Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Talk about a lack of gratitude

This footage is quite amazing. Even those with little interest of wildlife will find it fascinating. The aggressor is less than a year old and it inflicts serious damage on its opponent who just happens to be its father. The claws it uses to attack the pinned down father are its primary weapon and this is no play fight. Those claws are deadly; they are what buzzards use to kill prey.

What must the poor father buzzard be thinking as he is attacked by his chick with such ferocity? He was a good father too and has in previous years reared many generations of new buzzards. Last year I would often watch as he delivered food up to the nest for this vicious little horror - and this is the thanks he gets! I thought  if there was food a plenty for all, this type of situation would not occur, but obviously I was wrong.


Bill Oddie said...

Great filming. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne (Denton and Reddish, Labour)House of Commons questions.

But poor housing from rogue landlords, where they sometimes cram 20 to 30 people into some pretty shabby conditions, is also a major problem and a driver of immigration, particularly from places such as Romania, Bulgaria and other eastern European EU states, so will the Government commit to introducing a statutory national register of private landlords so that we can drive up housing standards in the private sector and drive out some of those crummy conditions???

Suitable response from TC.
"I take note of your concerns regarding the crummy conditions which Romanian`s,Bulgarian`s,and those arriving from Eastern area`s
may face on arrival in the UK and I take it you are suggesting the Government builds and creates more homes on nice green belt sites and
ensure these immigrants arriving get instant homes provided on arrival,and ensure they don`t live in crummy houses.

Insurance claims soar for pothole damage said...

The number of insurance claims for pothole-related damage to cars has more than doubled over the last year, according to new figures from AA Insurance.

According to the brokers, over the past four weeks, potholes have seriously damaged an estimated 1,000 cars.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance said the figures shows that all had motorists who had made a claim had seen a tyre damaged, while a fifth had suffered wheel damage too.

"That's bad enough but those making insurance claims are saying that there has been serious damage to suspension, steering and bodywork as well,” he said.

"In some cases, the driver has lost control or swerved to try to avoid the pothole and hit something else."

Live to tell the tale said...

Nature is red in tooth and claw. The young buzzard is sensibly using survival tactics.

Death to traitors said...

@ Anonymous 15:19, MPs, especially Labour ones, look after newly arrived immigrants as they can vote, and of course are far more likely to vote Labour. 85% of non-White Commonwealth immigrants vote Labour.
Immigrants from the EU get instant voting rights in EU and council elections. Commonwealth immigrants get FULL voting rights, including general elections.
It doesn't matter that they may know nothing about our country, can't speak out language and have no intention of learning or integrating in any way. It doesn't matter if they come from ignorant, barbaric, alien cultures and loathe and detest Britain and evrything it stands for. It doesn't matter if they want to destroy us. They can still vote, and the rancid votewhore traitors who infest the corridors of power will do anything, including sell our country down the river to maintain their grip on power.

This meat IS murder said...

Some semi-female, over promoted Labour bitch was screeching about the horsemeat issue on the news. I wonder if she'd be anywhere to be found for a comment if the food issue wasn't content, but the atrocities of Halal/Kosher slaughter and the fact that British people are being fed this appalling product without being told on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Planning minister Nick Boles has said he is "nervous" about the impact of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria on housing and public services,

Could pis___ off be more suitable
than "nervous"

The True Holocaust said...

On this day in 1945 the worst war crime of WWII occurred in Dresden. The fat drunken cigar smoking war criminal and Arthur 'Bomber' Harris conspired to kill German civilians on a scale never before imagined. In 24 hours of terror bombing raids well in excess of 100,000 German civilians were massacred. Dresden was not a strategic target and the aim was to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale. They succeeded and let’s remember them for the evil murdering villains which they were. Whereas German war criminals were executed, British war criminals were revered as heroes because as we know, the victors also write the history books.

Reap the whirlwind said...

