Monday, 14 January 2013

Two killer potholes in Denton

Both on the council estate. One is on Wordsworth Road and the other on Byron Road. The picture above of a wheel in the pothole was taken on Byron Rd. As you can see, the pothole is as deep as the tyre side-wall. If a car went over this at speed it could seriously damage the wheel or suspension. It is in the council's interest to get these pot holes repaired asap to prevent compensation claims for damaged vehicles.

The previously reported Windmill Lane pothole has been repaired which is good news. As a blog contributor did suggest at the time, the repair seems to be nothing more than tarmac poured onto the hole and patted down, but still, as a temporary fix it has worked and hopefully in due course it will be properly repaired.


Anonymous said...

If only we had all that money Labour blew on speedbumps. They can't manage to maintain the roads as it is, nevermind sticking inverted pot holes all over the show.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps whilst they were stuffing tarmac into the hole on windmill lane
they could have walked approx 6 feet feet in the same location and filled the other dangerous deep hole with another spade full of tarmac,or does this become another later road hole fix for road reports.
As for road humps the verdict has been confirmed 3 years ago that they do not reduce accidents which the RAC also confirmed.
In fact in European Countries they have been ripped apart and removed,because they also confirmed the humps made no difference to accidents.
Count up the major road distractions caused and erected by Councils which should be removed,and check out the Mancunian Way 50 mph with large flashing adverts as 3-4 lanes rush into Manchester,not forgetting the Tameside backed Rock farce intended to flash advertising to all the M60/M67/A57 road users,plus are we going to see the Tameside backed KFC site bang with large illuminated displays at the M60/M67/A57 junction to deliberately distract motorists at this already proven accident hot spot.
Only total nutters would create such highway distractions,welcome to the Highways Agency and Local Councils the rest homes for the brain dead.

Vot Labour (dross and traitors only) said...

I saw some overpromoted Labour bimbo, Shadow Minister for something on TV today. Utterly pathetic and couldn't string a sentence together, never mind a coherent argument or position. No doubt the selection list for becoming an MP/Minister was done rigorously on 'merit', i.e female/ethnic etc, ability a distant last.
The Tories might have an over preference for the public school educated but at least they've got some brains and genuine talent amongst their cabinet.
Labour have never got over Blair's policy of deliberately overpromoting duffers, to destroy any internal party opposition against him and placate agenda groups within a shambolic, busted flush of a party.
Labour's cretinous and juvenile approach on this issue can be summed up by Ed Balls' recently yelling in the House of Commons, 'We've got more women than you.' Pathetic.

SerpentSlayer said...

Amongst the competent we also have utter traitors like Osborne, Hague, Clarke, Duncan Smith and Cameron.

I like barely any of the cabinet but the one or two who I feel have positively contributed are more than the shambolic Labour cabinets we had previously.

Still makes no difference, HMV went down today due to a Tory tax increase and EU imposed spending cuts, one more out of countless others already gone. I was going to go shopping in Ashton today, but then I realised that it would be a complete waste of time.

Absolute incompetence from supposed university graduates? Or controlled destruction?

Anonymous said...

HMV went down today due to a Tory tax increase.Comment

What a distortion of the truth that is,if you know anything about promoting,marketing,and the internet methods,they cost less than large shop rents,electricity costs,newspaper adverts,posters and TV adverts,and its nothing to do with Tory Taxes.its purely a widespread update in selling techniques by internet facilities.
Why pound numerous footpaths in the wetlousy climate,paying ever increasing parking fee`s,served by product knowledge amateurs when it costs nothing to read product reviews,instant delivery.and competitive prices for new product ranges not old unsold product models that have lain in retail shops for ages.
So new updated shopping styles and methods are all down to Tory Taxes,does that mean the UK Tories
have influenced the worlds downturn in street shopping.
You would be paying 30% more for street shopping goods if the internet selling/ marketing had never happened.