Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wild Bank Hill Circular - In The Snow

When I saw the snow today I just had to head to the hills. In my opinion the two best times to head up into the hills to admire the wonderful wilderness is either on a fantastically clear day, or on a day like today when it is snowing a blizzard. If you head up on a cloudy damp day you may very well find it a thoroughly underwhelming experience.

If you watch the video it starts at Walkerwood Reservoir and ends at Shutts Lane which is just off Mottram Old Road. My map is very basic and the route I took is marked with a thick red line. I actually started the walk by parking the car at the bottom of Huddersfield Road and walking up to Brushes Road and from there up by the reservoirs and then over the tops and back down onto Mottram Road then Stocks Lane and back to where I started. According to the GPS on my phone this little trek falls just short of seven miles. It is not a particularly strenuous walk but if you do head up there on a wild day like today proper footwear and clothing is essential.

I am purely amateur when it comes to hiking, if you are interested in finding out more about some of the wonderful walks in and around Tameside check out the Great Walks in Tameside website. These guys are real experts and know far more about the subject than I. And before anyone accuses me of shamelessly advertising for Bill and the team let me state right now that I have never met or had any contact with any of the people behind the Great Walks in Tameside website other than on the comments section of this blog. The reason I recommend them is that I have viewed what they have to offer and what they offer is beneficial to anyone interested in exploring the great places of beauty and interest which are right on our doorstep.


Stalingrad was more fun said...

Hoarstone Edge is 320 ft higher. I wouldn't bother going up either in that weather.

Bill said...

Great video TC, I enjoyed watching that and following your route. It looked a little blustery, well done for venturing out in that.

As the previous commentator has mentioned Hoarstone Edge is the highest point in Tameside but the trig point at Wild Bank Hill is the highest easily accessible point.

Alphin Pike at 469 metres, which is on the border of Tameside and Saddleworth is a place I have always considered to be in Saddleworth myself.

The area around Hoarstone Edge is just a wilderness of peat bogs and can be quite dangerous in really wet weather. People have died walking on their own and becoming trapped in peat.

Thanks for the plug and I have mentioned it before - if you want the links to all the walks in Tameside, contact me via the Contact Us page on the blog and I will gladly send them to you.


Bill said...

TC, I hope you don't mind but I have written a review of your blog and included your recent video of Wild Bank Hill.


Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for that Bill. It was certainly blustery on the exposed parts near the top, but that is how I like it. I was glad that at the last minute I decided to bring my skiing gloves rather than light Thinsulate pair which I usually wear. The wind proofing was definitely needed yesterday.