prone to silly meaningless words.
However identifying such a
politician would be very difficult ?? therefore answering the point of no supporting evidence must remain simply another TMBC mystery.
Takes all types at TMBC

Many thanks to the other 2 posters

Anonymous said...

Bets on whether the The Advertiser and Reporter had
the bottle to refer to this.

The new banner for Tameside Media should be Know no evil,see no evil,report no evil cos we are in the back pocket of friends.

Decline and fall said...

What, those two great organs of the integrity and principle driven local Press?
The upper ecelons of this stagnant, rotten and decaying borough need a bloody good clearout and disinfecting with bleach. Far too many low quality, journeymen councillors who've been in office far too long. The same goes for a lot of substandard local officials. This is evidenced by the appalling and disgraceful long term problems at Tameside Hospital, our dire schools, air quality standards and Tameside now revealed as one of the hardest places to find a job.
At the end of the day the elected dross can only get away with it because of the fundamentally inferior nature of a large proportion of the electorate. Plus of course the apathetic 70% plus who can't even be bothered to vote.

Anonymous said...

The chronic health problems (incl. heart / respiratory diseases) in Tameside might have something to do with the unhealthy lifestyles of the average man on the street in the borough, as evidenced by local obesity levels, drinking and smoking and drug abuse. Many locals already look one foot in the grave by the age of 50, and I doubt traffic fumes is the primary cause. On that score, Denton and its people are no exception to the Tameside rule. And the last time I looked at the election results the people of Denton were only too happy with the Labour Party and its policies, both locally and nationally. In my book, the kind of people who are not that bothered about the mass immigration nightmare are unlikely to be the kind of people much concerned either about the number of vehicles on the road or about their own personal health.

In the modern age, nobody has an automatic right to be breathing fresh alpine mountain air round the clock. The ill effects of living in the modern age tend to be counter balanced by its many benefits, not least of which is that of making it past infancy having not been polished off by diphtheria (etc). Many people work in the centre of London round the clock several days a week, and (apparently) it is one of the worst air polluted regions in Europe. Perhaps the workers and residents of the city balance the positives against the negatives when coming to a decision about where to work and live. There may well be a case for measures in Denton to reduce air pollution, and I wouldn't trust TMBC on any matter for one minute. But the endless bellyaching we hear from some around here sounds like what it probably is - unwarranted paranoia and hypochondria.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, they need constant pressure on all major issues. Those who've dealt with them and their gutter tactics when opposed electorally or otherwise (and I mean real barrel scraping, filth methods) know what I mean.
A 'sophisticated', philosophical, take the rough with the smooth attitude is manna from heaven to these self-seeking, corrupt, greecy and incompetent traitors.
As for those who blindly and continually vote for them, the old saying applies: 'You've got to save some people from themselves.'

Anonymous said...

Anon said.
In the modern age, nobody has an automatic right to be breathing fresh alpine mountain air round the clock.

Somewhat stupid point about Alpine air ,because
why should 3 million die in the world each year from Air Pollution they breathe.
Stop the playing God by the various Countries corrupt administrations.
A very important Human Right is the Right to Life
and I for one will also fight that children and babies are not made to breathe dirty toxic air that`s know as unfit for human sustainability.
What TMBC does is against all human principles and
not one of these greed driven sh-- has any moral
They will lie,cheat,and rob
like no others as we keep
finding out.If you read what Fraud is in law
and implemented this course of action Tameside Council would collapse overnight.

Costa Eastlands said...

Check out cllr Taylor's blog. No kidding - the man actually has a blue man city coloured villa out in Spain (or wherever). Talk about pathetic, what kind of jerk does that? It's the sort of thing an 18 year old who's just won the lottery and bought his first home would do.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with hypochondria. He fought and was gassed at Verdun and his health has never been the same since and the fumes choking Denton just make it worse.

Green Ecologist said...

New exhaust emission rules mean that pollution from cars is now virtually eliminated. The air is cleaner now as at was before the industrial revolution.

Anonymous said...

