Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Hate Campaign Against Roy West Continues

There is a strong suggestion that a local councillor is behind this latest hate mail sent to Roy West. It is almost certainly in response to Roy West's campaign of informing the electorate of the obscene amount of money paid to useless councillors in this borough.

This letter is just one of many which has been sent anonymously to Mr West over the years. In addition to this there has been countless illegal leaflets on similar themes distributed throughout the Dukinfield Ward. I am sure long term readers of this blog will remember the courageous actions of Mr West in confronting a gang of Labour thugs, including Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick who were distributing vile smear leaflets to Roy West's neighbours on Remembrance Day.

The hate mail and leaflets are bad enough, but certainly not the only thing honest people who oppose corruption in this borough face. Mr West's disabled partner is currently being persecuted via means of malicious and vindictive eviction proceedings which were initiated by 'the usual suspects'. There was also an incident involving a shot being fired at the West's property which the householders feel did not receive the police attention such a serious matter deserved.

Other people have suffered at the hands of the local political Mafia too. People such as John Hall, another anti-corruption campaigner who has no political or personal ties with Roy West is one such example. If you click here you can read the horrifying case of the blood filled hypodermic syringes delivered to Mr Hall and the attempted cover up which followed. There is also the case of a young Conservative blogger who was arrested, computer seized and held in custody after a spurious claim of anti-Semitism was levelled against him by a current Tameside MP. The young man in question was anything but a 'racist' or anti-Semite, but that did not save him from arrest and custody.

The existence of a local political mafia with the power to disrupt the lives of truth seekers sounds like fantasy world. Ten years ago I would have never believed it to be true, but sadly subsequent events have convinced me such a plague does indeed exist within this borough. What we need is a modern and British version of Thomas E Dewey to come to Tameside and rid this borough of its pestilence and then we might then all live happily ever after.

Take a close look at the handwritten envelope (click to enlarge) and see if you recognise the handwriting.


SerpentSlayer said...

Commie cowards, they would never face Roy West in person let alone the rest of us like men of honour would.

I would be happy to practise the Russian tradition of "Stenka na Stenku", Nationalists versus TMBC and their red friends. I'm itching for it as I'm sure most parties involved are.

We win we get control of the borough, you win, you can carry on being the Orwellian police state, cowardly bastard freaks that you are.

Mr. West is a tireless patriot who deserves all our support and I for one will help him out in whatever way he needs.

I wish every persecutor of Mr. West, dysentery, a violent and slow death and an eternity of scorn and pain, with whatever suffering the gods wish to add to that thrown in as well.

Best of health to you Roy.

Dumb, dumber and dumbest said...

Roy's made more than his share of mistakes but I'd rather have him as ny councillor than the c***s who currently have the job.

Straight from the cesspit said...

'Stopped by police for filming young children.'
The people who write this lying, vile filth should be executed.

Anonymous said...

The police don't care about gun shots fired at the West house.
The police prefer to harass Roy West's disabled partner instead.
The local Labour Councillor prefers to go to his neighbours spreading rumours.

Anonymous said...

TC You mention the persecution against Roy West's partner, trying to evict her from her home.
A great many people will be shocked at the methods used to try and do this wicked act.
The collusion, rumour spreading.
Councillors involvement in all this, against a disabled woman an innocent woman.

Anonymous said...

People concerned with JUSTICE need to be, made aware of the bigger picture.
The eviction of a vulnerable woman, with a great deal of health problems.
Made homeless for being innocent.
No, it can't happen even in this rotten borough TC.......

tonydj said...

"He who pays the piper calls the tune."

Anonymous said...

Why dont we learn from the Levenshulme protestors.
They used their sit in method of protesting about the closing of their local library and got quite a coverage in the various media.
Surely such demonstrations could be
utilised at the Ashton Offices covering a range of anti democratic
actions repeatedly carried out by TMBC.
Levenshulme folk made an issue known and never mind whether a success or not.
They did their bit to serve notice on GMC and its Councillors that joe public has some bottle left.
Bad publicity gives Councils headaches,and can effect their decisions especially the Councillors in the Wards concerned.

Levenshulme Refugee said...

Good point anon, the Levenshulme library protest was a good example of direct action. The library was donated to the people of Levenshulme by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Manchester Council have got absolutely no right to close it down.

Tameside Citizen said...

I should also have mentioned in the article that there has also been a campaign of persistent rumour spreading in the Dukinfield area. The rumours being industriously circulated are that Roy West is a paedophile. These rumours have been spread verbally and in written form. The police are aware and they do have at least one letter where such outrageous claims are made. There is no truth whatsoever in these vicious and dangerous rumours, but it just goes to show the lengths to which the fanatics who persecute Mr West will go to in a bid to make him leave the area.

Frank Castle said...

People who spread filth like that should be killed.

Anonymous said...

This leaflet is jut the Tip of the iceberg. Labour scum, in Dukinfield, have been spreading rumour about Roy West since 2007. High ranking Labour Councillor has contacted West's neighbours with a view to rumour spreading.

Anonymous said...

These rumours have been spread verbally, not just on the street but spread in a local school in Dukinfield.
The police were told about the person spreading the vile rumours.

Concerned Bloke said...

What we can conclude is that 'one way or another' public funds have been used to fund this leaflet.

Roy West said...

Dear TC....Rumours can cause a great deal of stress and harm.
These rumours were brought to my attention by a very "Reliable Source".
These vile, untrue, allegations are being spread at Ravensfield Primary School.
I did inform the police but no action was taken against the rumour spreader, not even a crime number.
I did not come as a big surprise to find out, that a well known Labour Councillor has been in contact with this rumour spreader.
Can you imagine the reaction if it was I spreading such vile rumours like this.?
Where is the JUSTICE in this borough TC.?

Anonymous said...

why dont the labour councillors who continue to hound roy keep their mouths shut and live and let live. keep taking their thousands they earn for doing f--k all and be glad they are still on the gravy train

Reimer said...

The link to Mr Hall's account from 2011 is very valuable. And the response from the Labour mafia posing as shoulder-shrugging trolls is breathtaking. Such stuff should be national news.

Anonymous said...

New charter housing own 6 three bedroom houses on Buckley street uppermill. Just built Yorkshire stone.

Alf Garnett said...

No smoke with out fire i always say ? and pedos come in all shape and sizes

NN said...

Alf, serious question and unrelated to the comment you just made. Are you homosexual? There is a person you know who claims to have employed a private detective to investigate you and he claims there is evidence to suggest you are homosexual.

No bulls**t without bulls***ters said...

Alf, you've got ten convictions for bestiality.
That's bulls**t but as there's 'no smoke without fire' as you always say, hey, there MIGHT be something in it.

Alf Garnett said...

I am what i am ? LOL

Anonymous said...

yeah a moron