Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ex-Stalybridge and Hyde MP James Purnell lands top BBC role

Former Stalybridge and Hyde MP James Purnell has landed a top job at the BBC worth £295,000 per year. Mr Purnell - culture secretary in the last government - will become director of strategy and digital, reporting to new director-general Tony Hall. After quitting politics, Mr Purnell became a TV producer and has been working at production firm Rare Day. He said: “I'm really excited to be coming back to the BBC, to work on its future with such a great team.Manchester Evening News

James Purnell as former chair of the Labour Friends of Israel and key member of the hard left Demos think tank will undoubtedly be in the company of many like-minded people in the higher echelons of the BBC. Tameside Citizen


Ya gotta have friends... said...


Anonymous said...

Guardian Newspaper said:
Good riddance to James Purnell
The former Labour minister not only didn't live up to the hype bestowed upon him, his political track record was abysmal.

Bang on from the Guardian,another
extremely slimy creep who could not be trusted at all,in other words a total failure,but where do failures go in our society right to the bloody top of the tree`s.
If this is our society then stuff the One Nation garbage shoved down our throats.
Underling Forever Tameside

Anonymous said...

Tameside Advertiser headlines:
Two Tameside MP`s who are Christians
voted for same sex marriages.

Christians my arse as a so-called
Civil Libertarian Gwynne supports
taking marijuana,according to its definition.
And whats all this crap ???
"I voted for equality in the eyes of the State for all citizens to be treated with fairness,tolerance and respect"

If the Pope was a Labour Prime Minister these 2 MP`s would be Catholics,and seeing their allegiances back the Jewish State of Israel perhaps they should come clean and wear a Kippah.

Now being a Christian is a follower of Christ,his teachings, and the
Bible`s condemnation of same sex (sex)activities.
Politicians will follow anything to attain power over those who certainly do not receive equality,fairness,tolerance and respect.
The known track records of Tameside Labour politicians totally disprove
their personal claims.
Having worked hard in a CofE Church
with prayer groups,healing groups,services participation and as a reader,I left because of the numbers of fork tongued charlatans who rode the Christian Faith as their claim to fame locally.

its not what you know its who you know said...

Great post by anon@22.54 and what about the obscene amount of money is being paid to Purnell. I work it out at nearly £5000 per week. He earns more in a year than most of us will in 15 years and for doing what exactly?

Environmental Health said...

TC...You may recall this article you did about barking/howling dogs.
Did you know, that, the police were called in about this article.?
If they did not have more serious matters do deal with.
I have spoken to alot of people with the same problem.
It plays on the mind and affects your mental health, it really does.
It feels like the dogs are in the living room with you.
And with the windows open, it becomes so distressing.
In the summer you can't sit in the garden and relax because of the barking/howling dogs all the time.
I guess you can't complain anymore, but thank goodness for free speech hey.?

Tameside Citizen said...

Few people love dogs more than I, but I have to admit that kind of incessant barking would totally drive me bonkers. It is unfair on the neighbours and the dogs. The owners ought to have a little more consideration for others.

tonydj said...

"Head of digital reporting". This is the man who faked a photograph of his visit to Tameside hospital.