Green Ecologist said...
New exhaust emission rules mean that pollution from cars is now virtually eliminated. The air is cleaner now as at was before the industrial revolution.

You can get arrested for whatever your using.

The Dark said...

We should have wind powered cars. After all, Britain's energy will apparently increasingly come from this pathetic farc..sorry renewable manna from heaven, at least until the s**t hits the fan and the lights start going out when the whole thing will be sidelined and quietly scrapped. And as our coal fired power stations are fined to death by EU law, and wind is massively subsidised our energy bills will get higher and higher. So there'll be ZERO pollution because no-none will be able to afford to switch anything on.
The fact that the Chinese are curently building 363 coal fired power stations, the Indians 455 and our near neighbours the Germans 20, adding far more C02 to the atmosphere in one week than Britain puts out in a year is of course ignored because the government is in the grip of a ludicrous and already outdated Green dogma, driven by a powerful clique of state employed, tax hungry control freaks, aided and abetted by energy companies, EU Marxists and any other associated hangers on.
Nonsense the 'Greens' cry, that is they will, until the lights DO start to go out in Britain, whether through chronic undersupply or massive domestic and industrial overpricing. In America fracking for gas is now growing at a massive rate making their energy cheap and enormously reducing their dependence on foreign imports. American industry has reduced its energy costs by a huge 25% giving it a renewed competitive edge. Britain has similarly vast reserves of shale gas and that's where the time, expertise, technological development and investment should be directed. As well as burning coal as cleanly as possible and pursuing and developing nuclear and other advanced forms of power generation for the further future. Not at the absurd and discredited folly of wind power that is unreliable, chronically expensive and can only exist at all because it's backed up by other, reliable and saner forms of power generation.

Anonymous said...

The following point has been raised before and Mr Hall totally ignores the fact that the monitoring station in Tameside was chosen along with a number of others across Greater Manchester. Some of the sites were adjacent busy roads, some in residential areas, some were chosen to give ambient urban levels such as the one in Tameside. Overall the sites within Greater Manchester show the differing levels of pollution in the conurbation. Mr Halls only point is that the Tameside site was not chosen to record levels adjacent a main highway. I believe that one is in Manchester City centre near Piccadilly, a much better choice of site. This is the reason why some people say Mr Hall does not give all the facts but is happy to rant.

Brenda said...

Indeed, if only Mr Hall would take advice from the people who are elected to serve him his life would be a lot happier. The Council and his MP’s would be more than happy to explain how the monitoring stations work and why some are located in places other than major trunk roads and close to motorways.

Mindless unprovoked motiveless but never racist when the deceased is indigenous said...

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Jackson from the Major Incident Team said: "My thoughts are with John's family. He lost his life as a result of a mindless and vicious attack by a gang of men with no respect for human life.

Most of my old childhood friends from Longsight, Levenshulme and Rusholme fled to live in Stockport said...

Britain's happiest places to live

1. Harrogate

2. Stockport

3. Ipswich

4. Exeter

5. St Albans

6. Kingston upon Thames

7. Bath

8. Worcester

9. Bromley

10. Truro

Britain's unhappiest places to live

1. East London

2. Croydon

3. East central London

4. Ilford

5. South-east London

6. Enfield

7. North-west London

8. West London

9. Dudley

10. North London

Okay people, quiz time. What ingredient is missing from the happiest places in Britain compared to the unhappiest places? See what I mean, you’re institutionally racist. Even admitting the truth to yourself however unpalatable that truth may be certifies you as a bone fide bigot in this topsy turvy country.

Once a proud nation totally destroyed by the Labour Party said...

Hold on, the happy places are low immigrant areas and the unhappy places all completely swamped with immigrants. Does this mean immigrants = unhappiness? We were promised happiness as a result of mass third world immigration. We were promised food, music, sportsmen and a constant buzz of diversity. Ok, we’ve got the food, and the music, sportsmen too and lots and lots and lots of diversity, but where’s the happiness?

Anonymous said...

