Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Roy West conviction to be overturned?

If not, why not? After all he was arrested, kept in custody and received a criminal conviction because of alleged use of  insulting words and behaviour, and if this is no longer a criminal act, surely his conviction should be quashed? The insulting word he was alleged to have used was "Kraut ******" within earshot of a person of German ancestry and the offensive behaviour was the placing of a plant pot containing poppies in remembrance of our war dead on a wall within view of a person of German ancestry. Read more on that matter here: Manchester Evening News

There are calls from the 'great and the good' to have wartime code breaker Alan Turing's conviction for gross indecency with a man  overturned as that is no longer a criminal offence, so by that logic, surely Roy West has a chance of having his conviction quashed? That is said in jest of course because as we know, in the case of Roy West, it would never happen as we are living in times of universal deceit. For more information on the decision to ditch the crime of 'insulting words' click here: BBC News

I must also advise all users of this site that a one time contributor to debate on this blog has been interviewed today at a police station while under police caution. The person concerned was questioned about this blog and who owns it as well as a video which appeared on Youtube as part of an ongoing project to document the history of present day Tameside. The reason for the visit to the police station was because of a complaint lodged by a well known provider of social housing which is very closely linked to TMBC.

More details will emerge in due course, but for the umpteenth time please do remember that we live in very sinister times. Times so sinister that you can be lifted from the street or your home because of what you write, say or even film. The local 'powers that be' have round the clock monitoring of everything said on this pathetic little blog site - that is how much they fear the truth being spoken. Do not give them any reason to come for you because believe me, I have it on very good authority, they are waiting to pounce on anyone who fails to toe the line and who has the courage to speak out on matters which need to be heard.


SerpentSlayer said...

Where is the public response, as I have watched this slow decline I have kept asking. Why do we fear being hauled in?

I have been hauled in before, it holds no fear for me, nor should it any able bodied and mentally stable person.

It's about time the local mafia had some real resistance levelled against them again, for that reason alone I may join the British Democratic Party, even if I agree with few of their beliefs.

All we need is a banner and a means of spreading the word, failing that a purely local opposition group could be formed from all groups in opposition to Labour, to stand in elections and to mount a leafleting campaign.

Thank Labour said...

Gang of men 'who groomed young girls for sex drove terrified victim, 14, to the woods at night and threatened to cut her head off'

Nine men groomed and horrifically abused vulnerable girls a court has heard
It has been claimed they used 'extreme physical and sexual violence', often beating and burning the girls as they raped them
It was claimed the girls were often given so many drugs that they were 'barely aware'
One victim was forced to miscarry after her attacker used an 'instrument' on her in a home abortion, the court heard

The abuse was alleged to have taken place over eight years
One alleged victim had lied to the accused so she did not have to have sex with them, but when she was found out she was driven to woods at night and threatened
She was told: 'You know what we do with pigs, slit their throats’, a jury was told

Anonymous said...

The sinister backroom anti democratic groups cannot win purely because they themselves have more to hide than the upfront,honest,decent folk with no real reasons to fear.
When you have murky, rotting, putrid elements on this planet they always rise to the surface in all structures on earth.
Press,Media,Bankers,Church,Business,Legal the Law and Immigrants has shown more criminal convictions and investigations in the past 10 years than in the previous 100 years.
Now the patterns are set.
Decrease the population by witholding treatments,paths to death in Hospitals,reduction in prescribed required drugs,and if you stand up white,british,with no convictions ever,you have become the most dangerous members of society.

£19,000 to get stabbed. Mugs only. said...

According to the law change you can now use insulting words but not abusive ones. So if you said a particular councillor was, 'A total f***ing c**t' and demonstrated reasons why it was true would that be classed as insulting, abusive or just a bit excessive and unpleasant, or acceptable, as it was true? It's all a bit vague to put it mildly. The law would have been better staying out of such areas in the first place unless the insult or whatever is obviously gratuitous, excessive and false. And seeing as new recruit coppers are now going to be paid a pittance £19,000 a year, the ones with brains will be doing as little as possible, let alone getting involved in trivial slanging matches.

Anonymous said...

TC Roy West was interviewed by police about a video on the internet.
Get this, are you sitting down.?
West was asked in the interview about the words of "Enoch Powell"
"What do these words mean to you"
"Don't you think his words could be seen as racist to some people"

Islamisation Creeps said...