Whatever the folly of getting involved in WWII for Britain, Dresden itself was an area bombing attack on an important rail transportation and communications centre. It was also a travel trhough point for German troops going east to fight the advancing Russians and for civilans going west to escape. Bombing it was designed to cause mass confusion and disruption to both.
Britain had learned from the Coventry Blitz, that loss of critical civilian infrastructure such as rail junctions, telephone systems, city administrations and utilities had longer lasting effects than attacks on war plants. Plus, precision bombing was at the time notoriously difficult and often ineffective.
Of every 100 airmen who joined bomber command, 45 were killed, 6 seriously wounded and 8 became POWs. Only 41 escaped unscathed, physically unscathed that is. This horrendous attrtition rate shows what sheer guts these men had, when they still continued climbing into their planes to go on missions knowing the dreadful odds.
Appalling things like Dresden happen in war, that's the nature of it. The people responsible are the German regime who should have surrendered as they had clearly lost, thereby preventing a vast number of people, both civilian and military being injured and killed in the last few months of the war.

Who were the real winners said...

How anyone can justify the mass murder of millions of fellow Europeans is beyond me. More people were massacred in Dresden in one night than during the entire German bombing campaign against Britain throughout the entire war. In total five million German civilians were murdered by Harris and his band of murdering brigands. I suppose the poetic justice is that Germany is once again master of Europe with vast industries and wealth we could only dream of. I wonder if the Dresden survivors occasionally smile as they look at the two nations which wrought so much suffering upon them. Britain is far from the major world power it was in 1945 it is also overrun with immigrants and in addition, as Dr Goebbels prophesied, it has a totally corrupt political class, and as for the USA, well they have Obama - need we say more?

Anonymous said...

"How anyone can justify the mass murder of millions of fellow Europeans is beyond me."

Try asking the Poles and Russians - Operation barbarosa was no humanitarian mission. All's fair in love and war chummy.

USSR invades Poland September 1939 said...

On the subject of Poland. Why do you think the two European stooges of Greater Judea (Britain & France) declared war on Germany for invading Poland, but they chose not to declare war on the USSR who also invaded Poland?

Remember this said...

Correct and as Poland was left to Stalin's tender mercies in 1945 what precisely was the point in declaring war on Germany to defend Poland in the first place.

According to the most recent investigation in 2010, there were 25,000 killed in Dresden, a figure now accepted by Dresden's authorities.
Dresden may have been partially a punishment bombing but so what, that's part of war.
You clearly love everything German, why not move there if Britain is so shite.

A land fit for heroes, sorry immigrants said...

Are you saying that modern day Britain is not shite? Do you think the people who sacrificed their lives fighting against the Germans would have done so if they could see Britain today?

Anonymous said...

I will remember Dresden45, the same way I'll remember Warsaw39 Leningrad42 Coventry40 etc etc. In other words, it was a dirty war that left all sides with blackened hands. In which case, I won't be taking the poppy wearing moral high ground each November and neither will I be bashing bomber Harris. Like I said - all's fair...

My country, right or wrong said...

@ A land fit for heroes, I'm saying Britain has got massive problems, especially on immigration, as has Germany (and all Europe) despite its industry etc clearly being superior to EVERY other European country.
If you're going to slag off your own country, i.e. kick it while it's down, whilst eulogizing another, why not move there instead.

Anonymous said...

ifIf you're going to slag off your own country, i.e. kick it while it's down, whilst eulogizing another, why not move there instead.

What benefit did the UK/Commonwealth gun fodder in WW1/WW2 get pal don`t ever say liberty because that would not stand up too any scrutiny.
Tell us what is our present liberty
now that were at the bottom of the pecking order.
4 Million Bulgarians alone according to latest figures will pack their bags next year.
What jobs,homes,health service,education can they expect,well for a start Human Rights which no longer serves us compared the millions of immigrants now in the UK.
Kick them whilst the UK is down???tell that to the Bankers,Politicians,Celebs,Royalty
Politicians,Financial Advisers.you can kick them up and down every bloody day without the slightest difference happening to these scabs.

Still to come said...

Germany's already full of Romanians and the rest, as is the rest of Europe. Britain's flood has accelerated and in the next few years everyone will be FORCED, i.e. there'll be no choice, to decide what side they're on and what they're going to do aobut it. Things will come to a head one way or another and all patriots, instead of defeatist despair, will have a chance to act.
At the moment it's not over for Britain, in a few years it will be.

Defeated by choice said...

In Germany and Austria you can be arrested for even questioning certain historical events.
The average modern German is an uber liberal capitalist who's gratefully eaten all the bulls**t they've been fed for the last 65 years. That diet of self-effacement and self-flaggellating guilt has turned a once great nation into well organised, efficient and gutless non-entities with a loathing and horror of dissent against the authorities and the status quo.