Many parts of stockport are nice, Romiley, Marple, Bramhall etc. Those who live in more average parts of the borough of Stockport are still relatively happy, mainly because they DON'T live in some of the heavily enriched surrounding boroughs.
If a tramp lived in a cardboard box ten feet from a stinking cesspit and a fellow tramp lived five miles away in a similar cardboard box but wasn't troubled by the smell he'd be relatively happier because he DIDN'T live where his friend did.

Anonymous said...

So that Brenda spokesperson for Gwynne shoots her gob off again.
What`s wrong with Gwynne answering questions himself
or does he imagine he is above answering Tamesiders questions about his conduct himself,or has he left for a jolly in Israel to boost Israeli intentions to get everyone involved in fighting their war.
So he gets caught fiddling expenses
he gets banned from TMBC meetings for rigging local votes to get a friend into power
He offers false information to the official House of Commons Registers.
He was chair of the Friends of Israel large group and
he hides behind the skirts of Warrington.
Roy Oldham didnt want Gwynnes wife as the Councillor at that time so who was the insider who shafted Oldham`s wishes,behind his back,only Oldhams big pal his own Aide de Camp.
Keep checking on these types
your paying their big salaries and expenses.

Cameron wishes Jewish community a happy Pesach said...

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to praise the British Jewish community for their significant historic and continued contribution to life in the UK, which has helped make Britain the richly diverse and inclusive place it is today.”

Foreign Secretary William Hague added: “I want to send my warmest wishes to Jewish communities in Britain and across the world. Passover marks the release of the Children of Israel from slavery. It is a joyous time for Jews around the world as they come together to celebrate liberty and freedom. "

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg extended his happy Passover message to "Jewish communities across the UK.

“It is a festival that celebrates self reliance and the determination to be free, despite the difficulties that might stand in your way.

“It is also time for reflection, where the Exodus story is told around the Seder table and passed from one generation to the next.

“For everyone who is celebrating Passover, I wish you Chag Sameach.”

SerpentSlayer said...

These politicians can brown-nose Jews in Britain as much as they like and yet if I were to offer my sincerest wishes for the Jewish people, I would be guilty of a thought crime.

I will say that my wishes for those people are strong and sincerely held, and I know that the AllFather Odin shares them with me.

Letting the blood of those you do not like is not the mark of a people who deserve happiness and freedom, but a mark of a people should sow exactly what they reap.

Tonight I shall drink my bakers dozen a year toast to the moon god, Mani, I shall also make one to the brave heroes of the past and the near future, who those politicians and the people they praise will not find any taste for whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"facts which cannot be disputed or discredited"

What facts? Would you care to reference any of the things you've mentioned. It isn't rocket science to link to the reports you cite, or to give references/sources to the other assertions being made.

You might be correct in everything you're saying, but at present you look quite foolish.

Methinks they doth protest too much said...

Hall opens his mouth and the Labour attack zombies all come out. If Hall was a crank why would they expend so much energy on attacking and abusing him.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall, there is no conspiracy. Why do you not pick up the phone and speak to the relevant authorities regarding the monitoring stations and they will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Ranting on public forums is not the best way of forwarding your agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Mr Hall, there is no conspiracy. Why do you not pick up the phone and speak to the relevant authorities regarding the monitoring stations and they will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. Ranting on public forums is not the best way of
forwarding your agenda.