A video has surfaced on youtube appearing to show a muslim vigilante gang haranguing non-muslim pedestrians in a London district for not respecting islamic codes.

Begging for scraps from rats said...

£19,000? Ha haa, it's pathetic. You'd have to be a complete pillock to do a job like that for that money. That's a TWENTY ONE PER CENT pay cut for new starters!!!

Reimer said...

"Gang of men 'who groomed young girls for sex drove terrified victim, 14, to the woods at night and threatened to cut her head off' "

So many of these gangs have now passed into the hands of the law during the past 12-18 months that I can't help wondering if the recent very high profile round-up of old school celebs (DLT, Jim Davidson, Saville obviously) on what often seem like trivial charges is a deliberate initiative to diminish the horror of the Muzzie gangs in the consciousness of a public deemed to be hungry for a cross between 'Crimewatch' and 'I'm A Celebrity...', and which needs to be kept from rocking the boat during a period of fraught negotiation and reconfiguration among elite factions.

Smokescreens And Goldfish Memories said...

There is no doubt in my mind Reimer that the saturation coverage of alleged celebrity sex offenders is a deliberate ploy to divert attention away from the scores of immigrant grooming (raping) British children trials which are currently taking place and pending.

The Muslim Patrol video is well worth watching. It will come as no surprise to seasoned observers, but it might wake up a few Labour voting lemmings. It is a glimpse into the future and even better, it’s in their own words.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the tables were turned and it was a Christian Patrol rather than a Muslim Patrol as featured in the video. Imagine they told Muslims this is a Christian Area and that Muslims must not walk near churches, they must not eat halal food or wear headscarves or veils. What would happen? Wall to wall media coverage, mass arrests, parliamentary enquiries and gut wrenching soul searching by White liberals and church groups.

SerpentSlayer said...

£19,000 seems reasonable for a modern day policeman, considering that the police as all of us know are simply the apparatus of the status quo, drones worked to exhaustion, armed with weapons illegal for a subject of the false queen to own and in many cases physically and psychologically ill-equipped to stand a chance of fighting crime.

If this were the early eighties or before I would agree on the pay not being enough, but for the average university graduate with a "society is to blame" attitude, I think £19k is extremely generous. It is more than my now retired father earned when he was working full-time. They should be bloody grateful and use some of the money to watch old 1970s cop shows and old John Wayne films, they would learn something about what a criminal is and how to deal with them.

The Sticking Place said...

Multiculturalism was and is imposed by force and without the consent of the British.
Disagree with the PC mantra and you're demonised as racist, fascist etc, and intimidated and harrassed by the increasingly politicised police.
Look at Ulster, the police have admitted they can't stop the Union Flag protests by force because there are too many protesters. Some are yobs, the vast majority are standing up for their sincerely held and patriotic beliefs.
A similar movement on the mainland with 50,000 persistent, determined, British patriots (minus the mindless violence) demonstrating about the ongoing bloodless genocide by alien colonisation of the British, couldn't be policed either. If it gained momentum and garnered several times that support the powers that be would be forced to come to some sort of accomodation. And in the current desperate situation any ground gained is significant and worthwhile. Does Britain still have enough people of the right conviction, will and courage to do it though?

Another Labour paedo said...

What is with these creatures?

Absolute scum said...

A pensioner trapped a grey squirrel in his garden and shot it THREE times – then went out shopping as the animal lay alive but ‘in excess pain’.

Bill Worthington, from Stockport, then returned and shot the stricken animal two more times before leaving it to die while he visited his wife in a care home, a court heard.

new charter police said...

Ivan Wright from the enforcement team takes on an abusive tenant with a string of exotic pets and a short temper who believes he is being victimised, while a former asylum seeker faces life in the UK without his family, a job or a home.

Meanwhile, housing officer Linda Chapman works with the police to help her solve the mystery of a flat with suspicious smells coming from under the front door.

Murder probe as gap year student stabbed to death on streetstabbed to death on street said...

Unprovoked attack, no description of suspect despite witnesses, took place in Moss Side. Another tragic victim of the hell on earth criminal politicians have created for us.

SerpentSlayer said...

