Saturday, 30 March 2013

Armoured vehicles on Tameside's streets.

On Good Friday regular contributor to this blog TonyDJ was driving down Newmarket Road  in Ashton when he was passed by two armoured land rovers with PSNI  (Police Service of Northern Ireland ex RUC) markings. Upon further investigation we learned that no fewer than four were spotted in Mottram.

GMP Tameside South have claimed on their Facebook page that the vehicles are over here for "Training purposes" so that in June this year police from the mainland can go to Ulster to help guard the G8 summit with a knowledge of the vehicles they will be using.

This may well be true. but I find it hard to believe that the PSNI needs help from hastily trained UK plods in riot control. Rather the opposite, experienced Ulster "peelers" imparting their knowledge to UK bobbies who were less-than-successful in quelling the unrest in August 2011.

Training for what?


SerpentSlayer said...

Unrest following some EU grab for power I imagine. I do hope that the people of England live up to the spirit of the many heroes who have fought Judeo-Norman and Papal tyranny over the centuries.

1690 said...

The Pope is the Antichrist! According to SOME bowler hatted gentlemen.
Hey, at least they're patriots and Ulster still LOOKS like the UK.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the Pope, but it seems the new Archbishop
of Canterbury had a Jewish Grandfather

White British said...

The Metropolitan Police weren't 'less than successful' in dealing with 2011's riots, they simply totally abandoned the streets to the rioters for several hours. All started by the Police shooting an armed, mixed race gang member and the 'community' not liking it.
'New' London is now only 45% White British, in reality a lot less than that. The capital should be moved to a city like York instead.

Reimer said...

These two tanks (or ones very like them) have also been seen on the Chunal road coming out of Glossop, heading into High Peak.