Now you would think this is a reasoned request to seek assistance,but in reality
its dross and here`s what happened in reality.
!.Roy Oldham Letter Ref:
Dear Mr.Hall
As Leader of TMBC and Chair of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund there is no requirement for me to debate matters with you,either privately,or publically,nor do I have any intention of doing so.
S R Oldham.
Ian Saxon Environmental Head (on a visit to my home
to discuss air pollution.
Regarding your suggestion,we cannot place a Real Time Pollution Monitoring Station on the Junction 24 Island,and we have no suitable sites in that area.(strange how Ian Saxon then found space for a Real Time Air Pollution Monitor just "8 feet" away from HGV exhaust pipes as they crawled towards Mottram Lights going west.
This was the ruse used to bolster the Mottram ByPass case by TMBC for pollution
yet hardly anyone lives there.
TMBC AQMA map June 1999 showed Denton West area as polluted,subsequent created maps reduced that shown area.
In the Highways Agency/TMBC ByPass Official Environmental Maps for the Mottram ByPass "63 various roadside site" monitor results were shown
between Mottram Moor and Tintwistle,with 1 solitary monitoring site underneath the M67 well away from the M60/M67/A57 large air pollution locality,so Denton West was obliterated from map references.
The TMBC Planning Committee
held and passed its approval for the Mottram road re-routes,and that meeting allocated me 3 minutes verbally to place my objections,whereas I had
files of data,hence I told them to stick their 3 minutes allocation.
Appeals concerning the pollution to my MP and local Councillors were also snubbed.
So should this Anon and others think I have never gone through any formal Tameside process then justforget that thought.
So telephoning the same existing TMBC Environmental Department,or asking anything of my MP or Councillors is a somewhat
ridiculous comment.
So yes there is a TMBC conspiracy as usual to reduce real democracy,and deliberately hide many facts,because that`s their
persistent policy which secures their position.
I have made public a challenge for an open Forum
Public Debate on the Air Pollution and challenged any MP or Councillor to challenge any of my vast evidence,and they ran for cover with no responses.
My rants are statements of
absolute substantiated facts whoever you are.

Hydonian said...

Mr Hall, you are a legend. They nearly convinced me you were a ranting trouble caused but you have just blown their arguments clean out of the water. They really do have something to hide. Thank you Mr Hall.

Anonymous said...

If Hall hadno facts at his disposal they'd just ignore him.
Don't forget the appalling history of problems at Tameside hospital, or the dreadful schools. Also the revelation that Tameside is now one of the hardest places to find a job.
The reality is there's no meaningful or significant reason to vote the same old failures and snouts in the trough brigade back in again, in fact the diametric opposite is the case, but in 14 months that is no doubt what many of the deadheads, self seekers ans traitors will do.
You can't reason with peoplewith their own agendas or those witgout the mental capacity to understand the arguments.
The increasing inferiority of the electorate means we should introduce selective democracy where people who want a vote are given a basic intelligence,current affairs, history etc test to judge if they're fit and deserving recipients of the franchise.

Anonymous said...

How damned ignorant are these mouth pieces?

"Real Time Air Pollution Monitoring" is the only type used for monitoring all the various toxins, you really need to get some grasp of the truth, and I could buy and sell the MP you refer to on this subject, as for TMBC giving advice well the environmental department are pathetic in the extreme. When I was sent the Dept Leader his claim to fame was he had managed to stop some Taxis in Ashton from running their engines whilst waiting for customers.

Get this into your heads Tameside Council placed their only "1 Real Time Monitor Station" up Two Trees Lane to hide the pollution reality.

You don’t understand do you that all other type monitors which Tameside have are a paltry form machine which they can stick anywhere and claim it is monitoring all the toxins. This is "NOT REAL TIME AIR POLLUTION MONITORING OF THE SEVEN TYPES OF TOXINS FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION WHATSOEVER.

The daily national DEFRA results on the internet for pollution does NOT include Tameside if you manage to read the DEFRA list of UK Real Time Monitoring Stations so get a grip on yourselves and educate the devious Department at Tameside.

The site at Two Trees School is NOT AN URBAN OR ROADSIDE LOCATION, for testing PM2.5 Particulates
and Nitrogen Dioxides because Tameside has always told the public it monitors pollution and is being extremely economical with the truth as it does not measure (once again) the "Real Time Air Pollution Monitoring of known toxins.

Anonymous said...

Tell us why a pollution generating hot spot for PM2.5 Particulates such as the M60/M67/A57 area produces vast levels of toxins which affect all those living within 500 metres of the area of the M67-M60-A57 roads and that’s a scientific fact which would be news to you.

Your deliberate feeble attempts to discredit my facts and data tells me you must be really enjoying stuffing vast levels of toxins into kids, because if you were normal as most, you would accept the Rights of 47,000 in Denton and Audenshaw who don’t live facing open fields to the Pennines where you like you idea of pollution for Denton and Audenshaw shoved.