A court case over a squirrel?

The man should have been talked to by some of his handier and more conscientious neighbours, that's undeniable, but involving the law?

My dreams are starting to make more sense than this nonsense and they often involve flying and mazes.

Animal rights? Only if it's an easy target said...

@ Absolute Scum, Law abiding pensioner looking after wife with Alzheimers persecuted for shooting tree rat by the increasingly gutless and pathetic RSPCA, whose virtual silence on the Halal/Kosher atrocity of mass throat slitting of fully conscious animals is now deafening.
Check out the spineless emergency parliamentary debate on...horsemeat!!! whilst the barbarity of ritual slaughter is deliberately ignored.

Kill the beasts said...

The subhuman beast who killed Kieran Crump should be tortured for a prolonged period then executed.

All animals are equal apart from Worthington who I consider to be subhuman said...

Worthington is pure scum and he deserves to be jailed. He purposely set out to cause suffering to a defenceless animal. Well done to the neighbour who reported him. You can tell he’s an evil piece of filth just by looking at his picture.

SerpentSlayer said...

It's a horrible thing to do, and a sign of a cruel man. My stance is that the law has its fingers in everything and needs to start focussing on big injustices and let local people deal with things in a manner they deem suitable.

Law and Law enforcement should not be the preserve of a greedy and oversized state.

Check out the 'racist' picture of the accused. Maybe New Charter will make a complaint? said...

'Youngest sex gang victim, 11, was branded with her own hairpin by "sick sex monsters"

Nine men are accused of grooming and abusing vulnerable girls in Oxford

Child sex ring allegedly abused several girls - aged 11 to 16 over eight years

Gang member allegedly branded one schoolgirl with 'M' for Mohammed
Group's second victim, aged 14, told a friend 'she just wanted to be loved'

An 11-year-old girl was branded with an 'M' for Mohammed on her buttocks to show she 'belonged' to a member of a child sex ring, the Old Bailey heard today.

The child was repeatedly subjected to 'torture sex' sessions where she was bound and gagged before being raped by members of the gang, a jury was told.

The girl is the youngest victim of nine men who allegedly hung around outside schools and care homes to recruit vulnerable victims they could use and abuse.

The court heard that Mohammed Karrar got the girl, who is now 19, pregnant just after her 12th birthday. He then took her to a backstreet clinic in Reading for an abortion.

‘It was not a proper clinic, but a room at the back of a house,’ Mr Lucas explained. ‘She saw instruments laid out.

'She was given a couple of pills and saw what looked like a large crochet hook, which was used to undertake the procedure.

‘Procuring a miscarriage by these means is not only entirely unlawful, it is also extremely dangerous and can lead to all sorts of medical complications, including death.’

Around the same time, Mohammed Karrar is also said to have branded an ‘M’ for 'Mo' on to her buttocks using one of her hairpins.

‘He told her he wanted people to know she belonged to him,’ said Mr Lucas.

On one occasion when she tried to fight him off, he knocked her out with a metal baseball bat.

The girl was later introduced to Mohammed’s brother Bassam, who allegedly gang raped her after forcing her to watch an episode of Eurotrash.

Nine men of Egyptian and Pakistani descent face 51 charges relating to the alleged abuse between May 2004 and January last year.

Meanwhile in Rotherham said...

Thank Labour

Anonymous said...

@ All animals are equal, he set out to shoot it and made a mess of it. Do you think the staff of Rentokil are 'subhuman scum'?

Turn a blind eye said...

@ Meanwhile in Rotherham, Rotherham Council, the same one where the fostered black children were taken away from White UKIP supporters. The Director of young people's and children's services is Joyce Thacker, who defended the council's decision in that case and is the same person who doesn't accept Rotherham Council had 'failed dismally' regarding child sexual exploitation. When you compare neighbouring Lancashire's 100 prosecutions in 2011 alone with Rotherham's ONE IN TEN YEARS, when it is an undisputed fact that Rotherham is one of the worst areas in the country for this vile crime, it makes you wonder what she would accept as failure.
It's impossible to believe the police and local authorities could be THAT grossly incompetent.

Reimer said...

Rotherham's Labour regime clearly regards kids being fostered by UKIP-supporting adults as far far worse than their being passed around a circle of predatory perverts.