Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Malicious attempt to prosecute Roy West fails

Many people reading this will be aware of an anti-corruption campaigner from Tameside called Roy West. Roy West was a man of good character until relatively recently, however he now has a criminal record for the heinous crime of name calling. Mr West has been in and out of police custody and the magistrates courts over recent years on more occasions than many career criminals. He has featured many times on the front pages of local newspapers and has been the victim of countless illegal smear leaflets distributed throughout the Dukinfield ward.

It is no secret that certain individuals within the local Labour Party have been using their elected status and power to influence events which have led to the persecution of Roy West.

In the borough of Tameside the Labour Party wields a disproportionate amount of power. Unlike other boroughs where there is usually opposition from other political parties, the Labour Party have no real opposition in Tameside other than from a few well meaning but hopelessly outnumbered Conservative councillors. This means the Labour Party in Tameside, who many refer to as The Tameside Mafia, can dictate events in certain matters in relation to organisations which fall under their sphere of influence.

New Charter Housing, which has close links with the local Labour Party, in fact so close that senior Labour Party councillors sit on the board of the New Charter Housing Trust, are currently in the process of trying to evict Roy West's partner from a New Charter property in Dukinfield. The lady in question, a truly gentle and good natured natured lady has committed no crime and is guilty of no crime, yet New Charter are determined to evict her. The eviction attempt is still ongoing and is currently in the hands of the courts. She is a lady with genuine special needs and it is truly astonishing that an attempt is being made to render this lady homeless.  Some observers have stated that the real motivation for this attempted eviction is being directed 'from above' and the motives can only be speculated about at this stage.

As previously stated, Roy West has been a victim of harassment and smears for some time now. The campaign of harassment reached new heights when Roy West launched a campaign exposing the phenomenal amounts of money being raked in from the public purse by local Labour councillors. When not exposing those who seek only good publicity Roy West is a keen amateur film maker. He has made hundreds of short videos, many of which can be viewed here, which document day to day life in and around Tameside. These videos may appear mundane in nature to some, but in years to come they will be an invaluable record of day to day life in Tameside.

In one of the hundreds of videos made by Mr West two non-White security guards were captured on film. What followed next was truly bizarre and thoroughly chilling. He was visited by the police and requested to attend the police station to face an allegation of inciting racial hatred. A complaint had been made, not by the two non-White people who appeared in the film, they were completely unaware and unconcerned that they had been captured in one of Mr West's videos, the complaint was made by a New Charted enforcer who goes by the name of Wright. Now get this; the New Charter enforcer had been monitoring all Roy West's comments on this blog and his video uploads to Youtube, he then tracked down the two security guards in the video to show them the video recorded by Mr West and he then proceeded to make a police complaint because he 'perceived' the video to racial in nature. I saw the video and it was absolutely 100% non racist in nature, it briefly captured two security guards who happened to be of non European origin and that was it.

Thankfully common sense has prevailed and the police, who evidentially agreed with me that there was no 'racist' context to the video, have decided that no further action in relation to the event will be taken and the matter is now closed. But that ladies and gentleman is the latest instalment in the ongoing saga of The Persecution of Roy West, a saga so shocking that I would have never believed unless I had seen the evidence with my own eyes.


letters page regular said...

So from their point of view, not all publicity is good publicity?

Britain and the liberal death wish said...

I am sitting here in a bit of daze now, typing only when I am not holding my head in my hands. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not some dystopian science fiction film being played out in my mind, it is real, it is happening, and God help me, it is happening in Britain.

What these mangled, perverse and utterly lunatic excerpts penned by

SerpentSlayer said...

You just have to see it like a sword fight, you patiently watch the enemy flail about while you wait for the chance to make a clean cut. Keep your mind focused and your body alert, detach yourself from all emotion and wait.

You can't film in public said...

BBC Film Council workers today in Ashton

Anonymous said...

TC...One thing I would advise if you come up against new charter in court, or politically persecuted by the police. Speak for yourself and don't rely on any of these solicitors in Tameside. On the 15th of Jan, my solicitors did not even turn up to represent me at the interview. Their excuse "we had no one available to come down with you to the police station."

Have a look, it's good said...

TC If Mr Ivan Wright likes to look through all my videos, maybe he could come along with us on one of our day trips.?
Just a thought.