It gets boring telling thickos the truth whereas they need to get educated as Tamesiders require of their highly paid so called representatives.

So tell your MP Brenda his immature methods of hanging on to his position might get the type of voters he relies on, but when it comes to locating his own facts by studying he’s a zero.

Anonymous said...

Get it straight Brenda you and your Labour Councillors do not have a majority in Tameside if you calculate the statistics, and most people consider Councillors overpaid, semi educated, mouthy and obsessed with greed for money from the folk who pay all of their Council Taxes.

I have nothing to learn from yourselves, and as for Greater Manchester the monitor in Piccadilly is the only one listed on DEFRA


When I was asked by the TMBC environment head where they should stick a monitor some years ago I stated on the island where the required space was,"oh no we can’t do that" and there’s no other adequate space in that area (end of that one)

Tell the MP to take time out and collect the empty COPD receptacles and take them to Boots because many with COPD cannot make that trip because they cannot breathe sufficiently.

The MP should man up and stop the increasing PM2.5 Particulates being stuffed into kids daily, because up to now he doesn’t give a s--- whatsoever.

(what a nice type eh, and that goes for other Councillors)


Another Racist Murder but not in the eyes of the media, why ?. Because the victim is White and the accused are..............yes, you guessed said...

There was a stabbing which will probably prove fatal in Burnage in the early hours. White victim lying bleeding from 4am until ambulance arrived at 6.20. No media coverage. Police erected forensic tent at scene. Lots of thick congealed blood when tent moved. Kebab shop staff close to where incident occurred flushed blood away with water from a mop bucket but significant amount remains. Junction Millwain Rd and Burnage Lane. Local indigenous community kept in dark about incident. Another incident which if reported will be hidden in the columns of the local free rag and then consigned to the media memory hole. Indigenous victims mean f-all when the assailants are immigrants. It is a case of community relations before indigenous victims. I sincerely hope the apparatchiks who willingly sacrifice our people at the high alter of Political Correctness one day hang for their crimes.

White Power said...

"most people consider Councillors overpaid, semi educated, mouthy and obsessed with greed for money from the folk who pay all of their Council Taxes"

Yes, but what about their bad points?

Death to traitors said...

How do establishment members: government, media, police, judicial system etc live with themselves as they daily aid and abet the desruction of their own kind and their country's identity?
I suppose like Judas, if you've taken the coins and all the other perks you either turn a blind eye or kill yourself.
That's those who give a f**k, many clearly don't and would sell anything including their integrity and any principles they once held in return for money, status and power.
They should all be thrown in the same incinerator.

Luke 22:7-23 said...

The Judas analogy is very appropriate considering it is Maundy Thursday and tomorrow is Good Friday. Jesus was betrayed by a traitor and our people are being betrayed by traitors.

Anonymous said...

Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve and while they were eating, he said, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me.” They were very sad and began to say to him one after the other, “Surely not I, Lord?” Jesus replied, “The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me. The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.” 25 Then Judas, the one who would betray him, said, “Surely not I,?” Jesus answered, “Yes, it is you.”

Anonymous said...

Not bloody christianity. Surely these days we can enjoy easter the same way we enjoy christmas?

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall is just brilliant. One cant help but agreeing with him about the need to reduce air pollution on the M60 in Denton.
Its clear that the long wait os making the situation far worse at Denton Island. As we all know, its deceleration and acceleration that creates the most pollution. Fly over the junction A57/M67 and vis versa, free flowing left turns on and off will greatly reduce the pollution. may lose a few houses but Mr Hall is right, the kids health is more important.

Mr Hall on the spot again/

Mike Litoris

Anonymous said...

Todays Press Reports
Continue reading "Two thirds of councils are cutting or freezing Council Tax
The average increase was 0.8 per cent, with an average band D bill coming in at £1,456, compared with £1,444 last year.But councils have been resisting pressure to keep the tax down. They do not like the reward offered by the Treasury for freezing it – a one-off grant worth 1 per cent of council tax – because it means council tax rises in future years will be worth less.Any council which puts up the tax this year will have a higher base on which to impose rises next year.
The Councils with highest rises in England
No1 Manchester 3.9%
No2 Tameside 3.7%
No3 Bury 3.7%
Followed by 19 other Councils with rises between 2.2% and 2.8%
Will you read this in the MEN,Advertiser,Reporter.
TMBC shysters strike again

Anonymous said...

I see Junction 24 M60 bang on the ROCK TOWER site is creating premises and even increase even more vehicles
to the location.
The Tower planning application 06/00516/FUL was placed by Mr.Harrisson of Bramhall for two offices and a "signage tower"??which after being passed by TMBC was. called a free standing non illuminated sign board.
The Speakers Panel 21st June 2006 Minutes stated quote : Highways Agency have no objections to the office development but if the Tower was intended to display advertisements they would suggest the refusal of the application.
Now we all know the Beacon of Light that can now be seen in that area,which is "illuminated".TMBC Planning Dept then stated it is not illuminated ?? its the lamps inside the Tower Top which are illuminated ??
A Pure Business Magazine advertisement then stated
quote The Blue Tower Denton Rock stands at the junction of the M60and M67 and is the brainchild of developer John Harrisson.It will be used to promote local businesses and events.??
Hang on the Highways Agency said it should not display advertisements.
The letter I received from Greater Manchester Police 18th June 2009 stated GMP) had not been consulted about this Tower,which is strange because obviously its a distraction for all drivers at this interchange,especially if its lit up and with rolling advertisements.Then after the large Towering Tower was built the public in the area held a public meeting
and with anger towards TMBC planners stating it could be seen through their home windows,and was a blight on their property.
Now I attended this meeting and to my surprise Councillor Brenda Warrington the local Councillor on the arrival of the developer Mr.Harrrisson moved to him with open arms and kissed him just as you would do a close friend.
I am no prude but it appeared Mr.Harrissson and Tameside were well known to each other and I wondered if TMBC had an interest in advertising and promoting itself on this large illuminated beacon.
I informed Mr Andy Cush the Planning Officer at that meeting that any driver and or any passengers injured at this known dangerous interchange should make an immediate legal claim against TMBC for passing plans that created a deliberate distraction with serious consequences for thousands of daily drivers.
Then up pops Mr.Gwynne moaning recently that the development of this site was becoming a problem because the developers were moaning about the scruffy nature of the surroundings and Mr.Gwynne was going to make every effort to spend a few million on improving the site location which obviously make a developer
very very happy.
So are developers closely linked to Tameside Politicians ???
and the use of deceptive terminology part of the deal? well that`s just my opinion and we will have to see what is now developing
at this site


Edelwulf's Vengeance said...

We are heading towards Eostre, yet the winter's chill lingers upon us, the Muspellheimers have a consolidated grip upon the world and their Serpent makes for the final bite of his tail.

The world reckoning is soon approaching, the bound begin to see their chains, the monster before them snarling where once before had been an accepted mechanism of governance.

We must harden ourselves, using our own bodies, the rocks of the earth, the soil trod underfoot. We must prepare for Ragnarok and war against the enemies of the Aesir and Vanir.

Hutton Inquiry Cover Up said...

If anything happens to J Hall, I think we know where to start looking for suspects. Remember what happened to Dr David Kelly when he got too close to the truth. Exposing wrongdoers can be a hazardous business.

SerpentSlayer said...

You shine the light, bold and bright, to expose the creatures of the night, first they blink, then they sink, their teeth into your neck and drink.

Anonymous said...

Hutton Inquiry Cover Up said...
If anything happens to J Hall, I think we know where to start looking for suspects. Remember what happened to Dr David Kelly.

I recall reading this on TC

You can run... said...

Hackney or Harrogate, it's a tough choice.
Get enriched, or be forced to live in a peaceful, beautiful and historic town full of your own kind. That's if you can afford to live there.
In the final analysis the creeping destruction will find its way to Harrogate and all the other, still British, towns if something isn't done very soon.
So if you've got plenty of money, want to escape it for a few (and I mean A FEW ) years and above all don't give a flying f**k about your country then by all means leg it.

Jesus Died For You said...

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War. I am concerned we are heading into another equally catastrophic global conflict. There is much tension in the world with North Korea v USA a possibility and China v Japan because of the disputed Senkaku Islands, and of course there is the threat to the Falklands from Argentina and her South American allies. On this Easter Friday let us all pray for peace.

Worth a go? said...

DIY pollution monitoring systems exist, I am sure enough interested Tamesiders would get involved with something like this, schools, businesses, maybe even TMBC employees?

Have a look:

This kind of data, sent straight to the 'cloud' would be very difficult to interfere with and could maybe help kick start some public interest and action?

clean air is a basic human right said...

The DIY pollution monitoring station sounds like a good idea. Are they expensive?

Worth a go? said...

Not sure how expensive they are, or what level of skill is needed to assemble one, but there seems to be funding available, this one is based in Edinburgh but why not Tameside?

An approach from a concened local resident who has experience and knowledge in this area could see the research applied to Tameside. What do you reckon Mr Hall?

SerpentSlayer said...

Pray for peace?

Peace on whose terms exactly?

Forgive me if I do not pray for peace and instead pray for war and chaos to unsettle the Pax Judaica that holds the Earth in the rotten state it is in.

Peace benefits only those who have the means to keep their enemies in check. I will only pray for peace when England and the other Nations of the North Sea hold sway over Europe and keep the East at bay.

Rio Ferdinand shocked at claims England fans sung racist songs said...

Rio Ferdinand has expressed shock at alleged racist chanting directed at him and brother Anton by England supporters during the 8-0 victory over San Marino.
An offensive song was said to be aimed at Manchester United defender Rio, who pulled out of the England squad, and QPR centre-back Anton. "You expect and accept banter from fans on the terraces as it's part of what makes the game great," Rio tweeted.
"But racism is not banter and from your own fans.

It has been claimed the song had racist overtones because Anton was racially abused by former England captain John Terry.

Here is the 'RACIST' song in full:

"Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, Put Rio on the top, Put Anton in the middle, And then burn the ****ing lot."

But where's the racist song you may say, of course there isn't one and the song sung by the England fans at that game was not in anyway racist. To simply criticise non-whites in mad house Britain can now viewed as racist. The irony of this story is that Rio Ferdinand was recently charged and fined £45,000 by the FA for this genuinely racist tweet.

‘Looks like Ashley Cole’s going to be their choc ice. Then again he’s always been a sellout. Shame on him.’

Anyway I owe Ferdinand a debt of gratitude as it was he who motivated me to get rid of my extortionately priced United season ticket a number of years ago.

Horses for courses said...

Top level professional footbal, with the Premier League in the vanguard, is being used to push the holy grail of 'anti-racism' by vested interests in every level of the establishment.
Former England manager Fabio Capello was his own man and not one to toe the line, and after John Terry had been ousted by the footballing powers that be - despite the apparent irrelevance of not having actually being tried, and in fact being later found not guilty in a court of law - Capello was got rid of. All this just before a major tournament that Capello had succeeded in qualifying England for.
An honest media would have ripped the footballing authorities to bits for this seeming shambles, but because the issue was, (say it in awed tones) 'Racism', and like everyone else in the establishment they're terrified of going against the prevailing ethos in case THEY are tarred with the 'racist!' brush, said sweet f**k all and were in fact desperate to agree with the 'wisdom' of the powers that be.
If football is 'racist' in England why are there such a high proportion of British players of non-White, particularly those of mixed race White/Afro-Caribbean, stock, in most teams, particularly the national side. Presumably because they got there on merit. Perhaps, like negro sprinters, this particular racial sub set, has certain natural advantages.
Whatever the reason, this merit argument is thrown in the bin by the 'anti-racist' industry when it comes to MANAGING top teams. If non-Whites don't have anything like the same representation or success as mangers, and they patently don't, it MUST of course be because of 'racism'.